S86 Power/Adjustable Base

New Item of the Week

For great reasons why you should consider an adjustable bed frame, please visit our articles – Why Bending Your Mattress Can Change Your Life and Adjusting Your Sleep For a Healthier Lifestyle.  These articles will help see WHY an adjustable base can help you find better sleep and pain-free days.

Here’s the transcript of this week’s video:

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Hi, I’m Melanie from Live Well and on today’s new item review, I’ll be featuring Southerland’s quietest and most durable, adjustable power base. The silver series S 86. The InMotion adjustable power base creates a custom sleep experience with ultra quiet motors and one of the highest lift capacities in the industry with multiple programmable options.

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The [inaudible] features back and leg adjustability, a backlit wireless remote with built-in flashlight. Great features to help you relax like back massage and wave patterns and programmable memory options so that you can control the adjustments you want at the push of a button Southerland’s 86 features, quality craftsmanship that will serve you for years to come. These power base and adjustable base systems not only provide a great comfort, but they help promote great health to a power base can help you breathe easier. Relax your back better and help your circulation improve. Come see the new Southerland S eight six power base at Live Well mattress and furnishing centers today.