Fish Bowl

Weekly Wind Down Show ep 2

Transcript of Today’s Episode:

So, yeah, I think, uh, no, I don’t want to do it on the chairs.
We don’t have to do it on the chairs. We can do it on the bed. I, Whoa, wait, I think I thought we were talking about for comfort, comfort, Javier, why don’t we [inaudible] talking and that’s the intro. And then afterwards you go, okay. Three, two, one, and we’re just tuning a warning would be nice. I thought that was a really good intro. Okay. So what kind of beer do we have? We have orange red. That was our intro. I’m sorry, why don’t you go ahead and pour it.
Hi everybody. I’m Javier
Gretchen and am Melanie.
And this is another Friday fishbowl where we answer your questions from the week. And, uh, I’m pouring Barley’s red from five seven, five local beer local buy local drink, local eat local. And Gretchen’s going to be having sleepy lady sleeping lady from five, seven, five also. And the reason that she’s having sleeping lady is because last week’s raspberry Tressel may have made her Friday night. Just a little too act.
Let’s just say I haven’t drank in so long that you could taste the on the raspberries. Yeah, it was so good. I got past that after my first math class. Why are you doing a half glass over there? He didn’t even give her a full glass. This is his punishment because good.
We have to have an intermission on the video last week. Oh, chair’s to another great week. This is before COVID. Yup. Yup. Just so you know, just in name, in the name of safety, we all took our temperatures before we’ve been working with mass phone all day. We always have to have this disclaimer, because we want you to know we’re trying to play as safe as humanly possible. Yes. All right. So, um, we’ve got a whole bunch of questions. This that’s the whole format of fish, fish of fishbowl is we take your questions throughout the week and we put them all in here and we, uh, answer your questions. Yeah. Yeah. There has to be, there’s definitely some fun questions in here and there might be some questions that were handwritten by someone, but I don’t know,
So. Okay. Fair enough to get them.
So, all right. So first question, can you ship orders from your online store? How many business questions are we going to allow? Let’s do
Again? Well, I just,
I feel like business questions. Don’t well, I guess this helps people. We have a new online.
Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. Okay. Okay. All so can you ship
From your online store? Yes, yes,
Yes we can. We have,
So, um, our online store has always been a very active store. Uh, people shop it for the details on the mattresses and now they shop it for the details on the furniture and now they shop it for the boutique. Uh, ever since we opened up the boutique part of the website and gave it a new, fresh look, people have been shopping it and we have been shipping. Uh, the furthest that we’ve gotten so far is Rhode Island. I thought that was pretty cool. I thought that was really cool. Yep. So Rhode Island and, um, I wanted to go with the package, but unfortunately ups does not allow you to do that. So yeah, it makes too much noise anyways. Yeah. Yeah.
Oh yeah. It’s winter. Huh? Yeah. They got like a, they got a bunch of snow
Or they don’t, you know,
They’re not, I’ve never been up there. They have wins puffins, puffins, puffins.
What is the capital of arraignment?
Don’t ask me. I used to know one time, I think before the,
No, I was like, who was like right there. Okay. All right. Next question. Because that question was quite easy. All right, here we go. Here we go. What is the wait time on getting mattresses to your store? I’ve tried to order one online and was told to wait four weeks. Wow. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. There’s some places that are four weeks. Um, I know that for us, um, the only ones that are four weeks sort of specialty ones, the rest bed. Um, and that’s just because it’s so technical. So advanced that those pieces that are in there are the, I don’t know. Yeah. You do
Called pressure transducers. [inaudible] pressure transducers in the technology inside of the rest bed is the same medical quality medical grade, uh, because it started out in the medical industry. So yeah, they’re doing, they’re ramping up their efforts to help make, uh, the respirators. And so that has slowed down a little bit of their production and got a little bit of a wait time, but it’s a good wait time. Cause you know, you’re waiting for something important.
Yep. But the rest of our mattresses, I will tell you that, um, the rest of the weight on the mattresses is about a week maybe. Uh, I think at most we’ve had to wait maybe two weeks for some stuff. Um, and that was just because of shortages, right?
Yeah. We get ours pretty fast mainly because the majority of our mattress orders do come out of Texas so
Far away. That’s awesome.
So it is really quick. Yeah. I just heard noise. Yeah.
It was kind of a, you locked the doors, right? There’s no lock. The doors are closed. Okay.
Okay. All right. Okay. All right. Do you do the delivery that read that?
Do you deliver to El Paso? Yes. That was actually a question I got two days ago. And how do we handle it? Uh, yes, we do deliver to El Paso. We deliver in our area. Um, there’s a little bit of a price difference between here and town. Um, and whether you’re in El Paso, we also deliver up to Rio DOSO and Las Cruces. So our surrounding areas.
And we’ve done a couple of Roswell. Yes. Yeah. We’ve done, definitely done a couple of Roswell, um, breast beds and the instant comforts. Um, mostly the, the big cities are like the specialty beds. Right. I mean, cause they see it on, on our website and they’re like, Oh, this is the only place where I can buy it and they’ll come in and check out. I mean it, cause it, it is a trip, but um, if you’re looking for the breastfed, uh, it’s definitely worth the trip. Um, there’s so much science behind the thing. That’s just amazing.
Dan Artesia. Don’t forget our teacher they’re right there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry. I forgot our teacher. [inaudible] um, we have out of our Carlsbad store. We’ve delivered to Pecos, Texas. Um, yeah. Well Hondo. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Definitely. So we’ve we hit all points in between. Um, just let us know where we need to go and we’ll figure something out for you. I don’t think we’re particularly picky about where we deliver just as long as there’s good restaurants and a good brewery along the way. We got no prep.
And if he’s doing the delivery, do not tip him with cookies because he doesn’t share his customer. Ratted him out, asked how the cookies were. And I said, what? Cookies? Yes.
Thank you. Ma’am for the cookies. I appreciate it. But I did not appreciate you riding the out to my wife
Cookies. Yeah.
It was a hard delivery. It was a really hard delivery. I was a really hard delivery. Okay. We’re burning through these questions quite quickly. I think it’s because the beer hasn’t hit yet, but when the beer hits, it slows down. Yeah.
Yeah. It’s pretty tasty. This is a nice red I’m on film.
If you read it, how
Often does Brechin change her hair?
Thank you for whoever sent that one in
My answer to that is however much I need to, or have to feel like a change that’s needed, which would COVID gets often. Yes,
She does change her hair quite often. Um, if you look at the past, um, good mornings with sleep well videos. Um, gosh, from when we first opened, she had long hair, she had curly hair, she had straight hair, she had bobbed hair. She had longer hair. Okay.
Blonde hair, Brown hair, hot pink purple in my hair. She did hot pink, hot pink, but not in public. I never showed up to work with it. Matter of fact, I got it done one day and the next day I had it out. So yeah, that was a big mistake, but
It was very hot pink. Let’s just say, if you can imagine like chewing gum on her hair, that’s what it looked like. It was a highlighter. Yeah. It was like a human highlighter. Yeah. Yeah. But it was, it w it was intense.
It’s pretty, but it wasn’t a professional look for me in the store. Right. It was really pretty, but yeah, it was like a silver pink, pink. Yeah. It was really painful right now. She’s got purple and it’s not even hair does this or not. This is from shampoo that I use to get the brassiness out. And so it adheres, it deposits the color purple since it’s purple shampoo. Purple conditioner into my room
Where most of us rinse off those shampoos
Who doesn’t do that. You have to get the same one. I do. It’s called Kristin S E S S yes. And then space E S S
I used it on my beard. Can you shoot it?
You didn’t use it on your beard or your shirt would match your face.
Yeah. Yeah. All right. So, um, thank you for sending in that question. It’s not appreciated in any ways.
I think it’s pretty awesome. Thank you.
Why don’t you sell Serta or Sealy mattresses? Ooh, that’s a good one. Why don’t we sell the big four S mattresses? Oh, I’ll start that one. You start that one
Because a name does not provide a product all the time. Um, the ideas behind what used to be in the past, where you just market market, market, market, market, your name. So the first thing you think of whenever you wake up, if you’re like, Oh, this bed is not so comfortable anymore. You think of these big brand names, but when you research product, you can actually find really good products out there that are not from the name brand families that provide excellent sleep and great support. And our idea behind finding a mattress for somebody is about matching into a sleep area, which would it be heard? We called obviously, a mattress. Do you think fear is already hidden? Um, but the thing is, is a name brand. Doesn’t always provide the support or the match. So when we research our product, we go based off of what’s inside of a mattress, which would be the latex, the memory foam, the Springs, and how they actually apply those things. And we bring in sleep systems. So with that, we’ve researched. That’s why we brought in what we have.
What’s your take on it? Why don’t we carry the forest, but they guys,
So in the past, when I’ve worked in advertising and marketing, I know a lot of the dollars that you spend to purchase your methods, go to advertising, whether it’s television online newsprint. Um, so a lot of that now a brand could be worth billions of dollars, just the brand, um, and that doesn’t even go into the products and manufacturing and the quality of that. So a lot of these other companies that we go on with like Englander there, um, all that money is going into the quality of the product and the materials and the steel, um, creating us jobs, local jobs. And, uh, it’s awesome. So you’re either getting and paying for advertising and all of those awesome commercials on television or in print or online, or you’re actually getting a premium quality product.
Yep. And my take on it as exactly what, what they both said. Um, we’ve had plenty and trust me with the store that looks like this. We’ve had plenty of reps in here, uh, wanting us to buy into the forest friends. So four major brands, which I’m just saying sort of Sealy, Simmons, beauty, rest, all of those Tempur-Pedic, they’ve all wanted to come in here. Uh, it’s it’s just a matter of, we can’t find a reason, a reason to, we have a manufacturer that can turn around and have a good quality mattress to our customers within a week. And that matters more to me than having a brand name that, you know, Ooh, wow. So what they advertise more on, on magazines on radio online. Um, but we can build the brand of our store around the quality products that we sell to you and that we have here for you. So that’s, that’s a really good question. We actually get that a lot. Um, a lot of people do brand shop for mattresses just because it’s a trusted name, but quite honestly, that’s just marketing and advertising. And like she said, it’s, it’s expensive. It’s very expensive. And they, they charge you for it. It’s it’s, uh, it’s kinda not fair from our point of view. I mean, that was kind of the principles that we started the company with. So yeah. Yeah. Good question though. Oh yeah, definitely.
Um, with that to you, if you think like grocery shopping and especially in Alamogordo and the first thing that my pop-up is, where did you get that? Oh, Walmart, because everyone shops at Walmart, it’s a big, huge entity that has just about every major you could possibly think of. So in the process, if you think about it that way as well, um, it’s not necessarily going to be the best person contact. If you go to a bigger store, you’re one of millions versus if you go to a smaller company where they treat you very good family.
So we’ve really
Bonded with a lot of our vendors that we have, and we appreciate them just as much as they appreciate us. So it works well. I mean, when they actually hear you and listen to you and know your name,
Yeah. We’ve actually, this is how close we’ve gotten to our vendors before. We’ve actually been able to give them specs that we need. Um, let’s, let’s say for instance, the, a bed for bigger people, we gave them the specs that we needed for bigger people and they actually built a bed for us. And that was, that was wonderful. That was a really good experience. Yeah. That was really good. It means that it means that your word matters to them and their quality matters to you. Like, I don’t know how to
You matter. Yes. You’re important enough that they actually take it through your sleep. So you’re not just wondering.
Yep. Yep. Anything else? Anything else? Nope. Nope. Nope. Why aren’t you touching your bear today?
I’m halfway through, why are you up? Like you guys need to catch up with me.
I’m judging you. Yeah. What’d you have like two drinks, huh?
I had enough that I just slowed down because I started sweating to give her my secret in the last week. I was just like, Oh, we gotta go stop cutting this terrace.
I’m looking for a fun question. Fun question. Okay. How many coils should be in a mattress? Where are my furniture? People, I need furniture. People. How many coils should be in a mattress? I can’t answer that. How many?
All right. If you, we always go by screen size, because pain is like the average mattress you should have at least 725 pills on a mattress. If you don’t, then your mattress vendor is most likely saving money. They make encasement bigger and that we’d have less steel, which are your coils inside the mattress. And it also gives you less support because your edges and step have a greater chance of breaking down the wider. It gets. So
Very good. Very good. What’s your thoughts on it?
More steel that’s in the bed or if you have quantum coils, the more it costs and the more it costs to manufacture it. So that is an, and the price is still has gone up immensely. And if there’s even a shortage of steel, right. So it all works into that. And so it’s kinda like, yeah, I think that’s all.
So when you get the one 99 queen nuts, I mean, you’re getting the one 99. Yeah. Yeah. You’re getting a one 99 worth. Yeah.
And you’re paying for the quality of skill, the gauge how thick the coils are and you can really feel it when you, when you sit down on it or push it.
Yup. Yup. Let’s talk, um, on, on this subject, do you know what motion transfer is? Okay. What’s motion transfer. Motion
Transfer is whenever you apply energy, you’re
One part of the mattress and it transfers across. All right.
How do you stop motion transfer?
Um, with independent foil, I would like, that was not as scientific. She threw me out because she was so scientific about it. I was like, wait, I’m the scientific person over here. And now the roles have totally switched over and was all science-y with peers. I don’t know right now I never answers to that. Another delay in my I’m thinking,
Oh yeah. That’s right. Memory, memory foam is probably the best, the best foam to soak up all energy. Yeah. Yeah.
So you can, that’s why they used to show. I still remember the very first Tempur-Pedic commercial I ever saw and it had a lady in her nightie and it had a wine glass in the corner and she’s standing there. She would flip and she’s jumping on the bed and the glass is barely going like this, but that’s, it, it wouldn’t spill because it would absorbs all the energy. And that’s the way the memory foam reacts. Yep.
It, it eats up all your energy. Um, but yes, the more the, the, the individually pocketed coils will soak up all motion transfer. So, yeah. So not only the, you know, how many coils it takes to make a good quality mattress, but now, you know, that individually pocketed coils, I think, try saying that,
And that’s individually marketing points that a lot of advertisers will use. They’ll show commercials of people running up and jumping into bed or jumping on beds. And there’s a cup of wine. That’s not spilling, um, or eggs that are getting crushed or something like that more recently. Um, I always, I keep thinking that we need to have a full on Nerf war in the bed store and jump and roll over the beds. That’s one of my favorite things to do is just take a running leap and roll, like tactical roll over the beds every once in a while.
We’ve actually caught her doing that, just so you know, and this is sober male. This isn’t like I’ve been fricking sober.
I have been known to do that with customers. I don’t do that in front of kids because then they get the wrong idea.
Hang on. I have to refill her glass
Watch. He’s going to give me half. So it equals one glass.
All right. All right. So next question. Oh, and thank you to our customers this week. I mean, this was a wonderful week, by the way, it was quite busy. I was actually in Carlsbad for three days of the week. Um, the weather was beautiful in Carlsbad. I stayed at an Airbnb. And let me tell you, Airbnbs are amazing. Um, just vouching for the one that I stayed in, it was really, and I love my store in Carlsbad. Love the people in Carlsbad.
Awesome. Super team. Super team. Okay.
What happens if we end up not liking our mattress?
Why don’t you let Mel go first?
You can go for it. Yeah, that’s
Right. I got my snow boots on and everything.
Those are snow combat boots put, put them up so that way they can stay up. Combat boots.
MK. Lush. That’s my new ones are made for walking. Yes. So literally in the snow they are made for tracking through a lot.
Cute. They’re warm. I’m a little overdressed. There’s so many layers. January is all about layers in New Mexico.
It was 67. It was 67.
No, it wasn’t. It took me a long time to get dressed. Cause I was like, I don’t have enough layers, maybe 50 something. It was, it was foggy. When I left, there was fog. We don’t get fogged here very often. So when you look, you wake up in the morning and there’s fog. You’re like, what?
Especially when you live right beside the mountain and wake up and you don’t see them out and it’s gone. You’re just like, wait a minute. Where am I?
I think fog in New Mexico can be considered a snow day.
If people don’t know how to drive
In fog or snow or snow.
And you know, what’s really sad. The word fog lights is what you’re supposed to use in the fog. And people still won’t use the fog light. They use regular lights and then it reflects and they can’t see, they turn them all off here. We’re going to pick that up. Okay. What was the question? The question was, what do they do if they don’t like their maps?
What happens if they buy a mattress from us and they don’t like it?
Right. So at the time you purchased a mattress with us
At the time that you met,
I’m going to, I’m going to interrupt her just for a second because you haven’t heard anyone belched until you’ve heard her belch. Okay. Keep going,
Trying to hide it here. Okay. So at the time that you purchased your mattress with us, you can purchase a mattress protector at the same time. And that will give you 30 days and 30 nights because you know, when you purchase a mattress, it’s really important to give it maybe seven to 14 days for your body to readjust to the new sleep cycle. Um, it’s literally a physical issue.
She just burst in case you didn’t hear it. She held it back though.
Yeah. I’m trying to breathe just, okay. Anyways.
And I’m over here trying to figure out if I’m speaking English or Spanish, my brain is trying to catch up.
You can do both. She’s very actually fluent in Spanish so she can do it.
Yeah. We’re going to, that’s going to get really confusing here. So, um, but at the time you purchased your mattress, you have to really give it seven to 14 days because you are going to readjust to a new sleep surface. It’s going to be just like a deep tissue massage or a chiropractic adjustment. It can actually physically hurt. So when I got my new mattress from here, um, we had gone through the entire sleep profile process. It was part of my training. I had never personally owned a brand new mattress. It was always hand me downs. Um, I think I was sleeping in a hole. I’ve slept on futons. I used to sleep on a backpacking mattress, you know, for three to six months at a time as a biologist. So, you know, I didn’t really know what a really good mattress was. Well, we went through the whole, you know, do you sleep on your side or your back? We, uh, both Gretchen and Javier checked my alignment of my spine and they found the right match, but like took that mattress home. And the first night I woke up and both of my legs were completely numb. I got up and I couldn’t walk. And I was like, they want me to sell what I’m selling this to people. And I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me. Um, and I suffer from a lot of like chronic psychotic nerve issues. I’ve been really hard on my body. Most of my spine is old.
I’ve been hard, right. Backpacking, you know, working at a ranch supply store, alfalfa, cows, goats, you name it. So
Love her with calves on her back. Like the, like the Marlboro man looks very cool.
So, you know, I’ve, I’ve used my body. I’ve worked. So, um, yeah, first night woke up. Couldn’t walk second night, my whole arm was numb. I like had this mummy arm. That was horrible. And I was like, this is not working. And you know, that doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can happen if you’ve been sleeping
Really bad stuff. Um, they hooked me up that with the right pillow, which is now my favorite pillow, the LT carbon pool. I just love selling that pillow to folks. And after I got the right bed and the right pillow,
You know, the perks of my neck went away, the pain in my arm, the psychotic pain that was in my shoulder that would hurt so bad when I would type or do anything went away. Um, and it was awesome. So the only time that I really have a bad night’s sleep now is if I overdo it during the day. Um, and I know why over did it. Cause I worked too hard at something, but it’s awesome.
She works too hard at this. Now I do.
You get paid to drink beer and lay on beds and it’s a hard job wear pajamas to work.
Yeah. It’s a hard job, but no. So,
So a mattress protector that gives you 30 days and 30 nights to sleep on it, literally. So if you don’t like your mattress after the third week, give me a call and say, Mel, I hate my bed. This is not working. Or the pain is getting worse. You know, then you can come back to us, we’ll make it right. We’ll find a firmness. Or maybe we need to go a little bit softer. That works. Excuse me for you.
There’s I think people come into the store and think they’re going to be stuck with something. And they’re so set at ease by that. But then their next question is, well, what happens if I can’t find something in your assortment seriously, what’s on our floor. If that’s not enough for you, there’s even more that we can do for you. There is no one, there’s no limit on what we can do. We’ve worked with great manufacturers. We’ve worked with companies that are here to help us help you. So, uh, yeah, don’t, don’t worry about it. When you’re coming to us, you can rest assured you’re going to find what you need. If it’s not the first time around, it will definitely be the second time around.
It’d be intimidating. I mean, we’re talking about mattresses that some of them are equal to a car payment and we’re talking, you know, buyer’s remorse and there are some people that will not purchase a new mattress and wait and wait and wait, because they’re so fearful of buying the wrong one because they’ve been burned before they’ve had a bad experience. They had a sales person that just wanted the commission. They had a person that didn’t know what they were selling or why or what went into it. And they just are turning out profit.
So what do, what advocate? So I know one of the major things that you and I talk about, what do we do to, because with our knowledge of knowing that shopping for mattresses is I think number two, to shopping at a used car place, how do we address that? It’s one of the most feared and most dreaded activities. How do we address that here, in your opinion,
When someone comes in and they automatically, um, kind of, you can tell body language where it makes you feel almost defensive because you feel like these people are going to do the same thing that I’ve experienced in the past. The very first thing we want to do is set you at ease by just asking questions about you. We can’t match you equally to a mattress without knowing what your needs are. So we immediately address what your needs are. Our purpose is to find you what you need not. So you, what we want to have as far as money, um, our process, our process has always been about how can we fulfill your needs? So when you come in, we’re going to ask them on a regimen of questions, of what position do you sleep in? Does anyone have any health elements being, whether it’s as a Greek Luxe or, um, you’ve been Edward people in war.
We’ve had people that have been blown up. They come in and they have really bad back issues. Um, we have people that come in that are perfectly healthy and don’t have any issues, but they’re still sketchy about what you’re going to do. So with our process, we take it by initially starting a profile for you. And with that, it helps us direct you properly around the floor, um, to what you can try. And we top it off with informing you on what’s in the mattress we’re customers, as soon as we walk out of our store. So we want the experience that we would have if we went somewhere else. So we try to provide the best customer service by providing information to what’s in there. What are you paying for understanding the processes of how it’s put together and why it works or why it doesn’t work?
Um, we have visual displays to help explain that as well as having you lay on it and show me what’s in there on top of our offices, um, and laying on each one, just like if you went to a car dealership and you wanted to see, I may not buy that car, but I want to experience that car. Um, the same thing comes here. You may not want to buy a bed, but experiencing, it gives you knowledge. It allows you to understand what the differences are within the sleep realm. Um, but again, we try to touch you at ease because we’re not going to make a sale right here to find you a match your sleep system.
Yep. And there’s no pressure to buy a mattress the same day. Right? Right. We were, we are happy to give you a free quote, um, which includes all of the components, whether it’s the, uh, steel frame that needs to go underneath your bed, headboard, footboard, uh, if you are interested in the sheets or pillows that go with that investment, um, and then we can even tack on taxes. So after paying uncle Sam, you can really see that bottom dollar, um, includes all the discounts that are available at the time. Um, so then you can take that quote home and it’s good for 60 days. Uh, we had to decide upon the 60 days, because during the pandemic we’ve had interim, interim, uh, there’s been, uh, closures, but price increases intermittently. So, you know, we can go ahead and guarantee that, um, and if there is a price increase within that 60 day period, we will honor the first quote.
So then you can take that quote, um, compare it to other stores. You know, there is no pressure to buy from us that same day, or even to come back. If you find something that you really like, you know, go ahead and go. There I’ve even had customers that purchase a mattress somewhere else, but they come back for the pillows and sheets or other components. So just keep in mind, you know, we’re, we’re not just going to sell you a mattress and you don’t have to buy everything from us, but we do have a lot to offer.
And I’ve been for me with being the main person that sees all the reps and everything I’ve been called well, I’ve been told that us by a couple of reps, that our process of handing out quotes and letting people walk out the door with, uh, with their quotes really, um, it isn’t industry standard. And for us, it is standard because we want our customers to know that, you know, you need time to think about this because yeah, it is a boatload of money. Um, and, and you do, you can’t make a decision like that. And half the time you gotta, you gotta give it a good two to three days thought to make sure it fits your budget and everything like that. Because when you walk in here with the idea of going on a mattress, and then you see the difference between a cheap mattress and something that’s gonna last you years, we know that sometimes that peace of mind, you’re going to need a couple of days to think about it. Am I right?
Yes. And you know, to, to also think about financing, you know, if you want to go through synchrony or West Creek or one of our other financing routes of we have that as well. So, you know, if you want to pay down a little bit ahead and then, you know, we have all kinds of different options.
Yup. Yup. We try and make the process, the easiest that it can be. Um, and that includes getting back to the question that we probably had like 15 minutes ago, it includes the back end of it. Once you get it home, if you’re not totally happy with it, that includes that. So yeah, our goal is to make the shopping process as easy as humanly possible. Where are you going? How’s that beer finger. Are we looking for an intermission? Okay, hang on. Let’s do one more question. Let’s do one more, one more question. And then we’ll do our intermission and we’ll come back for our wrap up. All right.
Buffalo check. Now, do we sell these pillows in store? We do. Ooh. He actually took those off of the couch back there.
Oh, they’re beautiful. Yeah. Quit painting the couch. Alright. One more question before intermission and we’ll be back for our weekly wrap up. This is basically the same question that we just asked. It was the same question. It was the same question. It was the second question. Um, this is a business one. Are you guys a franchise? Go ahead.
An answer to anything. I’m going to let you answer that. Cause I’m trying to come up with a Def definition of franchise.
No, we are not a franchise. We are locally owned. We are a New Mexico and we are, uh, locally operated in both our Carlsbad and our Alamo Gordo locations. Um, we do, yeah, we do get a lot of compliments saying that we’d look like a corporately owned store, but no, we are locally owned. I I’ve been in retail since I was 21. Actually he was two. I’ve been in retail since I was 21. And I’m 40 something now. So I’ve been in retail quite a long time. He’s the oldest. Yeah. We’ve we established that last week. Yeah. Thank you. I’m just broken, but no, it’s all at what you see when you walk into the store is all past experience for the wonderful companies that I’ve worked for per decorating mind and my scientific mind, her scientific mind. So we all balance out. Yeah. We balance out pretty good. Uh, Carlsbad is the same thing though. That store looks beautiful because of her decorating mind. Um, it’s, it’s just, it’s uh, it’s. We take a lot of passion into a lot of pride, not passion, a lot of pride into how our stores
Look. Well, we put a lot of passion into it too, so I think, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then really a place to be when you go to work, it shouldn’t feel stringent and cold and
Yeah, I try and keep it stringent and cold, but it doesn’t work out
Work. Even our office area. It’s just so yeah, everywhere we go in here, you just feel comfortable. Yeah.
I, I can honestly say, and I’m not just like making this up, but since I’ve started working here, I don’t think that there’s a single day where laughter hasn’t broken out at some point, even on our hardest days, because we do have hard days. We’re only human, but there’s laughter multiple times a day, at least once a day. I always hear, I think that we make a point of that is as a team, if we’re having a hard time, somebody will try to crack a joke or something. Then we try to keep it real because it’s a lot of responsibility. Then we have beer Fridays.
Yeah. Yeah. Then we have beer Fridays. Yep. Except beer 30 yet. Yeah. She starts asking that about eight 30 in the morning.
She’s not here Monday. Oops.
All right. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna take a short intermission. We’ll be
Right back. Come back. Oh, we have a special guest.
Oh yes. We have a special guest when we get back. Yep.
Yep. So definitely check it out.
Okay. We are back and we have our special guest. Hello.
See, I’m not the only one that’s cold.
No I no, no, no. You’re not the only one that’s called. He’s obviously he’s obviously freezing. We have heat in here. It’s just a he’s cold. And he hits, used to be kind of quiet. He’s very quiet. He’s been back there the whole time, but thank you for moving up. We’ve we’ve invited him to our fishbowl. Um, he said, well, since we’re not paying him, he’s not going to speak.
So don’t don’t you want to have a beer though? I mean,
Okay. Okay. So this is wrap up. This is what we’ve learned this week. This is what we’ve learned this week. Um, who wants to start wrapping up? Yeah, you’re making it awkward. Okay.
Yeah, he can listen. You can fill in uncomfortable. Okay. So what did we learn this week? I have spent lots of time, um, reading and listening to podcasts. And one of those podcasts, I was surprised to learn that your pillow, after just a couple of years, waste 33% more just because of the dust mites and skin flakes and all of your sweat and drool, your pillow is literally the marinated and all of this stuff. I mean, even like nosebleeds, I mean think about it a lot happens on your pillow. Okay. I’m sober.
That’s what I learned. That’s interesting. So now how long have you had your pillow come by and get a pillow from us?
Yeah. Yeah. That was really, that was a statement that was like, fear-mongering advertising marketing, but I don’t think you meant it that way, but I even want a new pillow now.
Well, one thing you can do to combat that is a pool, that’ll help you because then you can wash up and with the director all the time, just like a mattress protector prevents it from going in there, but that is the grossest back that I’ve had to do with it. We also have pillows that are
Yup. Yeah, we do. Yep.
That has pillow cases that you’re talking about. They have silver fluoride.
Ooh, go. There’s scientists, Mel. She had some serious yeah. Scientists. Mel hadn’t appeared yet. Huh? Okay. All right. So, all right. So what’d you learn this week?
No. What are you going to do with yourself this way? Okay. So this week my husband went to the Carlsbad store and he stayed there for a few days. So I ran all over here for a bit. Um, and I have to say, I learned what an amazing team and I know that’s not one of our products we’ve done, but I do want to brag on them through deliveries, which I have no part in all of a sudden I was, um, handling the team and making sure it’s stuff was going out. Stuff was being brought in properly. All of that, as well as working with Mel, Mel is an amazing, as you can tell, very informational, very nice and funny and stylish here. And we have a lot of fun and our team just pulls together and melts so well. I was telling Javiera, you know, we were, we took a big risk when we opened his door and I don’t mean to offend anybody.
Who’s not religious, but um, we put all our weight in what God had to lead us towards. And with that, we combined our mission statement with our tools that God has given us our blessings. And with that, we’ve grown into two stores and we have amazing teams here. We have an amazing outstanding team in Carlsbad. We have an amazing delivery team and it’s just been a great adventure. Um, and when you get put in that driver’s seat and you’re just watching everything unfold and watching people jump in and do their part, it’s just like putting music together just works. And that was my thing. This week was getting to see just how well things can actually work with the right people. And we have gotten amazing. I just can’t say enough about it. So my learning thing this week was just getting the witness hands-on and work with our team in a different aspect and watch how people jump in and do their job. Yup. Yep.
That’s wonderful. That’s the best. That’s a really good lesson. So for me, with me spending the three days this week in Carlsbad, of course, I learned that my Carlsbad team’s amazing. I learned that my Alamogordo team’s amazing. I also learned that my, um, my suspecting of me having sleep apnea is real. I, I, I recently bought a new Samsung watch. It’s a watch three, not a commercial, but I will tell you that it does a, um, what is it? The, the SPO to the oxygen levels in your blood? And I woke up on a, I believe it was one today or two Tuesday or Wednesday night. And my blood oxygen level was down to a 55. And I was like, what? And I had noticed that when I bought this, the sleep monitor kept having these little dashes of time that I was awake throughout the night and I ignored it and up until this week. So, um, I will start, uh, I’m going to start doing videos on, on my quest to go get a few study done. And hopefully when I’m doing the sleep study and everything, we can do some filming on it because I think that’s going to be important for everybody out there because a lot of people, they have sleep apnea and they have sleeping issues, but they don’t really think about it. So I think that’s another way that we can share our sleep information, uh, with you and maybe
They don’t realize how easy it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that’s, that’s going to be a big thing. I’m going to be sharing that, um, that that’s this coming week. I I’m, I’m barely taking it seriously. I’m like you guys, I’ve, I’ve been like, Oh, I’m fine. I’ll, I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I, we have an adjustable base. I’ve even slept some nights with the base up. I do this, this, uh, this rinse where you put water up your nose just to keep your nose hydrated or whatever. Um, I do all of this and I just I’ve noticed that recently. I’d say within the past three months, I’ve, I’ve been down in the mornings. I’ve even had a hard time waking up to go running and, uh, that wasn’t normal. So this is something that I’m going to be facing with you guys and just to share. So that way there’s no fear in taking the sleep test. So that’s what I’ve learned to speak. That’s what I’m going to do this coming week. Also, one more thing. Um, I know that you guys have now have time to see those, the sleep coach video on the melatonin. What was your opinion on it? I’ll have you read the article what’s going on?
Okay. So Javier actually bought melatonin and brought it home and I’ve been using it each night, but he’s had it. And my children have actually started taking it as well. Uh, we take it by seven or eight o’clock at night and I love my rest. I don’t remember being asleep. And normally if I were to roll over, I’m a light sleeper. So if I roll over, I can wake up or easy. I mean, I can go back to sleep, but my sleep now, I don’t, if I’m rolling over and I do check my watch to see what it says, as far as my sleep and my sleep problems are still really nice, but I don’t remember anything as far as like rolling over and stuff. So it has really aided my sleep.
What about you scientist? What’s your take on it?
Well, I take a much smaller dose and I take it much earlier cause I was taking like at a higher dose really late at night and I was rolling in here late at work and like my hair wasn’t even there. You can trust that. I will be at least five to 10 minutes late. I’m working on this. I really am. There are slime molds that are smarter than me and I’m having fun with it. I know that there are slime molds. Like that’s it that’s a whole other story, but
Selma Gordo, there’s only like two routes here.
Five different rats. There are seven stoplights between my house and here I have found three alternate routes. One of them has only one stoplight a little bit further, but it’s nicer. There’s more Palm trees. Yes. There’s Palm trees in Alma Gordo. Um, so I’ve decided if I can reward myself for getting up a little bit earlier, I can take the Palm three route. I even saw Cooper’s Hawk on, on the Palm tree. I was pretty excited about that. I have
A router all for you. That works really good.
We’re going to have to talk. Yes, because I do know. Yeah, we’re getting off topic again, but if I take a smaller dose of melatonin at night, I know that, uh, my headaches have been less. Um, I feel better. I’m not even noticing. I don’t know. We’re going to have to graph this out a little bit more, but I don’t even think my dogs are waking up.
So you’re taking melatonin. Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah.
So somehow the last couple of nights that I’ve taken a small dose of melatonin, not even my dogs wake up at three o’clock in the morning to go out. So my theory on this is that I’m sleeping better. And when I start moving around and waking up and coming out of that sleep cycle is when the dogs wake up. So it’s not the dogs waking me up. I’m waking the dog.
That makes sense. That makes sense. Yep.
I don’t know the truth of that. I’m still kind of weirded out by this guy. Cause he’s he’s dones instead of say we kind of read them out, but I really do think that there’s a connection. I normally be a better dosage that you started taking.
No, we don’t discuss those. So just because of, yeah, we don’t want to discuss dosages. Any recommendations do we ended up, we are sorry about that. You need, yeah. You need to do your own. You need to do your own research. We apologize for that. Yeah. Yeah. We’re not, we’re not two doctors
Take a whole bottle. I do
Think that the link between less severity in COVID COVID-19, um, you know, it, it makes total sense. I mean our immunity, this is our time to recharge your bodies. There is so much that happens in our sleep. You know, there’s so much that happens biochemically on a Biomek molecular level. That, I mean, we’re just learning about it. I mean, do we need to sleep a full eight hours, a half, eight hours? I mean, there’s so much,
There’s so much science and still needs to be done, but I think, yeah, I think the studies are pretty legit. I think that we have a lot to learn from these. I think that there is a value to melatonin. Um, and I, I hope that all of you have seen that video, if not, I’ll be running it. What, what did I did I say it
Like, I keep burping. I tried to perk loud, but it didn’t happen
Up there. All right. And with that, we’re going to wrap up this week’s fish fall. Uh, we appreciate you guys watching, please remember to like subscribe and, um, avoid these people. Yeah.
Uh, they say about their, I mean really be serious about what you’re doing. Yeah. We joke about it, but
This guy, whenever you see him on the internet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But say hi to him
By anything. I mean, isn’t he going to say to me? We brought him on the show. You mean he’s just gone. He’s here for the summers.
Yep. Yep. Have a wonderful night. Have a wonderful week. We’ll see you next week. Don’t forget. New item. Video comes out on Monday, sleep coach on Wednesdays and, uh, be looking out for our other videos. Have a wonderful week. Bye.