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Sleep Coach
(ep 19, 2020)

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Hey Javier with Live Well Mattress and Furnishing Centres and today’s topic on Sleep Coach is going to be mattress protectors, but we’re going to cover it a little differently. We’re not going to talk about just the fabrics and just what they do for you. We’re actually going to get into how they help you sleep cooler, how they protect you from nasty bugs and how they keep the warranty good on your mattress.

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So mattress protectors used to be dreaded on beds. I know that you felt them, those old cheap plastic ones that felt like you were sleeping on a shower curtain and still today we get a lot of clientele that come in here and when we offer a mattress protector, we have to explain to them that it’s not the old shower curtain style. It’s not, it’s not the same fabrics that they used to use and it’s not like when you lay in the bed. Okay, I’m going to, I’m going to bring up the whole thing. Remember when you used to lay in the bed on a, on a mattress protector that was basically nothing but a sheet of plastic with elastic on it and you’re sleeping in the middle of the night and you wake up and you’re like drenched in sweat. Well that was actually the plastic not allowing any kind of breathing tap.

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And I mean basically you were sleeping in a plastic bag and while your sweat had nowhere to go, well with today’s fabrics, things have changed. Uh, you have a terrycloth one that is basically just like a towel on the top and has a nice film of a very thin film of a rubberized plastic on the bottom. Very nice feel to that one. Then we have other ones that have a phase change material, which actually pulls the heat away from you. And then we have some with actual minerals that are put in between fabric slices to actually keep you cool at night. So many different options. And that’s kind of what I want to cover today. So the first one I want to show you is going to be our terry cloth option. So the terry cloth is our entry level mattress protector. This is a very good economy protector. What you won’t see here is the noisy rubber or the noisy plastic bag that we used to sleep on. What we have is a layer of terry cloth and a layer of rubberized plastic. It is a very quiet protector. It is not super hot. It, although it doesn’t have the cooling effects of the ones I’m going to show you in a little bit. It’s still not a hot mattress protector. I’ll, I’ll rub my hand on it just right next to the microphone so that way you can hear it.

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It doesn’t, it’s not the plastic bag sound that you’re used to from the old ones. It is a very good value protector. I’ll show you the bottom of this. This is exactly what the ones that are in the box will look like. Basically what you’re looking at is an elastic band that spans the entire perimeter of the protector and it’s designed to go underneath the mattress, not just on a corner. You know the ones that were on the corner and they slide up and you’re in middle of the night, you have to pick them back and put them back over. Not with this brand. This brand allows you enough of the sides to fit the deepest beds and it has that elastic that goes the entire perimeter guaranteed to stay on the entire night. So this one is definitely one that’s worth looking into. Next up is the Omni phase mattress protector, which is a phase change material, which if you’ve watched sleep coach any, you know that phase change means that it pulls your body heat away from you.

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Now when I say pull the body heat away from you, I am not talking about it pulling the body heat away from you, an inch or even half an inch, it can pull it away from your body just a couple of millimeters because what’s important is that the body heat gets pulled away and there’s a space between your skin, the fabric and your body heat. That colder cooler air can flow in between keeping you from overheating at night. So that explains the Omni phase part of the protector. If you sleep hot, this is the definitely the protector that I would recommend to you. This one right here, same concept as the terrycloth that I showed you earlier. It has the elastic all around the perimeter that will keep the corners from writing up. This one right here is actually slightly deeper than the Terry cloth.

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The Terry cloth allows for an 18 inch mattress. This one will go all the way up to a 21 inch mattress, which that too to most of us really doesn’t mean that we can, our mattress is really that thick, but what it really means is that the elastic goes that far down and that way it really won’t right up on you even for the most active of sleepers. So I mean we’ve covered two things. Number one, if you’re a hot sleeper and if you’re a really active sleeper, this is the one for you. So the protection on this one is even more noise free than the terrycloth one. What you’re looking at is almost like a Gore-Tex layer. It’s a very rubberized underneath the phase change material. So what’s happening is that the body heat gets pulled off the material into the rubber and it’s away from you enough to keep you cool.

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We sleep on this one. Personally, this is a very quiet protector, a very good protector. We honestly, I sleep super hot. I have had zero issues with this one as far as moisture, as far as body heat, so I can definitely vouch for the Omni phase protector. Our top of the line protector is called the end case. The end case is a Omni phase protector, meaning that it has a phase change material that pulls body heat away from you enough so that between your body and the fabric, there’s at least a little bit of airspace that cooler air can flow through that you can actually cool off during the night and you’re not sleeping in your own body heat the entire night, heating up and overheating and losing sleep because of it. Um, it is called an end case because it has a zipper area and I’ll show you right here.

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It has a zipper that goes all the way around your mattress. Okay. Our mistake at first when we started selling these in the store was thinking that they were a specialty protector for areas with bedbugs and that really in New Mexico we wouldn’t find this issue. Not true. Bedbugs exist everywhere. And then on top of that, it’s not really a specialty protector. What it really does is protect your entire mattress all the way around. Now, even if you don’t have the issue with bed bugs, what you have here is a mat. It’s a mattress protector that will never ever write up on you. It’s guaranteed to stay in place. It has enough gifts so that way it’s not a drum on your bed. Uh, I like, I personally like the end case because of the added protection all the way around the mattress. I mean, look, you’ve got the top cover, the sides covered and the bottom covered.

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This little piece right here is the elastic that holds it in place so that way it doesn’t rotate around the bed on you. As you can see, it actually goes pretty far deep into the mattress. Um, in our thinking of a specialty mattress protector for bedbugs, we forgot that, Hey, everybody is trying to avoid dust mites and everybody’s trying to keep their mattress as fresh as possible so that way it lasts as long as possible because mattresses aren’t cheap, so you want to really invest in something that’s going to help. It lasts a long time. This definitely is the protector that I would recommend for you, keeps you from overheating. I know I mentioned it in my video on the Omni face protector, but I’ll mention it again. We sleep on a phase change protector at home and I sleep super hot and I will tell you that I have never had an issue with overheating with this mattress protector.

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It is a wonderful long lasting protector that you don’t have to worry about. Some of the questions that we faced with this one is how long does it last as far as how many washes can you do with your protector? How many times can you go through the laundry without actually losing some of its rubber coating? Well, we wash our protectors every week. We haven’t had any issues at all. There’s no rubber flaking. We’ve had ours for over a year. Now on top of that, there’s actually a warranty that comes with this protector. Um, so you don’t really have to worry about the upkeep. Just know that the encase protector is our top of the line protector. And on top of that, it provides some of the best protection that you can get for your mattress. Our final protector is called a ice tech protector. So what this does is it’s a very, very cooling fabric.

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I would go so far as to say that this is more of a specialty protector. This is more for the person that sleeps very, very hot and, uh, really wants to invest in something that’s going to keep them super cool. Um, the way this works is basically in between the fabric is a layer of minerals in between here. And I’ll bring this up to the camera so that way you can see this in between each quilted squares, a layer of minerals and those minerals, what they do is they pull away, they not only pull away the body heat cause remember phase change material pulls body heat away from you and allows for an air, a layer of air to be between you and your body heat enough to keep you from overheating at night. So this one does one extra. What it has is it has a phase change material, pulls your body heat down, and then it has a layer of minerals that keep your body heat from he, how do I put it?

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It keeps your body heat from actually transferring so it pulls the heat down and then cools it so that way you have extra space between you and the heat. Okay, so it pulls it down. It’s a layer of minerals that’s a thicker consistency, pulls your body heat into it and it’s, those minerals are actually cooling your body heat as it goes through. I have slept on these. They do keep you cooler. They do work in protecting your mattress. My issue with these is, and I tell my customers just so you know there, because of the thickness of the fabric on here, you will face like maybe a 5% difference in the feel of the mattress. Not speaking against that, but what I am doing is I advise my customers that because of the thickness of the quilting material, there will be a slight change in how your mattress feels to you.

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Is anyone really super picky that way? No, not really, but if you’re in the store and you’ve made up your mind on the mattress you love, you should be informed to that. What we were putting on top of it that you’re sleeping on is going to change the field of your mattress ever slightly, but still you should know that so I can definitely vouch for these. I’ve slept on them. It, it’s, it’s definitely going to keep you cool. Does someone like me that sleeps hot really need something this thick? No. I would still stick with the Omni phase material just because it’s a thinner layer and doesn’t change the feel on your mattress. Is it something that someone that’s going through, let’s call it a life change and you’re overheating at night because you’re actually going up to a thousand degrees? Yes. That is something that I would definitely consider for you because of the fact that it got the mineral layer that pulls up.

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I mean the phase change pulls it into the mineral layer and that mineral layer will literally cool it down so that way you’re really being super cooled. So in that, in that case, I would definitely recommend it. For the average person, I believe that this is overkill. I would actually go over to a phase change material that just pulls the heat down enough so that way you’re sleeping cooler at night. So we’ve covered four different mattress protectors and now let’s talk about the reasoning for mattress protectors. Well, number one, of course, they keep you from staining your mattress. Okay. Whether you’re maybe drinking coffee in bed, drinking a glass of wine while you read a book in bed, or just basically drinking a Coke while you’re watching TV in bed, which by the way, you shouldn’t be doing. That’s another sleep coach. So back to the subject.

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So the mattress protector protects your mattress from stains. Okay. We get a lot of people in here that are pet owners and they allow their dogs to sleep with them in the bed. A mattress protector is a must at that point, okay? Not only because of the fact that pet dander causes allergies and everything like that. And if you put a protector, you can just simply take it off and wash it with your sheets. Not only that, but the importance of a protector is that keeping stains away from your mattress actually will help you with the warranty coverage of your mattress. Warranty coverages are super finicky. If there’s a stain on your mattress, they will not cover it. Okay? So regardless of the fact that if spring may have failed or you have a body indentation, if you have a stain on your mattress, automatically it’s void from the warranty.

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That is why a mattress protector is super important. The other reason that a mattress protector is super important to, I’ve covered slightly with the pet dander, so as we sleep we’re losing skin cells and those skin cells will soak into, and I’m calling it soak, but they’ll drift into the mattress and dust might start happening because they eat skin cells and it’s kind of gross. The whole process of it your, your, your mattress at that point becomes a feeding ground for a little microbes and their dander causes allergies, like not even slight allergy. They causes really bad allergies to the point that at some points if you’ve allowed your mattress to get super bad, it can actually lead up to an asthma condition. So that’s why a mattress protector is one of the biggest things that we tell all our customers that you need, that protection is necessary.

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So we’ve covered mattress protector options, everything from Terry cloth to the end case to a ice tech protector. We’ve explained what a phase change material is so that way it keeps you cool at night and we’ve explained why a mattress protector is super important to you and why, how it can keep you feeling healthier over the years. If this video has been helpful to you, if this video would help a friend, please share it. Please comment on it. If there’s questions still left unanswered about mattress protectors or even about anything sleep, please email we would love to get back to you. That’s the purpose of these videos is to help the general public know about sleep and know about all the important things and aspects of sleep, whether it be from your health, whether it be your mattress construction, whether it be your sleep posture.

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All of that is what’s important to us here at Live Well mattress and furnishing centers. And we’re doing these videos so that way we can educate the public so that way they’re not going in blind. Because a lot of times when you go shopping, you’re kinda hit by a shark, but just wants you to be on a comfortable bed, not necessarily the best bed. And that’s why we’re doing these, to educate you. So that way you know what’s good for you when you go purchase your next sleep system. So with that, I’m Javier. This has been sleep coach. Thank you very much. And we’ll see you next time. Bye.