Night Sweats, Pajamas, Road Trips, and Furniture that Lasts

Fishbowl ep20

Here’s the transcript to today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Do you know, there was a guy that showed up at the door today and you look like crocodile, Dundee, ice where’s

Speaker 2: (00:06)
Dundee, or the guy from the

Speaker 1: (00:09)
Guy that got killed by the stinky Steve Erwin poor guy. Yeah. Yeah. I, I really felt like what I went up to the doors like, Hey, you’re in costume too, man. That’s us. And then as he was asking for directions,

Speaker 2: (00:23)
We’re, we’re rolling. And Javier

Speaker 1: (00:26)
And I’m Melanie from LivWell and

Speaker 2: (00:28)
You’re going to continue. Probably

Speaker 1: (00:30)
I got a frog in my throat.

Speaker 2: (00:31)
Well, you’ve got a mouse in your outside.

Speaker 1: (00:36)
Yeah. So the guy was asking for directions, crackled, crocodile dent. Well, yeah, not cropping Steve Berwyn. Yeah. Stever. When was here asking for some directions and, uh, as he was getting back in his truck, he’s like, I like the outfit and gave me a big thumbs up.

Speaker 2: (00:51)
Well, at least he noticed it was an outfit. Cause your first customers didn’t even notice there was an outfit. They just kind of,

Speaker 1: (00:57)
I tension for a long time. I think I made them very uncomfortable.

Speaker 2: (01:01)
You made me uncomfortable.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
I mean, a lot of people uncomfortable this morning, come rolling in here like this, but yeah. Um, even the camera man, she knew what it was. So, so what was awesome is, uh, so many kids came in today. We had littles all different ages and I was able to make everyone smile today.

Speaker 2: (01:26)
She literally spent time with all the little kids and made sales like this and a Minnie mouse outfit. And I’m sure that came out of the company credit card as well.

Speaker 1: (01:38)
Oh yeah. This one was awesome. I’ve been so bummed out that this was going to be our year to go to Disneyland as a family, but with the shutdowns and everything that happened in the world being closed and like the vortex that we went through and the wormholes and all of that, that didn’t happen. But you want to know the real truth about this costume is when I first started out in advertising,

Speaker 2: (02:01)
You’re going to tell this story, you’re going to go there. Really?

Speaker 1: (02:07)
I was overheard a conversation. I don’t think they knew that I was listening in. I wasn’t like snooping. I was just like on the other line, I think it was, it was before zoom and we were supposed to all be on the line. Yeah. And I overheard a conversation and

Speaker 2: (02:25)
Somebody called you mini-mills

Speaker 1: (02:27)
Well, they said that my voice is a little squeaky for advertisements. So

Speaker 2: (02:33)
I’m in here. We are doing hour long advertisements and I’ve never heard one complaint. In fact, we have customers that come in here just to see you

Speaker 1: (02:43)
Anyways. So that’s where it started. I was like, really? So I just buy everything. Minnie mouse. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (02:48)
Yeah. Thanks on the company credit card. You know, my mom’s saw last week show. Okay. I got to tell you her reaction. Cause I spent Sunday with her and she was watching last week show and she’s all she used the company credit card. How did she get the company credit card? And I said, I handed it to her.

Speaker 1: (03:05)
Yeah. My mom was all freaked out about that too. She’s like I heard Javier saying that he used, you used the credit card inappropriately. And I was like, you know, this is all kind of state.

Speaker 2: (03:16)
Yeah. So anyway, so this is fishbowl. There is a format to the show. We don’t just yap the whole time. Okay. So fishbowl, it was our Friday night gathering where we would get together and we would talk about what the customer needs were for the week and what the customer questions were for the week. And instead of keeping it to ourselves, we decided to share it with you. So now every Friday night we still gather we have our tea. We used to have beer, but someone’s a little non-binary right now. And so Hey, a little, not a little non Berry, not, not a whole lot. That’d be okay. Very non-binary so, so we still get together, but now we get together with you and we shared the information that you guys have been talking about this whole week. So that way we can educate the general public on how to shop smart, how to sleep better, how to live healthy. And hopefully we can help you just find a better, better outlook on sleep in general. Yeah. And not to mention, we have a little bit of fun along the ways because mil, well, Mel likes costumes.

Speaker 1: (04:18)
I love costumes. I, I can find any excuse to wear a different costume. Actually. I have more costumes in my closet right now than I have regular clothes. I’ll

Speaker 2: (04:27)
Purchase the company credit card.

Speaker 1: (04:29)
No, some of them are thrift store signs. Yeah. I’m really into the thrift stores.

Speaker 2: (04:35)
Yeah. I miss him because there was no, I missed the three stores because you weren’t using the company credit card at the strip stores.

Speaker 1: (04:44)
Hey, what kind of tea

Speaker 2: (04:45)
Is? This is apple and pinata. So let’s do our cheers and start with our topic. Cheers

Speaker 1: (04:50)
To the fruit taco.

Speaker 2: (04:51)
It’s an empanada,

Speaker 1: (04:52)
The fruit taco. That’s that’s a Mexican.

Speaker 2: (04:57)
All right. So today’s topic. Today’s topic is night sweats and there’s a reason we picked night sweats. We had a very nice, uh, air force person come in. And he, um, he was talking about having some issues and we were like, whoa, we configure, what are you doing?

Speaker 1: (05:14)
It was realizing that as being really rude. Cause that’s a very serious topic.

Speaker 2: (05:17)
It’s a very serious

Speaker 1: (05:19)
Topic, but I’m waiting to open this, but I’ll wait. Okay.

Speaker 2: (05:24)
All right. So night sweats. So anyways, so yeah,

Speaker 1: (05:27)
So this, this airman came in looking to purchase a bed, made a great purchase and he was asking me, Hey, you know, ma’am, how can I sleep cooler? Because I’m waking up in the middle of the night, just sweating like crazy. So, uh, we had a conversation which prompted this cause he started asking me some questions about, you know, water, the causes of night sweats because the per the, the, the bed that we sold him and the sheets that we hooked them up with, we hooked him up with some really nice 10 sell sheets, a great, and a mattress that’s designed specifically for heat issues. Right. And then he said, so what are the causes of night sweats? Uh, it prompted me to do some further research and I did go ahead and, um, submit that to him. And he was so thankful that I had personally taken the time to follow up on some of those things. And it prompted him

Speaker 2: (06:20)
Into, you did end up emailing

Speaker 1: (06:23)
Him. I did. I emailed him my

Speaker 2: (06:25)
Okay. Yeah. Cause he was a really nice guy and he stayed here with that, just asking all kinds of greens,

Speaker 1: (06:30)
Actually some of the, the same article and stuff like that. Very similar, uh, articles and yeah, it actually prompted him to go check in with his doctor. Awesome.

Speaker 2: (06:40)
Awesome. Okay. So night sweats, should you be concerned? It’s not uncommon to sweat during the night. You may sweat a little or a lot, depending on how many blankets you sleep with, how, how warm your room is, and even what you ate before going to bed. But if you sweat enough to regularly weight, wake up with wet pajamas and bedding, there could be an underlying issue. Now that’s pretty scary when it gets that bad. So there’s far less concerning issues, issues like GERD, which has reflux disease. Um, along with night sweats, GERD can cause heartburn, chest pain problems with swallowing regurgitation, sleep issues, respiratory problems, coughing and increase symptoms of asthma. So that’s GERD. Then other things like stress and anxiety, hormonal issues. Now this one’s important because this is where a lot of the female audience falls into. And this is menopause. This is, uh, stuff just like menopause.

Speaker 2: (07:37)
We, we hear a lot of, from our female customers about how do I stop sweating so much at night because they get power surges and it causes an intense heat that causes them to sweat a lot. That’s where we originally started carrying the 10 cell sheets. That’s actually, when we first opened the stores, we initially found 10 sell just because of that, because it’s such a good wicking fabric and it allows for so much air flow and it would cool down, you know, issues that people were having to read menopause. Um, not people, females, ladies, women, and then men with low testosterone. I liked that. I used to just see that there was a hole and I started digging. Okay. So low testosterone is also another hormonal issue that can cause a sweat a night sweat issue. Um, there’s hyper hyper thyroidism that causes, I know that causes temperature increases in the body. So yeah. And then things like medication, certain drugs can cause night sweats as a side effect, uh, steroids, prednisone and cortisone. Those can cause night sweats, antidepressants pain, relief, medications like aspirin and a set of [inaudible] medications for diabetes. That one surprised me. That one surprised me. So that was kind of crazy hormone, hormone therapy medications, um, that

Speaker 1: (08:56)
Includes men and women

Speaker 2: (08:57)
Then. Yeah. That includes men and women more concerning issues. So this is where we start talking about going to the doctor for these issues. Okay. Um, this would be sleep apnea. Now this is one that you addressed with him. Correct. So talk to me about that one. Uh, we, I know you researched this. That’s why I’m asking you to go with this.

Speaker 1: (09:16)
Um, we receive a lot of service members here in our store because we’re really, we’re located right next to, um, an, uh, Holliman air force base. And a lot of our service members come in and they actually have service related, sleep apnea. It’s very common, um, in service members. So, you know, it’s one of the, one of something that I always ask them, because if I can help them with an adjustable base or anything like that, then that’s where that topic comes up. Cause we’re not medical professionals, we’re not doctors, you know, and I, you know, and you don’t have to share that medical information with us, but, um, it, it is directly related to your quality of sleep in your life and your wellness. So that’s where it comes up. Um, absolutely it can, you can start to in your sleep apnea phase, you, you know, the oxygen levels, you’re, you’re just, you’re trying to get a breath and you are not able to breathe. And your air where airway is obstructed and that causes all kinds of processes and your body goes into a reaction to that. And so it can be directly linked to your sleep apnea. So if you have that in your you’re having that need to have that checked out because your body’s trying to tell you something, your body is trying to tell you something. If you have regular night sweats is trying to tell you something and it can be any of these. You also had, uh, highlighted down there, the tick-borne illnesses. We

Speaker 2: (10:37)
Haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m jumping ahead. Sorry.

Speaker 1: (10:40)
I’m so excited about that one. Cause it’s a big topic it’s coming up. We got summer coming up. Sorry. Even Deon’s like Melanie, really? I get worked up about that. I’m a dog person.

Speaker 2: (10:51)
I will, I will address what she said. Yeah. We address a lot of medical issues, especially in this, in this topic here. We, we don’t hand out medical advice. What we do is when you guys tell us the symptoms that you’re having, what we do is there there’s certain products that we can relate that to our consultants so we can consult with you on that. Okay. So I just want to clarify that because I know that we cover a lot of medical stuff. We don’t give medical advice, but we do consult with you about finding much better sleep. Okay. Cause there are tips, there are ways of doing it. Um, there’s, there’s ways of giving advice without being a medical person. We can just consult with people.

Speaker 1: (11:32)
It’s been part of that journey because you have to, you have to figure out these and we’re a resource center. We’re just trying to help be a resource for a better night’s sleep.

Speaker 2: (11:42)
Definitely. Okay. So cancer. Now this one scared me, cause I didn’t know that cancer caused unexplained night sweats and they could be, it could be a symptom of it so that one’s going to scare a lot of people. That one, I, I would take that one super serious. Um, and then here’s the one that you wanted to talk about the most serious infections. Now I came up with things like tuberculosis, um, brucellosis, but you came up with tick-borne diseases. Now, please tell us about this because I know it’s a major issue here locally.

Speaker 1: (12:18)
Oh man. And it’s a huge one. And as a biologist, I come across it quite a bit. So I also am involved in field coursing, which is kind of like falconry. Um, I was also involved in falconry. So field coursing is, uh, using sighthounds greyhounds and stuff to catch rabbits. And I also work with local wildlife biologists to do Jack rabbit surveys. Um, and then with the falconers, uh, in our state, we also, I communicate with them a lot. So my most, uh, close encounters with tics are actually through desert Blacktail, Jack rabbits on cottontail, rabbits that are being caught by the Hawks or the dogs. Um, my dogs being hunting hounds. Uh, they do bring home those rabbits and we would catch those rabbits and then feed them to our educational Hawks, Eagles and Falcons and donate those to some of the zoos and the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Speaker 1: (13:11)
So I have a lot of hands-on experience with that. And there have been a couple of times in my life that I’ve been scared, uh, with some tick-borne illnesses now that can include Lyme’s disease at Canaan include, um, something called ehrlichiosis and or, or licky up. Um, and so we need to take that seriously because we have the, uh, Texas starred, uh, take lone star tick, or we got some small ones and so, and they can like hanger and linger around year round. Um, you definitely need to treat your dogs as time of the year for ticks and fleas. Not only can it make your animals sick, but it can make you very, very sick. And there’s a lot more on that whole list of tick-borne illnesses and you don’t want to get Lyme’s disease. I had a great friend of veterinarian, uh, that unfortunately she had Lyme’s disease. So it’s, it causes some problems where there needs to be more awareness about that. So yeah.

Speaker 2: (14:10)
Yep. No. Um, but that can cause night twits. I know we kind of went on a tangent, but that is a pretty important topic. So things to try to cool yourself down. Number one, crack a window, sleep in a cooler room, leave the windows, cracked, get some air flow. Just basically find a way to cool down your bedroom. Okay. So you’re addressing that one next change your bedding. Okay. I know a lot of us or a lot of people think that cotton is the best fabric. It’s the fabric of our lives. While it shouldn’t be the fabric of your bed because cotton actually holds sweat. And it honestly is the hottest fabric that there is out there. It will keep your, it will keep your body temperature on your bed. So that way you will, uh, sleep super hot. Okay. Another thing. Now this one was cool. Use a nice pack, put an ice pack underneath your pillow. I hadn’t heard this one in anything else. So that that’s, that’s an interesting one. So I’m going to try that one.

Speaker 1: (15:09)
That will work. You can put that with little pup. I haven’t gone on another tangent here, but little puppies during the summer time they loved frozen bottles. It works. It works for animals. I worked for people. Who’d done frozen bottles. No, go for it. Keep going.

Speaker 2: (15:26)
Alright. Apply a cool washcloth. Um, drink cold water. Here’s one that a lot of people don’t think of. Adjust your exercise timing now. Oh, that’s a big question. Yeah. Cause if you exercise right before bed, your body heat is already at its highest. So it takes a little bit longer to cool down. So adjust your exercise, timing. Uh, take a shower, take a nice, cool shower before bed. Now I’m not a cool shower. I, I actually don’t talk to people about taking a cool shower. I tell people to take a warm shower because the minute you step out of that shower, you’re going into the room. Temperature room, temperature then becomes cooler and it actually cools you down.

Speaker 1: (16:08)
Yeah. And there’s some evaporation science that’s happening right now too. So,

Speaker 2: (16:12)
So also avoid sweat triggers, which avoid spicy foods, avoid smoking cigarettes, avoid drinking alcohol. Don’t all adult, all four of those are your problems. Not really. She is like the healthiest person. She’s like the healthiest person on earth right now.

Speaker 1: (16:33)
Then I’ll go. This person that I know, I’m the most conscious person. No it’s Gordon into my body. My body is a temple right now.

Speaker 2: (16:41)
Yeah. Yeah. Uh, the other day she was eating wheat bread. Not just any wheat bread. It was like special wheat bread with almond butter. Yeah. Super conscious. Look at you. All right. So that was today’s topic. It’s night sweats. I’ll share that in the description below. Um, that one’s, that, one’s a pretty interesting topic. I know that a lot of people deal with it. Uh, and it’s got some serious stuff to it. So yeah. I’ll, I’ll share that with y’all

Speaker 1: (17:06)
Whatever your body is trying to tell you something. What are you doing? I’m really not even supposed to eat sugar right now, but it matches my outfit. This is a Hammond handmade candy cane in the shape of a heart made in Colorado, small batch. It’s amazing. It’s even got organic cane sugar. All of this is certified organic. So it’s a healthy tree. No pesticides, no GMO, Colorado.

Speaker 2: (17:35)
Oh, is that all you need to say? Okay. All right. So time for our first question. Cause that was actually the whole purpose of a starting fishbowl. You done? Cause the microphone can pick up your smack

Speaker 1: (17:50)
Something. That’s really annoying.

Speaker 2: (17:52)
Okay. So are your pajamas, are your pajamas a year round thing or are they just for winter time?

Speaker 1: (18:00)
They are a year round thing. They are a year round.

Speaker 2: (18:05)
Yeah. Yeah. Some people wear their pajamas all the time. I

Speaker 1: (18:08)
Got some pajamas right here. Yeah. Our,

Speaker 2: (18:10)
Our, our, our guy, um, Dion, um, he actually showed up to pick up his paycheck in his pajamas. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know what that was all about. Just, just a little too comfortable. Just a little too much.

Speaker 1: (18:23)
Well, Saturdays we all wear pajamas. This is a pajama.

Speaker 2: (18:27)
So this is a pajamas. This is a 50 Emma place.

Speaker 1: (18:30)
We’ve got lazy one.

Speaker 2: (18:32)
Yeah. Come in to pick up your paycheck and your pajamas. I don’t know.

Speaker 1: (18:36)
I go all kinds of places in my okay. Anyways.

Speaker 2: (18:39)
All right. Yes. Our pajamas are kept out year round. So please come see us

Speaker 1: (18:42)
Lazy one. Yeah. I had a gal come in today. She was so excited that we were carrying lazy one. She bought four different sets. That was today. That was just before closed. That was our last sale today. She bought tank tops, our shorts. Cause we have the summer pajamas sets right now. Super cute sets. She also bought some long ones because she was shopping around locally. And she’s like, you have the best selection of lazy one pajamas here locally. I’ve seen them in other places, but they don’t have the full gamut that we do. So

Speaker 2: (19:18)
We’ve worked hard to get all the lazy ones that we can possibly get. And we’ve even got, now we have the 20, 21,

Speaker 1: (19:25)
Right? We do. Now. We’re still waiting some other 20, 20 ones because there’s some back order issues. But I mean COVID is not let any business untouched, but we do have those come on by. We’ve got kids. We’ve got infants. We’ve got adults. I love the tank

Speaker 2: (19:40)
Tops. The 2020 ones are pretty cool.

Speaker 1: (19:42)
And we’ve got for men, we’ve got these boxers.

Speaker 2: (19:45)
You would appreciate this

Speaker 1: (19:45)
One yet. We have, but quick, this is one of my favorites. It’s buck quack. We also have one that has a donkey audit that I can’t even say. Cause it’s like lazy.

Speaker 2: (19:58)
Yeah. Anyways. All right. So onto the next question.

Speaker 1: (20:02)
Thank you. That’s perfect for father’s day that’s yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (20:05)
That’s that’s her shameless plug for father’s day. All right. So I don’t buy FA wow. I don’t buy furniture often, but when I do, I really want it to last and not have any issues with it. I have heard today’s furniture is thrown away after a few years. Whoa, can you please explain why that is? What happened to getting furniture and keeping it for many years? Do you carry any furniture that will last or is this something of the past? There’s a real question right there. What is your feelings on that? And then I’m going to share mine because I do a lot of furniture research. You do a lot of furniture research.

Speaker 1: (20:42)
Is this where I get to put on my aluminum hat? Yes.

Speaker 2: (20:45)
Put on your aluminum hat.

Speaker 1: (20:48)
I think there’s all good spirits to it.

Speaker 2: (20:50)
Okay. Nevermind. Take off the aluminum hat and give us your research.

Speaker 1: (20:54)
We’re we’re supposed to be a consumer society and the more we consume, the more consumeristic we are. So they don’t want to make stuff that lasts. They want it to break so that you have to buy some more. And then my aluminum has going to make me stop there because then I start going into all of the chemicals and I’m like, they’re dried They’re it’s all toxic.

Speaker 2: (21:19)
Reel it in, reel it in, reel it in, stay within the parameters of the show.

Speaker 1: (21:28)
I think that it, without my aluminum head-on I think it’s to encourage a materialistic consumer society so that you have to make a purchase sooner than later.

Speaker 2: (21:38)
All right. Yes. Okay. Actually, my thoughts on it are so there’s different price points. Yes. There is still furniture out there that lasts. Yes. Okay. When you get that high into the price point land, it’s not where your average consumer is going to be. Okay. You’re talking you’re, you’re talking much higher than your average consumer wants to spend those. Now we’re talking her hair, Lou heirloom furniture. We’re talking, stuff like that. So yes. It’s still out there. Um, and then in the middle price zones.

Speaker 1: (22:11)
Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2: (22:12)
Definitely. Amish is amazing. Yeah. Yup. So, and then the middle price point middle price point. You can get it to last. It is good. It’s it’s very good. We sell, we sell mid to high. We do not sell a whole lot of heirloom. We can get heirloom. Um, it’s just the heirloom is heirloom something that, that you have to have that special customer that’s going to last, you know, it’s going to stay on your sales floor a while it is going to sell, but it’s not going to turn quickly. Okay. With us, the mid to high moves very quickly. It does last quite a few years. What I think she’s asking is for something that’s going to last many, many years, I think she’s asking about the heirloom type of the question. Okay. Now what you see a lot in a lot of these furniture stores is the low. This is a low to mid, so low to mid is the stuff that it’s the couches that will last you maybe what a year and a half is that what’s the advertised spend is.

Speaker 1: (23:13)
Yeah, but I mean, when my mom just recently purchased online, you know, where she ended up with it looked really nice on line, but then when it got to her, it was just, the quality was really not very good. And it’s made of that chipboard or that. Yeah. I don’t even know it. And then there’s like cardboard components in there. There’s like pieces of it. That’s like cardboard and you’re like, what’s going on? And so like, you know, it’s perfect for if you’re just first starting out or if you’re going to be in a place and you just need a place to sit. I mean, I’m not below that. Like I’ve done the whole bean bag thing. I think a couple of times I’m like, you know what? Let’s just go and get some beanbags. Cause I don’t have any furniture right now. And uh, I’m in transition. So let’s just plop some bean bags down and that’s

Speaker 2: (24:01)
Cool. It’s been there. It’s not like, yeah. So,

Speaker 1: (24:04)
But yeah, there’s a lot of different price points, but you can find it. It’s just a little bit harder to,

Speaker 2: (24:08)
Right. Right. And we, we do have access to it. We don’t carry it that often we have had a couple of heirloom pieces in here, but it’s not something that moves quickly. And uh, right now, and especially in this political, I mean this economic climate, not political climate, wrong word in this economical client. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (24:27)
We don’t do that. There’s a big divide here. That’s why the chairs are

Speaker 2: (24:30)
Different colors. Yeah. There’s a line. Yeah. No, in this economical quiet environment, we actually have to be very careful on what we pick and it has to turn quickly in order for, in order for any business to survive. You have to turn quickly right now. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (24:45)
Quick. Yep. And be on your toes and stuff. That’s gonna take up floor space when you have limited floor space. Yep.

Speaker 2: (24:51)
Yep. So, so the answer is yes. It’s accessible. Yes. It’s out there. Yes. We can get it. Will you find it here? No, we would have to order it for you, especially right now. And ordering, um, ordering would take a little bit

Speaker 1: (25:04)
Cortex or wormholes that we went into in 20 19th of December. I’m telling you why it could take some people eight to nine months to get special order furniture.

Speaker 2: (25:15)
Right now we’re still hearing November on a couple of

Speaker 1: (25:16)
Firms. I even say in the last year that someone had purchased a sectional and it, so a customer purchased a sectional online couch and it came to them in piecemeal. It came to them in individual pieces over the course of nine months. That is a long enough time to have a baby. And it was like here’s one piece. And then a couple months later, here’s another piece. It took them nine months to get their entire rest of their sectional.

Speaker 2: (25:44)
Oh, that’s crazy. Yeah. So, okay. So before we go to break, I am going to bring up one thing now Mel’s mom, this is the chair to the sofa and the, um, the sofa and the love sees that you had asked her for, so this, this, this is the one that you’re coming for right here, right here. I chose it for beneath her. So that way you would see your daughter sitting on it. So that way you’d see what family would look like on it.

Speaker 1: (26:08)
Aw that’s so that’s so nice. Yeah. This is the Newport leather Italia. Yep.

Speaker 2: (26:13)
So with that, we’re going to go on break. We’ll be right back bye-bye

Speaker 1: (26:16)
Hi, I’m Melanie with LivWell and I just received a super awesome package. That ups delivery guy just came by and this is like Christmas for me. I am super excited. So last week we featured a new item video with our friend Rubin from pure care. And he filled us with so much information that our heads just exploded about the possibilities of having a cool night sleep system, your sheets, 10 sell

Speaker 3: (26:43)
Your mattress protectors. And then Ruben started talking to me about a really magical fabric that I can’t even completely describe right now because it sounds so sounds completely out of this world. Magical technology. What we’re talking about in here is inside of this box and I am super excited to share this with you. So let’s see what magic is in here. So I’m gonna open this up and thank you Ruben for sending this over. I’m so excited. I don’t even have words for how excited I am.

Speaker 4: (27:22)

Speaker 3: (27:28)
Go get that. Even pee. Get matches my shirt. All right. So Clear this off. We can take all of this and I’m going to give it to grit. Cause he likes to case Havi around with those. And

Speaker 3: (27:56)
So in this first box, it looks like we have the salient premium sheets. These are performance fibers. Ooh. And they are form a bad. I’m going to give them a test trial. These are clinically tested, selling it, fibers for recovery. Super excited about this. And this is going to be the mattress protector made out of cellulose as well. Now salient. Ooh, we got another second box before I go forward. Let’s check out this big one here. What’s in here. What could it possibly be? Got to always cut away from you as any good boy scout or girl scout. You got to always close your knife. Proper knife etiquette. There we go. That one was for my buddies in boy Scouts.

Speaker 3: (28:56)
All right. Oh, and it looks like we got a second set as well. So our buddy Ruben really hooked us up here with this material. Now this material caught my attention because Ruben was telling me that this is what our top athletes are using for recovery. Even the race horses right now, this material is woven into their blankets to help them recover. And everybody that knows me, knows I love race horsing and stuff like that. So this material is designed to take your own infrared energy. Like if you were looking at an infrared camera and that all those colorful things that you see there on the screen, that energy is going to be stored inside of this fabric. And then it goes back into your body and it goes back into your own cells and it promotes circulation, healing and recovery. And it also says that it can perform or it can increase your performance and promote a restful night’s sleep. So super excited about this. I’m going to learn everything I possibly can about pure cares, salient sheets. And then I will report back to you. And we’re going to talk about it in fishbowl coming up. And we’re also going to do a new item video specifically on this. I was all excited. That was a little bit more. I’m more like that.

Speaker 2: (30:29)
And we’re back.

Speaker 1: (30:32)
You know what? This is not as sweet and overwhelming.

Speaker 2: (30:37)
No, it’s

Speaker 1: (30:37)

Speaker 2: (30:38)
It’s a mouse hair.

Speaker 1: (30:40)
I’m going to hit you with it. All right. These are delicious. It is not as overwhelming. I thought it was going to be like too much sweet. This would be, this would be awesome. If they came in little tiny Sturt sticks for the tea, they do. Ooh. We need to find some of that

Speaker 2: (30:56)
Good stuff. Yeah, no. That’s great gift idea. So this is the part of the show where we do Mel’s crazy. Hypothetical question too long.

Speaker 1: (31:06)
You told me that you got to stop. Pause it. No, apostrophe

Speaker 2: (31:10)
I’ll pause

Speaker 1: (31:11)

Speaker 2: (31:12)
Mel’s crazy. And then you told me a pause, hypothetical question. Okay. All right. So what is your hypothetical question this week?

Speaker 1: (31:24)
All right, so we have to have a theme. So this theme is obviously like Disneyland theme.

Speaker 2: (31:31)
Oh, oh. Cause last week was space. So this one’s Disneyland

Speaker 1: (31:35)
Hypotheticals to my costume. Your warm up

Speaker 2: (31:37)
Here. All right.

Speaker 1: (31:39)
Because we, a lot of us couldn’t go and travel to the places that we wanted to go because the world

Speaker 2: (31:44)
Was shut down. Okay. Is this all hypothetical now?

Speaker 1: (31:47)
Okay. If you could go on a road trip with any Walt Disney character, okay. With you to two Disney characters

Speaker 2: (32:01)
To go on a road trip to Disney

Speaker 1: (32:02)
Character or your favorite Disney characters, what would you go with?

Speaker 2: (32:06)
How many hours are we driving?

Speaker 1: (32:09)
Well, it depends on where you want to go and where you want to be.

Speaker 2: (32:12)
But you just said I was going on a road trip. Where am I going?

Speaker 1: (32:15)
You get to choose that. Where are you going?

Speaker 2: (32:18)
So now I’m picking a location and two characters.

Speaker 1: (32:21)
No, you said that would make the show too long.

Speaker 2: (32:24)

Speaker 1: (32:24)
Confused. Now you’re making the show loud.

Speaker 2: (32:28)
Okay. So I have to choose two characters to go on a road trip with.

Speaker 1: (32:31)
Yeah. Hey, you got onto me for my Greyhound tangent. I got Greyhound supporters across the globe. There was a friend here, Italy. I didn’t get to see him because I was working here with you. I could have saw him. He was an hour away.

Speaker 2: (32:47)
How sad? Sorry. What was your hypothetical question again?

Speaker 1: (32:51)
If you can go on a road trip with any to Walt Disney characters, where would you go?

Speaker 2: (32:57)
Would I go? Yeah. I thought it was the character question.

Speaker 1: (33:03)
And who would you take it?

Speaker 2: (33:06)
I’m so confused. Okay. So I’m going to pick two characters to go on a road trip. Okay.

Speaker 1: (33:11)
Yeah. Who is it, man? Who is it?

Speaker 2: (33:14)
Who is it? Okay, so first off. Ooh. If I were to pick goofy.

Speaker 1: (33:20)

Speaker 2: (33:23)
Yeah. I would definitely pick goofy, but not him driving. Have you seen any of his cartoons where he’s driving? He’s ridiculous. He’s horrible. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s not going to be the driver.

Speaker 1: (33:34)
Oh gosh.

Speaker 2: (33:35)
The next step. Um, okay. So goofy and then I have to have, uh, I’m I’m a good big road conversation person. So yeah. So Cruella, Cruella, Deville during

Speaker 1: (33:47)
Road trips.

Speaker 2: (33:48)
I talk, I talk. Yeah, yeah,

Speaker 1: (33:50)
Yeah. I can do that with you. I’m all about the

Speaker 2: (33:52)
Music. Yeah. No, no, no music. I like to have smart conversations and I believe I can have a smart conversation with Cruella

Speaker 1: (34:00)
Corolla to bill the one that killed the Dalmatian puppies.

Speaker 2: (34:04)
Yes. But she’s a business person. And I think I could have an intelligent conversation with

Speaker 1: (34:09)
Her PETA all over you.

Speaker 2: (34:12)
It’s just Cruella.

Speaker 1: (34:14)
She’s a business person. She’s

Speaker 2: (34:15)
A business. Was she not running a business? She was looking for furs. She found it. Think about it. There was profit to be made. And there was little cost that woman you had to,

Speaker 1: (34:26)
Yeah. I’m bringing in a whole bunch more vegan stuff. Like my Sutra that’s vegan. I’m going to do it now.

Speaker 2: (34:32)
Yeah. So those are my two characters. Well, who are your today?

Speaker 1: (34:36)
All right. My two characters would be, well, I’m a dog person. I always have to have a dog with me. Okay. Well, like I have to have like five or six

Speaker 2: (34:44)
Would Cruella want to eat goofy or want to make a coat out of? I just thought of that.

Speaker 1: (34:55)
Did you really? So Twitter, you’re not going to Las Vegas.

Speaker 2: (35:02)
Okay. So,

Speaker 1: (35:05)
Oh, wow. Oh, okay. So I’m a dog person. I got to have Pluto.

Speaker 2: (35:11)
Oh, nice. Okay.

Speaker 1: (35:13)
I gotta have, I gotta have blue. I used to carry around a little Pluto because when I went to Disneyland, I, we bought a Pluto when I was little girl. So, uh, my favorite and then, uh, it’s gotta be the genie from Aladdin, Robin Williams.

Speaker 2: (35:28)

Speaker 1: (35:29)
That would make it, that would make it the best road trip ever, because it would be like, Hey genie. And you get three wishes and then yeah. I mean talk about it. That’s cool.

Speaker 2: (35:39)
Now mine’s more like, I want to talk business with Cruella while she’s trying not to take the skin off of, off of goofy. That’s horrible. That’s not a good pairing. This is your hypothetical is wrong.

Speaker 1: (35:54)
No, there’s nothing wrong about it. You’re wrong. I don’t think can we choose somebody besides her? You were making the show too long.

Speaker 2: (36:02)
Okay. So next we move on to our topics. Uh, or I’m sorry, the news of the week, what we learned. So what did you learn this week? Because I can tell you all kinds of stuff I learned. Cause it’s been a very stress. It’s been a very stressful week for me. So

Speaker 1: (36:19)
I have learned so much. I like I’m to the point where I turn on the television and then I’m like, we’re turning that back off. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, it can be on for a little bit. And I feel like it’s been like two years where I’m like, Nope, Nope. We’re turning that back off right there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then I’m like, okay, I’m just going to kind of see the headlines and I’m going to scroll the headlines. And like what used to be in the Inquirer like is like normal stuff. So I’m not sure what vortex we’re mobile. We entered my, I keep having to add aluminum layers to my aluminum hat,

Speaker 2: (36:53)
A big hat. And it’s her aluminum hats gotten even bigger. It’s getting pretty big this morning. I shared an article from Newsweek with her on an alien that was walking through a bridge in India. Okay. And she, she just had a heart attack with that. I

Speaker 1: (37:10)
Was like, that’s a starving human being.

Speaker 2: (37:14)
It was not a starving human being. That thing was like a freaking alien. Okay. I’m going to show you the video and

Speaker 1: (37:21)
Play the video in here. No, I’m not

Speaker 2: (37:23)
Gonna, I’m not gonna share

Speaker 1: (37:25)
Telling me that. And I was like, that’s not real. That’s like, that’s that’s clickbait. And he’s like, oh, it was in Newsweek Newsweek. So, but last week I had just said in my space suit and I’ve been talking about this wormhole and I was like, man, if, if aliens showed up next week, I would just be like, yep. Real deal. We got aliens walking around India. Um,

Speaker 2: (37:49)
So what did you learn this week? Let’s stay on this one. Cause we keep going

Speaker 1: (37:52)
Off topic, you know? Have you ever seen a skin Walker? You know what I’m talking about? Okay. So, um,

Speaker 2: (38:03)
What did you learn this week? Remember we talked about there’s powders. Where’s there’s borders. There’s borders.

Speaker 1: (38:10)
What did I learn this week? I learned so much this week. Um, I learned that it’s raining mice in Australia, literally like they’re having an eruption of mice and rodents and like people’s homes are being overtaken by these rodents and they’re crawling into the walls and they’re jumping into the covers with them in their beds and biting them. Yeah. I wouldn’t like that. And so for the first time, in a very long time, I was like, I might need to get

Speaker 2: (38:41)
A cat carrier

Speaker 1: (38:44)
And a rat terrier and a JAG terrier and a pattern.

Speaker 2: (38:48)
We’re going to start selling rat proof sheets. They’re made of Kepler.

Speaker 1: (38:57)
I’m just like, when are the Logan’s going to show up? They already did.

Speaker 2: (39:01)
I miss?

Speaker 1: (39:02)

Speaker 2: (39:02)
Was locals. Was

Speaker 1: (39:04)
This after or before the murdering wasps, I lost track.

Speaker 2: (39:12)
Are you going to okay. Anyways, I’m going to go with what I learned because mine was stressful and she’s just stressing me out because she’s falling every constituency,

Speaker 1: (39:18)
Crazy seeds that just started showing up in people’s mailbox.

Speaker 2: (39:23)
Okay. So are you guys okay because this is taking, yeah. This has taken me research

Speaker 1: (39:29)
And um, I learned that I did learn that we are, this is a legit thing. I actually had three different customers come into the store and they told me that they were just coming here to learn about mattresses.

Speaker 2: (39:46)
Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are being seen as a resource for people that are wanting to learn before they buy. That’s awesome. Because that’s the whole point of having this show and then having a new items. Okay. You have to talk about salient because you haven’t talked about it yet.

Speaker 1: (40:03)
Okay. We’re going to talk about selling it. Um, we’ve got somebody low crawling over here who is low crawling back there. He’s sneaking up on me. You want to come up here?

Speaker 2: (40:11)
Over here?

Speaker 1: (40:14)
Come on, hop up here. Come on. You got to check out grand’s new chair.

Speaker 2: (40:18)
Come on. You gotta come up

Speaker 1: (40:19)
Here. You gotta move faster than that. You gotta like it.

Speaker 2: (40:23)
All right. So Oliver’s here this week.

Speaker 1: (40:27)
Okay. So Sally and sheets. Yes. Cause

Speaker 2: (40:30)
You, cause I like, cause you did the video that we played during the break. Yes. But you’re also starting your experiment this week, this Sunday. Right?

Speaker 1: (40:40)
So, uh, we will. Okay. So Ruben and pure care and all of their team they’re hooked us up with some amazing selling and sheets. So I had gotten really excited about these because when Ruben was here, he was talking about how amazing these were in the health benefits. Um, and it can increase oxygen levels. It can carefully, you can go fall off there. Um, they can increase blood flow. It’s great for all kinds of different, um, amazing things. So if you have diabetes, uh, fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia, chronic pain nerve, any of this stuff, it’s supposed to take your energy, your like infrared energy, the energy that you can see in an infrared camera and then kind of recycle that back into your body. Now this is the same salient sheets and fabrics that they’re weaving into say like horse racing blankets and the recovery of some of those athletes and athletic wear for humans.

Speaker 2: (41:35)
Yeah. Yeah. She talks about the horse racing and I’m all over. I’m literally all over the web, all over the internet, looking for clothing that has the cellular fabric in it. This stuff is amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Stuff is amazing.

Speaker 1: (41:49)
Yeah. So we’re gonna sleep in those, um, this weekend, cause we’re going to wash them off. We’re going to put them on the beds and I will be able to report back to you next week on if that improved my quality of sleep. Cause it’s supposed to include increased blood flow and oxygen levels. And if you have arthritis, joints or arthritic joints kind of open up some of those channels there. So,

Speaker 2: (42:12)
And for those of you that have doubt on this fabric, this is real, this is FDA approved as a medical device. This fabric is approved as a medical device. So this is real stuff.

Speaker 1: (42:22)
This is approved medical devices. Isn’t like, we will be no. I mean, I know I’ve got my son, uh, I know I got my salt lamps plugged in all over. Oh man. Those are awesome.

Speaker 2: (42:34)
Yeah. Anyway, so you’re going to step off on a tangent. So we’re going to step on the same, are going to keep her stay on that. Okay. So cellular salient fabric next Friday. We’ll talk about it. Then we’re going to have follow-up videos on it as well. And that was, that was the break that you saw the video on that. Okay, cool. So now what I learned this week is that, um, I’m doing a lot of walking. Yeah. There’s, there’s a reason for this. Like I no longer have a vehicle. We had an accident in the company and we’re out of vehicle right now. This is very stressful, but luckily everybody’s okay. Um, we’re just, you know, we’re just dealing with it right now. Hey, it’s 2021. It’s 2021. We’re in the vortex. Things are gonna happen. Things are gonna

Speaker 1: (43:17)
Happen. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (43:19)
So we’re rolling with the punches. Luckily I don’t live that far. Um, so I actually walked to work anyways. We already talked about that on this show. So yeah, it’s just riding a bike places and, and walking places until the insurance money. But I have learned, okay. I gave, I gave the same interview to five different people yesterday. Every time I closed that office door was the same interview. Same questions. What happened? How did this happen? What was the weather like? What was this? What was that? The same interview? Five different times. It got to a point where I actually wrote down my answers and I just read it off to the next person. Yeah. So that actually happened. I am learning how to deal with the insurance. They are wonderful people. They are, um, they’re just trying to do their jobs. So really that’s all it is. Uh, the other thing I learned this week was that, uh, the foam shortage is finally being dealt with.

Speaker 1: (44:12)
Yeah. So we’re getting back

Speaker 2: (44:14)
On track. So we’re getting back on track. People were getting back on track chemicals back online. And then today, today you’re going to see it in the news that this was just beginning research, but this is, this is gonna, you’re going to see an unused the next couple of days, um, lumber is about two. The, the prices are about to tumble because things are getting back to normal and um, the, the supplies are actually catching up. Cool. So, so yeah, so the price of lumber is about to tumble. This is interesting. I’m going to start watching that because that, that tells us how the rest of the economy is going to go as things adjust. So, yeah. And one more thing. GM is finally producing cars. Again, Dave, Dave, ease, Dave ease their chip shortage and they’ve started producing cars again. So maybe in a couple months where it’s going to start seeing normal level two vehicles. So with that, Hey,

Speaker 1: (45:06)
Something very special is happening next.

Speaker 2: (45:08)
What’s happening.

Speaker 1: (45:10)
What’s coming.

Speaker 2: (45:11)
It’s your

Speaker 1: (45:12)
Birthday. Your birthday’s coming

Speaker 2: (45:14)
Up. Oh my goodness. How old are you? 30. Oh, you’re going to be five. No, you’re going to be six. Are you sure? You sure?

Speaker 1: (45:25)
Wow. I can’t believe you’re already. They let six

Speaker 2: (45:27)
Year olds in a SWAT team.

Speaker 1: (45:32)
No, but next week and just a couple of days, you’re going to be six. And why did you get an early birthday present? Yeah.

Speaker 2: (45:37)
Yeah. You got a nice watch. Look at that. That’s a big boy. Watch right there. Look at that. Look at that. Nice.

Speaker 1: (45:46)
So before we go, we want to mention that we have, um, all kinds of wonderful gifts for father’s day. We’ve got, um, Poo-Pourri we’ve got this one has gone flushing. We’ve

Speaker 2: (45:57)
Got mastercraftsman master

Speaker 1: (45:59)
Craftsmen. That’s awesome. We have a little brew pack. I like this little brew pack. This one’s super cute. Number two, brew pack, natural and unfiltered. That’s pretty amazing.

Speaker 2: (46:10)
Not that that’s disgusting, but okay. And

Speaker 1: (46:12)
Then we’ve got camp Papa’s squat. We got some root beer candies and I would totally go for this too. And one goat, milk, moisturizing, hand, and body cream for men.

Speaker 2: (46:24)
I actually have used that. That’s how my hands recovered from, uh, using all the, what do you call that? The Purell stuff? Uh, um, oh, the hand sanitizer. Yeah. Yeah. So that stuff, guys, if your hands have cracked from using so much sanitizer, let’s not talk about going to get your fingernails done. Let’s just talk about using that. Okay. That’s the man way to do it as it could be on the, on saying no, I get Petty’s Deon saying I get Petty’s. That’s what you’re saying off camera. Yup. He gets so with that, we’ll see you next week. Have a good one. Bye bye.