Your Mattress was Expensive, Protect It Well

mattress protector is the unsung hero of your sleep. Most people think mattress protectors are still the cheap shower curtain feeling sheets of plastic they slept on in the 80s and 90s, but a lot has changed since then.

Just as mattresses have advanced to help us sleep deeper and support our bodies a lot better, mattress protectors have advanced eons ahead of the old plastic sheeting.

mattress protector saves your bed from spills, leaks, accidents, muddy pet paws, and just about any other stain you can think of. After all, who wants to sleep on a bed that’s got months-old wine/coffee stains on it?

Today’s mattress protectors are made of advanced fabrics that not only keep your mattress stain-free but also kill germs and viruses and keep you cool at night. These fabrics are breathable and sweat-wicking, so you’re no longer sleeping in a pool of your sweat. The best part about today’s mattress protectors is that they are so much better at staying on your mattress. You no longer have to constantly pull your sheets off to put your protector back in place.

Come by one of our Live Well Mattress & Furnishing locations today to see the new mattress protectors yourself. You’ll be happy you did.