Good Mornings with Sleep Well

Relaunch and New Building
Season II Episode I

Transcription and Notes Below

Hi I’m Javier,

and I’m Gretchen, and this is good mornings with sleep well.

Kind of relaunched

yes and our new location bigger and better than ever.

It’s kinda like a season two. I’m going to call it a season two and not a relaunch. Yeah. Yeah, well when you read it on the site title on the blog, it’ll say, season two. That way we don’t look like we’re quitters and kind of got distracted or anything.

Well, I don’t do think that you could call it quitting as much as we have a lot of transformation happening. Yes had a lot of big growth.

Yep. We went from our small 1500 square foot store which most of you saw to a beautiful 6200 square feet.

Yeah, 6200 square feet it’s got a lot of area

We actually have a warehouse now we have space for furniture, which we’re dabbling in furniture now. We’re liking a lot of the couches and sofas that are coming in beautiful and a lot of recliners beautiful recliners and décor.

My language right there with decor and bedding. We have a huge bedding center area now we’ve got a nice pillow wall which I have to say Malouf, nailed it. When you see the pillow wall you see the beautiful colorful pillows.

And it works, it gets your pillows right out there so people see it and it pops because they have beautiful colors. And we’ve expanded our sheets, we’ve expanded bedding, it looks great in here and we have everything to offer you for your complete sleep system.

Let me see what else has changed, a whole lot has changed. We’ve added another employee to our company, Dustin is new to us. He is a porter slash delivery help. We also brought in her son Gavin and he’s fantastic with deliveries. You want talk a little bit about him or brag about him a little bit?

Well, of course, he’s a giant kid let’s put it that way. He’s 17 but he looks like he’s 20 something. He’s over six foot tall, big kid. Great big kid, a lot of enthusiasm, loves people so he fit it right in.

Yeah, he totally fit right in, he took over the delivery stuff just perfectly.

I’m happy to have someone that we can count on for deliveries because the deliveries to us start with a little touch with our customer base, and because when you’re in here you become a friend and we taught start talking and, you know, having fun in store.

We feel like the delivery experience it should be the same thing.

Yes, we’ve really pushed that with customer service, you know, being so important, obviously, we’re here to serve the customer but more so when you dig into every little step our last step being our delivery for being the last contact that we actually have with the customers. They’ve really gone above and beyond, making sure that everything is taken care of and that that does make that nice final ending for our delivery being hey we really care about you and we really want this service to prove it. Right, so they’ve done really fantastic.

Right. And then let’s see what else we added we have added quite a few more skews to the floor. We have at least, I would say at least eight more mattresses that we can offer you. And basically what we did was we added to our lineup on the quality side because we, we don’t want to go with something that’s going to be like cardboard for you and not support your back. So we’ve added to the quality and giving you different fields we have a nice thick pretty stressed.

Memory Foam hybrid. We added two new latex hybrids. We even added to latex foam latex organic beds that were here before. And because of our small store we kind of had to take them out because of the footprint that they took up. And we brought them back. They are a, can you tell us a little bit about them the copper and future, do I mean I know you’ve been studying our funding.

Oh, yeah, we have to one is plush, and it’s great deal for those who like to lay in a traditional field but since it’s all latex, it has a different feeling of obviously my don’t, it’s about, I don’t know, I would say your first initial field when you sit into the plush one is you think but you always stay on top.

Because of the plushness, but it also bounces because it’s late tasks so it’s very quick to respond. And then our other one we have is a clickable where it’s firm on one side in flesh on the other so interesting. Yeah. And, you know, I think it’s really awesome because you might have a situation where is a guest bad, or it’s a bad you pass down to somebody, regardless of the fact, it’s a bad that you can use for any situation. Right, right. It’s still a standard size mattress so it’s not required for deep pockets.

And the fact that it’s latex, I mean, that right there in itself is a wonderful product and you don’t have to worry about allergen factors in life, you don’t have to worry about there being an issue, but also the fact that the copper infusion and that is in there, you have people that you know study like the oils do the top topic homeopathic stuff they don’t like medicine say like, you know, to have something that is all natural, and by infusing proper in there you’re helping with any type of anti bacterial issue you’re also helping with inflammation and stuff of that stuff so I mean it offers a whole new layer to the for that is its own, and we really appreciate latex period anyways, obviously, it makes a mattress even better.

Yeah, latex latex properties don’t allow it to break down like other materials do so when you look at latex know it’s going to last you longer.

Exactly. Yep. So what else would we added we have Italian leather in one of our sofa sets here. Now I will brag on her she’s the buyer for the furniture so she’s bringing in some really beautiful stuff. And you definitely have to come in to see it.

We are still filling the furniture side so don’t don’t don’t expect it to be grandiose yet, but we’re going to get our furniture in that situation that situated ASAP so yeah I’m excited about that.

What else.

Right. I don’t know if you mentioned the dynamics or not. We have a couple dinette sets out there. And we’re going to expand on that as well. We wanted to bring in something being that we’re a military town that would be conducive for people on base as well as in town, as well as and apartments.

So, now we’re trying to grow into the fact that we have people that are established mature have bigger homes too so we’re bringing in those bigger items like the Italian leather couches and the bigger sectionals, the longer tables.

All of those things are on their way as well. Right, right. Apartment living is big with our Air Force people or Air Force customers by and tell his friends. So we have to keep them in mind as well, and are in Carlsbad our oil people because we have a lot of oil people that are moving into our Carlsbad area. So we do have we do recognize the need for smaller apartment furniture, and we’re also kind of balancing out with the larger pieces. I think you’d be surprised just give us a try, come on in for that.

 Um, let’s see what else there’s there’s all kinds of stuff has changed, we have a real parking lot and I think that’s cool.

But building let’s just start with us.

Yeah, yeah, yeah please do because that’s awesome. Yeah. This building is one that has been here for many many many many many years and before it out. But what they’ve done is they’ve gone through, and they’ve updated the interior and the X ray this building, where it’s a standout piece now and here in Florida, I mean if you were to see it once you don’t forget it. It’s just beautiful.

It’s allowed us yes just spread out but number two, to take ownership of that whole forefront when people see the front of the building it automatically draws them in, it’s just it’s beautiful. Right, so the theme of the store perfectly right and I don’t know if you said but but we’re on the corner of Florida and first element Gordo right across from the civic center so yeah. Give it, give that a shot.

Okay, enough about the building and the stuff we bought in what about what they can expect on season two.

And and actually what they can expect from our video channels period I know we’ve been working on that you want to talk a little bit about that.

As far as our, our channels are videos that were expecting you know themes and stuff like that. Okay. Um, well we’ve kind of stepped divided now that we’ve added furniture and per store where we have like a simple bedding area and then we have the live welcome furnishings area. So now our talks aren’t only going to be sleep related they’re also better entail our live well section. And with that, we think, okay, the entire home matters not just the bedroom. So we’re going to be doing little break off of live well situations, such as cleaning furniture. The type of structuring that you have in furniture.

As far as mattresses we are obviously going to stay with mattresses because that’s very important to us, the sleep health, but so I mean there’s springs in and things that need to be explained inside furniture right and I mean as you can guess we’re research oriented company so we’re going to be researching, not only mattresses, but now we’re throwing our seating into the mix, so we’ll be seeing a lot of videos explaining that I’ll be taking up the more technical part while she be, she’ll be taken up the more decor and color matching and stuff like that.

So you’ll be seeing two different angles which we hope you find entertaining. And then as far as good morning to sleep while we’re going to be including some interviews, which I’m pretty excited about. I have two interviews lined up for this season so far and hopefully a lot more, but we’ll be bringing vendors in here to explain their product.

Let me think we’ll, where we’re just gonna we’re gonna blow your mind with the video content that will be adding so we really hope you stay up with us. There’s going to be several different videos, not just good morning to sleep well so we’ll be sending out invites with that. We will also I don’t know if you’ve read the blog lately but, you know, read the blog.

Lots of them. Yeah, lots of them and then also her, her Facebook content if you haven’t visited the Facebook content for sleep on, you’re missing out because there’s some really good recipes, which by the way I’ve cooked more than half of those, and she wants me to cook more of them but the vegetable one is not happening.

Okay yeah stop there. He’s not a big eater. And I have to say his version of a vegetable is corn or potatoes. You eat romaine lettuce but that’s what he calls a solid. Yeah, so the struggle is real here. So when he says he fixes things for me, that’s what it is. He asked the veggies and then his like vegetables, onion powder is almost as good as putting an onion in there.

No tricking secrets. Anyway so yeah so stay with us. We’ll be sending out new episodes, and remember when you sleep well you live on, have a wonderful day. Bye bye.