ReST Smart Bed

How Sleep Well Found The Leading Sleep Technology and Brought it to New Mexico

Being the leader in Sleep Trained Sales Associates is what we envision the Sleep Well/Live Well company to be. We research the heck out of everything that we sell and train that way too. Our goals are simple, help the customer sleep better. So when it comes to adding a new product to the store, we read a LOT, research a LOT, and learn a LOT. The latest product to hit our stores is the most advanced sleep system out there. ReST Performance beds are amazing.
Imagine a bed that adjusts to you, while you roll over at night when you shift around. It adapts to soften where you need soft and adds support to areas that need better support. All this is done automatically.
We first heard of the ReST brand while watching Ironman Triathlon competitions on YouTube. ReST is a sponsor of athletic events where world-class athletes will be present, where people that know the essential power of recovery through sleep. We’ve seen their name on triathlon competitions, marathons, and in the Crossfit community. This company knows that their niche is the person who is aware of the power of sleep. The fit seemed perfect for our outlook on sleep too.
Our initial personal exposure to the product was like having the opportunity to meet your favorite movie star. We were starstruck. The reps were trying to show us the different layers of the build, but we kept interrupting with facts about each layer and the benefits of how they will help the consumer stay cooler, more supported, or even have an easier time staying asleep. We knew the product already but having the ability to lay on it was what blew us away.
When you lay on this mattress, the initial feel is typical, and it isn’t until you hit the Auto program button that you realize the bed is sensing your body and its position in the bed. Five individual support pods are adjusting to your pressure points, softening up, and increasing volume where there is more support needed.
We then got to play with the pressure sensor map and make our own settings. That was brilliant, we could set the lumbar as high as we needed and the shoulders could go up or down as much as necessary. It was a blast.
The ReST bed is more than just a mattress. It’s like having a medical device that responds to your sleep needs. It is going to be one of the most excellent additions to our sales floor that we’ve ever had, and we look forward to showing every customer what the future of sleep looks like.

About the author:

Javier is the owner of Sleep Well, professionally trained sleep stores, specializing in specific mattresses for specific needs. He lives to give. He is an active member of his community and church. His hard work and efforts pay off for him when he can help others, and give to efforts for the betterment of others.
His spare time is spent with his beautiful wife, Gretchen. They are craft beer hobbyists who enjoy making their own beers, visiting small breweries, and making new friends. Their lives revolve around church, family, exercising, four great dogs, and keeping up with their home in Alamogordo NM.