What Causes Morning Back Pain?

Sleep Coach Minute
(Ep 2 2019)

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Hi Javier with live well mattress and furnishing centers and today’s sleep coach. Minute, I want to talk to you about mourning back pain, whether it be in your lower back or whether it be in between your shoulders or your upper back. I want to explain a little bit about how it happens, why it happens, and how it can be caused by two plush of the mattress. Two firm of a mattress or just plain too old of a mattress.

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if you’re waking up with a pinch in between your shoulders, it could be that your bed is too firm, right here is a good example of what you’re seeing is you’re actually seeing my shoulders upwards and it’s pushed and if I can show you what it looks like this way you’re seeing nice. My back is actually kind of arched, kind of different. Right here is where I would wake up with a pinch if the bed is too firm. Um, now mind you, this won’t always happen because some people are able to slide their shoulder over when they hold themselves this way on a pillow. And so the, the, the actual spine will straighten out, however you will have a thornless on your shoulder here. So that, that, that’s where the pain will transfer. And this happens when your bed is too firm. A also happens when your bed is kind of old and you actually sink into it too far.

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So what we’re looking at here, and I’ll show you this is lower back pain. As you can see, I’m sinking very far into the mattress. Um, this example actually, it may not even be enough because I’ve seen it worse. Um, where your actual hips are kinda, cause remember we carry our weight right here so our hips actually sink in. So you’re looking at a body where the back isn’t straight at all. Um, this would be a very bad position for you to stay all night. And this is the position where you would wake up with lower back pain. This will occur when your bed is way too plush or once again, it will happen if your bed is too old. Because, um, when your bed is old, you tend to have the body indentations. You know those invitations. You know when you get into bed, you know exactly where your spot is because you’ve already sank into it. So that’s, that’s what you’re looking at here. Lower back pain caused by your bed, being non-supportive of your back at all.

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I hope this has been helpful for you. Um, if it’s time for you to replace your mattress, please consider live well mattress and furnishing centers. We’d love to do a full evaluation of and help you find which mattress is good for you. Remember, if you like this video and if you found it helpful in any way, please like, share or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’d greatly appreciate it. Have a great day.