Top 10 Partners Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

by Hadiya Rahman


When you’re dating somebody, it’s normal to ponder about your sleeping positions with them and what they subconsciously may mean for you and relationship. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to sleeping position psychology , but many psychologists have stated that when you are sleeping, your subconscious mind takes over. So what happens when you and your partner fall asleep together has a role to play in the deeper underlying relationship psychology of you both?  When we sleep, our intuitive personality controls our sleeping postures with our mate. The position may reveal the underlying status of the relationship. Unless you sleep like a starfish since forever or are a solid kicker or a deafening snorer, you can’t really blame your partner for dozing far from you. So investigate these pieces of information before you delve any deeper. We’re here to demonstrate to you why you and your partners sleeping position could reveal what you both don’t say or feel when you are awake. Here are 10 of those sleeping positions.

1.Sleeping facing away

This is a free rest position where both partners are feeling tired and resting is their first priority. This is seen in older much mature relationships. This doesn’t mean at any cost that the couple isn’t in love or cares any less for one another. A lot of couples cuddle, engage in sexual relations and afterwards move away to get their rest without intrusions. Sleep specialists state that it is always smarter to take your time to cuddle before you’re about to sleep and after you wake up while maintaining a safe distance throughout your sleep. This will energize both the partners as they would have gotten a well-rested sleep.

2. Bed Burglar

Some partners tend to sleep in a horrid starfish position, with their arms and legs spread out and hoard the bed. This may be because the partner who is the bed hoarder is selfish or it could mean that they are narrow-minded — particularly when that they start to push the other partner so much that they’re hanging off the bed. That is just mean! Selfish partners tend to engage in abuse and disrespectful behaviour more often so keep your guard up. However, some people have been sleeping this way since a very long time so we have to cope with our partners sleeping routine differences.

Head positioning, in this case, is important to look at. When partners heads are directly alongside one another, it implies they have equality in their relationship. In case one partner’s head is far away and placed more superiorly to the other it means that the person who has their head superior considers themselves to be better than their partner. Individuals who rest their heads nearer to the headboard will, in general, feel increasingly confident while the individuals who place their heads further far from it will, in general, have lower confidence.

3. Face Down

This is when both partners sleep on their stomach with their faces buried into the pillows. This is a very secluded position that speaks of a limited intimacy and hidden feelings among the couple. This may be internally or externally generated but these feelings of resentment can cause your relationship to break. This face down position shows that one of the partners lack confidence in themselves to have the sexual trust that is required in a healthy relationship. Try to sort this ASAP! Try putting in extra effort by bringing to them some breakfast in bed or maybe giving them lovely birthday and wedding anniversary gifts.

4. Close but Not Touching

Numerous couples don’t sleep while touching one another. While you may imagine that is the indication of a stale relationship however, it’s really is quite the inverse. This manner is seen in couples that have been together for a long time and now trust each other fully. By facing one another, yet giving the space by being physically distant;  you are indicating verifiable trust in your relationship. That is a perfect sleeping couple that is going to remain together for a very long time. This position indicates both closeness and freedom of the relationship.

5. Back Kiss

It’s a position in which the couple is facing away from one another but their backs are touching. While it isn’t too normal, it is a transitional sort of rest position, for the most part when a couple is going from the earliest starting point of their relationship to something longer and progressively considerable. Normally this sleeping position is seen in couples that have patched up after a breakup but is seen to continue for a longer period of time in many couples.


When you sleep cuddled in the arms of your loved one, it implies two things: you all can’t get enough of one another and it’s a fresh new relationship. When running down couple sleeping positions and what they mean, this one is quite obvious. This is when you meet someone new and start sleeping with them, you feel the urge to demonstrate with your body language  that you’re eager and happy to be with them. It’s kind of a physical consolation that you can’t get enough of that individual. Despite the fact that this position will in general change as connections age, there’s nothing amiss with this being the starting resting position for your new love. This position tends to be somewhat awkward when you


When it comes to couple sleeping positions, spooning is the most common one,  which clearly demonstrates a strong dynamic bond where one partner is protective over the other. It is quite a very vulnerable position but it speaks about trusting the partner. Spooning is common in young and new couples. Some couples prefer the looser spoon in the later stages of their relationship as they now know they trust one another and there is no need to cling to hand on to one another and focus more on a good quality restful sleep.

8. Leg Grope

If your partner plays footsie with you in bed or intertwines their legs with yours, it means they crave an emotional or sexual connection. It also means that you both are truly in love can’t get enough of each other and need to be attached physically even while asleep.  A leg or an arm grope means that you subconsciously believe and know that your lives are intertwined and that you are functioning as one entity now to help one another grow. This is one of the most loving couples’ sleeping positions ever. However if this position is attained in the first few days of the relationship, it’s a red flag for a clingy partner.

9. Cradling

This is a very kind and sweet position. Here, one partner rests their head on the other’s chest, as the other partner cradles their head in their arms. It is quite a close bonding position, as it is often seen in patched up rekindled relationships. Cradling is a sign of nurturing in its purest and rawest form so it is subconsciously done to exhibit feelings of love, loyalty and trust within partners.  This also creates a sense of protected harmony as while helping exhibit feelings of affection and love between the partners.


10. Intertwined

This is a position in which the partners are locked onto one another like vines crawling over each other. Their appendages are twisted and wrapped around one another, creating a feeling of approval and love. This position typically is attained followed by an emotionally positive encounter, which may be in the form of sex or a great conversation. The position is not exactly the most comfortable one to fall asleep and may often lead to some lovemaking. This form of positioning is often seen in new relationships. It is a signal from both the partners that they do not want to leave the solace of each other’s arms and feel happy in each other’s embrace. However, sleeping this way leads to an uncomfortable sleeping position that would cause you to typically wake up in the middle of the night. This is a comparatively rarer lovemaking position and is often seen in the first few months of a relationship.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules for human and love psychology. Just make sure you and your partner are in a happy and productive relationship and enjoy the company of one another when you are awake and asleep as well. Your love life is important for your psychological and emotional wellbeing. However, watching out for non-verbal cues and sleeping body language helps decipher many things early on in the relationship.


Hadiya Rahman 

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