Two Sleep Products that Help You Reduce Acid Reflux

Sleep Coach
(Ep 6, 2019)

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One of the more common issues that we help our customers with is acid reflux disease. And today I want to show you two options that we have in store to help you sleep through the night and deal with your acid reflux. Hi, I’m Javier from LivWell mattress and furnishing centers and today’s sleep coach minute. I want to help you with acid reflux disease. So the first item I want to talk to you about is the wedge pillow. This is a regular item we carry at both of our stores. What we have found is a lot of customers with acid reflux are coming in because what the doctors have told them is that they need to stay elevated throughout the night. This pillow is really good at this. What this has is an inch of memory foam on top of it. Beneath that is a layer of high density foam so it doesn’t wear out on you as quickly as the cheaper pillows would, which is all high density and probably a less dense mattress or a less dense foam.

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So the key here is as you’re laying down, you can just kind of lay down, lay back. You can use a regular pillow here. I’m going to just draw this experiment with a shoulder pillow because I don’t have anything else within reach, but this would be your, your the way that you’re laying down at night. Now we have had people say that there’s concerns about this. What is this? About an inch and a half of Ridge right here. Honestly, I don’t feel it right now. I don’t think that you would either. I think that what you would experience, especially with this one in particular because of the memory foam, is that it goes down enough and it stinks you in enough that you won’t feel that Ridge. Right now, this is actually pretty comfortable. I don’t think that I could scoot higher. I guess I could by a couple inches, but I really do believe that this is optimal. It’s got you ramped up enough just so that way gravity will keep your acid reflux at Bay. This one we’ve sold to multiple patients with acid reflux. And like I said, it’s the simplest one to get. We normally carry them in stock at both of our stores. This is called the wedge pillow.

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So now we move on to the second option that we have for customers with acid reflux disease. And that is the power base. So the power base allows you to raise up your head and body two different angles, almost an infinite choice of angles to keep the acid at Bay using gravity. It’s the same premise as the wedge pillow, except for this one you can raise and lower to whatever angles you need. This is often more helpful for people with a very extreme cases of acid reflux disease. So when I’m going to do is I’m going to show you, uh, the angles that we can set it at. Okay. So I’m gonna start with the flat. And as you noticed, it’s just basically a mattress on a foundation that feels like, um, I’m going to raise the head, uh, just to show you the different angles that I can get to.

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Um, the wedge pillow would have you write a buy here, which is good for most people. Um, but then we get some people with some really extreme cases of acid reflux. So now I’m showing you that, um, we can really, really raise this sucker up. Um, now right here is about where I’ve seen the highest programming on it so that way people can sleep. Now what you feel here is, um, because gravity’s pushing you down as well. Uh, if you go up this high, what you would need to do and what we do is we raised the legs up so that way we form a wedge right here and the legs are up to keep you from sliding down. Now I know it sounds complicated, but part of the service that we have when we sell an adjustable base is we have a setup service where we will go into your house.

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Um, we set up the entire product and we programmed the buttons to use specifically. And the reason I say program, the buttons to use specifically is because this remote has a lot of buttons. And as we all know, the more buttons, the more confusion. So what we do is we’ll go into our program, the specific program to buttons because every body is different and different angles are required. So we’ll program it for you. We do all the setup. Um, generally what happens when we do an adjustable basis, the customer’s mind is blown by the options, but also by the fact that everything was customized by the time we leave their house. So back to the subject at hand. So acid reflux, um, what’s happening here is obviously I’m at a really great angle here. It’s keeping the acid at Bay. Gravity is doing its job. You can easily sleep through the night at this position. I’ve also raised the legs. We’re not sliding down. We’re actually quite comfortable.

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And there you have it. Two products we carry in store to help any of our customers with acid reflux. We do get quite a few customers coming in here with that issue. They’ve been sent here by their doctor. They’ve, their doctor has suggested that they find a product that will keep them elevated. Please know that we have these, the wedge pillow, the power base available to you at live well mattress and furnishing centers. If this video has helped you, if this video will help a friend of yours, please share like comment, leave a comment for us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We are here to help and a sleep coach minute is here to help you sleep better through the night and have a great day.