Fear the 50% Off Sale.

Fear the 50% OFF Sale

Why Real Prices = Real Savings

I will start with a disclaimer:  I believed in the 50% off Sale until I opened my own business and studied the way this gimmick worked. 

Every consumer wants the best bang for their buck.  From Groceries to TV’s we all want better pricing and better product.  We get bombarded daily with offerings on $100s off, Save on this, Save on that. It gets overwhelming and our natural inclination is to stop thinking and just see the easiest savings out there and take advantage of that.  Our brain is lazy and wants to grab onto the easiest answer out there.  In comes the 50% Off Sale.  This gimmick is used on everything from electronics to clothing, to furniture.  It works, BUT is it customer friendly?  Does it show any kind of care for our customer friends to use this technique? Short answer NO.  Real answer NO NO NO.  It’s a lie and Sleep Well will NEVER use 50% off to bring in customers. 

What is 50% OFF?

50% Off is a way of bringing customer attention with pricing that seems unreal.  Your brain sees HALF OFF and immediately sees a target for how you can save money on the items you want.  Simply put it’s bait, bait for your eyes to tell your brain “HEY WE NEED THIS!”

How Can Merchandise Be 50% OFF?

It can’t be 50% off.  Business is expensive.  Merchandise is expensive.  Employees are expensive.  As a store we get deals from vendors when we buy in bulk, or when we negotiate great pricing on promotional items.  There are great savings that businesses can pass onto their customers.  There are great sales that we can put together to truly save our customers great amounts of money on their purchases.  However, 50% off means a business would be taking 50% OFF their everyday pricing.  Can this be real?  NO, it simply cannot. In reality it would mean that the business would be paying you for taking the product.  Can anyone pay their customer to take the product?  NO.  

What are my Real Savings at a 50% OFF Sale?

Nothing.  Most times 50% OFF sales involve an incredible increase in advertising dollars.  50% off sales also add sales people to the floor.  These sales are expensive to run, a lot of money goes into making you, the customer, see this amazing 50% off.  How do these extra expenses get paid?  By you, the customer.  You pay on average 25% more than you would at a Retailer that chooses better everyday pricing.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The retailer with honest, humble SALE pricing will save you 25% MORE than the retailer offering 50% off.  

Are Any Sales Real?

Real Prices equal Real Savings

Businesses can run real sales.  There are real savings and promotions that can be run and still be profitable to keep a business running.  Customers can save real money.  Your dollar can be stretched and deals can be had.  Look for realistic savings.  Be comforted in knowing that the business advertising sale pricing within a 25 to 30 percent area is someone you know is fighting the good fight for their customers.  

The FREE item if you buy this item sale is real, half the time the retailer is paying full cost for the FREE item. This is also a legit sale tactic that you as the customer of these businesses can take comfort in knowing that the business is looking out for you and is being fair in their sale offerings.

These local businesses are not only fighting battles to win the shopper but also against the online sellers that can offer outlandish pricing. By the way, a quick story on online furniture companies, the bigger ones are actually Financial Companies making a quick buck on a market that they see as a quick in and out market, you can read more online if you investigate the big names and look into who owns them.  

Hope this Helps You

I hope this helps you see past the smoke and mirrors of the Retail world.  Please know that many, if not all, of your locally owned businesses, are in business to help you.  Not one local business person goes into business thinking about how they can harm their neighbors and take advantage of them. Truth is local entrepreneurs go into business to make a difference.  Ask them.  All of us in the small business world are up against some giants, and we are counting on our neighbors to see that we are truly here to help you live better.    





About the author:

Javier is the owner of Sleep Well, professionally trained sleep stores, specializing in specific mattresses for specific needs. He lives to give. He is an active member of his community and church. His hard work and efforts pay off for him when he can help others, and give to efforts for the betterment of others.
His spare time is spent with his beautiful wife, Gretchen. They are craft beer hobbyists who enjoy making their own beers, visiting small breweries, and making new friends. Their lives revolve around church, family, exercising, four great dogs, and keeping up with their home in Alamogordo NM.