Live Well's Pillow Evaluation program

Hi and thank you for your interest in joining our pillow evaluation program.  This is an ongoing program in which applicants are chosen throughout the year to evaluate and give feedback on their experiences with pillows we sell or are being asked to sell.

Our company has always had a large assortment of pillows for every type of sleeper, from a side sleeper to tummy sleeper. We have all the pillows you would need.  One of the issues we’ve had in the past is getting that message to our potential customers outside of our building.  Once inside our clientele instantly recognizes that we have trained on finding their needs and have the appropriate pillows for them. It’s having people recognize that outside that is the issue.

That’s where this pillow evaluation program comes in. The program involves you, the applicant, coming in to evaluate your pillow needs. You will be given the pillow to evaluate when we find the right one for your sleep style.  Your job is to give us feedback at timely intervals throughout the evaluation period. Usually, the intervals will be two times during the first week, one time during the second week to the fourth week.  This feedback will be in the form of a video interview, whether in-store or through Google Meeting video recording.

The feedback will be an honest opinion of three key details:

  • Improved sleep
  • Neck support
  • Heat buildup
  • Then any additional information you would want to add to the interview would be great.

After the fourth week the pillow is yours to keep.  It’s that simple.  We trade you a pillow for your shared opinion on how it has worked and if you would approve it for others.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our pillow evaluation program, please leave us your information below.  We’ll get back to you for the next step in joining the program.

If You’re Interested Please Send Us Your Contact Information