The Importance of Getting a New Box Spring/Foundation with Your Mattress

Sleep Coach
(ep 20, 2020)

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Javier would Live Well Mattress and Furnishing Centres and today I want to talk to you about box Springs and foundations and why that body indentation that you have on your mattress, that whole taco thing that you’ve got going on may not actually be the mattress but may actually be the foundation or box spring that you have your mattress on.

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So the lowly box spring, the foundation, it’s not the most glamorous part of a mattress talk if you can talk mattress talk is being glamorous, whatever. But anyway, the foundation is actually one of the most important pieces. It may not be the most comfortable piece. So box Springs are made from either wood or metal. They are meant to be the solid flat surface that your mattress rest on and they’re often overlooked because they are on bottom of the mattress. People think that, Oh well I already have one, what do I need to buy a new one for? So the reason that you need a new one every time you buy a new mattress is because that body impression that you have on your mattress, it may not actually just be a breakdown of foam. What it may be, in all honesty, is a breakdown of the metal underneath on your foundation or a breakdown or the wood underneath on your foundation.

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You see a mattress is nothing but Springs and foam, right? Well underneath that mattress. Keeping the Springs in place is nothing but a thin layer of foam as well, so when the spring pushes down, it’s pushing down on that foam into the foundation that you have your mattress laying on. Now, if let’s say that for some reason over time your mattress has pushed down on the foundation so much that it’s, it’s led to a dense in the box spring. That means that putting a new mattress on a dented or indented box spring itself is going to just go ahead and start leaving a body indentation almost immediately on your brand new mattress. These things know they’re overlooked a lot. They’re there. They’re not thought of as being as important as a great mattress, but in all honesty, they’re just as important as a brand new mattress.

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So I would recommend that anytime you go mattress shopping that you ask what the price of a brand new box spring would be. And the reason I do this is because there’s several companies that they’re trending towards charging extra for the box spring live on mattress and furnishing centers. We actually include it with the price of the mattress so that way there’s no extra charge. It’s like when you go buy tires and all of a sudden your $90 tire turned into 150 because of the fact that all these extra fees are piled on top of it. I don’t like to experience, and I figure my customers don’t like the experience. So that’s why we don’t do it here at LivWell mattress and burnishing centers. So I caution you when you go shopping, that you investigate that piece of it and make sure that every single time you get a brand new mattress that you get a brand new box spring with it. Regardless of if you think that box spring is good, it’s necessary to change out just for the life of the mattress. And with that, that has been sleep coach today, I hope that this video has been helpful. Please share it with your friends. Please comment it. Help us grow. Help us inform the public on their need to be educated before they step out into the world of mattress shopping. Until next time, this has been sleep coach, have a wonderful day.