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Hi, I’m Melanie and I’m with live well. And I’m excited to talk to you about one of my favorite products on the showroom floor, our LT, carbon cool pillow collection.

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Uh, first of all, we’re going to start with our, uh, carbon cool pillow. That is our original one. Uh, it comes with a 10 cell mesh and it’s an easy zipper. Now I used to be a professional backpacking instructor, and I’ll tell you what I love the zippers that come with these pillows, because you can really tell that they’re not going to break down on you. Um, the carbon cold pillow has this incredible technology. So I’m going to go ahead and take off the cover for you. It’s super soft. It’s a mesh 10 cell, which is going to help create, um, air flow in the pillow itself, and it’s going to stay cool. It’s super soft. And you can just throw it into the washing machine. All right, so let’s go ahead and check out this pillow again. This is the carbon cool Omni phase pillow.

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The only way to really truly describe this pillow is you have to come and feel this pillow people. When they fill this pillow, they can’t believe it. It feels like the entire pillow was put into the refrigerator. It’s that cold. Now the technology behind this pillow is incredible. The way that it works is that they’ve taken graphite and they’ll grind it down to a microscopic molecular level. And it’s infused into the active DOE itself. It’s creates pathways on a molecular level that will draw your body heat from your head and your neck and your shoulders back into the memory foam itself. The way it does that is there’s a phase changing material at the top. That’s the part of the Omni phase, and it is designed by that graphite to regulate your body temperature. So your skin is most comfortable between the temperature range of 87 degrees and 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

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So this pillow, as you touch it, or you lay your head onto it is going to warm up to that 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches that temperature, it goes through a phase change. Then the molecules dispersed your body heat at, at 91 degrees into the, uh, memory foam itself, drawing that heat away from you. You can actually, if you were to take an infrared camera, you could see it changing in real time. So this pillow, uh, will help lower your body temperature by one to two degrees to help induce the sleep cycle. It’s anti-microbial properties are easy to keep clean. It’s also will keep odors down. You can tell that it’s a ventilated memory foam. All of these holes that are inside of the pillow will help to draw air through that and keep you fresh all night long. Now that going to be the highest end of the Omni phase pillows right here that we have, then moving on, we have a couple of others that are related to it.

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Alright? So the second pillow that we have in this line is a carbon cool LT. Now this one doesn’t have the graphite infused through the entire surface of the memory foam, like the other one, the other one, the graphite goes from the back through the front and it’s infused with them inside of the entire memory foam. And then it has an Omni phase material at the top. This pillow here, the memory foam, which is like no other. When we’re talking memory foam is you might be thinking hot clammy. They break down, they increase body impressions. This technology that Maloof has, they have the highest standards and production for memory foam. They feel more like cookie dough or bread dough as if you are needed it on the table. This is like no other memory foam. It’s cool to the touch. It also has a five-year warranty with it.

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Again, we’re going to go ahead and take off this mesh 10 cell cover super easy. Now you’ll notice that I’m taking extra care when I’m pulling the cover off, because it only opens on one end of the pillowcase itself. And you don’t want to pull your pillow too hard because it will rip the sides of your pillow and damage it. So you want to be really careful when you’re doing that. All right, this is the LT. You’ll notice that it has a full, um, dark gray background, uh, with the, the back. So the graphite is not going to be infused this one’s, aren’t going to be as cold as the first one. I showed you the, um, Omni phase material and the phase change material is just on the top surface of this one here. It’s going to be cold to the touch and it’s going to be cool, but if it’s too cool at night, you can go ahead and then flip that pillow over and sleep on the other side.

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So this is a seasonal pillow. It’s one of my favorites. Again, this material is anti-microbial, it’s easy to keep clean. There won’t be any funky odors that develop over time. And it’s really easy to clean in order to clean this pillow. All you need to do is take a soft sponge with some dish soap will work, or we also provide an Nao clean water here at live well and Nao clean is non-toxic and you can spray it lightly on your pillow and all surfaces. And it’s anti-microbial, it’ll sanitize your pillow as well. So that is available through us here at LivWell. Um, let’s say this is the perfect pillow for back sleepers, but what if you’re a side sleeper? What if you wake up and your shoulder hurts and you have a numbness that goes all the way down to your extremities. What if you have this radiating pain in your neck?

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Well, I have the perfect pillow for you so much so that we even have a chiropractor here locally in town that sends us patients for that specific reason and for this specific pillow. So this last week I actually sold a pillow to a client that was having problems with her neck, and it was causing severe migraines, even going to the chiropractor’s office. They could not get the migraines to stop or to, to cease. And the chiropractor, uh, did come to us or send that patient to us directly. We hooked her up with a perfect pillow and she reported back to us that her migraines and the tension in her neck is completely gone. She even came back to buy a second pillow for her husband because he was stealing it, stealing the side of it in her sleep at night for the first time ever, she woke up and he was on her pillow.

Speaker 1: (06:41)
She even brought her best friend with her into the store. So we sold an additional two pillows just because they’re that good? So this is the side, sleeping pillow LT, carbon. Cool. It has an distinct and unique, um, shape to it for your shoulder. It’s a cutout there. Now, the way that this one works is let’s see, we have one zipper up at the top. So we’re going to go to zip that down all the way here. Now it only opens on one side. It’s really important to peel this one down like a banana. That’s what I like to tell people. Cause it’s just like that. Now, again, you’re not going to want to be rough with this pillow. You’ve got to be patient. So it’s a little bit of Zen here. We’re gonna just carefully pull it back. Now. Take care to notice that I’m not pulling the pillow out on itself this way, because it will rip the memory foam here.

Speaker 1: (07:38)
Uh, if you’re too rough with it. Um, so if you need to bend it, you can bend it in on itself like that. And the cover just pops off really easy. This is a 10 cell cover, easy to wash. I would wash it and dry it on delicate. And we do sell more of these in store. So if you need a replacement cover, we also sell covers. That will totally encase your pillow. If you’re traveling and protect it from dust, mites and bedbugs, all right, going back to the pillow. This one is the LT Omni phase. Again, cool to the touch. Then we have the, the shape here. Now, the way that this works is you want too, when you’re laying on the pillow, put it at an angle. Now some people, the more angled is more comfortable. Some people prefer to sleep on the edge of it.

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I sleep right on the edge here for some reason, and actually put it back the other way. But if you put it forward, you can kick out that rotor cuff really push your arm out, and that will help align your shoulder. Especially if you’re short, your hand or your arm has been going numb in your sleep. You can sleep just like that. Now again, if you wake up and it’s too cold, you can just flip that pillow over. Now, keep in mind when you first there, your body actually needs to stay there in position to activate that phase change. So at first, you’re going to feel the coolness dissipate as your body’s warming, that surface up to 91 degrees. And then once that 91 degrees is really are reached, it’ll be enter into that phase change and start drawing the heat away from your body.

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It’s super cool. It feels just like you’re putting us a light cool washcloth over your forehead, uh, feels really nice. And then as you roll over in your sleep, you can fill that as well. Uh, if you have a S if you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, this is the pillow that you want because it’ll also help alleviate that pain as well. So that is our shoulder. One of these pillows are available at LivWell. So definitely come on by and try one out for yourself. The only way that I can really describe it is you need to touch it. You need to lay on it and you need to hang out with that pillow for just a little bit. It is voted Elma. Gordo’s favorite pillow. I can’t keep them on the shelf. I have to order once a week and they’re just flying off of the shelf.

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So come by and see. We want to make sure that you know, that they are certain purists, certain, certain purists certified. That means they’re not going to off gas, any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde or anything. That’s going to make you sick. Being that they’re, anti-microbial, they’re perfect for asthma and allergies. It’s a clean environment, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with this pillow. So I also want to mention before I let you go, that it has a five-year warranty. So if you have any problems with your pillow during that time, just bring it back to the store and we can help Carrie take care of that warranty issue for you. Please do not allow your pillow to freeze, though. If you forget them in your car, if you’re traveling and they go down below 56 degrees, they can actually harden up and become unused. You just can’t even use them.

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They just become a brick and they get stuck in that frozen state. So unfortunately the warranty can’t cover that. So protect your pillow, take it with you everywhere. Keep it warm. I don’t think you have to feed it though. So just protect it. Fall in love with it. I’ve had clients on the floor carry that pillow from bed to bed, and they actually did use the words. I just fell in love with this pillow. So, um, and you’ll also rest assured that you know, that, uh, proceed a part of your purchase with Maloof goes to support, um, efforts for global sex trafficking prevention, um, safe housing, the children that have been involved in those crimes and aiding and law enforcement in providing justice for those crimes. So not only does it have, is it relaxing and comfortable, but it is also helping to make the world a better place. Thank you so much for tuning in. We’d like you to go to our Facebook page and find us on Instagram. Please go to www live well and follow us and like us and watch more videos come by and see us take care.