Unboxing the 2021 Milkhouse Candle Co. Spring/Summer Scents

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Our new vendor partner Milkhouse Candle Co. was a huge hit in 2020. We’ve been eagerly waiting for their new scents, and today Gretchen is sharing all the new smells you can have in your home, Spring and Summer!

Here is a transcript of our video for the hearing impaired:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Well, good afternoon. We received a wonderful surprise today. It’s our new line of milk house fragrances, and I was excited to open it, but it was pointed out to me that the excitement should be shared. So I am opening this with you. The box has been pre cut so that I can just open it with you. So here we go. What is going to be new? All right. Here’s a sample of our limited additions. As you can see, they have a tall slender new look to some of their jar candles. Um, they had milk candles in the past and it would be like milk bottle, textile candles. And this looks like the combination of the milk bottle and the jar kind of in it. These fragrances are berries and cream layer cake, lemon drops and Rosemary and mint. That sounds amazing. So, okay. Next. And of course we have this spring and summer 21 catalog, which I will be going through and ordering here very shortly. And then we have our little newsletter that comes with all of our packaging from milk house.

Speaker 1: (01:18)
Okay guys, here we go. Going in. All right. Our first selection, we have banana sunset, which is going to be obviously a banana and it’s got Mingo, coconut water. Um, Laurel smells as well as musky Tonka beans. So that’s going to be the first one. And I’m going to smell that real quick. Waters maids are fresh in our news. I can open it. It’s childproof. Oh my goodness. I will say the most dominating fragrances in this one is going to be the bananas and the coconut smells amazing. Actually smells good enough to eat. All right, next, we have Linden and Ashwood, which is going to be Musk, um, with fruit swirls, Oriental vanilla, uh, tuck beans, and some golden Amber and soft linen. So this is supposed to be a fresh smell, linen and Ashwood.

Speaker 1: (02:17)
Oh my goodness, guys, this has a very clean smell. It’s powdery, but it’s not. And it’s because of the Musk. Um, and the clean smell also happens to be with the woods. The woods smells that they have in here. Holy moly. This is wonderful. You know, usually they just smell like Downy. This doesn’t smell anything like Downey, but it smells fresh Berry. Very nice. All right. Last on this side, we have the tobacco and honey, that’s going to be honey drizzled over dried tobacco leaves also has the smells of Teakwood cashmere, a hint of romantic Amber and soft sandalwood. So if you’re looking for a candle or a romance coming up next month, this might be your candle set. The middle of candles. You can never go wrong. So again, tobacco and honey. All right, let’s see what this I was like.

Speaker 1: (03:13)
Wow. Okay. So tobacco leaf does not smell anything like the cigarette tobacco that you might be thinking of, or the pipe tobacco. It’s a tobacco leaf, which is definitely a more fresh nature smell. And then the honey that’s infused with it. You can smell, it just gives it a touch of sweetness, but it’s a warm sweetness because it’s honey. Oh my goodness. And a lot of wood and you smell the musky, smells from the cashmere and stuck to you guys. This is a romantic smell. This will be great for our Valentine’s day. Okay? So now we’re going into row three. I’m going to save the biggest one for me. All right. First one we have is called Pappy’s pipe. So if you’re thinking about your grandfather’s pipe, which funny story my grandfather, my mother’s dad always smoked his pipe. And the smell of the sweet tobacco has stuck with me forever.

Speaker 1: (04:11)
Whenever I smell it, it automatically brings me back to thinking of my grandfather. So this one might be my candle, her memories, but this one has whether driftwood Amber patchouli, um, Oh, it’s got nuances of a bonfire, obviously the pipe, tobacco, leather, and a touch of Juniper Berry. This is a masculine candle. When guys are always asking, what about me? This might be the actual neutral candle between husband and wife or boyfriend, girlfriend, where you can light this candle and it can be a masculine smell for your male in your life. Um, also I have two boys that would love this. They love the clean smells. Oh wow. It smells a lot of wood in there, but with like a attentive of aftershave smell just extremely clean, but it smells dressy. Like if you’re thinking of a dressy occasion and local guys, this is a really good one.

Speaker 1: (05:10)
This will be great. So if you want to put something in her basket, you can go with romance. You want to go with something that’s going to be in a male’s basket for Valentines. Here you go. Go with Pappy’s pie. Sounds weird for a romantic thing, but it sure smells good. Next we have pink pony. Okay. When you’re thinking of pony and stuff like that, this one’s a sugared peony. So it’s going to be sweeter. Okay. It says apricot blossom, powdered woods, Amber Musk sweetened with exotic passion, fruit and some citrus. So this is going to be a clean smeller, which is really good. If you have bathrooms, kitchens, anything like that, that can, um, hold odors, especially when you’re cooking and stuff. This would be a great candle for those areas. Oh, this smells really good. That’s actually smells to me. It reminds me of a very fresh light, real fruit smell. Oh boy.

Speaker 1: (06:07)
A Starburst with some I like kind of, but it’s not so sweet. Like a Starburst. It’s like fresh fruit snacks. Oh good. What is the one thing that’s standing out in? This has to be the Apricot’s it’s the Apricot’s. This is nice guys. This right here would be great for the kitchen. I, you can’t go wrong with fruit, but anything that’s citrus is great for neuter neutralizing odors. We don’t want to say the other thing. Take that to your button area. All right. But the pink neonates wonderful for anything in a odor collecting area. So are waiting highly for your kitchen. Last we have sunshine. Mingo mango is going to be wild. Vermont, fresh Rosemary, crushed eucalyptus with a fragrance of mango. Sweet guava juicy red currant, right? Dusty, grapefruit. You know, guys, this is just a swirl of food. So if you’re thinking fruity sunshine mango is the fruit. Okay. So let’s smell it.

Speaker 1: (07:09)
Oh wow. Super strong. This one right here is definitely a strong citrus smell. Very much grapefruit and mango. Oh yes. And I definitely will have to say I can, I can smell a hint of the eucalyptus in there as well. This one’s amazing. Sunshine mango. I’m not even a fan of mango, but this smells amazing. This is good. This is good. Hopefully I’m getting you guys excited to come smell these yourself. We’re going to have these available for you so you can come and smell them. And I’m going to be placing an order very soon.

Speaker 1: (07:49)
All right. Last we have four smells. The top one is called berries and cream. I’m pretty sure everybody knows about berries and cream. Cause it’s a very popular thing to sell in a candy or anything. But this one right here is blueberries. Strawberries, pink grapefruit. Let’s see wild hide biscuits, velvet, peony and creamy vanilla orchid. So this one is a combination of sweet yet creamy. So berries and cream. Oh wow. Yeah. This one right here smells. This smells like a really good berries and cream and yogurt type smell. That’s all I smell. Now. I thought of the yogurt. It’s wonderful. This right here can actually be great for Valentine’s day as well because it’s sweet. It’s not too sweet, but berries and cream. That’s definitely a good one. That’s a keeper. Next. We have layer cake guys. When you’re thinking about having cake or you’re thinking birthday celebrations, this, that, and the other think anniversary.

Speaker 1: (08:50)
You think everything okay. Anything you celebrate while your cake, this could be your cake, your lighting, your cake on fire. You don’t have to eat it, but you can actually light the candle. And it smells like layer cake. And Oh my goodness. It smells exactly like cake. It’s not like wedding cake or yellow cake. It’s the very popular cake smell. And you can’t go wrong. You’ve ever been to Coldstone Creamery and had their cake or cake ice cream. It smells just like it. Wonderful. So the ingredients in this is going to be vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and the sweetness of sugar came with a hint of aromatic spice. Nailed it. Nailed it. Can’t get better than that one. Hey, you don’t have to eat the calories to smell them. That’s good. All right. Next, we have lemon drop. Who doesn’t love lemon drop. You can get that in a mixed drink, a candy.

Speaker 1: (09:43)
Anything is lemon. Everything fresh and clean in the kitchen is limit, right? Well, lemon drop is now here. And this one is going to be fresh, squeezed lemons, splashed with puckering, sours, swirled with icy and sweet elements of sparkling shirts. So women drop, Oh yeah, this is wonderful. You know what? Okay. I have to say lemon drops normally have a candy smell. This has a real lemon smell. You can almost smell the acidic values to it. So those of you that crave food and you smell the stuff. This one might not take you to the food, but to the fruit. That is super good. Super yummy lemon. All right, guys, everyone needs this in their kitchen. All right, last but not least. Our last one is Rosemary and mint. All right, Rosemary and mint. It’s going to be the refreshing smell of Rosemary spearmint. Cool.

Speaker 1: (10:36)
Eucalyptus PI and lifting the spirits along the way. So this right here is going to be a very outdoorsy smell. So if you like outdoorsy, fresh smells, this is a good one. If you’re a tea drinker, this right here is a tea, fragrance and flavor. So if you like to mix your stuff around with healthy foods, healthy drinks and stuff, this is wonderful. And it’s also great for anybody who deals with migraines and headaches. Anything mentee is very good for you. Very calming and relaxing. You love this. This is a bedroom candle guys. This is a romance candle. So remember Rosemary and mint this right here. That is so good. This would be good. Anywhere. Rosemary and mint guys, you can’t go wrong with that one. That’s an everybody fragrance. So I’m glad I got to share the unveiling with you. I hope that you guys are excited about smelling these as much as I bed and I would love for you to come smell them and tell me which one you like. I want to order what you guys like. So come see me. Let me know I’m going to get this order in ASAP. So hopefully I’ll see you here within the next few days. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Bye-bye.