Sleeping In A Recliner – Why, What It Does, and Other Options

Sleeping overnight in a recliner has been a trend lately that we’ve heard from our customers on their sleep habits.  It’s an interesting trend that we found a little disturbing but wanted to research it further to find out if there were any negatives to it.  What we found was a balance of negative and positive findings in health research.

Why Do People Sleep in a Recliner?

The majority of the people we have had come in and stated they sleep in a recliner is due to breathing problems.  They cannot breathe when they are laying on their back during the night and elevating their head seems to help.

The second most common reason is back issues, and their current mattress does not help them address the pain.  Back pain is almost equally as common as breathing problems.

The third most common issue is acid reflux.  This issue doesn’t come up as often with male customers, but it seems to be a thing more with female customers (our findings, nothing scientific here, just observation).

What Impact Does Sleeping in a Recliner Have?

Let’s address this in two ways.  First, we will talk about the emotional impact.  Yes, there is an emotional impact on the separation.  Sleeping in a separate bed/recliner/room has an effect of driving a wedge in between mates.  It may help alleviate the health issues slightly, but it does not do much in the way of strengthening a partnership.  Research shows that the act of sleeping in the same bed leads to the emotional growth of the partnership.  The act of leaving the marital bed lends to a loss of closeness.

Sleeping in a recliner also has physical issues that can arise.  Your recliner may not be able to support your spine in a manner that keeps you from back pain, and can even lead to joint tension.  Joint tension causes a lack of mobility and pain when you try to flex or stretch.  A good recliner can alleviate some of this issue though.  Look for something that offers excellent lumbar support.

For information on the Top 3 Features to look for in a Power Recliner here is the link to our blog on that very subject – TOP 3 FEATURES TO LOOK FOR IN A POWER LIFT CHAIR

The Positive Impact of Sleeping in a Recliner

The flip side of sleeping apart from your partner is that by moving to another room and elevating your head to help you breath easier, you are also removing the issue of snoring from the room.  Your partner may also be losing precious sleep due to the constant noise of snoring from your breathing issue.

The use of a recliner to angle your upper body also helps to quickly dissipate a lot of acid reflux symptoms.  Just a simple raise of your upper body of a few inches makes it easier for you to stop feeling acidic pains.

These days there are even power lift recliners that are designed for sleeping in, like the UltraComfort Chairs discussed in our blog –Have A Loved One Sleeping In A Recliner?

Better Ways of Dealing with these Issues Other Than Sleeping in a Recliner

The first and best way of dealing with these issues is to see a doctor.  A Sleep Study would help you find out whether your snoring is a real sign a sleep apnea, a severe breathing condition which can harm your heart. Medical professionals are the absolute best way of dealing with snoring issues. Sleep medicine has come so far in the past few years, and patients who take advantage of it are always amazed at the difference it makes.

Another way of dealing with the need for elevated head or body during sleep is to invest in a sleep system that includes a power base.  A power base is a difference-maker for many people with back issues.  We are not talking about a hospital type bed but a power base that fits under your mattress and allows you to adjust the elevation to your needs and comfort.  We have sold many power bases to people with back issues and acid reflux issues.  Many have come back and told us about the difference they have made in their sleep.

In closing, I want to suggest that you look at the issue causing you to consider sleeping in a recliner.  Is it something that you need to seek the advice of a medical professional? Is it a simple fix that a visit to a store like ours can help you find a solution?  Either way, you will be better off seeking other avenues in the long term.  Sure sleeping in a recliner can offer a quick short term solution but take the time to find another more back and partner-friendly solution for the long run.  You, your back, your sleep, and your partner will thank you!

Please feel free to offer comments and alternative solutions you have used! We love to hear back from our readers.

About the author:

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