Technogel Pillows – Pillows Designed to Be the Best for Cooler Sleep and Neck Support

The Technogel Pillows are designed to keep you cool, with a generously thick layer of thick cooling gel, and to support your neck, with two different sizes for better shoulder and neck support.

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Hello everyone, I’m Melanie and I’m here today to introduce you to our favorite pillow by techno gel. It just recently received our customer choice award for our company for Better Sleep. Hope you can tune in today. You’re gonna love this pillow. The techno Gel Pillow is specifically designed for back or side sleeping. It’s one of our favorite pillows, and it has perfect alignment for your spine and your shoulder. It was recommended to us by our local chiropractor, and there’s two different sizes to choose from. There’s a smaller contour pillow, and then there’s the anatomical. If you have broader shoulders or a bigger frame, for me personally, I sleep on the contour. When we place both of the pillows together on the bed, we can really truly get a feel for the size difference. We have the anatomic pillow here, uh, best suited for broad shoulders and a larger frame.

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And then this is my favorite pillow here, the contour. It just perfectly aligns with my build. Uh, between the two pillows, there are different sides of the pillow. Depending on if you’re gonna sleep on your back, you’ll wanna choose the side that’s a little bit lower, and then the pillow, uh, can then be turned around. If you’re gonna go to sleep on your side, that’ll assure the proper alignment, and that’s what truly makes these pillows ergonomic. Okay, so one of my favorite things about the Teon gel pillow is that it features this removable cover. It’s easy to wash. As a great zipper comes right off. Then you can throw it right into the washing machine. This cover itself has a really nice cooling feel to it, and there’s some technology that in there to help draw the heat away from your body. Me personally, it’s perfect with the cover on it.

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Um, I sleep cooler. It helps me fall asleep faster. Uh, it also is really great if I have a migraine or just not feeling great. That coolness against my forehead and the side of my face is really refreshing. But if you wanna go a little bit cooler, you can remove the cover completely and just sleep on the pillow as is. Um, you can even put a light cover on it. Uh, but the cooling gel technology is especially designed to pool away the heat away from your body. Um, since I have switched over to the techno gel from my other side sleeping pillow, I’m sleeping better at nighttime and the neck and, uh, kind of crunchy shoulder in the morning and and hurt feeling has alleviated and has, uh, gone down significantly. I love my techno gel pillow. The high grade gel that’s featured inside of these techno gel pillows is used in medical devices.

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It’s non-toxic, it’s hypoallergenic, and there’s nothing scary inside of these pillows to keep you up at night. Techno gel is an investment, but think about it this way. It’s an investment in your overall health and wellness, and it’s going to lead to a more restorative night’s sleep. The technology that’s found in these techno gel pillows cannot be beat. It features fine Italian craftsmanship and has some of the most advanced materials in the industry available today. This investment, uh, is one of the best that you could make. It’s not really a pillow. It’s not something that’s really fluffy and soft. Think about it this way, you’re purchasing a bed for your head. All right. Techno gel pillows are my top pick. They, again, received our customer award for our company, and we hope that you can come on to the store and purchase one today. If you liked this video and you found it helpful, please go ahead and like, and subscribe to our channel for more of helpful videos on how you can get a better, more restorative night’s sleep. , I can never,

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