The Fish Bowl

ep 8

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
So, what was that smell as those customers are walking out the door? Was it unicorn dust?

Speaker 2: (00:07)
She must Dustin man. I closed that itself. That was a perfect sale. And you messed it up. I’m heavier and I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie.

Speaker 1: (00:16)
And, uh, what was that smell as we were walking, we’re walking up the door. Cause that was hard.

Speaker 2: (00:21)
That was the worst way to welcome somebody to a new town. I mean, it was, it was perfect. It started out perfect. It was a great, it was everything wonderful. And then at the very end, I ended up walking through the rest like this, a cloud of methane gas. Nobody called themselves just silver clarifying. I wasn’t sure at first cause they were setting up shop up here. So I’m closing this sale to this, this family wonderful family. I’m so glad they came in. Um, we have, you know, he’s, he’s brand new first date in Alamogordo and I’m walking towards the door and I literally walked into this and I was like, Whoa, Javier, man. And then I know immediately because they’re following behind me for them out of the door because it’s locked and you guys are setting up all these lights and everything. And I was like, they’re going to think it’s me.

Speaker 1: (01:18)
And it w and, and, and, you know, I’m glad you took one for the team. I’m glad you took one for the team. That’s all I can say.

Speaker 2: (01:25)
So what happened, just so you know, is Papi and I were moving a plant and, you know, if you over water or jungle lines, the dirt can get kind of smelly. Well, that’s what happened. We moved this plant. We like pulled the bottom off the pot and it was like, Oh,

Speaker 1: (01:40)
It was awesome. So

Speaker 2: (01:41)
There’s some serious back, but unknown to Mel or the customers that were in here, they did not know what was going on. So on their way out, they walked right into that cloud. They thought I farted rainbows and sparkles all over them. But I keep telling her if they thought it was you, they would have been looking for Skittles or something. If it had been me, it would have been, it would have been skills. There was a lot of serious anaerobic activity happening in that plant.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
That was pretty gross. Yeah. Yeah. So, so this is fishbowl. We don’t normally start at talking about methane and plant farts, but it’s a really a format. So what we did, this was our Friday night meeting where we debriefed and, and went over things that customers needed or wanted and questions they had. And we would talk with each other privately in the office. And we decided that if we just added a camera and beer, it would be a lot more fun to share with you. So, and then there’s evidence now there’s evidence of what really goes on. Yeah, exactly. You’re free to use it against him or all of us, whichever.

Speaker 1: (02:49)
So, um, we had a really good week. Yeah, yeah. We actually, we had a really good February and I’m thinking March is going to end up really good. So I’m very, very happy. Yeah. Yeah. And we had wonderful customers. Um, today was funny because we had a ups driver that retired, uh, what, like two years ago. And he came in and he was all, Oh, this is where you’re at. So that was fun to reunite with him. You know, you never know what kind of, uh, like relationship you build with the ups drivers, but you really do you see them on a daily basis? Yeah. Yeah. Really nice guy,

Speaker 2: (03:23)
Because someone is addicted to older and stuff all the time.

Speaker 1: (03:27)
I wonder who that isn’t for the petite too. Yeah. Anyways. So, um, we will start with the questions unless you have anything to add. I think we should start with a cheers and, Oh my gosh. Yes. Yes. We always start with tears. I’m so sorry. Yes. So cheers to a great week.

Speaker 3: (03:49)
All right. Yeah. Oh, that’s good. That’s good.

Speaker 1: (03:55)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s really good. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the same beard at last week. Had you talking about, um, onesies? Yeah. Yeah. Don’t, don’t go back there. Don’t talk about when Jesus week.

Speaker 2: (04:10)
They’re so comfortable and so soft head to toe.

Speaker 1: (04:14)
Here we go. Here we go.

Speaker 2: (04:18)
I could live in my Wednesday when you’re not in Wednesdays today, but you are in your pajamas. That works. I’m in another line of lazy one pajamas. I have my, my do not, Oh, donut, donut, disturb shirt and uh, coffee pants. And I got donut socks with sprinkles.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
We have customers that come look for her on Fridays because they know that she dresses this way on Fridays and Saturdays,

Speaker 2: (04:43)
Everyday thing. Like it was just Fridays, but I’ve gotten such a positive feedback. Like at first I was a little bit embarrassed. I was like, do they think I’m weird? But they actually liked that.

Speaker 1: (04:53)
Yeah. They embraced the weirdness

Speaker 2: (04:55)
On the up note though, you get to come to work in pajamas. Well, we get our pajama days where we just come in our pajamas and we get paid to do this. You sit back in your life. This is a glorious job. Oh man. I remember being in high school and being sent to the principal’s office. Have I told you this story? No. I literally got sent to the principal’s office, my junior year of high school for wearing my pajamas to school. And I still remember the security guards name was Tina. And all I have to say now is like checkmate, Tina. Like I can come to Coke. Cause she said I totally jumped my story. I gave you the punch line. Okay. So backing up, wrote up on her bike and she made me go to the principal’s office. Tina wrote a bike and a mountain bike. And uh, when they were coming up, speeding up, I know you knew like you were in trouble and she would side skid a little bit. And uh,

Speaker 1: (05:51)
Awesome. All 300 pounds of Tina’s sides. Kidding. Yeah. Tina,

Speaker 2: (05:56)
Let’s take it into five and real into banking. And so Tina rolls up and she’s like, you need to go immediately to the office because nowhere in your life will you have a real job that you can wear pajamas to work? Oh my,

Speaker 1: (06:11)
I declare

Speaker 2: (06:14)
They ever she’s at and not only wearing her pajamas. You also have unicorn staff. Yeah. Yes. You’ve got to tell everything. I totally even get to work, I guess.

Speaker 1: (06:25)
Yeah. All right. Very good. Now we’re going to go back to the actual format of the show. Why people actually watch this show to get questions answered. Okay. In case you haven’t noticed, we have lights on this week because last week I’m not going to say it was a total fiasco, but it didn’t go well.

Speaker 2: (06:45)
And we have to let him do it to prove him wrong.

Speaker 1: (06:48)
No, it wasn’t me. We were experimenting, but it’s,

Speaker 2: (06:51)
This is going to be very loud. Cause it’s a glass table and we apologize ahead of time for all the clicking and clacking was last week when we were in the cave, that was really dark. And I was like star Wars.

Speaker 1: (07:05)
Yeah. You were like in the forest. Yes. It was so dark. Yeah. It was very dark. We had to experiment. We were, we were given pointers on how to run the studio. However, we didn’t like it. It didn’t work out. I don’t think we have enough lights, but we’re going to run it this way. I love the cat, the camera angle. He did tell us about the camera angle actually facing us. So this is great. And as far as the lighting, we’re going to keep the lighting because it was too dark.

Speaker 2: (07:28)
I think it increased our melatonin levels like Gretchen and kept falling asleep.

Speaker 1: (07:33)
It couldn’t have been,

Speaker 2: (07:35)
It was for buddy, buddy kept me like acting.

Speaker 1: (07:40)
It had nothing to do with the beer and nothing at all. I will never deny that. Okay. All right. So here we go. Here we go. Yeah. Question number one. I’m a side sleeper and I have a lot of shoulder issues. What do you recommend? All right. We have two pillow. Queens wants it. You go first.

Speaker 2: (08:01)
Alrighty. So side sleeper poets. That’s what I was suggesting. I am a very stubborn, I can go to bed. I can lay on my back, my tummy and my side. Um, but inevitably throughout the night, if I’m not on my side, I will move to my side. So that is my preferred unconscious position. And shoulders are a huge thing for me because I do have broad shoulders. So with that, the importance of having a side sleeper pillow has become super important in my life because it takes the weight off of my shoulder by having the support of my head and a little spot for your shoulder to fit into the pillow. So it brings the pillow down to your clavicle level. It does go on support for your neck running back, and you can actually tilt the pillow. So in front of you, it becomes like a body pillow that you can wrap your arms around.

Speaker 2: (08:52)
So it’s a super nice idea. And as far as having something that’s going to be for any other position, you can actually sleep on these oppose, but having that little slot cutout version of that is what actually saves your shoulder, your vote, your cough everything’s brought in front of you. It’s engaged where it needs to be. Um, and when we can, we really have to do is find the credit pillow locking for you, which is the distance from here down to the mattress, which will be on the edge of your photo here. Um, once you find a loft so that your spine is straighten and your side is all about enjoying it, um, and it does, it takes that weight on pressure off of your shoulder and makes it very nice to sit and love my sights, sleeping pillow.

Speaker 1: (09:35)
No, I thought, yeah, it’s obvious

Speaker 2: (09:37)
We fight over it. We were kind of fighting over them when we only had the one when I would travel. I think we had that in another episode. And now we are, we have four, two there, and two here, if I’m not mistaken, no, we’re still traveling with the one we have three or John. I’m not sure why. Oh yeah, because when there’s two of us, there always has to be the two pillows. So there’s still one traveling pillow. We’re building up to the fourth one. But what I liked the most about the site sleeper is like, when you go to bed and you snuggle into it and you kind of curl into your pillow and your pillow kind of curls around you, there’s a very comforting snuggled part of that. It does take a couple of nights to get used to that. Cause you like, it was kind of weird the first couple of nights. Um, but then you find the right angle and the right position for your, and then once you get there, you’re, you’re set. And I, I think I used to flip and flop less with my side. Hello? Oh really? I think I actually stay in one position longer. Um, now that my neck is in alignment because it doesn’t get uncomfortable. Um, and I do feel that I stay more on one side, like I’ll fall asleep and I’ll wake up on the same side.

Speaker 1: (10:54)
Have you guys noticed, um, less headaches because your neck is straight

Speaker 2: (10:59)
As far as like Nessel, Nessel, MEK cramps. And as she was talking about nestling into the car and stuff, um, the important part of finding the proper height. So the proper loft watching alleviate that issue. If you just buy a pillow because you’ve robbed that at works, it’s no different than buying a mattress online that you read because it works. It’s all about actually fitting it to you. Um, if it doesn’t fit to your needs, then it’s not going to work. Um, so that’s why it’s so important that you try it before you buy it. Unfortunately, rules right now are not returnable because of COVID. Um, so with that situation, it’s really important that you try it before you buy it. So we will make sure that that loft is properly sized for you. Um, checking how you lay down when you’re laying on your side to make sure your proper spinal support and that should alleviate all the pain, staying on the of loft. Um,

Speaker 1: (11:54)
Just so you know, they use two different pillows. Like I know you used the carbon cool LP, which is roughly about a six to seven inch loft, right? Her, uh, Gretchen’s is a bit more special. Hers is significantly taller. I believe that is about a nine to maybe a nine inch loft on it. And it’s a much harder pillow because that is nine inches right there. That’s it right here. I’ll show you guys. She’s actually going off camera

Speaker 4: (12:26)
Because we have to show this pillow, this.

Speaker 1: (12:28)
So this is, this is pretty dramatic. Um,

Speaker 2: (12:32)
This is the law. This is a medium loft, pretty huge, but the thing, the big difference. Okay. So the big difference than what you’re talking about, like with Melanie’s pillow.

Speaker 4: (12:42)
Oh. And show that cool blue stuff. What’s that turquoise

Speaker 2: (12:44)
Pro stuff. Yeah. I’ll talk about my photo. Let’s see. Okay. So the thing that I do want to point out about this pillow that makes it different. My copier is talking about and is talking about as far as like the

Speaker 1: (12:56)
Killer right now

Speaker 2: (12:59)
With a squish factor, we have to take in consideration. Whenever you’re laying on your bed, it’s going to mash down. It’s going to bring your head down even further. So we have to have you lay on it. Um, with this pillow, it doesn’t have any holes in it, which most of our pillows do have holes in it. So it gives you breathing. It also allows for it to squish down more whenever you lay on it. So this one was considered a from field. So if you like a firm pillow, this is good. I prefer for him. And this right here is a plate of gel. So it’s infused with cooling gel, which means that it’s not going to add here. All your heat can reflect it back to you. It does not mean that that’s the puck that cools you though. That’s what this weight right here is board. This is a cooling gel, but over a sweeping term, when you’re home on there eventually does more maps. It doesn’t warm up as hot as you are, but it will warm up. So where did you go back and forth? You have a fresh cold spot.

Speaker 2: (13:56)
Yeah. This one right here is considered a firm because of the fact that as you can tell, there’s no holes, so it’s a fine line

Speaker 1: (14:03)
And it’s a heavier pillow. So that, that right there is, I mean that I used to think it was a rare person that would buy that pillow. But honestly, that’s our, probably our third, most popular one because a lot of people have broad shoulders and they need something like that. So what’s yours,

Speaker 4: (14:18)
The carbon cool. L T or LT carbon. Cool. So it doesn’t have the necessarily the gel pack on the top, but it does have a blue Omni phase change material that is just on the surface, on the backside. It doesn’t have that. So if you are too cold, then you can flip the pillow over. It’s a little bit softer of a loft. Um, it is zoned. So depending on where your neck lays you’ll have different, uh, strength around the edges. Uh, when the temperature of the surface of this blue material reaches 91 degrees, it does go through molecular phase change. And it there’s a lot of science

Speaker 5: (15:03)
Involved in this

Speaker 4: (15:06)
Because once that surface temperature reaches the 91, then it’ll start drawing the heat away from your body. So when you first touch it, it’s like, Oh, nice, that’s cold. But then the longer you leave it there, it gets cooler and cooler and cooler. Um,

Speaker 5: (15:20)
That’s not, that’s not just a claim. That’s actual science too. So yeah.

Speaker 4: (15:24)
So the way that it, yeah, it goes through that phase change. And then it literally like my elbow is freezing. Um, it literally draws the heat from your body. It’s designed to lower your body temperature one to two degrees to help induce the sleep cycle, keep you asleep and then help you fall back to sleep, uh, quicker. The memory foam side of it is infused with carbon. So that helps keep all the odors down. So no funky smells are going to develop in it. This surface is anti-microbial and anti, uh, funky stuff. So nothing is going to grow inside of there. So it stays clean. That’s fair.

Speaker 5: (16:04)
And I won’t it up.

Speaker 4: (16:08)
Nope. And then, uh, it stays nice and cool. Then it has a 10 cell cover. Uh, so does your branches, and that also helps with the air ability and the coolness of it. Um, this is just an awesome pillow. It does have a five-year warranty. We definitely like, you’re going to love these pillows so much that you’re going to travel with them. Do not let them stay in your car in threes because then they get really, really hard when they don’t come out of that. The cellular structure gets kind of frozen.

Speaker 5: (16:37)
Yeah. I think next week on fishbowl, we should have one of the frozen pillows. Do we have any left?

Speaker 4: (16:42)
Oh man. If you get hit with one of those, that’s it’s like a bridge,

Speaker 5: (16:46)
I think next week we’ll illustrate it. We’ll have a frozen pillow for you guys to show you what happens to memory foam. Cause it, um, it’s very temperature sensitive.

Speaker 4: (16:54)
Yeah. It’s like, it just is like a brick. So yeah. They’re awesome. Pillows. They have a, this has a FA did I say five-year warranty? Yep. And you can see all the holes her polo has, which helps it breathe so that when it squishes down, it can reinflate back up. So your head can actually sink down inside that job as a Hollywood, working on sound, sound effects, special effects. Now, one thing I do want to say Mel’s pillow has been scientifically proven to actually pull you down. It’s not a Oh point Joe, inside your pillow. I put a cool gel on,

Speaker 5: (17:35)

Speaker 4: (17:36)
Is an actual chemistry project that works. This Omni phase material actually draws the heat from you and in a pub and expose it. So it actually is like a cooling system and it does really come down. This one helps you cool off to go to sleep. But again, like I’m saying the way one spot or hour, it does tend to warm up a little bit. It doesn’t seem cool. Whereas personal honesty, so different, different needs. And so there are times where, you know, if I get cool enough or it’s, uh, you know, I’ll flip it over you don’t, you’re not stuck with the cold side. Um, so this, this has multi-services, it’s versatile. Uh, if you want to sleep on your back, you can put your head on the backside here. Sometimes I’ll sleep on the corner. Um, so it’s, it’s a pretty dynamic. Hello? Um, on the, that that’s exactly what this is for.

Speaker 6: (18:30)
Oh, Oh, this whole time. I’ve been so confused. Okay. We’re gonna move to another subject. Yeah. Oh, okay. We’re going to move to another question. This work, moving on to another

Speaker 5: (18:55)
Fair question, because we have to reign this in, right?

Speaker 4: (18:58)
Okay. I was, I was feeling like I was warming up. There were so many,

Speaker 6: (19:04)
Oh, I know when this one, this one actually happened this week. Are you getting hot?

Speaker 4: (19:10)
I’m okay. I moved SIM pillows. I think I’m all right now. Kind of, I did run to get my pillow, so I got a little bit

Speaker 5: (19:18)
Oh, okay. All right. Yeah. We don’t want to hot unicorn, especially with the smells that were coming earlier from the plant. All right. All right. All right. So next question is if you want something from, Oh, okay. If I want something from one of your vendor websites, how long is the wait this happened this week? I know that question.

Speaker 4: (19:40)
Oh, okay. I’ll I’ll I’ll always answer it.

Speaker 5: (19:48)
Okay. So, um, the reason we got this question is because this, that this customer had shopped one of our vendors, which would have been a furniture vendor. It would have been home elegance or furniture of America. Um, those are our two big furniture vendor vendors. We, we have others, but those are the two main ones that we use. Um, and they, they shopped at both those websites and they were wondering when they would get the product, if, if they, if they ordered it from us. Um, right now that’s a big question because of everything that’s going on in our industry. I mean, the furniture industry is backlogged. Whether it be American or foreign made furniture, it’s backlogged for months at a time. Um, one, you know, one particular company is a year behind. So it’s, it’s very interesting right now. And so my answer to them was, you know, if we order the vendor always tells us what the back order date is.

Speaker 5: (20:47)
The majority of them, if they are back-ordered, you can count on two months right now. Uh, there is the rare circumstance where it would be three months, but you can count on two months, um, you’re talking furniture, I’m talking furniture, right. I’m talking furniture. Um, and that is because of the backlog, whether it be lumber or steel or stuffs stuck in the ports right now. Um, yeah. Well, that’s a different subject. I’m covering furniture right now, but I’ll tell you there’s a separate subject in mattresses. Um, but there there’s, there’s some struggles going on with COVID-19. So we ask you to shop our websites, give us some part numbers, some model numbers that you like. We’ll search them. If they’re back-ordered, we’re going to give you a date when they’re coming in. And most of the time, I would say like 90, 90% of the time.

Speaker 5: (21:39)
Cause there’s always that 10%, 90% of the time, our vendors are pretty accurate with the date. They expected him on the other subject that you just covered, or just brought up, um, this week. And I was going to bring this up into what we learned this week, but this week we’ve already had our, um, our first instance of foam shortage. Um, we, we told you last week, it was two weeks or three weeks from, from last week. It wasn’t, it was actually, the demand has gone up so much that this foam shortage had started now. Um, we were lucky enough to be able to stock up on product. Um, I literally unloaded a truck on Tuesday. It was a full truck. It went into our little bit of warehouse and now to get into our warehouse, we have to actually crawl on top of stuff to get to other things. So yes, kind of like a squirrel with the cash except no sound effects. So, so yes, there is, there is a real, yeah, so there is a real phone shortage. It is really happening. Uh, your guys are going to see it, whether it be in mattresses or furniture, the auto industry is going to be hit. Uh, everybody’s going to be hit. So this is actually very interesting times in that there’s so much demand, but so little resources, it kind of makes you wonder where things are going. Yeah,

Speaker 4: (23:05)
Well, you know, okay. So with memory foam in general, there’s more issues than just the memory foam. It’s the chemicals that they put in the memory foam that are also back ordered. However you want to work that, um, because of all of the weather issues that happened in Texas. So there’s one thing on top of another, on top of another. So basically what he’s saying is we’ve better put in the doors. We’re trying to order a hacker. We’re trying to make sure that we have stuff early available for you, um, but be patient, um, because it is everywhere. I mean, to get pieces that you want to order, if they don’t even have it in stock reading to get it in stock is going to be a longer process because they have to wait until they, the available materials to make the furniture we’ll make the mattress. So it’s going to impact everybody. This is going to be a Countrywide issue, um, for quite a while, actually. So y’all that prayed for patients?

Speaker 5: (24:00)
Don’t don’t do that. [inaudible],

Speaker 4: (24:09)
There’s lots of variables. Yeah. Lots of exponents to this poll thing, you know, there there’s interruptions in your manufacturing processes, there’s interruptions in know transportation. Um, but there’s also been a huge shift, which I learned this week in our home lives. So where we were spending, like we’re still spending a vast majority of our time here. This is essentially our home because we’re here all the time. Um, and so, you know, I mean to the point where like, I keep food in the fridge, you know, like this is, this is our home base. Well, a lot of folks don’t have that place to go to the work anymore. They’re not out there. So they’re working on their laptops and our new home office, and then you’re wanting to make that space comfortable. Uh, it’s a huge trend. We’re noticing that a lot of people are investing in their homes cause you can’t go out and splurge, you know, on travel or you can’t go to amusement parks or whatever you want to do. So people for the first time, and this is kind of a silver lining are taking the time to invest in their home and make their home comfortable. You know, they’re, they’re really spending time there. So that is, that’s impacting that as well. And people are investing in their space. I think that’s really awesome

Speaker 5: (25:30)
As a small business owner, one of the things that we’re well, small business people, small business team, one of the big things that we’re known for is our research. And let me tell you, um, we’ve been lucky enough to be ahead of the game and know that these trends are real. So, uh, we,

Speaker 4: (25:49)
So we’re thought you’ve said the word lucky twice now, and I don’t think luck has to do anything with it. I think the hustle, and I think that it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s being prepared and doing your research and doing your homework. And I don’t think luck has anything to you.

Speaker 5: (26:05)
I think you’re right. Yeah. Yeah. It’s an ego thing. It’s, it’s not luck. It’s the fact that we’ve put in the time we really have and uh, yeah. Yeah. We’ve been blessed as well. So we have, we have found ways to navigate around these shortages. Uh, we’re able to take care of our customers thanks to really wonderful vendors. Um, but I know that there’s going to be a time that we’re going to struggle. Uh, it it’s, it’s going to happen to everybody. We’re just trying to not bleed as much as the next guy. Okay. What can I describe it that way? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, yeah. So right now it’s shop, we always tell our customers

Speaker 1: (26:44)
To shop the vendor websites, give us like five or six part numbers and then we can work with it.

Speaker 4: (26:50)
Yeah. If your heart is really set on a specific item, like my mom is really set on that beautiful red leather recliner. I mean it’s, and when it gets here, we’re going to have to do a show with it. Cause I talk about it all the time, but bless my mom. She has been waiting like on January. She’s like, I really want this. And she picked it out on the website. She went there, she wanted to support us. And uh, she had her heart set on that. And so we gave her an estimation of mid-March mid-March hello? mid-March we’re here. And mom’s like, where’s my chair. And I’m like, let me check with my vendor because I didn’t have it on my last truck. And uh, lo and behold it’s been back-ordered again until July. And I gave mom other options, even stuff that we have in store, in storage center, the pictures. And she says, Nope, I want my red leather, my red leather recliner. And I will wait till July.

Speaker 1: (27:43)
It’s a beautiful little recliner. And um, it’s not little. It’s not like what you bought at, uh, where did she buy it? It’s not like what you bought it. Yeah. So it’s not like what you bought online. I’ll bleep that out. I’ll bleep that out from here. Ah, well, anyways, anyways, I promise you this red recliner will be a full-sized recliner and not what you bought online at. So yeah. All right. So next question. We’re going to do one question because we’re actually taking a lot of time on our questions tonight because we’re, we’re, we’re covering topics more than questions. So I kind of liked this format. This is working this isn’t working stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. This one, this one was a question I heard a customer asked you. Quick question. What’s the difference between a sofa and a loveseat. And do you have to buy both? Yeah, I heard it. I do not remember this. You don’t remember yesterday. We’re going to cover why she doesn’t remember yesterday, but we’ll go into the story later. Answer this. Okay. She can’t right now. Quick question. What is the difference between a sofa? Hang on. I heard you have an answer now. Okay. The unicorn speaks is size. Okay.

Speaker 4: (29:11)
Two person versus for your friends.

Speaker 1: (29:15)
Very good. Okay. And do I have to buy both? No,

Speaker 4: (29:20)
You can separate a collection. You can buy five of the piece in the collection. So if you want to invest now in the loveseat and then save up a little bit and get the couch and go all the way you can do that. Also what we have sectionals that, um, are by the piece. So if you have a dream of having a sexual that wraps around your entire living room and then comes back, you can just keep building your sectional. That’s pretty awesome. You can build it per piece, like Legos. We have that as an option, although it might be backordered until like next November.

Speaker 6: (29:56)

Speaker 4: (29:59)
On that too much. Um, there’s lots of possibilities. The possibilities are endless. Um, that also goes for our bedroom collection. So if you just want to, I don’t know why I’m looking at them. Um, If you want to buy a bedroom collection and you just want the bed and a dresser, we can, uh, go ahead and do that. But if you want to then like add a mirror, we can do that. Or if you want to buy the whole shebang, we got you covered so we can item it up.

Speaker 6: (30:33)
What’s your take on that question? Why was somebody asked what happened?

Speaker 4: (30:37)
Okay. So you might be in an apartment where you could only fit a love seat and not a sofa, or you may be in a big room that has a chair, and it’s just odd shaped as far as your flooring. Um, so you might want to put a sofa and maybe a recliner, um, just depending on what you have and you know, the whole loveseat thing is obviously, so you can sit next to the one you love and it’s the name, love seat person. And then sofa is so you can sit so far away from your other.

Speaker 6: (31:07)
Oh, that’s good. I like that. Wow. I’d be surprised if that gets used on a video this next week. Why are you, where are you sitting? I’m seeing so far away from you. I like that. Okay. All right. So anyways, Josh, you start with the love seat. Then you moved to the soul. You have to be so far away. All right. So with that, Oh my, I started playing Ricola. It’s time for refills. It’s time for refills. So we’re going to go ahead and go take a break real quick for you. This will be a little 10, second commercial. Okay. Yeah. We need to add a commercial. We’re going to go to break and then it doesn’t do anything. We’re going to add a commercial. There will be a commercial. Let’s let’s do it. I made a commercial. I made a commercial.

Speaker 4: (32:04)
Does it involve a uniform?

Speaker 6: (32:08)
We’ll be right back.

Speaker 7: (32:18)

Speaker 1: (34:07)
Hi. And we’re back. So our break is actually an excuse to fill our beers or go to the bathroom. I forgot to do that. Oh dear. Oh, no, I didn’t forget that part. And I still have my earpiece in my ear. You have to go now. I’ll be all right. You’ll be all right. No, no. I was asking if you had to go to the bathroom. Oh, okay. Anyways. Okay. So this is the last section of fishbowl every week where we sounded like a robot, huh? This is all last part where every week we cover what we’ve learned, and this is the important part. Yeah. Danger, danger. This is where we are. What we’ve learned this week. Um, I’m going to give the, I’m going to totally give the floor to Mel because she learned a lot. She had, she’s had an eventful week and um, I don’t know how much you want to tell him.

Speaker 1: (35:04)
So I’m going to let you tell him, I don’t know how much it is related to sleep. It’s not, but you can always tell people what you learned because of the people that are watching. This are not only laughing, but they’re actually learning with us. So, so much. This was like the most like week I’ve had in a long time. But I have to say I’m a little overheated. You’re overheating always happens. It always happens this section. Yeah. Yeah, no. It’s the fact that she was the pillow. It might be the lights. These lights are intense. This has to right now.

Speaker 4: (35:38)
So I, but I came prepared because I know this happens all it was covering his eyes.

Speaker 6: (35:46)

Speaker 4: (35:47)
So I am fashioning off the lazy ones pajamas. So I have the deep donut do not disturb. It’s kind of like, we have a pajama party here every week. I don’t even know if my head is on camera.

Speaker 6: (36:04)
Oh, well with her head, so. Okay.

Speaker 4: (36:12)
And I have matching hands by lazy ones. No. And uh, I do have donut socks.

Speaker 6: (36:22)
Oh dear. Can you see the spring? Yes. There are sprinkles on her socks.

Speaker 4: (36:29)
Okay. So donut, socks. And then, but when it gets too hot.

Speaker 6: (36:34)
Oh dear. What the hell are you wearing that all day?

Speaker 4: (36:44)
Yeah. I wear this all day. Then I got cold because the air conditioner was on it accentuates my day

Speaker 6: (36:52)
That doesn’t accentuate anything. That’s just, uh, that’s just not right. Alrighty.

Speaker 4: (37:00)
This is also going to be when, when the world reopens and we can go to the roller skating rink. It’s going to be my roller Derby.

Speaker 6: (37:09)
We really want you guys to join us on roller skating night whenever roller skating reopened. Because well, first off I don’t roller skate, but just seeing this girl dress like this and I’m sure she’ll want to match her.

Speaker 4: (37:20)
Yeah. I’m all about telling you that he doesn’t know.

Speaker 6: (37:25)
So yeah. That’s to happen

Speaker 4: (37:27)
Getting rank the last time I went roller skating. Oh my. So you know that song it’s like, I like to work out well. I requested that from the DJ up in Albuquerque, roller King back in the day. And uh, it’s kinda like when it, when it’s bad boys, bad boys and you’re roller skating to that. Like you feel really like, I don’t know if you’ve ever had that feeling come over you. Oh man. And then the, in like the nineties, it was awesome. So bad boys, bad boys would come on. Well, the new one is like, I’m sexy and I know it. And it’s like, boom, boom. And then you start going faster and you start getting faster and faster. And I was like, yeah, this is my song. And so then you started crossing over. It was my jam in these pants. And then you start crossing over and you’re like, yeah, well then I totally locked my old school skate in a, in a turn. And I went head first into the cement wall.

Speaker 6: (38:25)
Is that what happened? [inaudible]

Speaker 4: (38:35)
I went right into that seam at wall. And then as I’m like, Lane’s sprawled out on the floor and there’s all those nights and it’s dark. There was a guy and he was roller skating backwards. Oh, he was filling the song too, but he was doing a cross backwards and he rolled over, over on top of me. But I was like, I had to leave

Speaker 6: (39:00)
For those of you watching the show and we’re expecting her to share what she learned. I apologize. So once again, bringing it back once again, bringing it back to the actual format of the show. What did you learn?

Speaker 4: (39:20)
It was an eventful week. I can’t wait until the rollerskate opened up. Okay. So I was a little bit slightly, right. Radioactive yesterday. I might still be a little bit radioactive today.

Speaker 6: (39:36)
I’m sitting next to you.

Speaker 4: (39:38)
What’s given [inaudible] even though like, when they, they approached to me, they had like led and it was like Simpsons and there was signs. So they did a little bit of radio active isotopes in about an appointment. Oh, I had a doctor’s appointment of my angry gallbladder. So they wanted to get a really detailed look at it. And so what they do is they do this thing called a to scam and it’s pretty amazing. And so I wore space pants, my pants, instead of rainbows, they were galaxies. And I worn like a, uh, a space shirt. This did coincide with like celebrating like space X the other day, like where there was like they land, they stuck the landing, they stuck the landing. We’re not going to talk about what happened.

Speaker 6: (40:35)
So naturally we’re going to wear a NASA shirt and yeah,

Speaker 4: (40:38)
I was all like, yeah, they stuck the landing and that’s all that counts because that’s how we, that’s all we needed from that. So you stuck the landing and then I’m like, go space. I need more space. So my shirt said, I need more space. And I thought it was appropriate at the hospital because, and I’m radioactive for thinking about the doctor saying she thought it was cool. She was awesome. Yeah. And then, so I’m like in like, and then I had a star Wars pullover, so it said star Wars on it. And I was so Spacey and I go in there cause I’m like, [inaudible] like, it’s going to be a dark tube. I know I’m going to be like all space stops.

Speaker 6: (41:28)
So that’s why you were star Wars in the galaxy because you were going in a dark tube, a word, he must love you regardless.

Speaker 4: (41:43)
But it’s so many people out there will totally understandable.

Speaker 6: (41:46)
[inaudible] that crazy girl

Speaker 4: (41:57)
I’m there. And I’m like, all right, I’m going through the tubes. Right. And, and,

Speaker 6: (42:11)

Speaker 4: (42:12)
Right? So they put this radioactive isotope in my vein. And what it does is your blood then goes directly and it gets filtered through your liver. And it has, your liver is filtering your blood. You can look, there’s this big, giant camera on top of you. And you can look over at the computer screen and you can see the little isotopes that light up and glow, but over a period of like an hour, you watch the pixels on the screen, fill in. And it’s very, and it’s just like, it’s pixie, pixelated. It’s very tiny little dots as it travels through your liver. And then it fully developed after that hour into your liver and your gallbladder. And then the tech she’s way more than that. A text she’s like this woman is awesome and has spent her entire life in, uh, uh, that type of club.

Speaker 6: (43:13)
Don’t touch my paper,

Speaker 4: (43:19)
Uh, radio active medicine, radio medicine. There’s a, there’s a special word that I’m not getting right now. And so it fills it in and it’s beautiful. And like, what was so incredible, it’s like, you can watch, um, watch it fill in in real time. Like you can see, cause you can see it moving and like where it was in my arm. Like if I moved my arm a little bit, you could see that on the screen. Cause my port was radioactive. So if I held it too close to my body, it was in the screen. And then as I moved it out and I could see that, so that was kind of cool. And then you could see it like, so you could see your blood flowing through your level. It was super cool.

Speaker 6: (44:01)
The hamster

Speaker 4: (44:04)
It’s so much happening. And so, so I had an amazing experience. Um, Ms. Carley was awesome. She was a fabulous lady. She has devoted her life to this type of medicine. Um, she was a real sweetheart. The whole thing was very pleasant. Uh, it was very calming and it was done with total expertise and I left there feeling very cared for. I was even given a thank you card by first, specifically, she hand wrote a little, thank you for being there today and a little motivational. Hey, now I think she appreciated my space pants. I’m sure she did. So yeah, that’s what I learned this week is like how amazing technology is in so much what we can see within our bodies. Oh. And that, that thing was, I’m like, my gallbladder’s fine.

Speaker 5: (44:59)
Her gallbladder is fine. So all of you that were, cause I got like three emails from people that were asking, so yeah.

Speaker 4: (45:05)
Okay. So we’re going on to the next and we’re just like gallbladders. Cool. So we’re going to go through uh, yes. The next step. Yep. Yep. So yeah,

Speaker 5: (45:17)
Who’s next or you want to be next? Oh, I’m next. Okay. So what I learned this week, uh, Gretchen and I had a, uh, uh, a zoom call with a, uh, furniture industry, uh, newspaper. And I learned that they actually, um, are looking at us as being, uh, at the hallmark of what this industry is here. We sit with a unicorn and a girl and a lady that can’t stop crying while laughing. So yes, if we’re the hallmark of this industry, that is an issue. No, but no, it was, it was in all seriousness. It was a huge compliment. Um, what I learned was that, uh, they’re looking for people that want to be different in this industry because there’s a lot of the same. There’s a lot of boredom. Uh, we are definitely not boring and we are definitely, uh, doing something different than other people on purpose. So yeah, that was what, uh, one thing I learned, the other thing is that we have, um, several leaders in our industry, uh, looking at us and, and looking at us as, Hey, what are they doing differently? How come they’re succeeding? You know? And, and it’s because we are different and we don’t mind being different. Uh, we don’t mind experimenting and we don’t mind laughing at each other or at ourselves

Speaker 4: (46:39)
We’re under the microscope. Yeah. The Petri dish.

Speaker 5: (46:43)
Yeah. Yeah. So what you’re watching may be repeated in another company and another way, um, but just, yeah, yeah, yeah. They don’t have a unicorn. They don’t have a Gretsch. They don’t have a mean, so Hey, you know, but in, in all, and in all honesty, we, we thank you for looking at us that way. Um, I don’t think we’re doing this to be anything other than ourselves to you guys. Um, because that is truly her, this is truly me and she just kept stopped laughing anyways. So that’s truly her. Um, this is just who we are. So please know that we appreciate everything about you and we do it all for you. That’s what I like.

Speaker 4: (47:26)
I had a client today say, uh, what you see is what you get.

Speaker 6: (47:31)
Yeah. Yeah. Oh dear.

Speaker 4: (47:37)
All right. So we’ve been, well, well, I can say we’ve been researching, but that’s kind of redundant cause it’s obviously known. Um, but I’ve been looking to expand stuff in our boutique. I came across, um, a young lady in France and she makes amazing product for our, for babies. So I’m going to talk about bringing in this line. We looked at for a while on what we could do because when you’re personally impacted by something and you really want a solution, you look for the solution. Well, we have some dogs that are terrified, not just at 4th of July or anything like that, but just the planes that fly over and living next to an air force base kind of makes it an everyday occurrence. If not every week. Um, our back screen door has gone from one of our dogs jumping on it, out of being terrified and stuff. So Sonic booms, speaking of Sonic booms, Brett Whitmer Whitmer as well with the bomb explosions and stuff. Um, so we live next to home and air force base and also white sands missile range. So with those things and the freedom, yeah, it is, it’s a sound of freedom, but for the dogs,

Speaker 6: (48:46)

Speaker 4: (48:51)
We have a community where we have these issues going on. Um, we’ve also had customers coming in and saying, Hey, do you guys happen to know about what we could do? Bore blah, blah, blah. And being that we’ve started our for baby corner for dogs and cats. Um, the question came up about anxiety and I know CBD does work. It does help. Um, but for everyday situations, let’s say you were at work and you don’t have a chance to get home, to give your dog CBD. What do you do? Um, so we found excit vests and this young lady actually makes all of these anxiety vests handmade. Um, and at the same time she has researched the properties of it so that they fit. Um, she gives dimensions to it. So if you have a dog of a certain stature, because you might have okay, if you think about it, some dogs have very large chest cavities and narrow backs, you know about this, but your puppies, I do, I have sighthounds and Greyhound is very specific.

Speaker 4: (49:47)
Yep. And okay. And you can also take another specific dog thinking of an English bulldog and yet very testy. Very Chessy. Okay. So you have situations where you have some dogs that can wear stuff, some dogs that can’t. Um, so in this situation, she actually does it by measurements instead of just by, Oh, your breed is going to be blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So if you have to pull in an anxiety best for your dog, you can actually size it up because it gives you the dimensions of it. It’s Velcro. You can size it to your dog. So it fits specific because it has to be a snap fit. Um, not only that is washable. So we have these anxiety bests for babies coming in. And she’s great about following up with materials or in things or starting the processes. We’re going to be getting these in, within the next two to three weeks, max.

Speaker 4: (50:35)
So if you guys have dogs, I have anxiety. I just want you to know right now we have a heads up. We have these anxiety vests coming in and the circumstance behind it is going to be beneficial for all of the Flybuys that we get from the planes. Um, any of the missile range testings, um, on top of any type of holiday that may occur, that has fireworks. So awesome. It’s awesome too, that we’re going to be able to support a local, I mean, local to France for state, uh, but uh, be able to support an individual,

Speaker 1: (51:10)

Speaker 4: (51:13)
Yep. Um, this person corresponds with us, this person is attentive. This person is right there to answer questions. Um, so, you know, we’re supporting a small business and an individual and I think that’s super awesome. And you know, I have, uh, some training experience with dogs. So if you, and so do you have in your shoes? Um, but as a, I think I must have been 10 or 10, 10 or 15 years of, you know, I’ve, I’ve professionally trained dogs and worked as a vet assistant and Vic tech, and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have is in that realm too, because I know that’s a concern to a lot of manufacturers of that is well that the product be used correctly, you know, cause you don’t want to leave it on your dog and then go away. Cause it can, it can create a lot of heat.

Speaker 4: (52:06)
So it’s not something that you want to put on your dog. You can go away when it’s 112 degrees or 120 here in the desert. So, you know, we’ll make sure that we communicate with you. We’re there to answer any questions Ms. Brighton and her little use are so adorable. So we’re pet friendly families. Um, and we’re a pet friendly business. So that’s what we want to convey to you is yeah, I think that’s some great that you identified that, that business and this is all, I just want to say, this is all based off of feedback from customers. When you come in, we’re trying to find the product for you. So if you go around and you’re not able to find something, we’ll do our part in researching for you. So don’t be afraid to just reach out and be like, Hey, have you seen this? Do you know where I can get this? Um, being that we’re in a smaller town, it’s harder to find stuff. It really is. We’re very, very, very dependent on being able to go online.

Speaker 1: (52:59)
What’d you guys say that that’s actually what brought in the most customers to the boutique because we’re listening to it. It could be,

Speaker 4: (53:05)
I think what could be today? I had a customer, I mean a lot. I like to say, okay, I call them friends now because

Speaker 1: (53:13)
Well, she is, she is a friend now. Yeah,

Speaker 4: (53:16)
Yeah. Well to now. And so, um, to specifically,

Speaker 1: (53:21)
And then Mary, when she barely looks over the counter of our

Speaker 4: (53:26)
Friends are always teasing, you know? And that’s so true in, in advertising and marketing, like that’s, that’s really like one of the keystones in interpersonal relationships, um, is making friendships, but I did have a customer return and she was so impressed that when I opened the door, I remembered her name. And I mean, it’s hard to forget because we kind of have the same last name. So I was like, how could I forget my twinsie?

Speaker 1: (53:58)
But you called her. Oh, she

Speaker 4: (54:00)
Was all about my, my look today. She was like, that is awesome. And she’s like, I knew I liked you the moment I met you now, I still like you. So, but then I had another friend today, come in and bring her granddaughter specific, meet the lit. But don’t use that word mate. Not inappropriate word. Um, meet, they meet Melanie and the little girl, like we met, she thought I was literally, it’s kind of like going to dispute what? Say same color pants. It was, he was definitely not exaggerated.

Speaker 1: (54:37)
All right. So one thing I want to bring up, um, the last thing I want to bring up before we leave, because we do have to close out. Can I see your hands? Could you point your hands at the camera?

Speaker 4: (54:46)
Talk about my nails on camera.

Speaker 1: (54:48)
I’m talking about the ink on your hand.

Speaker 4: (54:50)
Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: (54:53)
I bought, I bought the team. Uh, Oh, you didn’t, you didn’t use your fountain pen.

Speaker 4: (55:02)
She’s like, I’m going to flip you off, down right there. Do you see it?

Speaker 1: (55:07)
I see it. So I bought the team, um, fountain pins, and we’re still getting well, they’re still getting used to them. They’re still getting used to them. Um, so if you come by and see ink on their hands, laugh at them because it’s their pins. They’re still learning how to use them.

Speaker 4: (55:20)
He’s giving us these fancy pens. So we went with fancy pens, but he was showing us how to fill these fancy pens because you actually had to apply the ink yourself. So we gave it to hobby to show us. And then we started writing with it.

Speaker 1: (55:34)
Yeah, my hands. I have no shame. I’ve got ink all over my hands

Speaker 4: (55:37)
And I told Melanie, that’s why we do that. We give it to him so that he gets in call over him. And then as I’m using the pen and I’m like, what’s going on?

Speaker 1: (55:46)
And that was my fault. Cause I didn’t wipe down. But anyways,

Speaker 4: (55:50)
I’m ink. I have ink. Oh wait, we don’t have any more questions. No,

Speaker 1: (55:57)
That was still, yeah. Sorry until next week. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful week. Bye.

Speaker 4: (56:03)

Speaker 1: (56:20)
What are you doing? Breaking in the new leather Italia in our staff meeting. This is what we’re supposed to do in our donut socks. Well, yeah, this is lazy. One donut socks in a lazy one. T-shirt this? Isn’t a commercial. I’m plugging for lazy ones and leather Italia. Oh, but I’m breaking in the leather Italia. Oh, is that how you break in leather? Yes. Apparently it’s a, it’s a, it’s a unicorn. The unicorn horn necessary. Okay.

Speaker 2: (56:54)
Let the lady do her job. You can talk. Yeah. Kind of like that on eat them. Look, it’s really start out. These are full of gluten. You are already me gluten. Whoa. I didn’t even think of that.