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Find Your Perfect Sleep Posture

In the mattress business, the main talk is about back support and what a difference a good mattress can do for you.  There are miracle products marketed every day from diamond foam to super cool deluxe memory foam.  Progress is great, but what is the real goal to all this?  Do you as a customer have to upgrade every year to be able to get the best sleep?  

What does Back Support have to do with Sleep?

The short answer to the question is, everything.  Did you know that associating a specific pain, or discomfort with sleep can ruin your chances of getting a good nights sleep?  A great way of understanding this is concept is by thinking of it as a sort of PTSD, and its effects are ruining your sleep.  Waking up with a super sore back, or sore neck can ruin not only your day but can go on and ruin your sleep the next night as well.  

What is Proper Back Support?

The goal of any mattress shopper should be to find the mattress that feels most comfortable, whether Firm or Plush, and at the same time supports you to keep your posture the same laying down as it is standing.  

Finding comfort and support is not as easy as I made it sound above.  By instinct you’ll seek a Firm mattress just because you think that something Firm will support you better. However, that is not always the best way to shop.  Firm is suitable for back pain sufferers, but today’s technology allows for a Plush to support and cradle your back in such a way that your sleep posture is kept straight as standing.  

What Should Be My Number One Concern?  Comfort or Sleep Posture?

The answer is both.  Posture will stop your pain, but posture won’t help you stay asleep longer.  Comfort will help you sleep longer, but waking up in pain will ruin your day and health.  

Find the right mix.  For us at Sleep Well our top sellers are the Chiropractor Designed King Koil Extended Life Mattresses, the reason there is that the sleep posture is achieved by their spring choice and the comfort is achieved by their three different foam combinations.  For our other manufacturers we have mixes of foam that allow for studier support and yet have enough give in them to allow you to feel cradled.  

How Does Sleep Well Help Our Customers Find the Right Mattress?

When we are helping our customers, we concentrate first on posture.  Finding your correct sleep posture is our easiest goal.  From there, our job is to help you find the right comfort (softness) that will allow you to find and keep your sleep longer.  

The real challenge for us is to find the right comfort level that keeps you in the correct posture.  The majority of customers tend to seek an overly soft mattress, something akin to a cloud.  Why not? Most advertising pushes the whole cloud-like feeling so naturally, our customers will seek that level of soft.  The truth behind that is cloud-like translates typically into “way too soft.”  Try talking someone from a super soft cradle experience to a support oriented plush mattress someday…it’s not easy.  The key to meeting our customers in the middle is we make sure that we get our customers to lay down on the right mattress for ten to fifteen minutes.  When we can get someone to do this, they see the difference between good support and what having your back straight can do for you.  

Getting the Right Mattress is Easier Than You Think

With the right help finding the right mattress to help you wake up back pain-free is easier than you think.  Feel free to ask questions, ignore hyped up materials, lay down on your choices for ten to fifteen minutes.  Your salesperson should be able to show you the right posture choice and find you the right comfort too.  

Sleep Well prides itself on being fully trained on all our mattress choices, from materials to manufacturing methods we know our stock inside and out.  There are no sharks in the Sleep Well stores, our team is aware of our customer needs, and that is our top priority.  Let us help you next time you need help finding your sleep!

Javier is the owner of Sleep Well, professionally trained sleep stores, specializing in specific mattresses for specific needs. He lives to give. He is an active member of his community and church. His hard work and efforts pay off for him when he can help others, and give to efforts for the betterment of others.
His spare time is spent with his beautiful wife, Gretchen. They are craft beer hobbyists who enjoy making their own beers, visiting small breweries, and making new friends. Their lives revolve around church, family, exercising, four great dogs, and keeping up with their home in Alamogordo NM.