What is a Mattress Warranty?

A common question our customers have is about the mattress warranty and what it covers. They have fears that a year or so down the road, their investment will start to break down, and they don’t want to have to dish out their money again just because their bed didn’t last. Let’s put those worries about your mattress warranty to rest (pun intended).

Warranty 101: Think of a mattress warranty as your sleep safety net. It’s there to catch you if something goes wrong that’s not your fault, like a spring popping out to say hello or the mattress sagging like a hammock. But remember, it’s not a pinky promise that your mattress will stay comfy forever. There are limitations to the longevity of your mattress, so don’t expect a lifetime’s worth of sleep.

Covered vs. Not Covered: Most warranties will cover things like wonky workmanship or if your mattress decides to develop a crater in the middle. But if it’s just getting a bit softer with age or your cat decided it’s the perfect scratching post, you’re on your own.

If you’ve put your mattress on the wrong frame or, for some reason, decided to use a foundation that was more warped than Seth McFarland’s brain, you won’t have a warranty to fall back on. Make sure you use the foundations approved by your manufacturer. If there’s a question, get it answered by your salesperson in writing to protect yourself.

Another important rule of thumb is to make sure you don’t stain your mattress in any way. Save yourself a bunch of grief and spring for a mattress protector the minute you buy your mattress. Most manufacturers will void your warranty for any little stain, don’t let this happen to you. Cover and protect your mattress and your wallet. Get a mattress protector.

Reading the Fine Print: Before you snooze, peruse. Some warranties are prorated (meaning the coverage decreases over time), and others have specific do’s and don’ts to keep them valid. And that “lifetime warranty”? Make sure you check what “lifetime” really means.

Always keep the head tag intact! We all know the temptation to remove it, but you’ve voided any warranty coverage the minute it comes off. It’s a small price to pay to keep your mattress covered. Just let the little guy stay on there.

Keeping Your Warranty Intact: Treat your mattress like a bestie. Use a protective cover, make sure it’s on a proper base, and no, it’s not a trampoline. Taking good care of it ensures your warranty won’t go poof if you need it.

You spent a lot of money on your mattress, so don’t let little things like a drink spill or a dirty pet void your warranty. Keep these small preventative measures in mind and save yourself some grief.

Shopping Smart: When comparing warranties, look beyond the years. A longer warranty doesn’t always mean better coverage. Peek at what’s actually covered and how easy the claim process is. And if a deal seems too good to be true, give it a good side-eye.

Wrap-Up: Understanding your mattress warranty is like reading the rules before playing a board game. It might not be thrilling, but it’ll save you headaches later. So, take a moment to know what you’re getting into. Your future well-rested self will thank you!

Remember, the goal is never to need that warranty, but it’s nice to know what’s under the hood if you do. Happy mattress hunting, and here’s to many nights of blissful sleep!

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