Three Things You Can Do Today To Sleep Better Tonight

Good Mornings with Sleep Well (S2E9)

Three Things YOU Can Do to Get Better Sleep Tonight! They’re FREE, they’re easy, and they work.

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Three Things YOU can do TODAY that will HELP You SLEEP better TONIGHT

  1. Limit Caffeine
  2. No eating after 6pm
  3. Exercise

Limit Caffeine Intake


  • Caffeine prevents you from going into deep sleep
  • Caffeine’s effects can last over 6 hours depending on your metabolism
  • Caffeine can dehydrate you before bed


  • Stop Drinking Caffeine at 2-3pm. Make sure that last drink of coffee is stopped by 3pm to make sure you can get to sleep faster tonight.

No eating 2-3 hours before bedtime


  • Because digestion can cause overheating while you sleep
  • Digestion can also cause hyperactivity (fidgeting) making it harder to achieve sleep.
  • Increased sugar intake before bed can lead to higher cravings and increase in sugar consumption the next day


  • Its ok to eat before bed, 2-3 hours is a good time range to shoot for. Skip sugary snacks and HEAVY meals. Go for fruits and light meals.


  • Intense exercise can cause you to struggle to fall asleep.
  • Higher heart rates make it harder for you to unwind and fall asleep.


  • Light after work walks are an excellent way to get a work out in and will actually aid you sleep better due to the activity level.
  • It’s best to schedule intense exercise in the morning or early afternoon (3-4 hours before bed) so that your body has time to unwind and relax before heading for bed.


Blue Light

  • Limit your phone usage within 2 hours of bedtime.


Gretchen and Javier Casillas started Sleep Well with the idea that sleep is super important, but potential customers were putting off buying a mattress because of the reputation our industry has. Quite frankly, furniture salespeople and mattress salespeople are too pushy and really don’t care about knowing sleep but more about understanding the dollar.  The reputation is there, the statement “just like a used car salesman” is used often in this industry.  So, we decided to do something different.

We created Sleep Well, a sleep store that cares about your sleep, not only cares but, knows sleep and knows how to help you find it.  We research everything about our mattresses, pillows, and bedding.  We know more about the health benefits of an adjustable base than even some manufacturers.  It is because of this knowledge and because of the actual want to help that we have been and continue to be successful.

Since we have this knowledge, we also figured why not share it? That’s why we started Good Mornings with Sleep Well, a weekly video blog to share what we know about all things sleep.  Subscribe and watch us weekly for news and tips.  Thanks for watching!

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Here is the show transcript for your notes too!

00:00                                     Good morning. Today we’re going to be covering some tips for you to help you sleep better. If you’re thinking about something that you always have to invest in, now’s your time. These are tips you can do for FREE. Stay tuned.

00:21                                     Good morning. I’m Javier and I’m Gretchen and this is Good Mornings with Sleep Well and today is a beautiful day. I always start off with the mornings. Yes you do. I know. You start off now. What’s going on in your life? I’m here. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

00:39                                     I’m drinking water to top it off, I need to be this one right now. If I was this one right now, I’d be like Lasso out. Ready to just conquer it all. Let’s go while my cuffs

00:57                                     anyways. All right, so anyways, I think I’ll go back to me introducing the day. So it is a beautiful day. Yeah, I’m Gretchen has been in Carlsbad and right now Kenny is in Carlsbad and we’ve got some big, big beautiful renovations doing on, on an or going on in that building. I’m not going to spoil it, but there, when you’re in the Carlsbad building and I would say, what, three, four weeks, you’re going to be blown away. There’s, there’s a lot of, a lot of beautiful things going on over there.

01:29                                     And that’s probably why I’m a little weird because the reno, oh my gosh, I feel so empowered. They gave me a hammer. Oh God, I got to break things. At first Waiters was like, nope. And then he was like, okay, go ahead. And then they were like, yeah. So yeah, they didn’t know I had that in me. Give me a hammer and watch.

01:50                                     So yeah. So with her and Kenny being gone, I was at the store yesterday and I had nothing to do with this Reno and uh, frankly it’s scaring me now. All right. So anyways, oh yeah, no, it is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Um, we’ve had a pretty, pretty exciting week. We’ve spoken to a huge furniture manufacturer that is, uh, we have signed with them as being our flagship. Um, we also are in negotiations with a couple of other changes that you’ll see around the store. For me, I’m loving this because June is going to be our new item month. And I know you’ve, I know a couple of, you’ve seen our new item videos, but Gretchen is going to be super busy doing new item videos here pretty quick.

02:33                                     Yes. Matter of fact, I’ve been writing out a book, well we have our book of product and I create every item that we actually bring in as far as mattress, furniture lines and stuff and try to give, you know, the brief important points on it and stuff. And I completed the mattress stuff and now I’m working on the other avenues so I can’t wait.

02:53                                     It’s going to be fun. Yep. It’s all, it’s all part of the way that we do business and that’s my training constantly and learning about our product. So. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and then, let’s see, what else do we have going on? We have, okay. Renovation. We have the new stuff coming. There was something else big that’s happening. Um, well now we have, we have Gavin, her son who’s doing morning work for us here and he’s doing pretty good. Um, I guess that’s, that’s it for the highlights of the week, which is actually kind of a boring,

03:22                                     oh, that’s sad. I don’t think about it being that it’s been so busy. I would say those are great highlights. Yep. Yeah, I’ve really been busy and I know memorial weekend that just passed and everything was like, Yup. It really wasn’t like a high for a lot of the business avenues, but I think it’s honestly because people are really working harder now and they’re wanting that time away. I think they hit vacation mode. Like as soon as memorial weekend hit, they were like gone.

03:47                                     That’s a, that’s a fair thought. It is. It’s a fair thought. I think that, uh, honestly we’re hearing good news from everybody as far as like memorial day sales being good. So, yeah, yeah, yeah. But, uh, anyways, okay. So onto today’s topic and today’s topic is actually something that’s going to help you out tonight. So it’s not something that, that you have to invest in for the future or whatever is something you can do today for two nights. So the topic today is three things you can do today that will help you sleep better tonight. Yes. And um, it’s, it’s only three and we pick three that are the three biggest ones. So you want to, you want to start us off with that?

04:27                                     All right, well, being that I’m actually meeting more of this right now, it’s kind of good for me to say caffeine. Whoa.

04:34                                     Right? So limit caffeine intake. Right. Okay. What’s number two? Number two would be you shouldn’t eat about two or three hours prior to going to bed. Right? And that is something that we both struggle with and yeah, it’s unfortunate, but okay. And number three is exercise. All right? So there’s two avenues with the exercise and we’ll cover that as well. All right. So the first thing that we’re going to cover today is limit caffeine intake. Yes. And I know that you’re, you’re studying, you study this because we tease you so much about your energy drinks. What’s the deal? What’s the deal with limiting caffeine intake?

05:11                                     Um, if you have caffeine in your system at the time he tried to go to sleep, even if you feel tired, your brain is not going to rust. So with that being said, you have to limit the amount of capping you have throughout the day to make sure that your body burns it as well as, as a time limit prior to going to bed. And you want to have an adequate amount of time. What is it, six hours, six hours, right, right before you go to bed. That way you’re able to actually

05:41                                     rest your brain. So a lot of people, and I know we’ve covered this in another video, but a lot of people say, Oh, caffeine won’t effect me. I can drink a cup of coffee right up until I go to sleep. Um, and that, that actually is not a very good thing. Why? Well, the fact is, is when your mind is

05:57                                     still going in, your body is asleep, you’re not getting the deep sleep that you require. Your brain is still active, um, and it needs to rest. So we can go into the realms that needs to deposits and clean and everything else,

06:09                                     right? Yeah. Caffeine actually prevents you from going into deep sleep and caffeine. Caffeine, like she said, it will affect your six hours, six hours depending on your metabolism. The least amount of time that they’ve ever clock caffeine, helping someone that’s four hours. So take that into consideration. Whether you think you’re a caffeine pro or whatever, four hours is the minimum that they’ve ever found somebody to metabolize. Caffeine six hours is the average that the metabolism it takes the caffeine and processes it. So yeah. Yeah. So, okay, so what, what, what’s a tip that we can give everybody for today,

06:45                                     for today? Um, calculate six hours before you normally go to bed and just stop your cat tea, caffeine intake. And that can be in foods as well. Um, you’d always think like coffee, energy, drinks or soda. Well, there’s also caffeine in chocolate amongst other foods, so you really need to pay attention to what it is you’re eating. Six hours morning, caffeine and chocolate. I know, I know. It’s like a sin, but I still need my dark chocolate. I don’t care. So if you happen to have a situation where you loved caffeine, it’s not that you can’t have it, you just seem to regulate that you have it six hours cut off time prior to sleep.

07:23                                     [inaudible] so for most people that would be like a two to three range, sometimes four o’clock. But God just make sure that you cut it off by that. Okay. So that was tip number one on limiting caffeine intake. All right.

07:37                                     And our second tip. So tell me why you,

07:41                                     why are you personally have to stop eating two to three hours before bed?

07:45                                     Yeah, I have a lot of fidgeting issues. Okay. Um, I tend to get into bed and kick my feet or tap my fingers and, you know, kind of thrash a little bit and stuff like that. And I’ve also found in certain foods, like in, you and I both have reacted to pork, right? So it causes like these really strange dreams. Like in, they’re not good and they’re not bad, they’re just not. Right.

08:10                                     I actually, I, okay. So there’s two things that set me off and at the pork and Nyquil, and I actually will look forward to two dreams at night because there is so freaky with pork. But anyways, that’s a side topic. That’s a, that’s a side topic. So, uh, this tip is no eating two to three hours before bedtime. Yes. Okay. And I know that it’s something that she and I have struggled with in the past. I think that, I think that Gretchen and I have become very, um, uh, kind of discipline towards that. Wouldn’t you? Would you say that? I mean, I, I feel like we have,

08:42                                     yeah, it’s, it’s rare that I’ll grab a little snack before bed anymore. I mean, sometimes if I just don’t eat right throughout the day and right before bed and my stomach’s going at it, I will eat a little bit, but it’s little. So I don’t want a lot of calorie intake. I don’t want my gut working at stuff when I’m trying to sleep. Um, so I’ll eat very little. Yeah.

09:05                                     So the why is on the no eating two to three hours before sleep. So number one in Hawaii is digestion can actually cause you to overheat.

09:13                                     Yes, it really can.

09:14                                     [inaudible] um, and what I mean as you overheat while you’re, I mean you can’t be too hot while you sleep because then it doesn’t let you sleep. Um, the other one is she already covered it is digestion causes hyperactivity or fidgeting and that’s already an issue.

09:30                                     I don’t sit still well. Right, right. And then have add by the way. No, no, just don’t sit still.

09:36                                     No. And then the other thing that, the one that, that, that people really don’t think about is, um, and it has to do a lot with willpower the next day and that is, uh, they have found in clinical studies that any increased sugar intake right before bed or within hours of bed can actually cause a higher consumption of sugar the next day. Yeah. And what that is, is, is, um, well sugar as we all know, causes a, a, a big addiction and going to bed with the sugar in your system, I guess when you wake up, causes a higher wanting for sugar the next day.

10:17                                     Now, would that include healthy sugars like in fruits? I,

10:21                                     I honestly don’t have an answer to that. I just know that the study that I was reading on was more on sugar intake. A sugary drinks. I, okay. So the study was sugary drinks and sugary snacks bite before bed, ice cream, stuff like that. It causes a higher consumption rate in the next day. Gotcha. Yeah. Yeah. So that has a lot to do with willpower. Um, okay, so the, the tip on this one, on the, no eating two to three hours before bed, what is the tip on this one?

10:51                                     Um, you just don’t want to do it. You don’t want to eat two to three hours before you go to bed because you don’t have to deal with heat or like me turning into a concert of fighter, we don’t need that either. We didn’t our brain to be able to rest and we don’t even have the digestion she’s going on and we don’t need to deal with sugar because that on itself, we all know as I know now, right. And we don’t want to have to deal with the after effects of the sugar the next day.

11:14                                     Right. Okay. All right, so moving on the third tip. Now, this one is a fun one. Okay. This tip is a fun one because there’s actually two sides to the story on this one. And this tip is exercise when to exercise and why to exercise. All right. And you want to, you want to cover this one a little bit?

11:38                                     Um, well it’s one that I am, I feel a little guilty about. Okay. Why is that? Um, I, I’m in the midst of trying to get myself in routine on my exercise. Gotcha, Gotcha. Okay. So I definitely appreciate when I do exercise. It really does make you feel better throughout the day. Um, I have a walking partner and we like to walk at least two miles in the morning prior to work and we’re not on it everyday, but we do it every week. We try to get in at least three days a week, if not more. Um, and with that, it helps you feel more clear and thought process. It helps you retain more. You’ve got your digestion system going so you’re just ready to take on the day. It just starts everything.

12:25                                     It makes you feel better when you exercise like yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. So that’s a good why. Um, exercise is definitely good for your health and they do. And, and, and studies do say that three times a week at least 30 minutes a day is a wonderful thing to do. Um, however, there is a downside to exercise and I’m not saying, uh, uh, a downside to exercise doing it. I’m saying there’s a bad time to do it. So now we’re going to another level of exercise. Okay. Where are, we were talking about a morning walk. Okay. And let’s, let’s include afternoon walk. Let’s include a nice, uh, what after work walk, not going to hurt you. Okay. It’s intense exercise that we’re talking about, whether it be a nice beautiful run, which I’m a runner so I love running or it be lifting weights or something like Arabic.

13:22                                     That’s good. That that’s really gets your cardio up, gets you sweating and gets you moving. That can actually cause you to lose sleep? Yes. Okay. So what, what they, what studies have found and what common knowledge has found is that um, exercise intense exercise should not be done two to three hours. And I don’t know if you guys see this, but the range is always two to three hours, right? So exercise should not be done in two to three hours before your bedtime. Okay. And uh, and the reason being is your heart rate is up, your digestion rate is up. And with that, your heat, your body heat is up.

14:05                                     Yes. I can say this too. When, when I was running, um, it was a situation for us being here in the desert, we would weight later in, later in the evenings after work to run because it’s so hot outside, right? And having a gym membership, anybody who goes to a gym knows that when you go to the gym around six o’clock to about eight 30, it’s packed. So if you’re going to get a treadmill, good luck. So your situation had to be working around the temperature as well as the gym hours. It was just crazy. So it’s either first thing in the morning or it wasn’t at all. Um, because when we did do those late runs, I knew, I mean, I always felt hotter. Yes. You feel better for the fact that you’re out and you’re going and you’re doing things, but um, you don’t feel good when you try to lay down because things are still active. They’re going, which is why your body heat is still up because you have, um, your calorie burning going on and for your system to actually go through that process where he can calm down and get ready for sleep too. We just don’t contemplate that. We’re just trying to work things into our schedule.

15:07                                     Right, right, right. So, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a note of caution more on this one than anything. Um, the, the note of caution is just to make sure that when you do exercise, that you are taking into account that your body does have to have an unwinding period right before bed. So that way you’re not going to bed super hot. You’re not going to bed. I’m a super, I want to say super awake, but you know that, that, that euphoric feeling that you get at, you know, after, after a workout, you want to make sure that you’ve led that subside and that you’re allowing proper rest time. That’s right. Okay, so we’re going to include a bonus tip because this is something that we need to remind everyone of because it’s something that we take very seriously and that is blue light exposure. And you are the pro in this and you take it over because this is your baby.

16:00                                     Wow, I’m just kidding. Um, honestly, with blue light, you want to make sure that you don’t reactivate your brain where it starts with activity levels and get staff. That is a natural reaction whenever you do have blue light, right? Versus your body, again, can be telling you, I’m tired, I need to go to sleep. But if your brain’s kicking, you’re going to fight, going to sleep and you’re going to fight staying asleep and you’re going to have to deal with the ramifications later because it takes a while for your brain to go back into that sleep mode. So you’re actually depleting yourself deeply asleep. Right. So we have settings now and I think it’s pretty common. Every smartphone has a blue light setting. I know some people that turn it off permanently so they don’t ever have to worry about it, but you can actually set it.

16:44                                     So if you know you’re going to be going to bed at a certain time, turn it off an hour before bedtime. That way you don’t have to worry about going back through. And I’m wondering did I just ruin my sleep because I checked an email or a text message at the last minute? Um, so I’ve got mindset where I don’t have to worry about it. Um, it’s set for a time. I think it was eight o’clock at nighttime and it doesn’t come back on until seven in the morning. And that just okay. Is the factor or my times, I know I’ll be asleep where it’s not going to be an issue. Right. So, but it goes with computers, TVS, anything. So you just have to be very aware of your nighttime rituals, letting your brain have that time to prepare itself for sleep as well.

17:27                                     Okay. Yep. And, and one thing that we found when we were researching the blue light and everything, a window is actually has a setting on there. I’m a four night mode and um, I know that apple and android phones have a son. I have a blue light filter as well. Yeah. If your phone is older to not have a blue light filter, you can actually download an app that is a blue light filter. Right. So a lot of different things. Um, so that it, that pretty much concludes today’s three tips that you can do today that will help you sleep better tonight. And, um, we, we, we would love to hear, love to hear if you’ve took these three tips and if it made a difference in your sleep tonight.

18:08                                     Yes. All right. Give us some feedback. We don’t mind it. I’m just remember if you want that nice deep sleep, you’re going to do what you gotta do. Yup. Um, if any one of these tips helps you, we would love to hear about it. Just like hobbies said. Yep. Because it lets us know that we’re talking about something that is helping you, which is our goal. Yep. And remember when you sleep well, you live well. Have a wonderful day. Bye Bye.

18:31                                     [inaudible]

18:35                                     thank you very much for joining us today, and we would love to hear back from you if you liked our talk today, yesterday, day before any of them, please subscribe to our channel and let us know what you think.

18:46                                     Okay.