Sleep Coach Minute – Caffeine (Ep1 2019)

Is Caffeine Costing You Sleep?

Here is a transcription of this video for you:

Javier here with live well mattress and furnishing centers and this is this week’s sleep coach minute. And today I want to talk to you about caffeine. How late in the day are you drinking this? How late in a day are you drinking this? Well, when I want to let you know is drinking caffeine past 4:00 PM could hold you up until 10:00 PM that’s six hours processing time for your body to get rid of caffeine that past 4:00 PM four to six I think you’re pretty safe. However, if you drink caffeine later than that, you’re going to be staying up like for half the night. Now, drinking caffeine doesn’t stop you from falling asleep. What it does is it stops you from falling into a deep sleep. Deep sleep is the restorative sleep that you need in order to flush all the toxins out of your brain so that way you can wake bright eyed, bushy tailed the next day. So keep that in mind next time that you’re drinking caffeine later in the day. There’s nothing wrong with caffeine, there’s absolutely nothing. Nothing wrong with caffeine, just to keep it managed and keep it, stop drinking it about 4:00 PM so that way you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up great the next morning. Until next time, this is Javier. Have a wonderful day.