Top 3 Features to Look for in a Power Lift Chair

We’ve sold several brands of lift chairs throughout our business life and have found UltraComfort is the best company for quality chairs that will serve our clients for years to come. UltraComfort chairs feature all three top features that people need when looking for an excellent, long-lasting chair.

Here are the Top 3 Features You Need to Consider When Shopping for a Power Lift Chair:

Upholstery choices

Upholstery is one of the most important considerations when buying a lift chair. Customers require a lift chair for many differing needs. What good would a lift chair be if you could not choose from various fabrics?

The UltraComfort chairs come in regular chenille, durable Brisa, and even waterproof and stainproof fabrics that can handle any of life’s accidents.

Upholstery is vital if you require a chair that won’t be cold in the winter or sweaty in the summer. Good upholstery will be the difference between having a chair stained and musty or a chair that handles accidental spills and won’t soak up liquids. The UltraComfort chairs have the option to come in Brisa, durable, wear-proof upholstery that will stand up to years and years of use without even the slightest of wear.

Can you sleep in the lift chair? What kind of support does the chair have?

ultracomfort man on gray lift chairMost furniture stores carry a lift chair or two on their sales floors. These chairs are nice and work well, but they are often just rebuilt power recliners. Your average recliner loses its support the deeper you go into the reclining phase. That is why you get that space between a regular recliner’s back and seat. If you plan on sleeping in the chair, this space is horrible for you; there is zero back support, and the pain would last for hours. For a better description of this, read our blog Have a Loved One Sleeping in a Recliner. 

The UltraComfort chairs are designed to be slept in. They add extras like a great lumbar support system, a seating area that lifts to match the reclining back support, and even an additional lumbar lift system that adds even more support if needed.

If you’re using your lift chair for any extended amount of time, which most lift chair customers need the chair for more extended periods than the average recliner user, you need the added support. It would help if you had a lift chair for more prolonged use and better back support.

How long will it take to receive your chair? 

Unfortunately, times have caused many furniture companies to increase their shipping times. Some vendors are saying 3-4months while others are going as far as 6-8 months. The UltraComfort chairs with specialty upholstery and additional support products require 3-4 weeks for arrival. The chairs can be shipped directly to your home, and you can even opt for a white glove delivery that will set it up and show you how to use it.   

UltraComfort has chairs prebuilt, and these are chairs with a wide variety of fabric choices that will ship within a day or two and cut down your wait time. Quick shipping is a blessing if you need the lift chair due to an injury or medical condition.

The only time there would be a wait would be for a specialty fabric like a Long Lasting Brisa or the WaterProof Torres. Because of their special costs, those fabrics are made to order and will take the extra 3-4 week period. So the wait might be slightly longer for these fabrics, but the quality you get for ordering a chair with them is night and day to regular upholstery.

Bonus – What does after-sale service look like? 

Service after the sale is key to being happy with your chair. In-home setup often goes as planned. However, sometimes a piece can be damaged or missing. What happens if you get your chair delivered and set up but find an issue with it afterward?

When encountering issues is where a great company that offers after-sale service separates itself from the competition. We take our UltraComfort sales seriously. We know our UltraComfort clientele need the lift chairs for a reason, and we ensure that when you get your chair, it will work and has been set up correctly. If there are any issues, we’ll come out to fix them and continue to until we get everything working perfectly for you. Problems like this don’t happen often, but if it does, we want you to rest assured that getting it taken care of will be hassle-free and a pleasant experience.