The World’s Best Bed Sheets-Celliant

Get Better Sleep, Eliminate Soreness Faster, Recover Quickly.

Live Well carries bedding from vendors like PureCare, Malouf, and HiEnd Accents. We are picky about the bedding we carry, it not only has to work for our customers, but we also want specifics about how it will benefit our clientele.  There is specific Summer and Winter sheet fabric, and we want to have the best for you.

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Hey, Javier with LiveWell, and today I want to talk to you about our Celliant sheets. We’ve been putting on a lot of info. We’ve been emailing customers, we’ve been talking to ’em when they come into the store. We’ve been putting a lot of social media posts regarding our Celliant sheets. We talk about them being FDA medical devices, but we have yet to put a video together to show you the scientific research behind these sheets. This is that video. So first, let’s talk about Celliant being a FDA medical device. What does that mean exactly? What that means is that Celliant fabric has been approved, be used as a medical device to improve people’s health. Okay? It doesn’t make it a medicine. It doesn’t make it FDA approved. What it does is it is can be used to improve people’s health. It’s been showing enough of an improvement in people’s health for it to be used as such.

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Now, cell’s been researched by wound care clinics. It’s been researched by diabetic foundations. It’s been researched by athletic teams and athletic companies. This fabric has been shown to help people recover faster and oxygenate your blood. Now, blood oxygenation is important because it helps. It speeds up your recovery, helps you get over inflammation faster. It even helps you breathe easier. All this evidence, all this research actually proves that C is a real life medical device and can help make a difference in your life and your health. So let’s talk about the first thing. Celliant helping you with your sleep. Now, S what it does is it regulates your blood oxygen levels and helps your circulation. Okay? In turn, because that blood oxygen and because that circulation is better, that actually helps you sleep longer and improves the quality of your sleep. This is the exciting part parts, and this is the part that’s affected me personally.

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When we switched to Salient back in February, what I noticed immediately, and I’m talking like the first night that we actually had the sheets on our bed, was that my deep sleep increased by over 50%. So what that means is the quality of rest and the quality of recovery that I was experiencing during my sleep improved. Remarkably. It helped me not only with better sleep, but in the mornings and during the day, I could actually think faster. I was thinking a lot clearer, and I wasn’t needing an afternoon energy boost because I was actually sleeping a lot longer. So another factor with s salent is the fact that they regulate your body temperature more. Uh, and the way they do that is through the circulation, by increasing your blood oxygen levels and by increasing your circulation. What that does is it helps you regulate your body temperature better.

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Now, I don’t know if that’s why I was getting better sleep or getting better deeper sleep, but what that does is it helps you regulate your body temperature. So if you’re a hot sleeper, it helps regulate that factor. Now, this isn’t like what we’re talking about, 10 cell, where 10 cell has a lot more airflow into the sheets, and that’s what helps you. Cool. No, this is actually your blood circulation level is actually helping you cool off better. So another place that people are seeing, the Salent name is in athletic wear. Companies like Under Armour have started using Salent in their clothing and in their athletic wear and on their athletes. Now, with that usage, they’re doing that because it decreases recovery time. It helps that athlete perform better faster. So imagine for you, the normal citizen, if you’re a runner or if you like to exercise and you’re using it in your bedding, you’re actually decreasing your own recovery time.

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And let’s say that you work a very strenuous job and you’re feeling the muscle aches. You’re feeling the daily aches of that stress, you’re decreasing your recovery time, and you’re decreasing the inflammation that you’ve had in your body. So these sheets are not only good for athletes, but they’re actually good for the everyday person who just needs a little bit of help with their recovery. I know I’ve thrown a lot at you. I know that there’s a whole lot of research that needs to be done on this wonder fabric because let’s just be honest, selling it betting is expensive. It’s an investment, but it’s an investment that long term will help you recover faster. It’ll help you sleep better, it’ll help you get through your days better. I’ve also experienced a lot clearer thinking when we have the salient sheets on the bed. We’ve included a link below so that way you can download the actual salient brochure that explains a whole lot of the research that’s been done on this fabric.

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We’ve also got the links to the sheets that are on our website and the pillows that are on our website. So if you’re ready to shop and buy now, you can either shop from the links below or you can come to the store and actually feel the texture of the fabric. We want you to know everything that we possibly can give you, all the information that you could possibly need to make this decision, because salience for myself and for several of the customers that have already bought the Salent fabric, it’s a life changer. It helps you sleep that much better and helps you recover so much better. Hopefully this video has helped you. Or if you know someone that it will help, please share it with them. Please like the video. So more people see this and more people have exposure to this Wonder, Wonder Fabric known as salient. Thank you and have a wonderful day.