The Fish Bowl

ep 3

Here’s a transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Talk about January. Why do you want to talk about January? January is so many layers. There are just so many layers that you have to wear in January and New Mexico. We have like two weeks of winter. I have like 20 layers of clothes hug. You like remind me of Shrek right now. You got layers, got layers. 20 minutes to get ready, extra water. You’re always cold. Both of you.

Speaker 2: (00:27)
Hi everyone. This is a fishbowl

Speaker 1: (00:29)
Third episode. Yeah, I’m Javier. I’m Gretchen that I’m Melanie.

Speaker 2: (00:36)
And this every week we do a fishbowl. That used to be our wrap-up. When we were just in the office, just chatting with each other and going over questions and stuff that were asked through the week. And we decided, Hey, why not share our beer with you? And in a way of sharing our beer, I mean, we drink it, you watch it.

Speaker 1: (01:00)
You can also go to the brewery afterwards and purchase it and you enjoy it.

Speaker 2: (01:05)
So just, just the, the important things. First, this week’s beer. Uh, we have red sands, which is a wit and we have Sacramento sunset, which is an ale with tangerines. So this is a strawberry wit or a Tangerine. Which one do you want?

Speaker 1: (01:20)
I will start with strawberry strawberry. Alrighty.

Speaker 2: (01:23)
So just disclaimer again, like we do every week we took our temperatures. We, um, we were wearing masks all day long. This is a very red beer.

Speaker 1: (01:34)
Okay. What’s with, with the whip, but what is the width?

Speaker 2: (01:37)
Because it’s a special yeast and it’s a wheat beer with a special yeast. It’s processed differently.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
All right. Yeah. I don’t think we ever made, when we were brewing, when we were brewing, did we ever make a wit no. You kind of made it real low there. [inaudible] more than half of the last, this week. You behaved quite well last week, my class or your class. [inaudible] we did that in Albuquerque. We about good time. Gosh, we did that years ago. Yes. Three years ago.

Speaker 2: (02:14)
Yep. All right. And mine is a Tangerine ale.

Speaker 1: (02:18)
Wow. That’s a really pretty beer. That’s

Speaker 2: (02:22)
Gorgeous. Okay. So the format is we take your questions. We take questions that we’ve been asked on the sales floor questions from, uh, Facebook and email, and we share all the answers with you. Okay. And then we kind of, um, just make light of the situation. Cause that’s what we do. Oops. I forgot to turn that off. All right. All right. We need to do a Salude before the COVID germs from okay. Salute. Salute. All right. Good week.

Speaker 1: (02:57)
Hmm. I am

Speaker 3: (03:00)
Way too overdressed for this right now. I have so many layers on because it’s January you look quite the question. I do kind of feel like I’m going to go horseback riding right now. Right? I got it. I have to do something about this because I can’t drink this beer. I have, I feel like I need wine. I think she’s going to cook. All right.

Speaker 4: (03:17)
But she’s got a strip because she’s only had a sip of beer.

Speaker 2: (03:23)
This is only the beginning and this is already getting quite different.

Speaker 3: (03:27)
I’m actually going to be doing the opposite of that, which is take this out. I am so prepared. I have so many layers. I can do this. This is so Friday. This is more Friday. Oh. And by the way, yes, that is a full body of the Atari. That was a total full body. Little heart. It’s so farmed. Okay. No, rocking it now. Now, now I shouldn’t rock Friday. Oh. And I haven’t just happened now. I’m ready. Which has happened.

Speaker 4: (03:56)
She’s she’s at work at any January. She’s prepping for February. Look at

Speaker 3: (04:00)
Her heart. I’m ready for February. Yes.

Speaker 4: (04:03)
She’s a woman prepares.

Speaker 2: (04:06)
Well, I’m uncomfortable. So we’re going to start asking questions, right? Okay. So first question. Okay. My sales person said I needed a new box spring, but mine was just fine. Why should I buy a new one? This happens daily. Daily. Yep. So Booz, who’s going to go up first. Yes.

Speaker 4: (04:31)
An easy one. Can I take that one? Yep. I’ll give you your science. Okay. So foundations, we used to call them box Springs. Cause they used to have Springs in there. They no longer have Springs. It’s all wood. So when you actually sleep on that with the purpose of it is, is absorb energy that comes from the mattress above it. Okay. So it absorbs the energy. And over time you think your mattress starts to break down. Imagine what’s happening to the wood under that, which is in the foundation. So with that, as your mattress works, your foundation works. And if you change your mattress to a new mattress and put that on there, it’s like water. It follows suit. So your new mattress was assumed would take place like the same original mattress with those impressions. So it’s always important also to keep the warranty factors in mind. There are a lot of vendors out there that will not allow you to swap out a mattress, um, based off of warranty issues. If you’re using a different foundation, that’s not the same as using a power base or a platform bed, but at foundations. So if you do use a foundation with your mattress, make sure it’s branding like your what’s your take on it.

Speaker 3: (05:41)
I think it’s super important to, you know, get one at when you’re purchasing your new mattress. I think a lot of customers are afraid that, you know, they’re going to get to the front, to the register and there’s going to be an additional expense. And like we’ve talked about now you get to the front and when you see that price or you’re quoted that price at a certain level of investment than it is included in the price of your mattress. Now with our lower, you know, smaller mattresses that are maybe for the RPS or guest beds, right. We do need to charge for that. But when you’re in most of our beds here on the floor, the price of the box spring is now we’re calling them foundations. We no longer call them box Springs. So the price of the foundation is included in that cost. So we’re not going to surprise you at the cash register right now. They also ask, well, if I don’t take it, does the price change? Does it go lower? And no, it doesn’t. You won’t. It just, we literally included

Speaker 2: (06:41)
Where we kind of take it as part of the cost. Just more for more for your sake, because we don’t want to up the price. Like Mel said, we’ve, we’ve shopped competitors, we’ve shopped other towns and you get to the register. And for some reason there’s an extra $300 that all of a sudden comes on and it’s, and you’re already sold the psychology behind it as you’re already sold the mattress. Okay. You’ve already agreed to that price. But when you get up to the register, they know that once you have it in your mind that this is what you’re getting and then they add another cost on there. Forget about it. It’s it’s it. It’s not fair. So we don’t do that here. We promise you, we don’t do that here. And you won’t witness that here. Um, so just so you guys know, my dog Maddie is over here and she’s literally digging in the jacket.

Speaker 2: (07:39)
It’s her nest. So, so, okay. So back to the subject at hand. So on the box Springs, I wanted to give you guys an example. We had a lady that bought a, uh, it was an expensive one. It was though the, um, the Scandinavian, she spent about four or $5,000 on a King size Scandinavian. And she took it home. She didn’t want a new box spring. We put it on the old box Springs. This is when we first opened. So we really weren’t familiar at this point. Um, and she called me like two weeks later and she’s like, look, this bed is doing the same thing as my old bed, what what’s going on? So I went to the house, I evaluated it. Cause I thought maybe it was a warranty issue, but she, she kept saying, it’s exactly like my old bed. And so we, um, we measured everything.

Speaker 2: (08:27)
We literally called the manufacturer to find out what’s what’s going on. And the first question from my rep was, did you change out the box Springs? And I said, uh, no, those are whole box Springs. And he’s all, well, the body impressions in the box Springs. And I was like, how in the world does that happen? And he explained it to me. Basically, you have the Springs, you have a three quarter inch dense foam underneath the Springs. And then you have the box spring. Well, when the weight of the person goes down into the Springs, it pushes down on the metal of the box spring or the wood of the box spring, cause wood loosens up and starts creaking. But the metal, but it does is it’s actually starts forming to the body impression. And that that really causes a body impression on the new mattress as well. Hey Mel, would you like to get your jacket off the ground?

Speaker 3: (09:19)
[inaudible] I thought she was just going to lay down, but she couldn’t, she just,

Speaker 2: (09:32)
She just,

Speaker 4: (09:34)
I have to follow it up and then spread it out and then follow it up again. Then go in three circles.

Speaker 2: (09:42)
Alright. And I’m going to grab the next question. Thank you for that question because, um, that’s that’s a really important one. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Next question. Are you open? The door was locked.

Speaker 3: (09:56)
Okay. I get that a lot. Don’t don’t turn around. Don’t leave. Just wait for us. There is a little doorbell. You can ring it. Um, we will come and open the door. So, you know, people ask me why is the door locked?

Speaker 2: (10:12)
Yeah, we get that all the time.

Speaker 3: (10:14)
Yep. So if you think about it, we have a lot of people rolling around on beds, putting heads on pillows, sharing lots of spaces. So we actually take the time to sanitize and in between every customer so that you’re not sharing those surfaces with the previous customer super important. Yep.

Speaker 4: (10:32)
With COVID it’s, it’s an extra step that we decided to take. So we can limit the amount of people in the store, um, per sales person. I hate calling us salespeople. Our team is not a sales person, so right. Okay. So I’ll say our sleeping experts, that sounds better. Um, whenever we bring in anyone into the store, we want them number one, to know that we do practice safety, um, by using the now water and the doorbell and the doorbell is instilled so that we can maintain a proper amount of people versus our sleeps experts have a we’re gonna call ourselves. Um, and that way we don’t end up with too many people inside the store at once and we can sanitize between people. So we don’t do it to hold you from coming in. We’re not trying to make it a longer wait, what we’re trying to do is make it a safer experience for you.

Speaker 2: (11:25)
It’s, it’s our main way of adapting to keep you safe. Um, we sanitize between every single customer, every single customer. Uh, and personally, I would question the store that allows you to lay on a bed or a pillow that hasn’t sent a Titus between customers that makes you wonder where their concerns are. Yeah. Uh, and I’m not throwing rocks at any companies, but I am saying that let’s put some concern for our customers first. Uh, and, and that’s where we’re at. We actually we’re our, our concern is for you. Um, it was, it’s ridiculous. I’ve seen some places that aren’t taking care of their customers and it hurts. It hurts. It really hurts because we’re still customer basis just like you think everybody is. And they’re not.

Speaker 3: (12:13)
I also think that having the doorbell and kind of monitoring the flow into the store also kind of helps us lower the foot traffic for safe people that aren’t coming into the store to shop, but maybe it’s a mail delivery or it’s something that needs to go to the back or, you know, I can kind of control and direct, you know, where people need to go. Or if they think that we’re one of the businesses that are in our conjoining building. Um, good. So, um, the second time, right. I knew that I was setting myself up for that one.

Speaker 3: (12:53)
Um, but yeah, I mean, it really helps and it, it does, you know, a couple of customers, you know, they’ll pull on the door and it’s kind of like a jarring shock and, you know, or, you know, they don’t see the doorbell there, but, uh, please rest assured that we are on our way to the front. Uh, and we’re just taking that moment to hook you up with a team member. So you can have the best experience in a one-on-one experience. If you want to just come in and shop the boutique, you know, just, you’re welcome to go through that. And we also kind of manage that and sanitize the products inside of the store too. So

Speaker 2: (13:24)
Yeah, it’s all about safety, but thank you for that question too, because that’s important as well. Alrighty. I know there are some embarrassing questions in here because I put them in here. All right. Um, okay. How much does a queen mattress cost? Wow, I get that phone call a lot. Yeah. Daily, another one daily, uh, queen mattresses.

Speaker 3: (13:54)
Oh, they’re looking at me. Okay. I’m going to start with this. There are so many variables to answering that question because there’s different types. We just carry so many different types of Queens that queen may be for your guestroom. It may be for you personally, you may have back issues that you need, you know, just me throwing out a price. Uh, it’s really just like just a shot in the dark for what your needs are. And I, I never feel comfortable answering that question over the phone. So I always invite customers to come in because I want to know, you know, what are your, your, your sleep, what’s your sleep profile? What are your mattress needs? You know, I don’t want to sell you a luxury bed if you’re just going to, you know, have, you know, for the weekend cabin cabin once or twice a year, you know, or, or a guest bed, you know, in case you have visitors. So we really need to fit you to right bed yep.

Speaker 1: (14:52)
For your budget and for your style. Um, and then there’s also caps is included and protectors. And so lots of variables. What’s your take?

Speaker 4: (15:05)
Well, I actually had, um, a customer reach out on podium with, uh, that might even be the exact question being as far as, um, what are your prices for clean mattresses and being that we’re not liquidators. We don’t, are you heading back?

Speaker 1: (15:23)
Keep going, keep going.

Speaker 4: (15:26)
So being that we’re not like waiters, we don’t stack mattresses that way we don’t sell prices. We actually match you to a mattress. So it’s really hard for us to just say, Hey, yeah, we range between this and this. But if you are price shopping, because we do respect the fact that when people come in, sometimes you are like budget limited and we don’t want to make you feel awkward with that. There was nothing wrong with being a budget oriented for knowing where your expenses can go. Yeah. Like we all live in that world, especially now. So when you come in, don’t feel bad saying, Hey, my budget stops at this. So show me what you have below this. Um, we will work with you however we can. And we keep it professional. Our situation is, is because we’re not liquidators. We don’t do like three 99 Queens and blah, blah, blah.

Speaker 4: (16:17)
Our situation is like Mel was saying, our mattresses are made to be a sleep system. So when we put you on there, we have to actually do some processes and questions and exam and stuff like that, of how you lay on the mattress to see if this is something that fits you. Um, so it’s almost like walking into a shoe store and saying, yes, I would like a black high Hill. What are your prices? Well, you have no information to it. You don’t know what kind of fit it’s going to be. You don’t know what size heel you have. I mean, there’s so much missing information to that question. It’s really impossible for us to answer. Um, but if you do want to just, you know, price shop and read up on information, step, our website is full of it. And it’s very basic. We have a toolbar across the top.

Speaker 4: (17:01)
You can either tap the word that you’re looking for, whether it be mattresses, for instance, like we were discussing, or you can scroll down just a little bit and there’s even pictures. So you can tap on the picture of mattresses. And it’ll actually say this mattress with whatever name it is. And it’ll say it goes from this price to this price, which will be the smallest mattress to the largest mattress available in that one mattress. Yeah. You would pick it 21, right? So that way you can actually price shop, if you would like to do that as well. So again, we will work with you the best we can. We’re making our website as a user user friendly as possible. Um, but more so if you want to come in and we can match it to a mattress, then we can also work numbers with you as well. So either way, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you, the shopper.

Speaker 1: (17:46)
So I’m going to take it a different route. Oh, okay. So the

Speaker 2: (17:50)
Person, the person that asked this and calls is the person that’s been burned, been embarrassed and thinks that we’re the used car sales guys. What are your takes on that?

Speaker 3: (18:02)
Absolutely. Now this lazy sales type, it’s a common factor actually, because

Speaker 4: (18:09)
People are so used to, okay, I’m not putting down people that work on commission, but commission sales can be aggressive to send people. Um, people really require, you know, answers to the questions, but they don’t necessarily require somebody following them around the store or whatever the case is. Um, so when people come in, they can be standoffish. They can have had bad experiences where people are trying to upsell everything they talk about. Um, again, commissions is how you make money. So we constructed our, our store without commissions. For that one reason, we didn’t want the retail situation to become about making the dollar. We wanted it to be about finding a sleep system. So yes, so we wanted our customers to be, you know, very comfortable. So that whole breathing and creating a profile and then working with the customer usually sets you at ease because you realize our goal is not to upsell you or to put you on a bed. We want to sell you. It’s about finding a match for you.

Speaker 3: (19:06)
And I think it’s also important to know that if you come in and, and you know, I’m speaking to you and I give you a quote, um, you know, when you come back, if I’m not here, um, you’re welcome to go to Javier or Gretchen. Whoever is here because you’re our customer, you’re not the sales reps customer. So, right. That’s really important for you to know is that, um, they’re here to, to answer your questions too. So we’re not fighting over customers or commissions or, or anything like that. And I think, I think it really sets us up for a great team. Um, and then we’re actually truly selling you products that we believe in, uh, that we ourselves are sleeping on. Um, you know, I, I had a customer today that said, if, if I see Melanie with an advertisement that says, I have to have it, I have to have it like that.

Speaker 3: (19:56)
I don’t know, like maybe 20 minutes ago she came in and she’s like, you know, you’re doing these advertisements. And if you say, I have to have it, I have to have it. Now I have to have that pillow. And, uh, you know, that’s the same pillow I sleep on at night and it has helped. It has helped me. I love that pillow. I fight for that pillow. I think that pillow everywhere. So, you know, and that may not be the pillow for you, but, um, yeah, we, we really believe in what we’re selling and our business. We’re not just trying to make a fixate.

Speaker 2: (20:27)
Yep, exactly. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna change subjects really, if this is way off topic, but I want you guys to notice that she’s got silver in her hair this week. No, you, you have silver. Yeah, it was her birthday. This weekend. She’s got silver in her hair and it looks amazing. It looks pretty good. It looks

Speaker 3: (20:45)
Pretty darn good. Does it pop that?

Speaker 5: (20:48)
I felt like I needed more silver. Like it’s metallic, metallic, like metallic.

Speaker 2: (20:54)
So tell us about your birthday adventures now. Well, are you far enough into the beer for this here? Down that beer. Okay. So in a couple of minutes after she downstairs,

Speaker 1: (21:02)
[inaudible] some stuff she wants.

Speaker 2: (21:05)
She took a couple of days off and we missed her and everything, so. Okay. All right.

Speaker 5: (21:10)
Let’s see. It is a beautiful little town intimacy, a historic downtown, Missy. It is beautiful. Um, we had, uh, John and I had a fantastic time. I’ve never discovered Mysia before. And I have to tell you I’ve been to all different parts of New Mexico, um, all different parts of the state and it’s a hidden Juul.

Speaker 2: (21:31)
It really is. Yeah. Yeah. And when the restaurants reopened, Oh my gosh, you can’t do better. Yeah. Yeah. I love you too.

Speaker 5: (21:38)
It was really strange to be on the Plaza and be the only ones like for two days straight, like we went to the Plaza.

Speaker 1: (21:52)
Well, there was still,

Speaker 5: (21:53)
Hello merchants. I bought some really wonderful local honey. I can’t walk by local honey without purchasing some honey.

Speaker 1: (22:04)
Not quite like that, but [inaudible] moving on. [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (22:18)
The company was amazing. So knowledgeable, you know, and then we got to take our, our, uh, this was another unique experience was taking our hot tea and walking through the Plaza. And it was actually snowing that day. Snowflakes coming down.

Speaker 1: (22:37)

Speaker 5: (22:38)
I really felt like it was, it was pretty awesome. So

Speaker 2: (22:41)
Old barrel was New Mexico owned as well.

Speaker 5: (22:43)
It is New Mexico owned. They also have locations in Colorado. And I mean, maybe even a couple of other States, she kept listing off locations. I was like, wow. And each one is a little bit different. So yeah,

Speaker 1: (22:57)
If she has one in Colorado, do they actually introduce green chili into their tea? I’m just curious.

Speaker 2: (23:06)
Okay. We’re going to go back to the questions. That was just a side note. I was really, I was really excited because Mel had a birthday this week and I wanted to share that with you and no, we’re not singing you happy birthday again, because it was great.

Speaker 5: (23:17)
I thought you were leading up to the, like the silver highlights in my hair where to cover up my gray hairs, which just came out of nowhere. I don’t even know what happened. And there was like, yeah,

Speaker 1: (23:29)
I noticed it as soon as she got out the car today. Cause we both showed up at the exact same time. So,

Speaker 2: (23:34)
Which was late. I want to, I want to say they both were late.

Speaker 1: (23:39)
Probably late is not really late. And anyway, that’s New Mexico. Right. And we got out, we were happy. So there was nothing wrong

Speaker 4: (23:46)
With that. She got out and she did her and I was like, her hair looks awesome. And I noticed her side braid, which is what I first noticed. And then when she walked up, I was like, Oh, you highlight your hair. I love it. And she’s like, yeah, I got this spray stuff that you can put in. Cause she hasn’t committed completely to it. This washes out. Yes. And it’s awesome. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. Shower twice a day.

Speaker 2: (24:12)
Anyways. You know what I noticed was they were late, but I already said that. So here’s another,

Speaker 4: (24:17)
I have a sweater that says probably late for something it’s from my mom.

Speaker 2: (24:21)
Woo hoo. Woo. Woo. I got a good one. I got a good one. I got a good one. Okay. Who can we contact for support after our purchase? And this was taken off our website. Who can we contact for support after our purchase?

Speaker 4: (24:35)
Yeah. We’ll just point to you since you’re wearing your leather jacket.

Speaker 2: (24:40)
Yeah. Um, okay. I’ll take this one. So I am a licensed to work on adjustable basis. I have taken some classes to work on those. I am also, um, on the warranty squad for Sutherland. I am on the, I can fix the rest bed. I I’m certified for that. Um, so yeah. So any issues with your purchases as far as the mattresses, they route them to me, uh, as far as furniture. Oh look, it gets routed to me. So yeah, no, uh, in all honesty customer service is number one. So we do find a way we’ll, we’ll fix it. We’ll find a way to help you with it. Um, a lot of times, and I’m going to be honest with you. Furniture is not the greatest and I’m talking, industry-wide not just our vendors, but furniture is not the greatest on warranty. So with that, um, and I’m going to say this in all honesty, if you’ve bought from us and, and, and we have some issues, please have some patience with us because not only are we new to the game on furniture, but we’re also learning how to fix it ourselves because we’re, we’re seeing it ourselves firsthand.

Speaker 2: (26:00)
Cause we get shipments of, you know, furniture and some of it’s damaged and we’re like, okay, well I need credit on this. And they’re like, no, you don’t because you’re not getting it. So we’re literally learning how to fix it ourselves. And I’m not talking cheap furniture here. I’m talking to higher end stuff that will not help us with it. Um, it’s not just our vendors. It’s, industry-wide, I’ve, I’ve read this everywhere. Um, and I, I, I mean, personally, uh, it, you know, what, what you do as a, as a business owner is you learn how to adapt and we’re adapting and, and, and because we’ve committed to you constantly about having a wonderful customer experience, uh, we’re literally watching YouTube videos on how to fix furniture. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (26:47)
We want to, we want to protect you and follow you with the process. I mean, you have to understand that we live in like a materialistic society that, you know, some of these companies, you may be purchasing from a larger company or a huge corporation, you know, they just want to make a quick sale. They want to make, you know, it’s quality, it’s quantity over quality. So they may not even have a set up to help you. I mean, we had a gentleman that had purchased, um, a bed online and he came into our store and he wanted a power base to go with it. And he actually had buyer’s remorse for not purchasing his headboard and put board and everything here is one complete package because he came here to the store and he fell in love with one of the power bases because he has a lower back issues. He’s always on his feet. Um, I think he works as an ER doctor, you know,

Speaker 2: (27:37)
He works like 14 hours a day, the man, the man to Saint, yeah.

Speaker 3: (27:40)
On the front lines. And he came in and we could hook him up with a mattress. And we also found a, um, a power base that relieved that lower back. Well then when we went to do the delivery, he had already, pre-purchased a beautiful bed. I mean, I mean, it was a fantastic bed, um, but it wouldn’t match and it wouldn’t work with the power base and he had to make a practical decision and it was to return the power base at this time in his life. And he was really just really sad about that. But you know, he, he didn’t have the support or the, the, you know, he didn’t even know where to begin to return the item to, you know, and he had even made a call while he was on the floor with me to that company to say, Hey, maybe I can try to, to reach out to these people again, you know, I’ll call them and no, he couldn’t reach any sort of customer support to stop the sale.

Speaker 3: (28:35)
It was already done. Yep. So yeah, there was, there was no returns and that happens a lot with the bed, uh, in the box, if you’re purchasing off of it, you know, I mean, you may get, I’ve had, I’ve had friends at purchase a mattress that is the memory foam in a box. It kills their back and then they get, um, they have to pay for the shipping to go back. And then here they are trying to repackage this giant memory foam mattress that is all split out and they’re trying to crunch it down and use tie straps on it. So we don’t do that. If you have a problem, come to us and meet we’re set up to him.

Speaker 2: (29:15)
Yep. Yep. So, yeah. So you call us for support. We’re here for you. We’ve made the promise. It’s on our wall as our mission statement. It literally is all about customer experience. We have a weekly conference call with both stores to Carlsbad and this one and the beginning frame is experience. I mean, cause it’s all about the customer experience from start to finish to even after finish. And our delivery drivers are the same way. Um, our delivery drivers when he was delivering to her customer calls us and he sounded like he was about to cry for the customer. He was very distraught about it. We have very wonderful delivery drivers. Okay. All right. So another question, how good is the beer? It’s very, Oh yes it is. Yeah. Okay. Why is that question in there? I don’t know. What is the meaning of life? Say it again. Say it again.

Speaker 4: (30:17)
What is the meaning of life?

Speaker 1: (30:19)
I know the answer to this one.

Speaker 2: (30:22)
You would go more. You definitely would,

Speaker 1: (30:25)
But what is the answer to life? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of life? It’s 42, 42 42

Speaker 2: (30:38)
Care to elaborate.

Speaker 1: (30:40)
I hope I didn’t mix up the numbers. What? Come on, you guys know this right? It’s 42. No. Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Haven’t you read that book

Speaker 2: (30:52)
With that? The nerd section of the, um, fishbowl has started the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

Speaker 1: (30:59)
It’s a beer I’m questioning if it’s 92, but I think it’s like dyslexia.

Speaker 4: (31:08)
I went to the life of Brian, the meaning of life, which happens to be a different type of comedy. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (31:17)
What is wrong with you guys? My Python guide to the galaxy. It was a legit question. What is the meaning of life? Well, 42. Okay. And with that, we’re going to go on to that.

Speaker 4: (31:32)
I will tell you it’s more about the birds and the bees and other stuff.

Speaker 2: (31:36)
The next question. Monty Python. No. Okay. Will you? Oh, I lost my favorites.

Speaker 4: (31:44)
That one is a different one. That one is very different, but it is multifaceted. It’s the Holy grail. Oh my God. Okay. Coconuts.

Speaker 2: (31:52)

Speaker 4: (31:55)
Oh, that’s how you make the horse clock. You go with the coconuts and they’d go right behind the guys that are riding the fake stick horse and they’re popping behind them. Yeah. That’s the Holy grail

Speaker 2: (32:08)
Are we done? We could go on for hours. Okay. Next question. Where do you guys keep the boutique up throughout the year? Well, heck yeah.

Speaker 4: (32:22)
Is not seasonal. Our boutique is permanent. So what we’re going to do is bring in seasonal items, but we’re also going to maintain a year, round an annual type, feel to it as well. So yes, it is going to be open all the time and you’re always to come see, because I today got an order from milk, health candles, how many? It was 38 boxes,

Speaker 2: (32:47)
39, 30 exact 39 bucks.

Speaker 5: (32:49)
In any boxes

Speaker 2: (32:52)
We were, we were unloading them. She was off. Imagine this. She was off when the unloading started

Speaker 5: (32:58)
And he was like, ma’am, there’s 39 boxes deal. He was even like, wow. And he’s like, are you sure you want me to? So I had to direct him using the doorbell to the back door and it was awesome. There was a whole like chain event that happened.

Speaker 2: (33:16)
We unloaded a freaking truck. Okay. You guys act like it was like, Oh my gosh, I’ve got to tell you this. It looks like Christmas

Speaker 4: (33:24)
For me today. Cause I love my candles and I was working on them all day. Cause you have to check them in. You have to count them out. You have to take the plastics off every lid you have to hook.

Speaker 2: (33:36)
And evidently you need to smell every single one. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (33:40)
Since there were so many whips, there was bananas. There was coconuts. There was

Speaker 2: (33:45)
The zucchini.

Speaker 5: (33:48)
[inaudible] anybody it’s so fresh.

Speaker 2: (33:52)
I have, I have PTSD. I have PTSD. It’s PTSD,

Speaker 4: (33:57)
Veggie issues. He needs to go to counseling for it because he does not like vegetables of any kind. It can last if it’s a potato, a sweet potato, romaine lettuce or corn, besides that vegetables don’t exist in his, I was going to say appetite for it in his line of food. Unless if it was eaten by a cow,

Speaker 5: (34:16)
As zucchini is a group, it has a seat.

Speaker 2: (34:19)
Well I’m not eating zucchini anyways. So back to the question, the, the boutique, the boutique is going to grow. So what you’re going to see behind us right now, you see a whole lot of sheets and comforters and stuff that’s going away into boutique is going to take over this section here pretty quick. Um, yes. She ordered a boatload of candles.

Speaker 4: (34:43)
Yeah. We have all the new spring fragrances as well as some, uh, continue favorite flavors. I was going to say very much. I’m going to say flavors because we got some good food fragrances girls. Let me tell you. We have like, she was talking about bananas, sunset. Oh my God.

Speaker 2: (35:00)
Layer cake

Speaker 4: (35:01)
Smells just like birthday cake. You like cake is gonna love this.

Speaker 2: (35:04)
She, she actually was like salivating over the, the layer.

Speaker 5: (35:07)
Yeah. I don’t know if I could have that candle burning in my house because I’d want to have like birthday cake, like all like when we had the coffee one going, I was thinking.

Speaker 2: (35:16)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We were constantly making coffee.

Speaker 4: (35:19)
Yeah. Well, I’ll tell you, as far as some of these Cantor fragrances, you got to come smell them. I mean, amazing. And I bought in, in a whole bunch of melts because I realized the business aspect of this as well. Doesn’t always allow for you to take fire into your place of business. So, um, the candle melts a very important way

Speaker 5: (35:38)
To have fragrance without having fires. So there’s a whole bunch of opportunities to try out different fragrances.

Speaker 2: (35:44)
You mean there’s a workplace that doesn’t trust her employees.

Speaker 5: (35:47)
I know it’s weird. I hate work. Cool. Here. We have special insurance [inaudible] every morning, my daily, daily, you know, prayer and meditation. Yes. There’s a policy that goes with it that does do the home, but the home is included. And then there’s the, you know, my daily prayer, you know, protection

Speaker 2: (36:12)
And I’m like, guys, the store is open. Can we get,

Speaker 5: (36:17)
And there’s an amen there too. We heard some really good music earlier today. A little bit of a numbness numbness day. So also speaking of fragrances, I have a top secret thing. I don’t want to jinx it, but this is the second time I’ve I’ve I think today I made a really good connection with a company. I’m not going to announce it just yet, but I think I can announce it next fishbowl. Um, we are going to be bringing some incredibly colorful items into the store for spring and summer. They’re also going to be organic fragrances and aroma therapy. I am so excited. So that’s going to be on the top of my list for, for sleep. Call me Ooh, yoga mats.

Speaker 2: (37:07)

Speaker 5: (37:10)
We’re spending more time at home. So some of us need a little bit of energizing. If you’re sitting there at your computer falling asleep, you know, repetitive phone calls, zoom meetings, you can really brighten the mood, energy yourself. Um, you can spray your pillow to fall asleep at night. You can spray your yoga mat to make it smell really nice. He stretches on his Yoko. So I’m petting the chair to just amazing. I love beer.

Speaker 2: (37:38)
Oh yeah. Oh, here break.

Speaker 5: (37:40)
Yeah, my guys don’t go that far. What are you gonna have? I’m gonna fry the handbrake.

Speaker 2: (37:48)
Alright. Sacramento sunset. And we are seven minutes away from break, which gives you time enough to drink this. Oops. I did not pour that one. Right. All right. So we’re trying to limit this to a certain amount of minutes. So there is actually a, a, a, a clock up there that, um, I did not anticipate not being able to see,

Speaker 5: (38:20)
Just to get my eyes checked because I can’t.

Speaker 2: (38:26)
You got like this when you put the wash away from there. Yeah. Okay. All right. So one more question. One more question before break. And this is how long a sofa set last. Ooh, a furniture one. Yes. How long should a sofa set? Last? Ours lasted a year before the bottom. Can, how do you pick a good one? Oh, I got some ideas. Ooh.

Speaker 3: (38:49)
That’s so sad. I had futon mattresses that lasted longer than the app. Yeah. That’s really sad. Well, first you need,

Speaker 4: (38:56)
Need to have hardware because there’s a lot of manufacturers out there that make pretty furniture with really cheap product design. I’m choking on my period. Is that wrong? No. I took a drink just a few minutes ago and I was kind of sabering it. Oh. And then I got it again. Okay. So, um, you need to have hardwood, which is really important because in order for it to last, it has to have a very, um, solid base to it because you think about it. Your foundation is the strongest point. So it starts from the floor up. Um, another thing is having great spring support. Uh, singular Springs is most common, I would say in furniture, which is the zigzag working Springs in there. And you can actually have still reinforcements inside there as well. Um, which add a lot of extra support and then recovered get something that you’re sitting on.

Speaker 4: (39:49)
That’s not just phone. Um, you want to find something that has support factor in it. If it’s just a phone brick that you’re sitting on, you’re silly to think that that’s going to last you because bomb is a very person for down in anything, whether it’s a mattress furniture, anything that cellular structure. Yes. And it just breaks. So if you would actually just make sure that, you know, what’s in the furniture you’re buying, it’s not just about what covers the furniture. The most important part actually is not going to be the texture, which we enjoy so much or the look of it. It’s the build inside of it. So make sure that you actually research what’s inside of it because that is the key research. Yes.

Speaker 2: (40:30)
Yeah. Research insights. Is that really what they got?

Speaker 4: (40:34)
I don’t want to take care of your furniture. You don’t need to be running and jumping on it or plopping stuff like that. You want to treat it like you would your body. Okay.

Speaker 3: (40:42)
So when we sell you furniture, we’re going to ask you a lot of questions. It’s kind of just like your sleep profile to your lifestyle profile. You know, I think I always ask, do you have pets? Do they, do you allow your pets on the couch? Yep. Yep. You know, some, some allow them on the city. That’s a fancy word.

Speaker 2: (41:02)
What is that? It’s a couch. Whoa. Wow. Very nice. Yeah. Yeah. Are the children allowed on the city now? Right.

Speaker 3: (41:14)
So all of those questions, do you want it to be clean? You know? Cause a lot of customers, they don’t want it to be too hard to clean. That’s really important to them. Um, color, you know, they might not want white because of the kiddos. Yup. Yup. You know, do you have a lot of Cheeto fingers,

Speaker 2: (41:33)

Speaker 3: (41:34)
Chocolate milk. These are all things that we think about red wine. Yep.

Speaker 2: (41:40)
Well let’s maybe some, but how do you pick a good couch? So, so getting back to what Mel said, but getting back to what Greg said, we’ve done the research. We’re going to ask you questions. And then a lot of times what happens is you walk, you you’re like being asked all these questions by us and you’re like, Oh my gosh, am I ready for this or not? I mean, and that’s true. Am I, am I, am I, I’m not lying. That that’s happened to me several times. It’s like, I don’t think I’m ready for this. I don’t think I know enough to buy this. And it’s like,

Speaker 3: (42:10)
I’ll even ask people, what are your dimensions of your room? You won’t think about the size of the room. They’ll have to go back and actually measure and then, and then correspond with us or come back with those measurements because we’re in a huge building right there. So it can be deceiving. Yeah. We don’t want to. And the layout, you know, whether it’s left or right.

Speaker 2: (42:32)
Yeah. So, no, it’s just, just come in here knowing that it may not be a one, one trip kind of thing. It may be a, Oh my gosh. I walked out of there with more questions just because not because we’re not trying to sell you like right now, but because we want to make sure you’re getting the right thing. Um, and, and we’ll we lose sales that way. Yes. We have lost sales that way. Does it hurt, uh, those customers weren’t shopping. I mean, to me, I want, I, I love helping people. So that’s really the whole point of what we’re doing.

Speaker 3: (43:10)
No pressure here. This is not a place to feel pressure. We also want you to know that, you know, what’s going on in the industry with COVID-19, that’s huge. I mean, there’s back ordering issues there stuff lined up in the ocean and containers. There’s containers falling off into the ocean because you know, some of these things are listing the word list. I didn’t even know what listing meant. Um, I mean, so we’re going to be upfront with you and if you want something that’s really specific, that’s like red leather and power and you have your heart set on a certain item. We’re going to be upfront and say, you know, it may be March or April or may until we can even get that onto our floor, but we will, we will keep it on our radar. We’ll keep it in our sites. Um, but if something pops up that is similar or within your case or, or your realm, we’re going to send it over to you and we’re going to take care of you. So I mean, leather is becoming hard to find wood, wood, pulps steel. Um, so we’re going to be upfront with you. We’re not going to take your money and then good luck. You know, six months later you get your couch. We’re going to tell you now if it’s on our floor, it’s not nailed to the floor. We don’t sell it that day.

Speaker 2: (44:23)
It’s out the door. It’s out the door with you. If it fits it ships.

Speaker 3: (44:27)
Yep. Is that all right? Hope not. I did

Speaker 2: (44:32)
Not say that you cannot. No, I didn’t say it. There’s no proof

Speaker 4: (44:37)
Picture. It was the cats. That’s what it was. One cat was trying to close the box on the other cat. And the same was,

Speaker 5: (44:45)
I love the cats that are on the glass and you’re looking up at them and they’re all squished up.

Speaker 2: (44:50)
And with that, we’re going to take, we’re going to take intermission and come back with the weekly wrap up. So we’ll be back in a couple of minutes, mostly because these two can’t hold their liquor and they have to go to the bathroom, right. About 35 minutes at night,

Speaker 5: (45:04)
Body leotard. That is so hard. I have a whole new respect for performing art is, is, and we’re back. What was that? She was announcing, she said, right? That’s how it goes.

Speaker 2: (45:24)
I’m going to, I’m going to raise the volume on that in case we didn’t catch it on microphone. So this is wrap up. This is wrap up. This is where we share with you. What we’ve learned. Yeah. Post intermission pro post bathroom break. Um, this is where we share with you what we learned this week. Um, just because it’s important that you know that every week we’re learning something new. Yes. Okay. And who wants to start? Mine’s going to be

Speaker 4: (45:49)
Fast and easy. I learned about candy.

Speaker 2: (45:52)
How did you learn? How did you learn about candy? What’d you learn

Speaker 4: (45:55)
Anybody who has not seen our Facebook page? I’m going to just encourage you to either check out Instagram or Facebook. Um, because I did post it to vote. I just remembered that we have some amazing candy now. Um, we started off with a few pieces and then I just went over

Speaker 5: (46:14)
Pieces. So we have a whole candy shop. Yes. There’s a candy shop within the boutique shop within a shop within a shop now. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (46:24)
Why haven’t I seen this invoice?

Speaker 4: (46:27)
Yeah. This candy line is going to just keep grow with, let me tell you, you’ve got those circular fun candy lollipops. Yes. And we have some inorganic flavors, which means it’s not artificially flavored. It’s actually flavored with a little fruit. Um, we also have some extra large candy canes that again, some of them are organic and some of them, um, we also have some candy sours. Okay. We are sour snobs. So when it goes to a sour, it has to be chewy and not gritty and not have that powder feel inside of it. It has to be just like a really good shoe. These are amazing. Amazing. Yeah. They have old-fashioned lemon drops. We have met a glass jar or a 10. We have the old root beer candy. Um, we have, uh, the pillows are they’re called mint or peppermint. He’s burping big bird and he’s blowing it.

Speaker 5: (47:25)
We have some peppermint

Speaker 4: (47:27)
And winter green pillows. They’re called the little bite-size peppermints. Um, we also have some sour chews and green, Apple and blue raspberry.

Speaker 2: (47:37)
And what did you learn about

Speaker 4: (47:38)
Candy? I’m cherry lowered. These are all,

Speaker 2: (47:43)
She learned that they were all tasty. If you know how she learned it, they were all tasty. Tasty.

Speaker 1: (47:47)
Can you say that again?

Speaker 2: (47:50)
Well, she learned they were all tasty because she has an open package to every one of them on her desk. I’ve

Speaker 4: (47:56)
Had two candy canes. I’ve had the chair.

Speaker 1: (48:01)
I literally had the marshmallow and toasted coconut. I literally came to work after my birthday vacation. And I was told if you want to try any of these, just open it up. I didn’t say this. I know Greg did.

Speaker 4: (48:21)
I just grabbed them because honestly, this is the benefit of that.

Speaker 1: (48:27)
You got to know your product, you need to know what it tastes like. I didn’t ask you. It’s okay.

Speaker 2: (48:34)
You have to see the invoice

Speaker 1: (48:35)
For it. You know, we need samples, like some of those big stores, but I can’t say their name. We can’t really do that. COVID safe though. That’s true. When wondered. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (48:46)
Okay. Well that was your wrap up because I’m not done yet. And we also have the

Speaker 4: (48:50)
Candy sours. If you want to actually indulge on it for a long period of time, instead of just chewing it and swallowing it. Um, and

Speaker 2: (48:59)
So you get the idea of, she bought a lot of candy and I didn’t know about it until then.

Speaker 4: (49:06)
And I keep saying something Valentine’s day Valentine’s is coming up. And if you want something that’s different from what you can get at Walmart,

Speaker 2: (49:15)
Hey, we don’t mention names here. No, you cannot. Where do we go to shot for balance?

Speaker 4: (49:24)
We go to the big vendors, the big vendors that carry thousands upon thousands of the same thing every year. Well guess what? You can come here and make your own and make us special and make it unique based off of the flavors and go for it. These are the real old fashioned communities. Um, they’d been in business. Um, Oh, I’m going to get this wrong. I think it’s since the 1920s

Speaker 2: (49:47)
And they’re made in America, they’re

Speaker 4: (49:48)
Made in America and they are made just by those old fashioned recipes. So it’s not your generic candies. You can get anywhere. This is a different flavor. It’s really good.

Speaker 1: (49:59)
So this is made by Hammond? Yes. Hammonds of Colorado. Yes. Hammons?

Speaker 2: (50:04)
Yeah, not of you Hampshire, but of cooler Rado

Speaker 1: (50:09)
They don’t have any green. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (50:13)
Wait, is this actually this dead on early? I don’t know. Come on.

Speaker 4: (50:16)
No, I’m going to be asking them to use some of the hatch green chili. If they do decide to implement green, because in Colorado they can’t have everything, but their candies are amazing. You got to come try it. I’m not saying that. Just to sell it. I’m saying that because of what I’ve tried, it’s really good. And I’m not one who has a sweet tooth. I’m no, I keep interrupting. I’m trying to help the men out here who are like, I wouldn’t even know where to get money.

Speaker 5: (50:45)
Oh. And we do have gift certificates. What does Bay vacuum

Speaker 4: (50:51)
While your girlfriend, uh, cleaning utensil for her Valentine’s or you’ll get smacked

Speaker 5: (50:56)
Gift certificates. There were safe. Those are putting it in the card. They can come here and pick out their own.

Speaker 2: (51:03)
I’ll get a gift certificate to the vacuum

Speaker 4: (51:06)
Or you can get them a nice pajama set that they can chillax. Sam was saying nice motion just to indulge in, eat some candy. That’s all about their day.

Speaker 2: (51:15)
Okay. So anyways, thank you for that. All right. Do you want to go last or do you want to go next? I think you should go last because yours is pretty good. Okay. Okay. So, so what I like

Speaker 5: (51:31)
Save the best for last.

Speaker 2: (51:33)
So what I learned was, um, we have a vendor named pure care beer. We have a vendor named pure care. Oh my goodness. That’s some really good beer.

Speaker 4: (51:43)
I’m curious you say that. I know.

Speaker 2: (51:45)
I know. So anyways, we have a vendor named pure care that we have started carrying. We’re kind of letting them trickle in, but we had a webinar with them on their new product. And um, have you ever considered a comforter that’s distinctly made for summertime? Oh, this blew my mind. Yeah. Yeah. Like we’re sitting there during the webinar and like, you literally heard our minds go what? Yeah. Yeah. Like our minds blue. Yeah. Here’s only blows out one thing anyways. So yeah. So anyway, so, so consider a comforter that’s made for summertime. It’s literally made to keep your cool. And I know that,

Speaker 5: (52:29)
Oh, I can’t wait. I cannot wait because I sleep so hot. I wake up hot. It interrupts my sleep cycle. It’s just, but the idea of a cooling fabric, which is not just a sheet or a protector, but the coffer within your like also getting that cozy feel that I love to like have my blanket and my comforter over my head and like cozy in and nestled in and still be cool, like July. Oh, I can’t wait.

Speaker 2: (52:59)
I’ll be honest with you. The rep, the rep was like excited about it, but I honestly don’t think he knows cause he’s up North. I don’t think he really knows what that would mean to us down here. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (53:13)
Southeastern Southwestern, New Mexico. No Alma, Gordo. Carlsbad. We’ve got you covered.

Speaker 2: (53:21)
Yeah. We’ve got you covered. And that product will be in here quickly. It releases pretty quickly. Um, I, I, I don’t care. I mean, I’m just, I’m bringing it in it’s it’s going to be huge for us. Um, we do have exclusives on them, so ha so you do have to come to live well for these, but consider a comforter. That’s going to keep you cool in the summer, right? Yes. This is a real product and I cannot wait to get them in here. So it’s girls,

Speaker 4: (53:54)
You have your decor as well as having your cooling system. So it’s going to be amazing to be able to experience summer with a comforter on the bed. I don’t know about y’all, but in the evening times with us, we like folded down and then at the very end set it to the floor. So it’s just the sheet is whenever we sleep. It’s nice and cool. You have a soaring fan. Um, but with this comforter, it’s going to allow us to be able to keep the comforter on I’m one who likes to stay nice and toasty. So I’m excited about this. I’ll stop. I’ll probably be the one that’s still wrapped up in it while you’re the one.

Speaker 2: (54:30)
Hi. Um, I’m so excited by this. Yeah. When, so, so we went through the webinar and this was the last thing on the webinar. It was what, an hour long webinar. And, and he was like, introducing all this really cool stuff. And then this last part, we’re all like, I swear, we all shifted forward. We’re like what? Yeah. Yeah. So that’s what I learned this week. Expect it it’s coming in both stores, especially Carlsbad. I know you guys are like suffering with some real heat this during the summer. I’ve got your back. Okay. You’re hurt.

Speaker 5: (55:03)
Well, the most important thing I learned this week was it’s really not a good idea to wear a full body leotard under multiple layers. Okay. Go into the bathroom. It takes like 15, 20 minutes versus I literally had to get five of a heads up. Like, Hey, I’m going to cause it might take a little while to just like unlayer I’m so ready for January.

Speaker 2: (55:29)
Okay. So I’m going to bring something up. They made me wear a, uh, what do you call that? A onesy. They made me wear a onesy because we had one day in the store. They wear onesies. So I had to wear

Speaker 5: (55:41)
A onesy. It’s fully functional. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (55:44)
Well anyways, it’s fully functional. I don’t know how it’s fully functional three buttons on the back. I literally had to take the stupid thing off to use the bat. I’m sorry. Not a stupid,

Speaker 5: (55:54)

Speaker 2: (55:57)
Look at the look I’m getting over here. Look at the look I’m getting over here.

Speaker 5: (56:01)
I love you back. He would’ve been fine. They’re toasty. You can even go like snowboarding and skiing and snowboarding and skiing and their adult onesy. So yes, the adult ones. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (56:15)
I’m not a onesy fan, but you are.

Speaker 5: (56:18)
These are awesome. Yeah. Next time we go to Walmart. We’re to be checking, to see if there’s one Z. So I learned that different names. Ma’am there is a degree shopping there. I see pajamas all the time. There is a difference between lazy one flat objects that are meant to be worn under clothing and a full body leotard. That just kind of makes me a targe. It keeps you warm.

Speaker 2: (56:45)
She didn’t say that folks. She really just

Speaker 5: (56:47)
Said that I can’t, you can’t layer that many. I can’t believe I said that. Okay. It keeps you warm.

Speaker 2: (56:53)
So what else did you learn this week besides that word? Which I find offensive.

Speaker 5: (57:00)
I learned about these pillows. Yes. These pillows are filled with waterfowl down. Yes. They are really Downey. And they’re really, and like when you, when you squeeze them, Greg says a breathe. Like watch this. If you don’t have a spot, these are fine briefs back up. It’s offensive. I have a wildlife biologist. Um, these are down-filled and they are made by high-end accent. They are amazing. They are available in store. They’re so awesome. Um, I also learned something very important. There are actually people listening to us. Right?

Speaker 2: (57:42)
Of course. There’s people listening to us right now and they’re right now, they’re going, why are we listening to them?

Speaker 5: (57:49)
Yeah. I actually had a customer who is now a friend come into the store and was like, you guys have like, every time you do a video, I have to buy something. I have to have it.

Speaker 2: (58:01)
That’s not the purpose of our videos, but thank you.

Speaker 5: (58:04)
And so I know it’s working and then we’ve also had customers tell us that they they’re listening to the fishbowl.

Speaker 2: (58:09)
So, so yeah. So this is, this is my part of the story. Yeah, this is so I’m going to interrupt you on this one because, so the guys, we were shorted guy on a delivery. I had to go on a delivery and I love going on deliveries because it’s like, it’s the backend and you get to help the customer and you get to see everything, you get to see their excitement. But it was funny because when we walked through the door, the, uh, the lady was like, Oh my God, I saw fishbowl and I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was hilarious. Oh my gosh, the wards, the bit that ended the video is when it gets good because the beers hitting you. And I’m like, not me, But no, it’s, it’s really cool. Um, not only is it informative, but evidently it’s very entertaining to people.

Speaker 5: (58:58)
That’s why I think we should start the beers a little bit early. The whole thing is isn’t her tail

Speaker 2: (59:09)
Before this degrades into an offer, all keep going with your, what I learned.

Speaker 5: (59:14)
No, I really learned that authentically. We have customers that are following that. We have a base that we’re providing a service that they are looking for or where we’re meeting our goals in reaching you all out there. Um, in kind of the whole like socialization realm, because we don’t have that right now with this whole like new COVID-19 world, 20, 20, 20, 21 experience. Um, we’re all kind of craving socializing. So for us to be like doing this, taking the time to set up all of the lights and the cameras and the table and the pretzels and the beer and the dogs and the have to know that you’re listening right now. And then you’d come into the store and tell us that you, that you saw us that is really awesome because it complete the circuit that, you know, that lets us know that our we’re not doing this for nothing. You know?

Speaker 2: (01:00:13)
No, that’s super important. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for watching. Um, you don’t know how much we appreciate it. And there is quite a bit of work that goes into these videos, but it’s always worthwhile. Um, because we know we’re making you laugh, but on top of that, we know that we’re helping. And um, when I hear people, especially with sleep coach, when I hear people say, Hey, you’ve really helped me sleep better. Yeah. This poor dog is freezing. He just got a haircut this morning,

Speaker 1: (01:00:43)
His coat shaved off and he’s like, what’s going on?

Speaker 2: (01:00:47)
So anyways, so with that, we will let you go for the night. We appreciate you watching. Um, we appreciate everything that you do with us for us. And we appreciate any time you come in.

Speaker 5: (01:00:59)
I feel like us be sure to follow us, subscribe to YouTube or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, uh, make sure to go to www, uh, LivWell and the tune in, give us a comment, give us a light that summons up. And if you have any comments or concerns or questions,

Speaker 2: (01:01:20)
Please email us or call us at the store, visit us at the store

Speaker 1: (01:01:23)
And those providing the questions. We appreciate you as well. So anybody who’s listening, if you want to add some questions to our fishbowl series, by all means, send them in. We are definitely interested in to answering your questions. That’s the whole purpose of this is for you guys and the meaning of life. You hope you’re right, guys. Have a wonderful night. Bye.