Good Mornings with Sleep Well

Talk About Pillows
Season 2 Episode 3

Pillows are as important

as the mattress YOU lay on.  

Most of us don’t notice the importance of the pillow you lay on.  This week we discuss the importance of getting the right pillow for the right sleep posture.  From Shoulder to Contour, there are many different choices, we are here to help you decide what is what for you.

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Here is a transcript of the video above.  

Speaker 2:                           00:08                     Hi, I’m Javier and I’m Gretchen and this is good mornings with sleep. Well, so, uh, our second episode of season two.

Speaker 3:                           00:14                     Yay. Awesome.

Speaker 2:                           00:16                     Yup. Yup. It’s been a very busy week this past week. Um, uh, let’s see. Yesterday we were in Carlsbad. Yes. What’d you think of the weather? 83 degrees.

Speaker 3:                           00:26                     I’m ready for it. I know that there’s been, there’s been a great winter and I love snow, but being at move in a place that doesn’t hold snow, just wind and cold. I’m ready for the warm.

Speaker 2:                           00:37                     Oh, it’s too hot. Too Hot already. And what I’m thinking of is we actually have to next, next week, next week we have to put the banner up on the outside of the building and it’s going to be already looked 87 degrees on a Tuesday next week. So it’s like, and I mean it, you know, sunscreen, I guess. Yeah. That’s what we’re going to have to do.

Speaker 3:                           00:58                     Lots of sunscreen and ice water. Yup. You’ll get it done. I don’t want to water. Oh, that’s right. Okay.

Speaker 2:                           01:04                     So, uh, and then speaking about this week, we have a big event on Thursday. This week. You want to say something about that? Cause I’m excited.

Speaker 3:                           01:11                     Absolutely. Um, well if we hadn’t, I think we did tell everybody. I don’t think so. I don’t think. Okay. Well if we haven’t mentioned it before, Javier and I are brewers, we love to brew beer. Um, and we have some great friends, uh, Bill and Vicky and they are chasing the dream and opening a brewery very shortly here in Alamogordo. And in the process they are going to be having a sample beer night expo here tomorrow night. My personal invite only and we’re going to have people sampling the beer that he’s going to be having then his grand opening and giving them feedback so he can have, you know, the best possible tasting beer possible. Right. And also just engaging with the community because it’s huge for a small town.

Speaker 2:                           01:58                     Yeah. I think it’s a big deal. But now when she says personal invite only if you’re watching this video and you’re like, Hey, I would love to do something like that. Message us, message us. Cause this is going to happen, uh, Thursday, April, tomorrow, tomorrow, April 4th, April, April 4th. Yeah, that isn’t today the fourth. No, today’s the third. Yeah. So Thursday, April 4th at 6:00 PM here at the store. And if you see the video and you’re like, Hey, I would really love to be there, just message her or I on a Facebook messenger through the, uh, the sleep off Facebook page. Um, and, and you’re definitely be welcome to come in. It’s by invite only. Uh, but I mean definitely we would love to have you here, especially if you are a, um, a beer drinker with a very distinguished on which that’s her. She has, she has taste buds. I can taste any kind of layer of flavor, which I can’t. I just go like, hey, this is a good beer. This is a bad beer.

Speaker 3:                           02:54                     Yeah. It’s a curse actually. Yup. Cause I smell everything to you and I’m just like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2:                           03:00                     So, uh, the other thing that we have coming up next Friday, not this Friday, but next Friday, sleep well is hosting fan club for the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce, which it’s a food and networking event. Um, we, we give a like I think it’s a 20 minute talk. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. So what I’m doing is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am experimenting on myself and I know I told you a little bit about this, but I’ve been researching and um, so there’s going to be a series of three six digit numbers and also on my run times and I’m going to memorize the three six digit numbers and then I’m going to decrease my sleep wa or I’ve been, I have my eight hours of sleep one night, decrease it to six hours for two nights and decrease it to four hours for the last night to see how bad the memory comes up and how much my run times increase. And that’s to show people how your health is affected by sleep. I think it’s a very important experiment for something like this, especially for a con for a company like sleep while they were trying to teach people the importance of sleep.

Speaker 3:                           04:03                     Very much so. Um, and one thing to consider if you’re a partner already lacks a little bit in memory down hold that

Speaker 2:                           04:13                     I don’t know who she’s talking about. I honestly don’t because I remember about 30% of everything. Yeah, yeah. At the word. Everything was in my sentence so far. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. So we’re here to talk about the store and what we offer and what we can teach you when everything. So other than that, let’s talk pillows.

Speaker 3:                           04:32                     I love pillows. Um, one of my things that I love to share with customers about pillows, it’s no longer just to pull off. Um, people always ask, why is everything going memory foam? And I’m like, because they’re not necessarily just fluff anymore. It’s more about purpose. Um, everything in a memory foam pillow is cut, design shaped loft size. Everything has a purpose and a reason for the customer’s needs, but more so we call them head beds because we’re a mattress, we’ll support your back. That continuation does go up onto the pillows, right? So if you consider your pillow ahead bed, it’s really the finale to having a proper sleep support

Speaker 2:                           05:12                     and gone are the days where you can get a $7 cheap pillow and expect to get, you know, over a couple of months of, of work out of it. Because really your posture, your sleep posture is dependent on the good or the quality of the pillow that you choose and the structure of it. Um, I know we have a friend that, well we are friends with the local chiropractor office here in Alamogordo procure Chiropractic, by the way, if you go down there, they’re, they’re amazing. Yeah. Shameless plug. Anyways, so, um, yeah, if you go down there, it’s [inaudible]. They’re always talking about the importance of having the right pillow for a person’s neck and in the morning that crick that crickey get right about right here, that’s not your bed, that’s actually your pillow and or the way you slept and the proper pillow can alleviate both of those things,

Speaker 3:                           06:02                     especially for side sleepers. I think one of the best designs that’s come about in a pillow is a side sleeper pillow. Yup. Which has, it looks like a rainbow band where there’s a hole with the shape of a rainbow that’s cut out in that bottom, middle part of your pillow. And that’s so your shoulder can fit through the pillow. And what that does is it brings the laughter, the bottom edge of the pillow down to your collarbone. So you’re no longer have to raise your arm up like this when you sleep, you no longer heavier. Now tater cuff right here. Exactly. There’s no more numbness, tingling led circulation issues in your arm. Um, but Moreso it’s aligning your spine from the base of your, your head right here where your spine starts all the way down. So you’re getting proper spinal support as well as having that alleviated issue with your shoulder.

Speaker 2:                           06:51                     Hmm. And uh, I’d sleep all, we carry three different ranges of these pillows. There’s a soft, a medium and affirm, but at the same time, it’s the, the width of the loft. So that way the, the, the space between here and here is, uh, for different body types or whatever, we do cover that as well. Right. We also, I mean, let’s not forget to mention cooling pillows because there’s a lot of people to sleep super hot, especially in our area. I mean Carlsbad, I mean I like we said 87 degrees and a couple of nights. So you’re already looking at summertime temperatures and at night it doesn’t get much cooler. So I’m nice cooling pillow, which do you want to tell him about the carbon coal because I know that’s your baby.

Speaker 3:                           07:30                     Okay. Yeah, so I’m a side sleeper, so it’s not a pillow that I could use. Um, but it’s a pillow I love to use differently. Okay. Carbon cool has two different things to it. It has, it’s a full graphite pillow that has what’s called Omni phase. It’s a material that they actually bake on top of the pillow and what those two do together. Amazing. Yeah. How many phase draws the heat? The graphite dispels the heat, so it regulates the temperature on the pillow between 87 and 92 degrees. Um, which is really, really helpful if you struggle with or heat, whether it be hormonal and both men and women separate from this, especially if you’re athletic, um, your hormones process differently. So when you sleep, your muscles are actually burning calories, which keeps your temperature levels up. On top of that. Women also have the change in life issues and honestly some people are just born where they feel hot all the time when they sleep.

Speaker 3:                           08:24                     He’s my son, I always like cold so I’m always right up next to him. Um, but for the purposes of finding something that will actually help regulate sleep, it’s great. You need to drop your body temperature to degrees to stay asleep when you do fall asleep. Right? So this pillow aids in that as well. Um, but what I love to use this for is you turn it vertically and you placed it behind you when you’re sitting in a chair. Like it can be in your recliner, it can be on your couch, even in the office. But what that does is it cools off your core. So you can use that. And I like to use it for the customers doing the five minute task.

Speaker 2:                           08:59                     I was just about to tell him that. So, so when she has a customer in here and after she’s ringing up a sale or doing the financing or whatever, she actually sits them on a chair and like so and puts the pillow behind them and let them lean on it. And this is just to show them the cooling properties of the pillow and they’re amazed. They’re sitting there and it takes normally about three minutes for them to notice it. But uh, they’re sitting there, they’re like, they’re just odd by this pillow. And it’s, it’s just, I’ll tell you, she uses it a lot for herself, but when the customers feel it, they’re like, wow, this is, this is really amazing. But uh, that pillow is, is just phenomenal. That is only one in the assortment. Let’s see. She’s covered the, uh, shoulder. There’s also contour pillows here.

Speaker 2:                           09:43                     A contour pillow is good for either side, sleeping or back sleeping. And the contour pillow is the one that has kind of like a wave on it. It’s got one big bump in one small bump and the small bump is for when you’re sleeping on your back. And the large bump on it is when you’re sleeping on your side to hold your head straight. I personally used that one. It’s a wonderful pillow and the big plus on that one is that it has gel on top of it, which is designed to uh, be slow to heat up. So it actually keeps you at room temperature and longer throughout the night. And you’ll notice that I said it’s designed to keep you cooler for a longer period. It’s not like the carbon cool in that it keeps you cool all night. It does actually after a while it will pick up your body temperature and unfortunately it will hold it, but it’s still like, this is like hours into the morning when things actually cooled down. So really who cares if you’re still sleep through the night? Um, other things dissented pillows, you want to talk about the essential oils on that? So

Speaker 3:                           10:40                     well I don’t like those. Um, those are, um, we have three fragrance to pillows. Uh, we have a beautiful lavender color, which has like a soft global color. Uh, we also have a camera mill, which is a beautiful, soft yellow. And then we have a green, which is peppermint and two of them are for calming, relaxing, which is going to be the lavender and cabin male. And peppermint is more for stress release. Um, meant is great. Peppermint is great for opening his blood capillaries and stuff, helping with better blood flow. So if you’re high stressed, have migraines, headaches, anything of that such, it’s great. I love it.

Speaker 2:                           11:16                     They’re, they’re really, the peppermint is really good. Um, I will tell you that although I haven’t slept on those poles per se, um, I do have the sample files in my drawer and one time I had a migraine coming on and I sprayed it on my finger and I just secretly put it right here and let me tell you that peppermint, like really? It, it calmed down the migraine quickly, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3:                           11:39                     And the Nice thing about these oils, just so you know, um, don’t find oils in the store and spray those on your pills because these oils are specially made to go on any type of memory foam, right? So it doesn’t disintegrate the product. Okay? Right? Yeah,

Speaker 2:                           11:54                     it can because of the, um, what, what did they call you? Yeah, because of the alcohol and some of these oils,

Speaker 3:                           11:59                     right, right. These are actually essential oils that are made specifically for the pillows. If you do have a favorite fragrance and you do want to use it to sleep, um, just spray your pillow case and then put your pillow case on. And that way you don’t have that scented oils stuff going into the actual material of the video. Right?

Speaker 2:                           12:17                     Right. So, um, let me see what else do we have? We have, of course, we have different companies have pillows that we offer, right? Oh, of course. You want to talk about that one? So I was trying to avoid this one, but it is probably our top seller because of someone’s influence on the sales here. Uh, the boomerang pillow. And Gentlemen, I will tell you, just as a husband’s disclaimer, this boomerang pillow, although it will help your wife sleep and she will wake up happy and she will wake up well rested and everything will flow right. It takes up a lot of space in the bed. So where we all know the gentleman’s, the gentleman’s way of sleeping is on the edge of the bed prepared to give away two more inches of that territory with this pillow. So with that, I bring you

Speaker 3:                           13:04                     my one. Okay. I was terrible. Okay. We caught up in marine pillow, but it’s actually sold as the l shaped pillow. Um, which yes, it’s in the shape of a capital out which you would turn. So it looks like the top of a triangle. And what’d you do with this pillow is if you’re a back sleeper, you sleeped directly on it and it cradles from the back of your head to the back of your shoulders. Or you can pull those edges up over your shoulder. And what that does is it gives you false neck support left and right and holds you in place. Um, another thing

Speaker 2:                           13:35                     with this illustration here, I’ll illustrate how the husband’s sleep.

Speaker 3:                           13:40                     That’s not true. It’s the same with as a queen size pillow. He’s being a drama Queen anyways. If you’re a side sleeper, what you do is you’re going to line it up with your stomach and then it bends back behind your head again. It gives you full support front and back, and it gives you an arm placement for their arms. Cause as a side sleeper, we all sleep like t rexes, we don’t know what to do with these hands. Okay. And we don’t want them up and under the pillow. Yeah, it’s a t rex syndrome. So what it does is when you sleep on your side, it gives you something to hold on to, but it’s right up next to you so it doesn’t stick out like a bulging body pillow. Now the third thing is for a tummy sleeper, you would sleep directly on top of it with that point, um, being right under your head area so that your face kind of goes around the side of the edge, right?

Speaker 3:                           14:27                     That way. There’s no envelopment of a pillow on your face. So this can be used any of those ways. But I’ve also found is great as a loft pillow for between your knees, which is how I sleep with it. Mostly you line it up with your stomach, it bends back behind you, and so it follows the shape of your legs. But the part that sticks out in the back, he actually uses for his knees too, right? If you’re in his spinning position. So it benefits both people. But the thing that I’ve loved about this is whenever you have to roll over in the middle of the night, most pillows that you plays between your knees, you like have to wake up, roll over a re, situate the pillow and go to sleep. This one here, you just take with you, it will make you apps over with the pillow in between her knees. Yeah, so, and it’s because it lines up with your stomach and your knees so it stays in place. So you can just roll with this pillow without having disturbed sleep. And it’s also going to be a cooler memory foam pillow for the fact that it has the cooling gel inside of it. Yeah. So it helps as far as being a memory foam pillow.

Speaker 2:                           15:23                     Yeah, I would definitely encourage everyone to come have a look at it. Yes. And I joke about the whole taking up space on the thing, but isn’t it more important to have your significant other rested than it is to, you know, complain about having a little bit less space on the back? I guess it is. Yes. Yeah. From my point of view it is. Yeah,

Speaker 3:                           15:40                     it does. Totally. We seek on a king size bed, he acts like there’s no space. I don’t sleep as like a starfish and if he does end up on the edge of the bed is just because he’s hot and he rolls away and I’m cold and I ran towards him and I don’t even realize this is just something that happens because he’s heat and I’m always cold so I seek the heat. It’s not my fault.

Speaker 2:                           16:01                     Anyways, and with that we’re going to close out this episode of good mornings with sleep. Well, there will be several smaller videos on our Instagram TV, a explaining the different pillows and everything. She and I have committed to doing a lot of videos instructional both on our mattresses, pillows and furniture. So we will be seeing you on our other avenues as showing other links. Yes ma’am. Can I share one more thing? Oh yes.

Speaker 3:                           16:24                     Okay. We also have travel size, neck pillows. Yeah, those, those are awesome. You can use them for yourself and you’re traveling, which everyone knows what a neck pillow is. I mean it looks like a horse shoe and you can place it behind you or in front of you, but they also have them fragrance, so if you like those fragrances you can get them in the fragrances as well.

Speaker 2:                           16:42                     And another husband disclosure is I have the worst road partner on earth and that she falls asleep 30 seconds outside the driveway. Gentlemen, if you suffer with that, please leave a comment in the comments below and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be with you a bad rating again. Okay. Anyways. All right. Well you all have a very nice, well y’all, y’all. Yeah, yeah. You guys have a very nice day and we’ll see you next week and remember when you sleep well. You have. Wow, great one. Bye Bye.