Fish Bowl


Here’s the transcript to today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Let me see you. He was trying to Dodge that he wasn’t going to put it on. Let me see you. Let me see you, man. We should not have had to wear that. Cause now you’re protected.

Speaker 2: (00:11)
No, I’m protected. There’s no pinching. How are you guys? This is episode 10 of fishbowl.

Speaker 1: (00:20)
Dang. That explains that luck factor.

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Oh, number

Speaker 1: (00:26)
10. Yeah, that’s a big number. That’s very lucky. This is a lucky 10. We are now double digits. There’s no, all over. I know Oliver will be back at this time. Are you really going to take a drink of that before we cheer?

Speaker 2: (00:42)
Oh yes. I’ve already drank half of it, but here cheers, cheers to a good week.

Speaker 1: (00:49)
Do a great week. A fabulous lucky week. Cheers

Speaker 2: (00:53)
That and a wonderful vacation. Yay. Well, who knows Gretchen and I may be going on vacation. Maybe not here soon. We don’t know.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
I’ll be steering the ship. Yeah. Yeah. Always down the straightaway. Just like this to dress like this. No,

Speaker 2: (01:10)
You’re not gonna be dressed like that

Speaker 1: (01:13)
Tomorrow. Today, tonight, tonight, this is a weird time thing because we are, this is not releasing. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day. But then this is actually going to debate debut in real time after St. Patrick’s day. So this is a whole weird time work. That just means your luck is still coming your way. It’s going to be a week. We got ya. We got to talk in person.

Speaker 2: (01:42)
So this is fishbowl. Yes. This is our debrief the end of every week or to start of the week because we’re going on vacation. I don’t know how everyone looks at it.

Speaker 1: (01:51)
The day before, this is a pre St Patrick’s day. That’s going to debut after St. Patrick’s day.

Speaker 2: (01:59)
And this is fishbowl where we debrief ourselves our while our team. And we go over questions that we were asked throughout the week. Um, little things like those questions that our customers need to know, want to know about our products, the way they work and how they help them. So we go through the questions of the week, um, just like, so, and I have to step over because it’s a, so far away we should have brought that closer. Did you just work?

Speaker 1: (02:25)
That’s so far away. So fast. So far, I’m feeling lucky. Like maybe you pulled something magical out of there. Like maybe it’s a lucky numbers or these like did, did you put a lottery ticket event? Are you trolling lottery tickets? No, I was going to volunteer to draw the next one. Huh?

Speaker 2: (02:45)
Oh, I’ve always wanted a power reclining living room set, but you guys said they were super slow. Should I avoid them please? Gretchen, talk to us about this because this just happened to you this week.

Speaker 1: (02:57)
Yes. Okay. So I am not a fan of power couches, but not all power couches are built with the same type of motors. So we do have some updated couches that have a faster motor that don’t run as slow as the one that we owned when we owned one, I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t, I could not stand it cause you okay. We have a window right beside our door. Someone would ring the doorbell and they’d be looking for the window as my chairs slowly coming down. And I’m like just waiting for it to finish going down so I could get up. So yeah, it would get frustrating. Or if you have to go to the bathroom, like real quick on a break, like in a movie, you can’t just jump and go. You can’t just stand up and go. You have to wait for that pain. And when you have to go the bathroom, it’s not even a joke. So I wasn’t a fan, but you know what? There are motors out there that run faster than others. So it’s just about finding good quality motorbikes.

Speaker 2: (03:54)
She really had customers ask her this, this weekend. That’s where I stole the question from, I was listening outside the office and the lady was like, well, I kind of heard that you didn’t like him, but she,

Speaker 1: (04:04)
He might come either for the exact same reason. She mentioned it before I even said, yeah, you know, I’m not a fan either because the one we owned was slow, but Hobie was very quick to, to speak up and say that’s because we didn’t have a very fast motor on our couch, but the ones out here are much faster and it’s true, but I’m impatient. If I want to do something, I want to do something. I don’t want to wait.

Speaker 2: (04:30)
She just submitted to being inpatient. If you hear that, I heard nothing.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
My love that’s one thing you and I have in common. Don’t go there anyways. What are your thoughts? Well, my thoughts were re are kind of reverting back to the last time that I sat on a power chair and had my laptop on me and the telephone and I was all settled in and I was really comfortable. And then the doorbell rang and I was like, well, no, why didn’t you ignore it? Because somebody is out there. And so I literally like started going down and I was like, Oh no, Gretchen it’s happening. Yes, you get it. And, and I think like midway, I kind of gave up cause I was like, it’s Anthony. And then I just kinda like popped my legs on the side, put the laptop and like dove and ran. Like I had to, I had to eject. I had to put the jump button. Yep. Because, but had I been at home, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal because it was a faster motor, you know, the distance between the chair and the door would have been much smaller here. I have to run like a football field to get to the door or the people turn away and walk away. So it was a mad dash.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
It was, I think I jumped in over a couple of beds and did a somersault on my way to the door and was like matrix style, like, all right.

Speaker 2: (06:07)
All right. So to summarize, to summarize what you guys are saying, is that right?

Speaker 1: (06:10)
We’re not picking sides is what I’m doing. Do you see that

Speaker 2: (06:15)
Being very diplomatic? Yeah. So, but to summarize what you guys are saying is the motors can be slow. It can take longer to bring it down by power than it does by your own leg power. Right? Okay. My take on it is going to be for the older individual. That’s having problems bringing down the chair that that will help you tremendously. My other, my other plus is the fact that it’s power. It is so cool. It goes up, it comes down, it goes up, it comes down. It goes up. It comes to in the power outage. Well, since we don’t live in Texas, we don’t have to worry about those here

Speaker 1: (06:53)
Before we lose power. And every once in a while, if there’s no reason for it

Speaker 2: (07:01)
Anyways, so there it’s, it’s a matter, I think it’s personal. I think it’s personal opinion. Don’t you? I think it’s more personal opinion than anything.

Speaker 1: (07:09)
I’m a pretty small framed person. And I will admit that I have a hard time kicking the things back in and I kind of start rocking and I’m like, and you get stuck that way. And it’s kind of dangerous too, because you know, it can, it can throw you back the other way. Well, if you do, I’m really trying to get serious about it, but that’s a serious motion. Yeah. You gotta, you gotta do it all in one motion. You can’t get in. And the same inertia, like physics will help you stand up. So as you’re kicking down and you stand up, it puts the chair in place.

Speaker 2: (07:40)
It’s personal preference. It really is. It’s personal preference. Sure. There’s pluses. There’s minuses. I like them. She hates them. Therefore we have manual at the house. Okay.

Speaker 1: (07:49)
Right. Committed. I’m just noncommittal. Yeah. Nope. Yep. All right. Next question. I don’t know if there will be a date that we ended up getting electric furniture because I have to say the one thing that I absolutely love on electric couch is the head. Hello? Hello comes up. So when you recline your chair and then you have that head pillow come up and you can comfortably watch TV, or if you want to just recline back and have the head pillow up so you can drink your tea while you’re reading, whatever that future. I absolutely do.

Speaker 2: (08:24)
She said that because of me, I drink my tea while I’m reading, I actually have my finger up like this while I drink my tea.

Speaker 1: (08:30)
Okay. You should do that while you were there. So I think that what would be amazing is if we could find a manufacturer that combined the best of both worlds. So it was, there was like a little switch, a little magical switch, and you could just be like, I want power and it’s power, but then you could switch it and be manual. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I think that couch would be like 500 pounds, but I think that’s pretty cool idea with all the mechanisms in there it’s going to happen. It’s going to be, it’s going to happen. And they will come,

Speaker 2: (09:07)
Oh, this was this next one. This is a question from a rep that, uh, he, he tries to be helpful. I love the guy to death, but he’s so old style that it, sometimes he doesn’t understand. Why do you put pricing on your website?

Speaker 1: (09:23)
Oh, goodness. I mean, if I go shopping in a store, I don’t want to have to figure out how to find out how much it is. If it’s not convenient, I’m going to keep going.

Speaker 2: (09:32)
Have you ever shopped a website that doesn’t have pricing?

Speaker 1: (09:37)
I haven’t bought in anything from a website that doesn’t have pricing if that’s true there too. Yeah. I will typically go somewhere else and find the same product somewhere else.

Speaker 2: (09:47)
So in the furniture world, just to explain the question in the furniture world, uh, what you get is you have a lot of, uh, merchandise that has call for details or the best one is called for best deal, call for best pricing, call for liquidation pricing, you know, stuff like that. And in all honesty, it’s just people who are chicken to put their pricing on because they really don’t have a set price on their stuff with us. We do have pricing on our products. We have had pricing on our products since the get-go and we have yet to write an X across our pricing because we don’t do that. We actually give you the right price. Um, I think it gives us more of a corporate look. It gives us more of a customer friendly look and our website mirrors that same pricing. What are you doing?

Speaker 1: (10:35)
I’m getting more comfortable. I realized I’m in pajamas. And I was sitting all like I’m at a nice table. I think so. No,

Speaker 2: (10:48)
No, not now. Lucky charms is out of the frame.

Speaker 1: (10:52)
It’s like, have

Speaker 2: (10:53)
You ever had that kid in class that just won’t sit still? This is that kid. This is that child. Are you done?

Speaker 1: (10:59)
Okay. I’m better now. Hey, I’m in my pajamas so I can get comfortable.

Speaker 2: (11:03)
Yes, yes, you can. Anyways, back to the question, the question was, why do we put pricing on our website? What are your thoughts?

Speaker 1: (11:10)
I think it’s important in order to establish trust with a customer, it’s going to be based off a whole bunch of first impressions. Your website display the way you laid out, the information you offer. Um, the amount of information you offer, I think is key because sometimes you will put out a little bit, not a lot type thing, but people really need the information handed to them because we sometimes forget we’re in this. We know about the product they don’t always know about a mattress or a piece of furniture. And the more information we can provide to you to really explain something the better, I think informed basis is always outdo the ones that hide something. Yep. Well, and when you have prices on the information and on your products, on the website, you can go in and put it in your cart and you know, you might want several different pieces of furniture or you may want a mattress and adjustable base. So with the protection plan. And so you can go online from the comfort of your home, put all of that in your car and have the bottom dollar quote and then give us a call and you know, and go over there or purchase it online. But you’ll see what it’s going to look like after taxes. And it just takes away all of the confusion there. So it’s just, I think that’s how we run the company as a whole is we’re just straight up or just,

Speaker 2: (12:30)
I think it’s yeah. I think you were right about trust. I think that’s, that’s my big thing.

Speaker 1: (12:35)
We know we’re going to get to that point. So we just get rid of the haggling and we go straight for the, the junk juggler. I was looking for a word that’s a good way to put it, but that’s not what we’re selling here. Yeah. We just go straight for the, you know, when it’s just get to them.

Speaker 2: (12:57)
Yeah. Let’s, let’s stop wasting. Everybody’s time. Let’s stop wasting. Everybody’s time.

Speaker 1: (13:04)
He’s still poverty. It’s got rainbows and lights. I was so excited when I found this actually Laura and I, a friend that came into town, we went shopping for St. Patrick’s day stuff last night, and you can walk across grapevines. We didn’t know that that horn lit up. And then I went home last night and I discovered that it met up and that was like extra special bonus. That was a bonus material. That was definitely like, wow, I’m really glad we got that. I love it. I love it. It’s my favorite horn for you yet.

Speaker 2: (13:36)
That’s awesome. I’m puzzled.

Speaker 1: (13:38)
I have several it’s a growing collection. Yeah. Did you see my pajama pants? Do you know what those are? It’s cereal. It’s don’t touch. What does that guy say? There’s some sort of lucky charms.

Speaker 2: (13:51)
Anyways. A big bowl

Speaker 1: (13:53)
Of lucky charms are magically delicious. Do we have to beep that out? I don’t think so. We’re reading your pants. We’re reading your pants, Amber magic.

Speaker 2: (14:02)
And that would be a lot of honking. All right. Okay. This one we’re going to pass. Yeah, I know. I don’t pass the questions very often, but this no, no, it’s exactly. It’s an exact repeat of the question before. It really was. It really was. It really was. It was, it was all about power chairs. It was. I know, I know. I ran my hand underneath my platform bed and felt the Springs almost coming through the bottom. Should I have used a plywood base or something? It feels like the Springs might burst through someday. This is real. This is yeah. Yeah. So,

Speaker 1: (14:44)
Because I’m envisioning this happening. It’s like waffle mattress. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. It just gets worse. Okay. Okay. So I’m going to have a serious conversation.

Speaker 2: (14:54)
You have, you have a platform base, but right.

Speaker 1: (14:58)
I do. I currently have a platform based, so it just is on there. But what makes up a platform bed is that you have slats and they’re only like a half of an inch or smaller apart, a couple of centimeters apart. Like they’re very, very close. And so if you don’t have a continuous surface, the bed is going to dip into that and sink into that. The best way to liken this is oil on water. So your mattress is going to mimic whatever surface it’s on because it’s a, it’s a moving surface underneath it’s independent coils while it looks like a big like rectangular cube. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a three-dimensional rectangle.

Speaker 2: (15:51)
The science, the science sometimes drives her crazy, but it’s a rectangle. Thank you.

Speaker 1: (16:00)
It’s not a flat surface. It looks like it is solid. It is yet not because these things are built to be manipulated. They are built to move with your body and the body movement. So it’s absolutely necessary that you start with a good foundation. Now, if you are purchasing a mattress and you have a foundation that is warped or old, uh, you definitely need to change that out at the same time that you’ve purchased. And you need to make sure if you’re building your own bed. Cause I’ve had a lot of people come in and they said, well, we’re building our own bed. You gotta make sure that thing is going to be level and square and take a level to it. Because if it’s, if it’s off in any way, it’s going to affect how your, your mattress lays down.

Speaker 2: (16:49)
In fact, I just did. I just did a delivery with a bed like that today. So yeah, go for it. What’s your take on that?

Speaker 1: (16:56)
Um, well there’s two different types of supports. There’s the one that’s meant to support a foundation, which is another word for box spring. And there’s a foundation that’s meant to support a mattress. And that’s when she’s talking about, and it’s referenced as a platform for that very reason. Um, it’s as close as you’re going to get to assaults. A lot of wood, it looks more like a spinal system is how I’ve always redirected the idea. So you can create a visual like ribs. Yes. If you think of a spine that has the vertebrae coming out, if they’re brewing close together and stuff, it comes out, um, ribs, same way. Um, you need to have many supports and it has to be flexible. Would you don’t want it to be really hard because it will affect the feel of the mattress if it’s too hard. Um, but as far as that goes, I mean, you could actually look it up on a computer. I’m not going to say a website, but you can actually go and just type it in and to your, on a web search and look up the idea of a platform bed system. So that way you can see the difference on how they lay.

Speaker 2: (18:00)
Yeah. So this question came from a customer that they literally showed me pictures of, of what they were seeing and what it is, is a lot with the newer beds. And then you guys didn’t have this info, but I’m sharing it. Now, a lot of the newer beds have this system called quantum Springs and they go edge to edge Springs. And those Springs are smaller and platform beds like Mel has a quality one where the slats are maybe a half inch apart, but some platform beds have them about an inch apart. Well, quantum Springs are barely an inch, an inch big. So those Springs actually will pop through the slats on the cheaper platform beds. And that’s what this person was talking about. So, uh, there are ways around it. There’s things called Bunky boards, which is an inch thick slot thing. There’s, there’s using deck wood as your foundation. There’s all kinds of ways of fixing this issue, but it is a real issue. Okay. All right. That was a really good question. I thought, well, when that customer came in, I knew we were going to learn something from them. Okay.

Speaker 1: (19:05)

Speaker 2: (19:07)
I could, that would be smart. That would be way smart. Okay. What happened to all the mugs from your morning show? Your brother-in-law has that one.

Speaker 1: (19:21)
Okay. So we used to have our morning show with a theme. Every time we did it, based off of our topic and in the process, we always had a mug that went with a theme. And in the past, that was our collectible thing

Speaker 2: (19:35)
We had over 30. Yeah. We had over 30 episodes. We have 60 mugs. Yes.

Speaker 1: (19:40)
And we have a lot still and I believe hobby might sell them online at some point, but some of them are not for sale because I refuse.

Speaker 2: (19:51)
Yeah. No, there’s some good ones we had. You never saw them, but we have, we have Dory and we have, uh, yeah, we have two baka. We have Darth Vader. We have Yoda. We have game of Thrones. We have, yeah. We have the poop emojis. Yeah. When we were talking sheet. Yeah. We had the emojis. Yeah. Yeah. So we had a whole bunch of monks. We got 60 pairs of mugs upstairs. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a lot of mugs.

Speaker 1: (20:17)
It’s definitely something we should definitely start busting out again.

Speaker 2: (20:21)
Yeah. That’d be fun. Cause then we could have 90 pairs of mugs because there’s three of us. Yeah. I know.

Speaker 1: (20:28)
I don’t know if Mel’s mug would ever change. It has to be super bright unicorn. I have one of those. See, it has four legs. Actually. Lauren just bought she’s here. She bought she’s in the audience, but our audience has fallen asleep. No joke. This is a real story. So, um, she, she literally picked out a bed that she wants to look at and maybe purchase it’s her dream bed. And she decided that she was going to lay on it during the show and she has completely fallen asleep. Our audience is asleep right now.

Speaker 2: (21:01)
Art show sucks that bad. Awesome. Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: (21:07)
She found everything and she’s very comfortable over there, but yes. Going back to the unicorn

Speaker 2: (21:12)
Also underneath a weighted blanket. Oh

Speaker 1: (21:14)
She did put the weighted blanket on. Yes. So she is very comfortable. We’re going to get a review after this, uh, found a new apartment and then she found a matching unicorn mug and she had to buy it to remind her of me when she’s far away. Oh, it has four legs on the bottom.

Speaker 2: (21:33)
Yeah, no, yeah. Yeah. Does it flash? Yeah. Okay. Anyways, so yes, those mugs are still around. Okay. Are you guys drinking? Um, we have beer.

Speaker 1: (21:45)
I have something that rhymes with Napal and it’s strawberry. So it’s a strawberry Napal. It’s an Apple. Wow. I don’t want to beep it out, but it’s an Apple.

Speaker 2: (21:56)
It’s an Apple. Okay. It’s a stout.

Speaker 1: (22:01)
Heard drinking an Apple on St. Patrick’s day, but we don’t have, as you know, there are some people that can’t drink on drinking holidays. And so I’m taking one for the team. [inaudible] I’m a designated and it would have been, we had put some green in these I’m just saying next year. That’s the big thing is putting green

Speaker 2: (22:21)
Green beer equals green pier. That’s the way I see it. Okay. It’s for one day. Next question. Oh, this is a good one. This, this one’s good. You guys are gonna love this one. Okay. Why do you guys give so much information away? It gives your competitions a clear view of what you were doing. Okay.

Speaker 1: (22:42)
Oh my gosh. It’s all right. We know where you’re watching us. We know you’re listening.

Speaker 2: (22:47)
Okay. So w we just recently had a meeting about this. What are your, what are you all? It’s time to air your thoughts.

Speaker 1: (22:54)
Can I go first so I can just get it out? Yeah,

Speaker 2: (22:57)
Yeah, yeah. Otherwise it’s going to, well up. Go ahead. So why do we give so much of information away? Our competitors can clearly see what we’re doing.

Speaker 1: (23:06)
Information in our own brains. Doesn’t help anybody outside the door. Information in their brains is what helps them. So the whole point is information is power. Why wouldn’t you want to empower your customer, your customer, your customer deserves to know what they’re buying, not just buy it because it feels good. Whether it’s furniture or bedding or a mattress, anything. Um, the point of informing them is so they can make an educated decision without just doing an impromptu by, or not understanding why they’re buying, what they’re getting. And if they furthermore have issues with it, it’s really hard for them to understand what’s going on. So for the sake of the business, as well as understanding the needs of a customer, the balance there should be equality. Um, sharing the information with them is what’s giving them the right to make that decision of buying instead of trying to sell them into buying. That’s something we’re against. We totally believe that everybody who walks in the door deserves to know and understand the product.

Speaker 2: (24:14)
Right. And I think a lot of our reviews reflect that a lot of our reviews say, Hey, these guys don’t sell you. They teach you, right? Yep. So what’s your take,

Speaker 1: (24:24)
I’m not scared of competition.

Speaker 2: (24:26)
Ooh. The unicorn speaks

Speaker 1: (24:31)
Because nobody’s got this. They can’t even replicate this.

Speaker 2: (24:37)
Yeah, no, they definitely don’t have that.

Speaker 1: (24:40)
She’s a hundred percent on point on right now. I am a hundred percent on point. Yes.

Speaker 2: (24:47)
Okay. Come on.

Speaker 1: (24:48)
No, I think competition is healthy. I agree. I am very competitive in my personal life and in my business life. Um, that’s just what drives my passion for being an entrepreneur and a free spirit. And, um, I just, it doesn’t, I actually think it’s fun. I think it’s a fun participation. Um, I think knowledge is power and if we can empower our customer base our clientele, then I think it’s amazing. I think that we need that in our culture and in our society, uh, we need more education. We need more conversation and we need more competition, healthy competition. Yeah. Definitely competitive.

Speaker 2: (25:37)
I’m with you, compete competition drives me. Um, and I’m I’m with you in that we need this information out to help our customers. Uh, but we also needed out to help our customers find a store. They can shop on that they can trust. And I think that’s, I mean, well, I know that’s what drives me to do videos like this, to do the bed videos, to do, to put our pricing on the website, the circles, back around to the pricing on the website. It’s all about building trust with our customers and knowing, and having you guys, the viewers and our customers know that when you see our price tag, we’re not putting a big X through it. And pretending like, Oh, we didn’t just multiply the cost times eight and bring it down to times four. No, we didn’t really do that. No, we give you a real price because that’s, we want you to know that you’re shopping for real here. And, um, we will never have a 50% off sale because well, 50% off sales mean that you’re paying 75, 5% more. So, yeah, it’s just a joke. It’s a joke. We want to be true to you. We want you to know what we have. We want you to know who we are. I think that’s, that’s the best that I can sum up.

Speaker 1: (26:48)
And honestly, I can say the customers that have come in that have researched, um, they really do have an impact to why they’re buying a certain thing. I mean, if they’re really researching it, let’s say for instance, our little bed over there in the corner. Oh, I thought you were going to say our little unit part.

Speaker 2: (27:07)
Whoops, sorry.

Speaker 1: (27:11)
But if, if they come in and they’ve researched it and I’m speaking specifically of something that has already been encountered, um, you know, they come in with real questions that are beyond what we would even just share at that very minute when we’re, we’re sharing about the mattress. And I think a lot of the times is because, you know, sometimes the really in-depth questions that aren’t something you would just think about talking about, brings out even more information for them. And I just think it’s so wonderful. I mean, we’re customers, as soon as we leave the store, it doesn’t matter where we go. The same thing will never occur. And I’m hoping one day it does where we can just walk in and there’s no shame in sharing. Um, just going in and knowing you have the freedom to really talk to the customer, really hear out the customer and really know that what you’re saying to the customer isn’t because of upsells or, um, misleading so that you can, you know, make a bigger, bigger sell. I think that’s the biggest thing, um, trying to go against the industry because you know, let’s face it, furniture mattress industry does have a tainted reputation for sales people. Yeah. And try and try and to share with a customer. Um, at times they can come off a little defensive because they’re waiting for that attack. And when they don’t get it, it’s like the first thing they say is, wow, this is a different, this is a different. And then they give their explanation of it

Speaker 2: (28:37)
Expecting to be attacked as they walked through the door.

Speaker 1: (28:40)
Yeah. Not welcomed. And that same thing happened today. There was a gentleman that had come in to purchase a bed. And you know, it’s one, it’s a, it’s an awkward experience because you have a unicorn staring at you when you’re,

Speaker 2: (28:56)
It’s a very awkward experience.

Speaker 1: (28:58)
She breaks the ice. As soon as you see her, you’re like, okay, not scared what’s going on. Yeah. You know, so there, there’s definitely the awkwardness of like having delay, which is kind of a vulnerable position in society. Um, and in our genetic makeup, um, on a bed and try to get comfortable, um, and make it a, you know, a relaxing experience. And there’s a lot of unknowns. And the gentleman today was just like, I don’t know anything about this. I don’t know anything about purchasing a mattress. I know I’ve been wanting one for a really long time. I’ve never had a good bed, a good sleep service in my entire life. I don’t know what that is. Wow. You know? Um, and, and what is the difference because I really don’t know anything about this by the end of it, you know, it was very, uh, at ease.

Speaker 1: (29:53)
He had found his, we picked out three for him to choose from. And then I just walked away and I said, I want you to spend, you know, five or 10 minutes and go between those three I’ll walk away and give you your, you know, some time. And then I came back and said, okay, well, which one is it? And he was ready to, to purchase that. So, you know, but taking it from a health standpoint, instead of trying to make a sell and upsells, so that we’re committed, you know, based off of permission and, you know, filling our pockets, we don’t do that here. So, no, we don’t have that issue. It’s really more about making the person, knowing that the person is going home with the best possible mattress that fits their lifestyle and their budget. It really sets us all at ease, knowing that when we have someone enter the room, when they come into the store for us, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the issues.

Speaker 1: (30:48)
How can we solve the issues? And it’s really sad because when you are based off of commission, you do required a sell in order to make a paycheck. Yeah. So I mean, the, it presents itself, but at the same time, by not having commissions in our store, it has relieved the pressure where it’s not about that. You’re going to get a paycheck, just do your job very well in sharing. And that’s been our hugest number. One thing is, you know, we want to hear out the customer. We want to identify with the customer and we want to help the customer. Um, and that makes a huge difference. There’s no pressure. We’re a shark free zone. There you go. But we’re not, not a unicorn. A unicorn free zone is sharp free though. That’s right. We’re clear. And we’re still a fun zone. So we’re going to take our break because I’m almost needing a refill. So we’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Bye

Speaker 3: (31:51)
[inaudible]. [inaudible] Ooh,

Speaker 1: (33:41)
I gotta refill.

Speaker 3: (33:45)
Yeah, definitely rip off.

Speaker 1: (33:46)
There’s not an Apple. No more. It matches my pants. It’s a little green.

Speaker 3: (33:50)
I can smell the Apple vinegar from here. Can you just like when it walked away, please,

Speaker 1: (33:58)
Do you smell ginger and Apple vinegar?

Speaker 3: (34:00)
No, I just smell Apple vinegar. We’re back, but we’re struggling here. So tell us about your outfit and where you got this today.

Speaker 1: (34:12)
Well, I can’t divulge where I got my outfit places and I don’t want to drop the name.

Speaker 3: (34:18)
Oh, okay. Tell us about why your outfit today St. Patrick’s day tomorrow and come three days

Speaker 1: (34:26)
Though. Cause you know, we’re not in real time. So in real time, like right now

Speaker 3: (34:32)
It’s Tuesday, it’s Tuesday. We normally film on Fridays.

Speaker 1: (34:35)
Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is St. Patrick’s day. So this is actually pre St. Patrick safe. But when you’re watching this at home, it’s going to be Saturday or beyond in the future. So are they going to get to see this tomorrow? If they come in? Well, no, no. What? They’re going to see. Oh, where’s the music. No,

Speaker 3: (35:00)
You’re going to come in wearing that tomorrow.

Speaker 1: (35:03)
Oh, well there’s more so I’m in [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (35:08)
If you came in on Wednesday this week,

Speaker 1: (35:11)
Then on Wednesday, this is what you probably saw. So we need to, did I do this right? I hope I have. Wouldn’t that be horrible? I just knocked his

Speaker 3: (35:21)
Hands away.

Speaker 1: (35:23)
That would have been horrible. No, there’s just, there’s so many layers. Okay. So then I have to come up here. Cause there is also this

Speaker 3: (35:35)
You’re going to wear that tomorrow. The hell.

Speaker 4: (35:38)
You’re going to wear that tomorrow.

Speaker 3: (35:41)
This is what I’m wearing tomorrow. You’re wearing not to work tomorrow. Yes, I think so.

Speaker 4: (35:46)
What’d you go fill up the truck with gas like that? Yep. You would. Yep. You

Speaker 1: (35:51)
Could go out with, do you see this?

Speaker 3: (35:55)
It says good vibes. Good vibes.

Speaker 4: (36:00)
What’d you do a spin around for the people at home? Yes. Okay.

Speaker 3: (36:04)
That’s what I’m going to wear to work because it’s St Patrick’s day

Speaker 1: (36:08)
And my socks even have unicorns on Patrick’s changed your socks.

Speaker 3: (36:14)

Speaker 1: (36:16)
Wow. And I have a new drink and it kind of matches. Now it was pink at the beginning of the promise. You’re going to wear that tomorrow. Yes. So on Wednesday you wore this St. Patrick’s day. I did. I kind of feel like a time traveler right now. We’re back to the future and the past, you know what I’m wearing tomorrow? What are you wearing?

Speaker 4: (36:36)
Regular clothes. You know why? Because I’m Hispanic. We don’t care. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (36:40)
I’m Irish, Irish and Scottish. We got this, we got this. That’s right. This is how we roll. Just not with what I’m drinking, but yeah.

Speaker 4: (36:52)
Kombucha Apple cider vinegar.

Speaker 1: (36:56)
And I’m drinking a stout. So it’s actually pretty.

Speaker 4: (36:58)
So anyways, this is where we learn where we put out what we learned this week. It is Tuesday. We’re not going to lie to you. This is filmed early because Gretchen and I will be on vacation.

Speaker 1: (37:08)
This is St. Patrick state

Speaker 4: (37:11)
St. Patrick’s day Eve. So who wants to go first on what they learned this week?

Speaker 1: (37:17)
All right. So what I learned this week, even though it’s just Tuesday, just Tuesday. Okay. Last fishbowl. I learned about kombucha. I started drinking it, but my last kombucha was fermented black tea and it had a lot of energizing properties.

Speaker 4: (37:35)
Oh, that’s right. And it was nighttime. It was literally 8:00 PM. And she’s drinking like this energized kombucha. What happened? I didn’t sleep

Speaker 1: (37:47)
As a sleep consultant. That was really bad. I cleaned the house. John was like, what’s going on?

Speaker 4: (37:55)
John got the word issues. He came in the next morning. Wondering what the heck was wrong with her.

Speaker 1: (37:59)
And so then I read the ingredients on the bottle and lots of green tea, lots of black tea, lots of B vitamins. Yup. So this kombucha is actually just straight up. Apple cider vinegar and ginger tonic with no cap.

Speaker 3: (38:15)

Speaker 4: (38:18)
Okay. What did you learn this week? Oh my gosh. Huh?

Speaker 1: (38:25)
I learned that it’s really hard for me to be serious. Sometimes even though I’m a serious person, but I did learn today. I had no idea all day long. What time it, I just, I had no idea what time it was. True story.

Speaker 4: (38:41)
We normally start recording about five 45. We close a little early on Fridays. Let me, let me start recording about five 45. I don’t record that early. We set up, she was talking to a customer until seven thinking. It was six.

Speaker 1: (38:56)
Well, yeah, cause the clock said five 45. And so I was just like, Oh, you know, days. But I was getting kind of tired. And then, uh, then I realized like you guys were waiting on me and see the clock hadn’t been rolled forward. It didn’t spring forward. So I was using that as a reference all day. So I D I don’t know what day it is. I don’t know what time it is.

Speaker 4: (39:20)
That’s awesome. Go free spirit.

Speaker 1: (39:25)
She’s like, I just know I got to show up for work tomorrow.

Speaker 4: (39:27)
All right. Well, what did you learn? Did you learn something that was work-related other than the leprechaun over here,

Speaker 1: (39:32)
I learned that the wind really blows an Alamogordo. So I even thought about going outside and recording this just so you can see the hair to get a visual, our wind gusts. We should do that, like 60 miles an hour. So all you people that have to do with hurricanes, I feel for you. But when it comes to the weather, as far as wind, I don’t want to hear it. You need to come down here on a spring day. She’s got us a heater. It’s not, it’s not like something that just rolls through. This is like all of March. And sometimes I get April it’s intense and it’s screaming to the point we would were literally right beside the mountain bike right there. We could drive five minutes and we’re at the base of the mountain. That’s how close we are. You could not see the mountain today. It was literally bad, dirty in the air. It was just, yeah, it was something. So I just want to say the wind makes you really grumpy. It makes me over stipulating. It’s very overstimulating in a bad way. I mean, especially for a female, we have this thing called hair. That’s poor woman care. I just totally. Oh yeah. You don’t have hair. You’ve got a little bit

Speaker 4: (40:47)
Anyways. Well, I learned this week.

Speaker 1: (40:50)
It’s so early in the week. Can we preface this, that we are recording this so early in the week that this is my first day back. This is my Monday is your Monday. And I haven’t had enough time to learn anything.

Speaker 4: (41:04)
Well, what I learned this week was that you totally, you, she had a young airman in this morning and that’s the one that she was referencing to earlier that she walked through the whole process. It was impressive. It was totally impressive. He was very uptight when he walked in here because he’d never been shopping for this stuff before. I mean, this is, this is a lot of airman’s first big purchase.

Speaker 1: (41:27)
Like this is their first time

Speaker 4: (41:29)
Buying. So she had to set them at ease. She was joking with him. She did the whole show feeding and becoming personable and everything, but she, then she jumped into teacher mode and the guy just, I mean, he was, he was hearing everything she was saying, and not only are you helping him with this first purchase, but as he goes through life, he’s saving that information and he’s going to grow with this information in the future. So yeah, you should, you’re making an impression on a very on, on a young person that that’s going to help him through his life. So that’s a really good thing. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (42:01)
Even though I’m kind of crazy on fishbowl and I really get it all out, there is a very serious side to me.

Speaker 4: (42:08)
Yeah. Yeah. Anyways,

Speaker 1: (42:11)
The other thing, the other thing

Speaker 4: (42:13)
I learned was I’ve been doing deliveries because we’re shorted delivery driver. And, um, I did a couple of rest bed deliveries the past couple of days, and I’ve known respite makes an impact in people’s lives. Like I knew this right. And I know that it’s like our most advanced bed. It’s actually the most advanced bed out there, but seeing it, especially in the past to customers, because we have a customer that has a very bad back that we delivered to on Saturday. And then we have a customer with multiple health issues that we delivered to today to see them, and to hope that this bed just just the breast bed itself brings to them is just amazing because this bed is so versatile and adjust you so much that you know, that the zones that you need down and the zones that you need up are going to do that.

Speaker 4: (43:09)
And these guys like, especially today, um, the customer today, he, he lives in pain. He let you know, you know, who I’m talking about. That was your customer. He lives in pain, constant pain. And when we delivered it to him and he laid down, he was, he was almost in tears because it made that much of a difference to him immediately. So, yeah. And just thank you for making that tell with him, but also it, it, it’s something to be under deliveries and to see the difference that we’re making with that bed alone, with regular stuff that we sell. Yeah. I mean, yes, we’re making a difference and that’s a big deal and everything, but just the rest bed itself is so advanced that it’s helping people in such a different way. So yeah. Be proud of yourselves for that. Okay. You guys have anything else? Cause I’m where we’re right on time. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Okay. Well until next week, uh, direction and I are going on vacation, so

Speaker 1: (44:05)

Speaker 3: (44:09)

Speaker 1: (44:17)
Yes. Apparently kombucha can do that. Can you, you guys have one? I don’t want to Kabuto, but do you have a bird? Oh, I can try and guess

Speaker 3: (44:29)
You too.