Need Help Finding the Right Pillow?

Painful sleep caused by using the wrong pillowDo you wake up with pain in your neck? Do you develop headaches during midafternoon? These are both signs of having the wrong size pillow. Something as simple as having the wrong pillow can cause lasting or daily pain.

The right pillow can not only eliminate neck pain and headaches, but it can also help you breathe easier throughout the night, helping you get better, deeper sleep. The better your sleep, the better your next day is, and the better your overall health is.


Finding the right pillow for you is not that complicated, but you can’t do it without being able to lay on a mattress that matches the support level you have at home. Buying a pillow without laying down to check out your posture can lead to making the same buying mistakes over and over.

Once you’ve found a mattress on the sales floor of your favorite pillow store ( BTW, Live Well has an extensive assortment of pillows), grab a pillow that matches the loft you need. The loft is the height of the pillow, the actual support part of the pillow.

  • If you are a side sleeper, you need a mid-loft pillow to a high loft pillow, depending on your shoulder width.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, you need either a low loft pillow or no pillow to make sure your neck and lower back don’t hyperextend.
  •  If you are a back sleeper, you have a choice of low loft pillows or mid loft pillows. Look for a pillow that keeps your head in a position matching your standing posture.Fall in love with the right pillow

Your goal while shopping for a pillow is to keep your posture matching your standing posture. Any more tilt to your head than that can cause posture issues, neck pain, and, like we said above, headaches.

If you’d like to get fit for the right pillow, please don’t hesitate to visit us at Live Well. We’ve studied, researched, and learned many different techniques in getting your pillow just right.