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hrough there, it looks like a ginormous chapstick. So after you used your, um, nice exfoliate on your foot, you turn around and you just top it off with that chapstick. Um, I’m going to keep calling it chapstick, and it’s not.

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You’ll start using the soother on the heel of your foot to keep it from cracking, splitting, or just creating more dryness, um, because that’s what gets thick. And that’s what actually causes pain later. If you do get a crack in your foot. So this is a great kit. If you have feet better effected, especially people that may even have diabetes where you have the additional added foot value needed, but book care is very important. So these things can be gifted as well. Um, think about anybody in your family that might have, you know, that foot thing going on. When I’m talking about shoes, where we like to, you know, show off our painted toenails and, and our pretty sandal feet and stuff, and these things right here, all work together. Next, we have some of our bath and shower goat, milk cream, and it’s not soap it’s cream.

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Okay. But it is soap. Um, maybe I shouldn’t have worded it that way, but this is a very thick soap that’s meant to when you’re bathing to actually be able to be absorbed into the skin as well. It’s not just a beneficial cleanser, but again, contains all these nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs. And this right here will leave you feeling like you’ve actually applied lotion to your skin. I mean, it’s wonderful cream, and I’m going to have some more facts to add about the creams as well, because, you know, we all will take baths or showers, and this can be a daily habit for you to add all that moisture and hydration to your skin. It may be needing behind that. We have our hand soap, um, as much as we wash our hands, especially nowadays this right here would be a great substitution for a regular hand soap, um, because it does clean.

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Uh, but at the same time, again, it is adding those added nutrients to your hands it’s, especially when we put them under a lot more stress with the added chemicals of having hand sanitizers and that such, um, also with the amount of times that we wash our hands, we may not always have access to getting our lotion or cream. So this right here will help protect your skin up until that point where you can add lotion or cream. So this is a very good substitution, like I said, um, again, it cleans well, smells really good. And I do want to comment too. This is vanilla. Their vanilla does not taste like the sweetened heightened vanilla that you’re used to smelling. I expected that actually, when I smelled it because vanilla is common in every lotion, anywhere in the world. And I expected it to be very similar to the vanilla bean smell that were so common, you know, commonly used in a lot of our fragrances, especially sprays.

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And this one is almost like a powder smell. It’s so soft. This can be used for children, babies, adults, men, women doesn’t matter. This is a universal fragrance that works great as well as the lavender, which I did pick out to use for the bath cream, um, because it’s a refreshing, but yet soothing, calming fragrance. So lavender has been around for a while, right? If you’re taking a bath or shower before bed, what better way to do that than by adding something that helps your brains like calm down and help you to relax. But at the same time, get that soft sous skin. So on to the regular products here, okay, we have our creams and we have two different sizes. So if you want a purse size or a car size or a gift size, um, this is great. This is a great way to, to sample the different fragrances, um, repeatedly to see which one might be your favorite, or if you’d like to just go for it, we have the larger size creams and this one is called love.

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And I chose this because I wanted you to start thinking, you know, with Ballantine’s coming up third, great ideas right here that you can use for any, whether you’re male or female. Um, these can go either way and they’re very good for your skin. So it’s not atypical lotion. This is something that will be an added benefit. But these, like I said, if you come in, we have all this top shelf full of the different fragrances that you can come in and sample. We don’t want you to have to buy blindly on what loves smell bite or what eucalyptus might smell like or see treasures. How do you explain sea treasures? So with that, when you come in, you can smell them. You can try them. We have the lotions and the creams available next. We have the directness little gift pack here, which has a lotion, which is our, excuse me, a cream, which is in the small size.

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And then it’s also going to be a chapstick. Now their chapsticks are oversized. So if you’re looking at this in my hand, you can see this is an oversized chapstick, and it has all the added benefits. Like I was speaking about before with a vitamin, a vitamin D and vitamin E plus you have the antioxidants and the other, um, moisturizing benefits to goat milk. And so when you’re thinking about Chuck chapped lips, this right here is a great little buddy, okay. Again, male, female, anybody, these are not colored. Um, they do have a different fragrance, so you can choose one that you would enjoy. We have peppermint twist, we have vanilla bean and we have sweet berries. So we kept it basic for anybody to be able to try. Um, but this again would be great as a little gift to again, any age. And you know that you’re getting the moisturizing factors that you need this right here is a gift pack idea. So if you want it to just give somebody with something, this right here is already ready for you to just hand over. And this fragrance is called honeysuckle and coconut, and then we also have it available in the vanilla bean.

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All right, last we have our lotions, okay. Our lotions are light. Um, they absorb extremely fast when you put this on again, if you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of extra added moisture, rich, you know, there are a few people here in New Mexico that have been born and raised here, and you acclimate to your area and they don’t require a lot of lotion anymore. Their skin’s used to it. They drink plenty of water and they stay hydrated. But you do run into people that still like to have the added, uh, fragrances that are available within the lotions. Um, not only that, if you like to rub your feet, rub your back, you know, you have sore muscles and stuff. This is a great idea for it. Again, it doesn’t leave the after feel of greasiness. So even after you’ve rubbed it in, you might apply it a few times to rub your feet for instance, or your hands.

Speaker 1: (11:29)
Um, this right here is going to soak completely in, and you’ll never know that you added it except you burn up your moisturized. So really good lotion. Now, I’m going to give you some good facts about this lotion, because again, what makes [inaudible] different from anything else? Okay. So when I was talking about soap, this is the hand soap, all right, goat milk soap is all natural and contains no harmful chemical compounds or harsh detergents. The lactic acid and goat milk soap helps to remove impurities. So this isn’t going to be like an alcohol based. So like you would find in the stores, um, again, everything about the goat milk is going to be the property that they use to help clean you as well as moisturize you. So you don’t have to worry about it being an added allergy. Um, I know people that have sensitive skin, whether it’s to fragrance or eczema or psoriasis, you have serious things going on with your skin.

Speaker 1: (12:26)
This will help you. This is good for this type of skin issue. Um, and again, any fragrance and we do have unscented as well. So if you don’t want fragrance, that’s also available, but this helps with all of these conditions. And I will share that back to information with you as well. Um, let’s see here. This was my next sentence. Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, unprocessed goat, milk, fresh contains all these benefits. Okay. The vitamins that I mentioned earlier with the vitamin, a vitamin D and vitamin E um, our present and every part of the line of the dial miss products, because those are key elements in the body that we require whenever we need moisture. And they all balance out in every part of the product line. This part made me happy, because I think about this now as I’m aging, but it helps reduce wrinkles.

Speaker 1: (13:26)
It helps control acne and provides, um, psoriasis relief, which we just discussed and to think about acne control. Um, again, the pH of a goat is almost like the pH of an adult, excuse me, a human, I think in goat kids now, but the difference between the two are going to be my Newt. So whenever you apply this to your skin, and you’re not adding a bunch of fakeness to your skin, which can actually build up in your pores, um, and cause acne issues, as well as the grease and the wax and stuff that can be added to lotions to make you feel soft. Um, even when it’s not through nutrients. So by adding this, you can actually use this on your face. I’ve read, um, off of their site that they have with Diana’s, I’ve read that there are people that have had acne that wash their face, and they actually use this as their moisturizer on their face, after washing with soap, um, because of the added benefits and the nutrients, and the fact that it does not set off acne, but this is good for skin issues.

Speaker 1: (14:29)
It helps heal the acne. I was wowed by that. I’m like, Hey, now all teenagers be aware of this. So goat milk benefits and soap alpha hydroxy acids, bind dead skin cells and allows your skin to renew more effectively. So the actual aesthetic value in this is actually going to be what helps with the old skin cells. So if you’re thinking about the old skin cells and constantly having to use a scrub to get them off, this actually preps your skin where it’s going to actually heal it. So your dead skin cells and stuff that you have that you shed, it will produce less dead skin cells in the process because it’s healing your skin, rich butterfat and calcium, all right, this fills in cracks and nutrient or nourishes. So you’re thinking about your feet. For instance, when I was talking about your heels, um, you know, we would go as far as to file our heels, if possible, to get rid of all the dead skin, cell buildup and stuff.

Speaker 1: (15:26)
And this right here actually helps prevent the dead skin cells from building up because it’s healing your skin. And then it actually helps fill in the cracks and it nourishes it with that rich butterfat and calcium from the goat milk. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and fields in moisture. Okay. Women, we heard that it helps with wrinkles. Yes, we need that. Especially down here in the desert, because we age faster, we have more skin, um, radiation and everything, exposure to the sun because we have long days, a bright, beautiful sunshine. Um, and we’re also a higher elevation. So we’re more susceptible to the radiation as well. They may come through from the clouds. Um, but I’m saying radiation instead of ultraviolet lights, I’m sorry. Um, but the UV lights and in the process of that, um, it does age you faster, uh, plus to top it off with being in the desert, uh, that is also another drawing factor to your scan.

Speaker 1: (16:20)
So all the nourishment we can get and moisturizing into our skin with better, um, selenium, it fights free radicals that cause cancer and helps protect against UV rays. Again, the selenium is going to be an important factor for helping us with the anti-aging process, but it also protects you just wearing this out in the sun. I’m gonna tell you now this is not sunscreen, but what this does is help your skin. If you’re out in the sunlight a lot, here’s all the vitamins. Okay. Vitamin a vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E they repair renew, help fright acne, neutralizes, free radicals, and enhances the last Tricity. And last we have gastric roots soap company. It uses fresh, raw, and all natural Nigerian dwarf milk. That’s a goat. Okay. Which has the highest butter fat of all goat breeds. So if we’re thinking about the butterfat value, that’s really important because that’s, again, what feels in those grooves in those cracks and those wrinkles and everything as your skin is healing.

Speaker 1: (17:21)
So there’s a lot of benefits to this. Now last, why would you use gut milk as skincare? Because you’re thinking about this as this is for my person, for my hands, maybe for my body. If I shaved my legs type thing, this is actually a body system. You can use this all over your body. Again, this isn’t just limited to your hands and your feet. So with that, you have the alpha hydroxy acids, which are, they experience the natural experience within this, that help you shed the dead skin cells that heal your skin, your skin as well. So you don’t produce as much vitamin a and E again, we covered that about it repairing and renewing the dad, the damaged skin, and it helps with your life cycle. So as you’re shedding off those dead skin cells, your new skin has got to come and healthier and happier and more nourished vitamin B6 and B12 helps with acne issues and even skin wrinkles and dryness, which, who doesn’t do it, that here in the desert, we discussed that as well.

Speaker 1: (18:24)
Vitamin C it reverses DNA damage and neutralizes free radicals. Okay. So when you’re thinking about vitamin C, I always think immunities, um, what are we trying to protect our body from being attacked by? So when this reversing DNA damage, that would be skin it’s about your dermis, okay, this isn’t going to be changing organs and stuff. It doesn’t come in contact with this is strictly for your skin. Okay. Vitamin D it’s essential for skin cell growth, wound healing and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. So vitamin D is very essential. Um, um, and again, it just doesn’t seem right to say that we have vitamin D deficiencies at such a high here in New Mexico, but we do because of the long days in the sunlight and the many days of sunlight that we’re blessed with, but we have to protect ourselves from might get cancer and have the extra exposure to UV rays and everything.

Speaker 1: (19:20)
So we do work indoors as well. There’s a whole bunch of reasons for it. But vitamin D deficiency deficiency is very common in the state of New Mexico, triglycerides and vitamin E. These are antioxidants that repair and protect your skin. It enhances your skin elasticity. This is what keeps you feeling younger because when your skin still snaps back, that shows that it’s still very much thriving. And it’s when your skin loses that electricity, that you get that crepey looking skin. And as we age, it’s a normal process, but if we can prevent our scan from aging quicker, because again, we’re out in the elements, um, why not wear something that’s going to help you for this process? Um, we’re all gonna age. It’s a fact of life, but we don’t have to speed it up because we live in the desert or speed it up because we don’t have a minute to use good products for ourselves, calcium.

Speaker 1: (20:17)
Well, we all need that. Calcium protects against dry skin and fine wrinkling rich butterfat. Okay. Again, when, when we’re talking about the heels, it’s the stuff that fills in those gaps. So it fills cracks in skin. And what does that say? I need my glasses, I’m sorry. And seals water in which hydrates and moisturizes skin. Um, so when you’re thinking about the butterfat, it would be the same as the product and, and stuff. Fat is what settles and creates the, the rich flavors and stuffing your food. But when we’re talking about your lotions and stuff, it fills in the cracks of your skin to help seal that water in. Um, and it helps hydrate your skin the same as if it’s in food. If you’re thinking about bacon, that fat would melt and it seals in the food moisture and all the flavors and gives it that nice taste.

Speaker 1: (21:09)
So the rich butterfat in this, uh, Diana’s milk, um, is amazing again, through all these products for your lips, your face, your, your arms, your legs soaking in the tub, your heels, any type of situation, mature last but not least selenium. It’s an antioxidant that fights free radicals, which let me see, seek to destroy living cells. It protects against sun exposure. So sun exposure. Again, it’s a huge thing. When you think about living here in the desert, um, again, we’re higher in elevation. We’re closer to the sun, so that just puts our risk up there even more so we can protect our skin in any way. This is the best. So I would encourage you after hearing the facts as well, to come try it and see what you like. If you want a sample pack, we have those available. This is great because you have five different fragrances that you can do at once.

Speaker 1: (22:05)
You can either share these, you can gift them for Valentine’s day, um, or you can try them out yourself and see which one is your favorite, because, you know, you can never have too much cream in the desert. And again, with the lotions and everything else, we keep this stocked as much as we can, because we know people come in asking about it. So I hope this answers a lot of your questions you may have run into when you’re thinking about what’s onus. What’s the big deal about the goat. Now, you know, this is the goat of lotions, the greatest of all time. So come try Diana’s lotion. I guarantee you, you’re going to find at least two or three fragrances that you absolutely adore and thinking about gifting for others in this process is you can actually sit back and note. It’s not just another lotion. It’s not just another fragrance. This is actually benefiting your skin, which is our largest organ, and we need to treat it with loving care. So I wish you guys the best day ever. And I hope that you guys will come in and try our line of Diana’s goat milk. Thank you.