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Hi guys today, I’m going to be talking to you about high end accents. It’s a company that we’ve brought into our store that offers amazing options for decorating or bedrooms. So if you’re in need of a comforter set, decorative pillows, throw blankets, curtains, rugs, anything along those lines, this company has it. Um, this is their 2021 catalog. And as you can see, it is full of options. So if you happen to be a little bit, not sure about what kind of decor to bring into your home or what pieces to put together, the pictures in here will give you great guidance. And in the meantime, we can kind of show you how we piece together. Some items, the set that I show here to the right is called the Trent. And it is a three piece set and it comes with the two pillow shams and the comforter.

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And what’s beautiful about this set is it’s a natural feel. So if you’re one who doesn’t have a dedicated coloring a room, but you like the natural fields, this right here would work great for you. It brings along the different ideas of Bohemian with a different patchwork patterns, kind of an Aztec feel by offering a texture by all these mismatched, but put together nicely patterns. And it also gives you the feel of a Southwestern if you’d like to have anything Southwestern, which is why I threw together this arrow, because it kind of gives you the touch of a Southwest field, but also Bohemian feel, um, having this wonderful, uh, pillow here is another way you can accent different textures to bring out the texturing and the comforter itself, as well as maze mixing different types of pattern pillows. Um, nowadays it’s really okay to put together anything.

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That’s going to be stripes with polka dots or color wood bold. Um, it allows you to mix and match things so that you’re able to put together your own ideas of what you like this right here is the actual comfort or topper that comes in the bag. So it also shows you some different ideas on what you could collaborate in your own room. Um, so again, if you’re not sure we’re here to, you know, sit back, help you go through your day core themes, share with us what you actually already have, and we’ll try to work with you that direction. Um, again, if you’re looking for something that has a natural feel, the tope and cream is a wonderful means to the metal. Next, I’m going to be showing you the Highland lodge group here. We have the Highland lodge pieces. And what’s nice about this piece is it offers you some more options versus what we have with the tramp, because instead of a three piece, it is a five piece.

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It also has a reversible comforter on there. So if you liked the look of having this Wade with the different materials on here, you can fold this back. If you wanted to go to a solid or just use that as an accent. Another thing is it does come with two pillow shams and also a decorative pillow in the middle, and it comes with a sham that actually matches with the suede. So it gives you a full-on bad look without really having to add more. But of course, no, I’m going to add more. So with that, I liked it. I liked to accent the actual leather pillows with it because it just brings out the idea of the suede and with the buckles and stuff, having the leather loops on here, it brings everything out. As far as the dark coloring, also around the rimming of the actual comforter and by adding the pillow options here, which you can see that do match this on the site, it gives you all the pillows that you can utilize to match the set.

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So again, they’re trying to simplify your process at piecing together your look for your room by giving you all these wonderful options that have already been pre-made and set aside for you to choose from. Again, this doesn’t mean you have to choose from that, but I did go ahead and pull some different pillow ideas from it so I can make this look easy for you, because it really is easy. It’s all about just finding the pieces you like another option here at the end of the bed is you’ll see this beautiful blanket and that is a FOLFOX for blankets. And with that, it allows you to have extra warmth, brings in more texture, and it also brings in a soft feel. All right? So if you’re into textures, let me show you one thing you bring in the texture of a soft animal for you have the texture of it almost looks like a burlap material, but it’s not at all.

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It’s very soft. You have your suede texture and then you have a solid mother texture. So with this combination, you’re bringing in textures, colors, depth. It’s giving you more to it than what you’ve just see. And again, if you’re not sure they do have those pieces put together for you, including on the actual flap. So when you’re looking at these, these are the flat covers. So you can actually see what options are there. If you wanted to choose from what they have, or again, you can reference it through the website, as well as through the catalog that I just showed you. Um, what’s great for this, besides the fact that it is going to be a nice, versatile look is the reversibility to the comforter. If you decide to change up some of these, let’s say you decide, Oh, it looks a little bit too heavy on the winter side.

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Still let’s bring up some white to it, use the color on the other side, and then flip it over, throw a different pillows on here. And you’ve got yourself a different look. So with that, you’re not limited to what you see right here. You can reverse this comforter to the opposite edge and then have yourself a whole different book just by changing up the pillows. Um, on these, it actually shows you different ideas of the textured pillows, as well as having the solid pillows. And that’s really important because nowadays it’s really hard to mix and match everything. But if you add texture to it, it helps everything pull together. So it’s not going to be such a troublesome thing for you. So again, if they’re looking for something that has more options, the bigger the bedding, as far as the pieces, it will give you a lot more options to that.

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This, when I hear how it’s kind of a cabin rustic look, which is a very beautiful feel, very homey, spacious reminds you of a place to escape to, but it doesn’t have to be in just those locations. As a matter of fact, my husband and I have this very same set in ours. So we’re thinking about that. Consider the idea that that flexibility to what you are looking at. If you’re wanting something very simple, go with something that’s a three piece. It gives you exactly what you need. And you can add when you want, if you’re wanting something that’s a little busier with more options, five pieces, a great place to start as well. But again, no, you’re not limited. They make a lot of their pieces similar, so you can mix and match different bedding as well as different pillow options. So you’re not limited to what they just show on the book.

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Um, one thing I also want to point out to you is the Mongolian blanket that I have here at the end of the bed is a wonderful textured feel. Just like when I was speaking of the Trent with the Mongolian for pillow, what’s really nice is this photo for, um, gives you added texture and that’s key. So if you’re thinking about starting your own elements in your own bedroom, just keep in mind, the more texture you add, the easier pulls together. So with this piece, I hope you want to come in, feel it for yourself, look at it for yourself and actually see the quality that they have in this. There isn’t one edge of this that has not been contemplated all the way from the stitching. There are solid lines. They’re edging to the trimming, the decorative pieces that they’ve applied to the pillows.

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Everything is very methodical, very thought out. So again, if you’re wanting some easy pieces to decorate with this, doesn’t have to be limited only to your bedroom guys. We have family rooms, you can take these pieces to your couches as well. So with that, I hope you see that this is a very expandable company. We would love for you to visit our website and see some of the options we have on there. Giving us a little patience because we are constantly adding to our website. So if you don’t see it yet, your pieces will be coming. Um, and in the meantime, come see us here at the store at LivWell and we’d be glad to show you. In-person the quality, the catalog, the website, everything that’s involved with this wonderful company. So if you haven’t already please like, and subscribe to our channel, we would love to follow you guys, um, through all of these processes. So come in with any questions you may have, we’re here for you. Thank you.