Meditation for Better Sleep, Mermaid Tails, and Self-Compassion

Fishbowl ep14

Here’s the transcript for today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Squeezing my head. Okay. Is that little brain cells suffering? Well, you know, after wearing this all day, it squeezes my head. Yes, I understand.

Speaker 2: (00:10)
Yeah. Understand. Hi, I’m Javier I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie. And this is the 14th episode of fishbowl. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (00:22)
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m really anxious. It’s

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Toast. We have, we have new tea today and like, we’ve all been here for like five minutes and we’re all dying. Watch your classes. Do that again. So cheers to that

Speaker 3: (00:39)
Episode. Yeah. That’s a fancy mug. You got there with them autographs. Yeah,

Speaker 2: (00:45)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry. Quinn and Mark Kinsley. This is our buddies that are, uh, that they have that podcast. Yeah. All right. So this is a camel meal, lavender and lemon grass tea.

Speaker 1: (01:00)
I can smell the lemon grass.

Speaker 3: (01:01)
The grass is predominant this time. It’s good. Oh, that’s good.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
Is it really hot? I’m scared.

Speaker 2: (01:08)
Uh, it was just boiling five seconds ago. It’s still up like, ah, should I be afraid?

Speaker 3: (01:15)
That’s good. You said fogging, right? Fogging up her glasses. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Speaker 2: (01:23)
You’re horrible. All right. So

Speaker 3: (01:25)
I thought she said something else for real. And I was like waiting

Speaker 1: (01:30)
And I’m still thinking what that other thing could be. It went right over my head. That’s a good thing. Well, actually it went right over my fin,

Speaker 3: (01:37)
My kale shake it off.

Speaker 2: (01:42)
So this is fishbowl. Um, we used to have meetings on Friday nights and go over questions that customers had asked throughout the week. And we would research stuff and find stuff out for you. So that way we could handle your questions better. And we decided to just share the questions with you. So that way you guys would have that information freely. So that’s what fishbowl is. Um, we’ve added a couple of different things through the time. Um, we’ve added a weekly topic where we’ve found a news article that we think would be great for you and great to share amongst ourselves. Um, today’s topic is four surprising ways to get a better night’s sleep. And I thought, I, when, when I was reading this, I thought it was pretty good. Cause it’s got stuff that that’s out of the ordinary. So I, I mean, it wasn’t things that I was anticipating. Was it things that you guys were anticipating?

Speaker 1: (02:34)
Yeah, because we’re always anticipating the, you know, no cat.

Speaker 2: (02:38)
Yeah. No caffeine or don’t eat right before dinner and stuff like that.

Speaker 1: (02:41)
So social media, the blue light turn off here. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (02:44)
Don’t go to bed, man. Yeah. Oh, well you don’t want to, we’d be all worked up and trying to sleep, you know, we don’t know. Oh, okay. They’re not supposed to. Oh, well good.

Speaker 2: (02:55)
Cause I’m glad we don’t. Yes. Anyways. Okay. So, so

Speaker 1: (03:00)
The traditional, the traditional way traditional way. So these are non traditional ways of thinking about

Speaker 4: (03:07)
Yes. Traditional ways that thinking about better ways of getting sleep. Yep. So a lot of us are suffering from lack of sleep these days, according to the center for disease control, God knows those people are busy. About 35% of adults regularly get less than seven hours of sleep per night. They were very busy.

Speaker 1: (03:28)
It’s like he finds the worst things to say something to you

Speaker 4: (03:31)
With the pandemic still in full swing. We may have even, we may have even have more sleep problems. And usual worries about our health, our safety, our jobs, our kids disrupted education and, and other things are keeping us a week, uh, awake at night, creating fatigue and stress. The next day, this could lead us to more serious mental health issues like depression and even suicide. Improving sleep hygiene is a good remedy. This is where we said, you don’t make sure your room is dark. These are traditional things. Make sure your room is dark quiet at bedtime for going afternoon and caffeine and creating sleep time rituals, all that is good sleep hygiene. But fortunately there’s some other things that might be worth trying as well. So these are the four things that are talking about mindfulness, meditation. This is something that you practice.

Speaker 1: (04:24)
I do. I started, I still haven’t discovered cause I do the guided meditations at nighttime that are hours long. And uh, I really get into those, but I do still not know what happens like hours into them meditation and they’re talking and I,

Speaker 4: (04:42)
It’s probably a guy going, blah, blah, blah, well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you’re like, Oh, this is so awesome. So anyways, all right. Continuing with your uncle.

Speaker 1: (04:50)
Yes. Mindfulness meditation is awesome. It’s definitely helped.

Speaker 4: (04:54)
One study conducted in China, found, looked at how mindfulness might be useful in a sleep and sleeping better during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Speaker 1: (05:03)
This wasn’t just anywhere in China. This was in lupine is like where a lot of stuff, everything. Yeah. This started kind of

Speaker 4: (05:11)
Those who practice mindfulness and became more mindful. Didn’t lose as much sleep as those of the control group, which didn’t study mindfulness. So the stress basically stuck with them.

Speaker 1: (05:23)
Yeah. They used an app to do that. Yep. There was an app that was like a mindful app. And then there was one that was, I’m not so mindful.

Speaker 4: (05:32)
So the other, so no. So the next thing is self-compassion self-compassion is something that all of us could use right now. So self-compassion helps us be kinder to ourselves as we go through the ups and downs of life, especially right now, um, studies have found that more self-compassionate people have better sleep, including less problem finding or falling asleep after a stressful day in that study, people who were more self-compassionate were also in a better mood and felt more alert upon waking than those who with little self compassion. I mean, if you don’t, if you’re not compassionate with yourself, you’re kind of strung tight and you’re kind of hating life, right? I mean that, that

Speaker 3: (06:16)
Carrying the load for longer period of time. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (06:20)
So we’re, we’re talking this, this, this is pointing out. Not just compassionate. People have fall asleep, more we’re talking self-compassion because you may be a very compassionate person towards everyone else in your life and in your family. And you’re constantly being compassionate towards others. But do we really look at ourselves in the mirror and say, I love you, you know, figuratively and you kids don’t do that. You can look in a mirror and Joseph Schiele, one of my best friends over in Artesia, he taught me this and he goes, you know what, Melanie, every day I wake up Joe’s um, in his eighties. And he says, every time he wakes up in the morning, he looks himself right in the mirror and says, I love, you know, true story. So, but anyway, speaking self compassionate towards yourself and not beating yourself up because what do we do every night before we go to bed, as you lay your head down on your pillow, and then you think of all this stuff, you didn’t get done, all this stuff you forgot. And then at like midnight, you’re like, Oh, I forgot that I don’t have that issue. Well, some people do and they beat themselves up and they think they’re horrible people. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (07:29)
Yeah. I started thinking about Saturday night live and you remember, I can’t remember the character. He looks in the mirror. Exactly what we’re talking about. You’re nice and doggone it. I like you. I don’t remember the name of this

Speaker 4: (07:46)
Passion or self-affirmations. Yes. But no, we’re going beyond that. We’re going to compassion and forgiveness for oneself. And I think that’s super important because like you said, you’re wound up tight the entire time.

Speaker 5: (07:57)
Okay. And so the, the way that they outlined that was through a self-compassion journal or identifying the things that you did wrong during the day, but then going through a period of thoughtful ways of being, finding compassionate ways about yourself or through a guided meditation after you identify that. So essentially you’re downloading your day

Speaker 4: (08:18)
Downloading it, and then you’re allowing yourself to forgive yourself.

Speaker 5: (08:22)
Right. Right. So that you, you don’t have to worry about.

Speaker 4: (08:26)
Right. So the next thing is gratitude. So feeling gratitude is a good way to feel happier and strength, how happier and strengthen our relationships. Now it appears to help with sleep too. I think that’s awesome. One study of 119 young women who were randomly selected were asked to write about people and things. They were grateful for each day. Things that happened to stay or nothing at all. After two weeks, people’s sleep, sleep quality improved. One reason gratitude may affect sleep. Is that great. A grateful mind step seems to help us embrace more positive thoughts and let us and let go of more negative ones before we go to bed. So basically you’re not carrying again, those negative thoughts that you were thinking to bed that, that wouldn’t, I can’t imagine doing that where you’re like carrying everything you did wrong to bed that would suck. I couldn’t do it.

Speaker 6: (09:25)
You gonna have to do your laundry on a daily basis and process and let go and move forward. And this whole gratitude thing is the same. You have to count your blessings. You have to learn to see the good within the bad. Um, you can’t let yourself get stuck. Otherwise moving forward becomes one of the hardest things ever. Um, and the longer you stay stuck, the harder it is to move forward. So,

Speaker 5: (09:48)
So two quick points on that is that, um, gratitude, we typically do regretted to journal in the morning to start our day. We identify three things to start our day that we’re grateful for. And those can be all encompassing or planner does that. Our planner does that. We have the full focus planners as a team, but, uh, we haven’t taken the step to do that at the end of our day to maybe identify three things that we’re grateful for that happened during that day. So that’s kind of cool. And then, okay.

Speaker 4: (10:18)
Can’t possibly think of six things to be grateful for during the day.

Speaker 5: (10:22)
Okay. And then going back to the mindfulness cause when Gretchen and I were talking about this article before we started the show, um, Greg had, had identified something that was very common for most people trying to, uh, start mindfulness medication. Granted I have like 15 years, maybe 20 years where I started early on in my early adulthood in all of that. Um, well actually like with Eckhart totally in Deepak Chopra and like some of the really big stuff, it literally took me 15 years to understand what the heck, uh, at kart totally was talking about. So it it’s taken a very long time to really identify that. But I think where people get really turned off by meditation is they think that they have to sit in a specific way and they have to sit up all perfect and they have to have close their eyes and they have to reach complete silence and, um, Ecker and, and depo totally blow that out of the water as did Wayne Dyer in that, you know, you can just be completely just sitting, still watching the clouds go by. And you know, you hear that, you know, you’re, you’re talking to yourself, you’ve got all of that chitter chattering. You’re bouncing from the next random S you know, it’s like a rabbit popping its head out of a hole constantly, you know? And then there’s thoughts that just because your brain is always trying to fix things and work on things. So you just take yourself outside of that chitter chatter and you identify yourself as the silent observer of your thoughts because that’s truly your spirit and your soul. And your true is

Speaker 1: (11:54)
That quiet listener almost out of body experience. So I don’t close my eyes. I find that too. I hate closing my eyes when I met him.

Speaker 4: (12:02)
Can you sit there? You can literally sit there and just non think and just allow your mind to, to, to buffer

Speaker 6: (12:10)
Men were born with that ability.

Speaker 4: (12:13)
The meditation factor is, is basically, you’re just, non-thinking you’re, you’re allowing your brain to just let it go. And it’s, it’s a one

Speaker 1: (12:22)
And allowing it to just burn

Speaker 6: (12:25)
Empty box, it was so much harder for a woman. It really is because we’re emotionally driven. So we don’t just think it, we feel it. So if we look back at memories that pop up, okay. So some here’s a stupid thing. Everyone can relate to Facebook memories. If something were to come up in a memory, it’s not just a picture. Oh, I remember that for a woman. You feel it again?

Speaker 4: (12:46)
Yeah. But we’re talking meditate where we’re back on the meditation where you’re just kind of allowing it to just flow out. You’re you’re just, you’re you’re

Speaker 1: (12:54)
You can still identify the feeling of being sad, or you can, that thought can produce anxiety or sadness or tears. And so you just let it, so maybe you’re crying. You just, you just cry and you just say, okay, I’m crying right now. I’m upset right now. And you allow your belt and your body to feel that emotion, but you are that silent observer. You’re you are not your thoughts. You that’s what you just have to remember is you, you are not your thoughts. Right? Right. So cool. That’s all cool stuff.

Speaker 4: (13:21)
The last one is forgiveness. For some people forgiving others is hard, especially if you equate forgiveness with letting someone off the hook, but those who study forgiveness consider it to be not necessarily about healing relationships between people, but mostly important for ourselves helping us to let go of grudges. That decrease our personal wellbeing. If, if what’s keeping you up at night is holding on, eh, sorry. If what’s keeping you up at night is holding onto grudges pandemic related or not. It could be worth considering practicing forgiveness. Additionally, those who were more self forgiving, because remember we just talked about that in the study also slept better because they were able to let go of mistakes. Date made more easily forgiving. Someone can help us feel happier, more hopeful, less depressed, and anxious and less vulnerable to stress. So that forgiveness is huge.

Speaker 6: (14:23)
And at one point was key. Forgiveness is not letting somebody off the hook. If someone’s done something wrong or somebody has basically ruined trust, whatever the situation is, where your forgiveness becomes like a landlock forgiveness is not about letting that person off the hook. And by acknowledging, yes, they did something bad and saying, but it’s not my problem to fix. You’re acknowledging that the issue you’re acknowledging the anger, you’re acknowledging all of it, but the best part about it is you’re not letting it take over you. So the whole emotion of forgiveness, isn’t about letting someone off the hook. It’s about being allowing to yourself to move forward. You’re not going to carry that burden. You’re going to set it aside for us or beliefs in God. We give it to God. But the situation isn’t about how you can control another at all. Even if you’re mad at them, even if you have a better idea, even if what you were doing was right. And what they were doing is wrong. You cannot control another person. So forgiveness is like the ultimate healer. You can have yourself period.

Speaker 2: (15:27)
So did you guys notice that all four of them happened to be about stress? I mean, it all, it all is self stress. It’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you would release that to sleep better. And I mean, that’s the truth. Uh, if you hold stress while you’re trying to sleep, you’re not going to sleep.

Speaker 1: (15:45)
Nope. And you know, we talk about forgiveness here in this article or in the Bible about forgiving others, but do you know what the hardest thing to forgive is yourself? And so that kind of goes back to that self compassion and that self care, um, and like absolutely forgiving yourself. One of us forgot to mute your phone. No, I didn’t. I muted it. Oh, hello.

Speaker 2: (16:16)
The article. So the article is from mind and body magazine. Um, wonderful article. I’ll put the link in the show notes. And uh, so now onto what fishbowl is really about and our questions. So, okay. First off, how did our week go?

Speaker 6: (16:33)
It was good. It was, but it’s a lot. I’ve been headfirst into all of my stuff here in the boutique. So for me, it’s a different stress.

Speaker 1: (16:49)
Would you like to have, would you like mom answer your phone?

Speaker 6: (16:57)
I think I put it on there now. Sorry.

Speaker 2: (17:01)
Yes. Oh, it’s been interesting. I would say so.

Speaker 1: (17:05)
So I’ve been doing a lot of research in next quarter advertising and really starting to think about advertising, um, and how to switch it up. I was thinking that maybe my unicorn isms were getting a little bit repetitive, so I’m going to branch out. I think that like, well, yes, because I I’ve been really heavy into the unicorns and it kind of snowballed and it got a life of its own. And I was like, I can’t be a unicorn, like every single day. I mean, I could, I have that much unicorns.

Speaker 2: (17:37)
Yes. Yes. Especially when someone keeps bringing more munitions.

Speaker 1: (17:41)
Greg does bought me more unicorn stuff. So I, I’m not getting rid of the unicorn. Like today I am a I’m I have a mermaid tail on the top of my head. Let me see if I can get this in the camera. Do you see this? It’s like, and then if a customer asks a question, I can just go like this. Yes or no. And she really did that. Yes. Oh, and unmatched. Yes.

Speaker 3: (18:09)
She really did that.

Speaker 1: (18:10)
That’s happening. Um, I’m working on that, so I still have to have stuff on my head. Yeah. Like I really feel like if I don’t have something crazy up here, I’m just not me fully, because if I do come into work, not dressed, all flamboyant people are like, why are you okay, you’re normal today? You know, we talked about, so I do have normal clothes, but uh, I’ve I have some flowers that you’ll see in some of our new item videos. So I’m rocking the flowers now I’ve got the, the mermaid and I’ve got something very special for next Saturday that I’m going to unveil next Saturday. So tune in because, uh, we have a very special celebration on the 25th. Yeah. The 25th is going to be awesome. Next, next episode. So hang in to there. And um, I really feel like I need a, um, um, statue of Liberty crown. I’m working on that.

Speaker 7: (19:11)
Did you know, eight months from next weekend will be Christmas.

Speaker 1: (19:16)
Whoa. We better start Christmas shopping like right now. Yes. No. All right. So anyways, we need one of those countdowns X number of days till Christmas.

Speaker 3: (19:25)
No, no. I’m here for you to know first question. Okay. So first question. Do you have sectionals that can be made to fit the contour of my room?

Speaker 1: (19:39)
You edit

Speaker 3: (19:43)
Of my room. Your mind is everywhere today. So I will spit my tea. Please go [inaudible] level is up because she almost better tea answer the question while she dies on the side,

Speaker 7: (20:03)
We have sectional that you can actually build into different shapes, like horse shoes, along the wall equal in a 90 degree angle. We have some that actually have corner pieces. So the actual sitting areas in a diagonal as well. Um, we have round pieces. We have all kinds of, I have not seen a triangle, like a pizza shape yet, but I’ve seen everything else. Yeah, yeah,

Speaker 1: (20:29)
Yeah, we do. Um, so that was an actual real question today. And she was very concerned. Well, she wasn’t like very concerned, but she had a great question and that she fell in love with one of our sectionals. And, but her room is in such a fashion that she needed it the opposite way. So with that couch sectional in particular, we could move this piece over here and it would fit the shorter L shape to her sectional. Fallon.

Speaker 2: (21:01)
No, no, no, no. I’m talking about modular,

Speaker 1: (21:04)
Modular, modular, modular couches. Yeah. I was just going to use the word. Do you, where’s your chicken? I didn’t bring it. It’s not a transformer couch.

Speaker 2: (21:21)
Let’s give a concentrate again all over again.

Speaker 1: (21:24)
When are we not all over the place? I don’t know.

Speaker 2: (21:28)
I’m trying to focus this. I really am. Okay. Why?

Speaker 1: (21:31)
I don’t know. Anyway, yes.

Speaker 2: (21:33)
We have sofas that are modular. Um, you can basically build it out. However you want. Uh, corner pieces except the colors. Yep. Chase lounges, mix up the colors. Cause uh, the one in particular that we were looking at was blue, gray and olive. And that would be interesting, but no, this is, um, you chase lounges, Ottomans corner pieces, long pieces, short pieces. You make it to the contour of your room. Uh, underworld what you’re looking for. Yep. So sectional or modular sectionals. So look for those words, I think you guys are purposely caffeinating

Speaker 1: (22:11)
Before I needed caffeine and I’m drinking sleepy tea.

Speaker 2: (22:15)
No, this isn’t sleepy. This is good tea.

Speaker 1: (22:17)
This doesn’t have any caffeine.

Speaker 2: (22:21)
What apps. Okay. So, Oh, I love this question because we just, we, okay. This question, we’ve gotten it twice this week. Okay. So I hate mattress protectors because they feel like plastic and I always wake up hot. Is there anything made that would protect my mattress without holding my body heat? Yes.

Speaker 1: (22:45)

Speaker 2: (22:50)
Oh dear. All right. Who’s got this one. I guess you went last. I mean, you went first, last time. So yes we do. Yes.

Speaker 1: (22:59)
Mattress protectors. Yes. Are specifically designed by two different distributors. We have our Maloof five-sided protectors and then we have our pure care Frio five-sided protectors. We also have protectors that in case completely. Right. So, uh, but uh, those are designed to be temperature regulating for your body to help you sleep cooler. Uh, the pure care specific Lee is called Frio or for you and, uh, for, you know, for you, for you. And, uh, I got to use my Spanish the other day. I was so excited. I miss it.

Speaker 3: (23:49)
I wanted to hear, but when we learned this week,

Speaker 5: (23:53)
I got an, a, not an A-plus, but I got an, a, okay. Not an a like real,

Speaker 3: (24:02)
Do you get it? Yes, I got it. Real protectors.

Speaker 5: (24:07)
Oh, okay. So Frio, they have grounded. See, I have to stay so focused during the daytime and on top of my game that this is my like, Oh, it’s Friday. Okay. The free, the Frio protectors have graphites and little ground up minerals on a molecular level that are ground up and incorporated into the polymer fabric so that it actually channels the heat away from your body when you’re sleeping. Um, it’s a great cooling thing. So yes, it, when you’re sleeping on it, it will continue to move the heat away from you. Now, when you pull it out of the box, it is first gonna feel kind of plastic-y. Cause there is a water, uh, protection of that fabric to keep, you know, sweat and urine and blood and all kinds of stuff from getting into your mattress. So it will feel a little bit like plastic

Speaker 3: (25:02)
For like two seconds. She’s going to lose it.

Speaker 5: (25:06)
So when you pull it first out, it is going to feel kind of like, you don’t want it, but if you, if you stretch it out and

Speaker 3: (25:15)
It’s tough it together

Speaker 5: (25:18)
And you add some tension and you and there’s no.

Speaker 3: (25:29)
So what I’m going to do is

Speaker 5: (25:30)
That feeling goes away. Okay. Cause this was a serious problem. Yes. You have to put it on your bed because you can’t judge it. So, and I sleep on the same protector once it’s taught that feeling goes away and then once your sheets are on it, you don’t even feel it on your bed anymore. It’s not plastic-y. Um, and it is an awesome protector. So yes, we can protect your bed from all of the things and keep you cool at the same time, even though it feels kind of like plastic, it is a high quality specific,

Speaker 3: (26:03)
Special project material. Right. So what do you got on that? Okay. Well, since she covered, not sorry.

Speaker 7: (26:10)
Well, um, they’re waterproof. They have the tensile fabric. So if you’re familiar with 10 cell, then you automatically know it’s an extremely breathable fabric. Um, it’s moisture-wicking too. So it’s not going to make you sweat, but if you happen to be really hot, hot room temperature and you’re sweating hormones kicking in and you’re sweating, whatever the case is, it causes you to sweat, power, power, surge, power, surge. Yeah. Anything like that that causes you to sweat. Um, then you don’t have to worry about your sheets and stuff. Getting wet because 10 sells like a workout shirt, so you can sweat on it, but it doesn’t adhere the sweat and the tensile cover is exactly like that. It’s going to be temperature regulating. So if it’s hot, it will help. Cool. You, if you’re cool, it’ll help warm you. It’s just a regulator. Um, but it’s again, not a shower curtain. It’s not rubber. It’s not something that’s going to be a fabric that back in the day used to be used to protect mattresses. Um, tensile fabric. I mean, that’s basically on every topper and on bed, all the pillow, casings, everything,

Speaker 2: (27:15)
Some nice cooling material. Yeah. So everybody’s biggest fear when they buy a protector is I don’t want it feeling like a shower curtain. Yeah. I don’t want to wake up.

Speaker 7: (27:26)
Yeah. That was a big issue. I mean seriously, but comparing apples to oranges. I mean, isn’t going to get you far. If you just have to research the product, um, learn the properties to it, to see what it is that makes it work and go from there. And don’t be shy to ask, to pull the materials either before you buy, um, we have displays so people can fill it in many stores will offer the same thing. So it’s about just feeling it and researching the information to it. Um, and that way you understand what it is instead of just going off of,

Speaker 5: (28:01)
No, it may not work for everyone. It may add some coolness, but it may not be the silver bullet. So what you may have to do is have the protector, that’s a great purchase. Then incorporate some tensile sheets or bamboos.

Speaker 2: (28:16)
Yeah, it has to be a whole system if you’re, if you’re really looking into it that seriously. Yeah,

Speaker 5: (28:20)
Yeah. And a cooling pillow, like our carbon cool LT pillows or becoming a commercial again. I always say I am, that’s my, that’s what I do. So a complete system, you hook yourself up with a good protector, some really quality sheets and a quality cooling pillow. Uh, and then we also have the bed jet for three 99.

Speaker 2: (28:49)
So what she’s saying is there are, there are systems, but without her going through our entire lineup, there’s no, we can make you cool.

Speaker 5: (28:59)
And it like blows air underneath your covers, who there’s like little like snowflakes, they come out, okay. Then you can switch it and get high. If you get too cold

Speaker 2: (29:09)
Anyways. Yes. There’s complete systems that you can buy other than what she’s talking about. Although what she’s talking about is awesome. You can buy the sheets to protect her as the pillows. We will find a way to keep you cool while you sleep, uh, short of, you know, you not having a room with air conditioning or whatnot because that, that could be an issue as well. But we will find a way to keep you to keep your body heat from staying in that bed. How’s that

Speaker 7: (29:33)
Very important to state. If you have a hot room, no sheet or pillow, excuse me, choking on my teeth, no sheet or pillow or anything like that is going to cool you down because your room temperature affects everything. It affects all the materials, temperature, except for the bed jet, except for the bedroom, because that blows air. Yes. So that’s very mini air conditioner, but when it comes to cooling factors and stuff, um, truly research what it will actually do, not what it can do, but what it actually does. Yep. Um, saying that something’s without cooling, gel is not going to kill you. I hate to burst your bubble. It’s not going to cool. You

Speaker 2: (30:14)
It’ll stay cool for the first couple of minutes, but

Speaker 7: (30:17)
Then warms up to your body temperature. So there are things out there that help regulate temperature and there are things out there to help give you that first blast of coolness. Now, a sudden it’s hot. Um, so that’s an important fact, just make sure you

Speaker 2: (30:30)
Remember ambient room temperature is an important, okay.

Speaker 1: (30:34)
You know, we have cooling comforters on, on, or

Speaker 2: (30:37)
Actually I spoke with him about that today. Yes. You heard right. Cooling comforters. Yep. We’ll have more on that topic as it develops. But news flashes, they just became available two days ago and we had a conference call with him, with our rep today. They are coming. They are coming. All right. Our, uh, it looks at time-wise. It looks like, uh, we got room for two more questions. Okay. How long have you had furniture? I didn’t know. You had furniture

Speaker 7: (31:10)
That was even said today.

Speaker 1: (31:13)
Actually the customer was really bummed out because they didn’t know we had furniture and they ended up going all the way to Los Cruces to find what they were looking for because they couldn’t find it here in town,

Speaker 2: (31:28)
But that’s on us for the marketing. Not reaching you. Um, we are trying, obviously, because we do a lot of marketing, but no, there’s always going to be the people that just aren’t within the realm of what we’re trying to reach. But yes, we carry furniture

Speaker 1: (31:42)
And the sign that’s out front of the store right now. Get rid of your old saggy, bottom couch, saggy, butt saggy, but get rid of your old saggy. But I wasn’t sure if we could say, but, but this isn’t radio, you had a point. Uh, yes. So we do market that. Okay. So that sign is actually brought somebody into the store this week because they were like, Oh, we didn’t know that you had couches until we saw your saggy butt couch sign. So, yup. That’s the thing. It happened that marketing strategy work. So that’s always great when you know, your advertising is actually working so good, good investment there.

Speaker 2: (32:34)
What’s funny. Hang on. I got to tell you about this. We had a customer that bought a couch from us and she sent me a picture of the couch that she’s replacing. And it looks exactly like the couch that I have on our sign. And I was like, Oh my gosh, she wasn’t, she wasn’t kidding. That is that I could have used that couch.

Speaker 1: (32:51)
She has a saggy, but not anymore. Not anymore. It’s going to be fixed. She’s getting rid of that. She’s kicking that saggy butt out.

Speaker 2: (32:59)
Yep. All right. One more question. Oh, you have an input. Please tell us,

Speaker 7: (33:07)
Uh, another reason why people are surprised about the furniture factor is because we did start our business as sleep well under a mattress only stores. We had mattress embedding. So we rebranded to live well. So we can do any living feature. How do you live in your home? Well, furniture bedding, decor mattress, everything. So we are now a live home furniture store mattress store, batting store boutique, anything of that such. So you’re no longer limited.

Speaker 2: (33:37)
And uh, just this week we started our sleep sanctuary. Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (33:44)
Yeah. I’m really excited about that.

Speaker 2: (33:46)
I’m sure you are because you snuck some product over here. We’ll talk about that later. Misty

Speaker 1: (33:52)
Product placement.

Speaker 2: (33:54)
This is not a one hour long commercial podcast. Just really

Speaker 7: (34:00)
Quick. Her name is

Speaker 1: (34:02)
Dennis Williams. Yeah. Next question. See that it’s like a tennis serve.

Speaker 2: (34:10)
Speaking of shameless plugs, here comes a shameless plug right now. Do you sell area rugs?

Speaker 7: (34:18)
Yes we do. We do. We even have a magic probate?

Speaker 1: (34:25)
Oh my goodness. I need an outfit for that.

Speaker 7: (34:28)
We have a magic carpet. That’s going to be an official standard and it is so soft. And every time a child comes in here, we always have to eventually get them over to the magic carpet. You got to touch it. As soon as they touch the carpet. They’re like what it is so soft and the kids just stay there and they just want to keep petting my carpet. Yeah. But it truly is. It’s amazing. So yes, we sell area rugs. Yes. Different sizes.

Speaker 1: (34:53)
I am going to just be honest. We cannot compete. Or I know it’s hard with some of the other pricing that you’re going to find out there for larger, but why can’t we compete? Well, we sell a much more quality grade, higher in rug. Yep. So, um, yep.

Speaker 2: (35:13)
To keep that in mind when you’re shopping at a store like ours, um, our products are a little different from what you’ll find at, uh, you know, I have my rubber chicken, my name’s yeah. I was gonna throw out names.

Speaker 1: (35:26)
You should just start putting the chicken, like in the bowl.

Speaker 2: (35:29)
I’ll have the chicken anyway. So yeah, the products, the products we carry are quite a bit different from what you’ll find at a regular corporate department. So yes. The price is going to be you like that? Yeah. Okay. That’s pretty good. So anyway, so it’s, the pricing is going to be a little different. Um, now mind you, we’re not trying to make retirement off our pricing. We are trying to sell product, but there is going to be a difference in the pricing.

Speaker 1: (35:52)
Okay. And another thing that we have to like come clean with our rugs is that we don’t have a whole inventory of products at this time. Right. So if you want a rug, it’s more of a ordering. We can order in a rug and it will arrive at some unknown time. It’s honestly going to be based off of customer demand for it. It’s not something we’re just going to blanketly order to fulfill the orders of things.

Speaker 2: (36:19)
That’s why there’s so many, so many, so many patterns and sizes and everything that we couldn’t even could try to carry them. But to her what she means by at some point in time. Well, there’s small shipping issues that we haven’t talked about yet. We always talk about it in our episodes, but talking about

Speaker 1: (36:39)
It for 14 weeks, we might as well

Speaker 2: (36:41)
Just break it out. Yeah. No. Okay. So yes. There’s shipping issues right now. Um, let’s wait until we do the, what we learned this week, because what I found out was really interesting. So anyways, okay. So it is the time of the show when we take our small break and, um, watch this commercial.

Speaker 5: (37:00)
Hi, I’m Melanie from LivWell and on today’s new item review, I’ll be featuring Sutherland’s quietest and most durable, adjustable power base. The silver series S 86, the InMotion adjustable power base creates a custom sleep experience with ultra quiet motors and one of the highest lift capacities in the industry with multiple programmable options. The sat six features back and leg adjustability, a backlit wireless remote with built-in flashlight, great features to help you relax like back massage and wave patterns and programmable memory options so that you can control the adjustments you want at the push of a button Sutherland’s S 86 features quality craftsmanship that will serve you for years to come. These power base and adjustable base systems not only provide a great comfort, but they help promote great health to a power base can help you breathe easier, relax your back better and help your circulation improve. Come see the new Sutherland S eight, six power base at LivWell mattress and furnishing centers today.

Speaker 2: (38:11)
Hey, we’re back. I hope you enjoy the commercial. We’ve been working hard on those. That was your new item video. Yeah,

Speaker 1: (38:18)
That was really exciting. And I hope my woo new item video. Didn’t like over bear ear. Just last couple of words. There was pretty loud. I’m pretty excited.

Speaker 2: (38:28)
Yeah. Yeah. Alrighty. All right. So this is the section of fishbowl where we share, uh,

Speaker 4: (38:36)
Trends of what’s going on, what we’ve learned and other news, and man, we have other news. Uh, so do you guys want to do yours? Let me do mine first. Do you guys mind? Okay. All right. So, okay. So we’ve been talking about the foam shortage. We’ve been talking about a wood shortage, a foam shortage, uh, everything shortage, uh, due to the COVID and everything. So shortages there’s a shortage of storage is yes.

Speaker 5: (39:03)
Oh, I just saw there’s a shortages of garden gnomes.

Speaker 4: (39:07)
Okay. So anyway, so, uh, true story. There is that, that is true. It was on Fox news anyway, so, so sad day. So what’s happened is a derivative of petroleum, uh, that is used in making, um, plastics used to making foams. And some other products is actually, um, not being made right now because of damage caused during a storm in Texas. Now they’ve found out that the damage caused to this refinery is actually more extensive than they thought it would be or that they thought it was. So now they’re talking to you, shortages are gonna last until the end of summer. I mean, this was, this was a, a pretty interesting news bit, uh, and then come to find out along the same time, I think it was Tuesday that I was talking to or reading this and researching this later on in the day I speak to my mattress rep arm, our mattress rep, and he tells me, Hey man, things are getting really bad.

Speaker 4: (40:10)
Uh, we only received 25% of our foam and I was like, wow, well that was kind of anticipated, but it’s really interesting to hear that along the same time that that happens. Um, I’m in Carlsbad, Oh, this was Wednesday then. So on Wednesday, all this happens. And then that afternoon you guys call me because we had two mattresses that are our best-selling mattresses come in, slightly damaged. So we aren’t going to put out slightly damages, slightly damaged mattresses on our sales floor or Wilson or, or sell them. We won’t do that either. So I, we basically have two of our best-selling mattresses during a foam shortage, come in damaged, meaning that we are too short on the mattresses when we aren’t going to have supplies for weeks. So this shortage, and remember we said we were going to bleed. We, we, we did anticipate we are going to bleed at some point. I just didn’t anticipate it to be this way. Our best-selling mattress comes in too damaged and we’re down to down two minutes.

Speaker 5: (41:14)
Yeah. I wanted to cry that day. Cause that’s the same mattress that I sleep on at home. So we had to sit with that kind of put us back a couple of weeks on that one. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (41:22)
Yeah. So, so, um, we have one in stock, um, and we’re, we’re, we’re just kind of crossing our fingers that people buy other things or people into other things, because that’s how we sell. We fit you to the mattress. We don’t just sell you a mattress. So, um, we’re a little nervous about it because we are being told that it’s two to three weeks out now. Um, so yeah, we knew we were going to bleed. We anticipated it. We just thought we were more prepared or we were more prepared.

Speaker 5: (41:52)
Well, we are super prepared still. We still have full stock of a lot of things. It’s just that that’s kind of a, a bummer there. Um, but you also have to understand that they are trying to, you know, kick out as many as they possibly can in a short amount of time. So yeah. Yep. And you know, it’s not as bad as some of the big S brands and stuff like that where you’re going to be put out months. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we’re still, you know, two, three weeks, we have a lot of customers that are still understanding.

Speaker 4: (42:21)
Yep. Oh yeah, we do. Okay. So what

Speaker 5: (42:24)
I’ve waited an entire year for an RV. I had customers that had ordered an RV at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. They just received their RV that took them a year or more. They were back-ordered that long. That’s crazy. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (42:38)
Wow. So what, um, what other trends or what, what, what did we learn? What, what have we got you go first? Cause you’ve been like ENC about it all day.

Speaker 6: (42:47)
Oh yeah. Okay. We’re going to have a physics class. Right?

Speaker 4: (42:51)
Okay. What is [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (42:54)
Motion causes things that are up to come down. But I tried this twice today. Oh my goodness. Okay. So we got amazing product when it comes to, um, our lotion line and it’s, Diana’s it’s goat milk is the best. It’s great for anybody who has a psoriasis or eczema, dry skin, whatever the pH of a goat. So similar to a human that it just soaks right in. So I am going to amp it up before I talk about it.

Speaker 4: (43:25)
If you’re a male, I will, I’m going to pitch in too. If you’re a male and you don’t normally use lotions because they leave your hands greasy. I’m telling you this goat stuff, this, this, this stuff, it works, it works miracles.

Speaker 6: (43:40)
And I just got in the men’s line. So yeah. So the men’s line either in the small bottles or the big bottles, um, have the like aftershave smell, it’s really clean. Yes. It’s even in a black bottle. So it’s not going to be something that looks all fruity and flowery and blah, blah, blah. But I had this huge order come in. Huge. And I have all of you. Yes.

Speaker 4: (44:05)
The entire office. It was so huge.

Speaker 6: (44:07)
So I had the back table lined up with these beautiful rows of these bottles of lotion, the cream. And I got to the point of pricing it and I picked up one and the one behind it kind of wobbled. And I went to correct it. And instead of correcting it, I knocked it over more and it tumbled. And it was like, domino bet, the whole

Speaker 4: (44:32)
It, okay. We’re talking like a hundred lotions. I was about to give them a picture of this. So 12 bottles, 12 boxes, 144. And it made a really cool little sound until I piped in that. Wasn’t cool. And then

Speaker 5: (44:49)
It was like those YouTube Dobbin note things that Oliver watches, like where you set up it all perfectly. And then

Speaker 4: (44:56)
Yeah. But did she make, I mean, I literally wanted to start crying. I’d never heard words like that. Come out of anybody’s mouth.

Speaker 5: (45:03)
I didn’t hear any words, actually. It was total silence. Yeah.

Speaker 6: (45:07)
That was the second time. That’s right guys.

Speaker 5: (45:10)
Oh, you heard the first time I missed the first time I saw the second time. Only the second time and

Speaker 4: (45:16)
Uh, Oh no, the second time. Her frustration. So

Speaker 5: (45:19)
I was really wishing I had had my phone so I could take a video of it because I was like, that would make a perfect blooper. And then Greg turned around and she looked like she was going to cry. And I was like, I’m going to try not to laugh right now. I really was.

Speaker 6: (45:34)
The mask is on. So you can see my lips picking out. She was still with them, but my eyes were like full of tears. I didn’t cry, but they were ready to, they were so water, 144

Speaker 4: (45:45)
Bottles of lotion.

Speaker 5: (45:46)
It was literally the last lotion out here

Speaker 6: (45:50)
And it’s all set up all pretty. And then I realized I had to put something to display on top of the elution shelf. So I had to scoot it back a little bit. So it didn’t fall between the wall and the Hutch and in the process, I was so slow and just careful move once. I’d go to the other side, move it and then poop. It like jumped and in the process, the whole thing happened again. Okay. Yeah. So I would really appreciate if when you come in,

Speaker 5: (46:22)
Don’t knock that you don’t bump into it. Knock on wood.

Speaker 6: (46:28)
I hope that when you come in, you are really impressed with the amount of ocean fragrances and how many bottles we have and stuff we are fully stocked.

Speaker 5: (46:38)
It’s amazing, even so colorful,

Speaker 6: (46:41)
Tinted chapsticks. So if you don’t want to wear a lot of lipstick, but you want a little color, we’ve got that. We’ve got a big smack packs. I said smack because bare lips and you can’t really use other words to describe them. Um, but we got new display stuff. Um, but if you come out and see it, we have gift sets and everything like in the feet, you know how we get dragon toes during the summer. Um, because it’s dry and it’s dry. Yes you do. And it’s dry. So we’ve got stuff to soak your feet in things that will help with deep conditioning, even the heel balm, everything like this line is awesome, but it’s safer. Eczema is safer psoriasis. So if you have, we are able to sell them even with preference. And there are some that are unpregnant if you’re very sensitive,

Speaker 3: (47:35)
It smells. Yeah. This stuff is amazing. I mean, that’s a male I got

Speaker 6: (47:40)
And the cream is really awesome. Cause when you put cream on, I mean, that’s what he’s talking about. The greasy feel, it usually stays with you for awhile. Cause cream is thick. This stuff because the pH of a goat is so similar to a human. It literally just soaks right? In literally within minutes, you can’t even feel anything. We loved the product so much. We bought a goat. We did not buy a goat, but we would love to buy a goat. I want a fainting goat. Oh, those are cool. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (48:06)
Why do I have to reign you guys in? Okay. What did you learn this week?

Speaker 5: (48:09)
I used to have goats cause I wanted to have them go on backpacking trips with me. So at one point, cause I wanted really big goats to carry my backpack. Cause he used to be a professional backpacker and I was like, Ooh, I’ll just have the goats. And I wanted a string of like goats. And at one time I had nine goats that would follow me in a line and it was pretty awesome. And one of them was almost the size of a horse. It was an Alpine. It was literally like if I stood up, it was, it was this high. You could write it. Um, I did not anticipate how dangerous an Alpine Billy goat could be. They can kill you.

Speaker 3: (48:44)
Yeah, they truly can. All right. So let’s go with what you learned this week. I

Speaker 5: (48:50)
Sold that goat for tuck.

Speaker 6: (48:52)
Did you eat a minute? Taco probably ate one. My vegan friend.

Speaker 3: (48:57)
It’s not going to like

Speaker 5: (49:02)
Connected over my, my partial vegan diet right now. And I just realized what I said. Sorry Jesse.

Speaker 6: (49:09)
Yes. Remember she is a mediator. She is not,

Speaker 5: (49:13)
I am a partial. I’m a good ethic eater. She’s a meta Saurus. She eats meat sustainably.

Speaker 3: (49:19)
We focus on what you learned this week. Thank you. Mimi made, she eats fish. What did you learn? This one. Yes. Right. So yes. You know what I learned this week? Hmm. What did you learn?

Speaker 5: (49:35)
I dove back into funkshway. Oh,

Speaker 3: (49:38)
Oh, I forgot about this story. This is big

Speaker 5: (49:40)
Time. Okay. So I’m working on my cheek. Right. And I got T I got cheese. I got tea that helps me with my cheek TG. Yeah. And, uh, I am working on my cheek and part of working on that is incorporating funkshway into my home. And so this was something that I was interested in my early twenties. So I thought, you know what, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get back into that. Cause you know, funkshway is not, it’s not magic. It’s just literally balance. And um, it’s, it’s an it’s it’s tasteful, interior design. So we do a lot of interior design here and you know, we live here and it’s like super clean and organized. Everything is perfect. And then I go home and I’m like, wow,

Speaker 1: (50:32)
I go home. And I’m like, Oh my God. Like it. Yeah. And so I

Speaker 5: (50:37)
Watching these videos and uh, I was breaking every funkshway rule in the book like threefold. And I was like, man, I am Yunnan when I should be Yangon. And I was young. And when I should be in, in

Speaker 1: (50:57)
My G was horrible. She’s on,

Speaker 5: (50:59)
There are these things called command positions, like where you should place your bed so that you can see the door. There’s all these rules yet. Everything was broken. So I went home because my cheek has been messed up. And I was like, I’m just out of curiosity going to see how long it will take me. It took me several hours, but I went in totally focused. And I redid my entire bedroom. This meant pulling out probably about half of the stuff that was in my room and putting it in the hallway.

Speaker 1: (51:32)
Now there’s a problem in the hallway, but at least I got, she moved her gang stuff again. Could expand.

Speaker 2: (51:43)
You didn’t mention this earlier in the story,

Speaker 1: (51:46)
But she got me

Speaker 2: (51:47)
All proud. I thought she unpacked her stuff.

Speaker 5: (51:49)
Oh, I did. Cause I’m, I’m still in the process of unpacking from my move. Um, I do have this tendency to go to the thrift store every week. And like I bring back a lot of thrift store find. So, you know, it was a process of like going through everything, hanging stuff up take. But I took, you know, all this stuff that I wouldn’t didn’t want in there. And I even moved everything and balanced everything and I went, I’m really, it’s just one room, but it’s a start and I’ll tell you why it feels so good. But I will tell you what my air filter was so gross for me

Speaker 1: (52:27)
Because we have these

Speaker 5: (52:28)
Wind storms here. These dust storms. I can, I just turn, I just put in a new filter, it’s brand new. I changed that thing out. Like, and I shake it out weekly. I did not know there was so much dust in the air here. This is intense and we’re right next to white sands. So it’s not my uncleanliness. I mean,

Speaker 2: (52:48)
No, of course not. Nobody said it was,

Speaker 1: (52:51)
It’s just another reason why you need your burgers. It’s just [inaudible] but Kenya

Speaker 5: (53:02)
Three hours and I wake up feeling so much better. So it’s awesome. It feels really balanced it’s uh,

Speaker 2: (53:09)
Yep. Until you get out in the hallway and then you’re like, Oh, she just keeps walking.

Speaker 1: (53:15)

Speaker 5: (53:18)
Be continued. Um, I’m going to go room for worm just to shove it in our bedroom that I did that too. Um, all over. When is, when are you going to funkshway my bedroom. So he wants his bedroom punctuated as well. He’s really excited about that.

Speaker 3: (53:33)
All that, all that orange stuff. Just, just push that out. Just push it out. Hey,

Speaker 5: (53:43)
Once a bulldog, always a bulldog. Yes ma’am but uh, so

Speaker 3: (53:47)
I, I want you to, I want you to share why there’s products on this table.

Speaker 5: (53:53)
Okay. So very excited about sleep sanctuary. So we are expanding, one of my projects here in the store is to create a sleep sanctuary with items, uh, to help your evening routine and going into sleep and, um, some fun gift ideas there. So we have that. This is a Sutra we just brought in a Sutra, uh, line, uh, super excited about this. It’s very colorful. Uh, this is co owned by the Venus Williams. Venus Williams is the, not just Venus Williams, but the most famous tennis player of all time. Her sister. Yes. Yes. So they’re awesome.

Speaker 6: (54:34)
Do you know her sister’s name? No.

Speaker 3: (54:39)
Serena Williams. Yes. Anyways,

Speaker 5: (54:45)
Super excited about this. Um, these products are aroma therapy, mists, and, uh, body butters and rubs. So the Mr. Mood comes in a whole line, uh, Gretchen and I have been enjoying the so much. They have made our office spaces just so smelly. Good. Um, they are just wonderful now the, their aroma therapy. So they’re a hundred percent all natural, organic, uh, there’s not going to be any pair of Ben paraffins or any chemicals in there that, that are bad. They are also, um, cruelty-free yep. So, uh, my vegan friend was very excited about that. Uh, they are cruelty-free the, there are some body butters that have melatonin and magnesium in them and submits that help you fall asleep. Then you also have the sprays, they kind of kind of energize and get your day going. So there’s also scrubs. You can scrub away the day, um, scrub the day,

Speaker 6: (55:47)
The way the dry skin off

Speaker 5: (55:50)
You can even it’s like a whole body scrub. You can just really get it.

Speaker 3: (55:53)
What she’s not telling you is she did a wonderful new item video that’s coming out. And, um, yeah, she struggled with that one cause, uh, there’s evidently a lot of excitement with these things and she kept getting way excited about stuff and just missing.

Speaker 6: (56:10)
There’s one thing she needs to talk about, about her Sutra. You just had said something about it. That was really good. And I hope that you’ll bring it out, but is this just for linens?

Speaker 5: (56:21)
Oh no. So this is this idea in researching this product started out with linen sprays because I wanted to find a product that was safe on your pillows and sheets because we had interest in that in aroma therapy. Well, I found a Sutra mostly through their amazing advertising, uh, and being an advertiser myself. I really thought their marketing was on spot. And so, but their product is not just say for your linens and your clothing, but also can go perfectly on your skin and it can be a tonic. So you can just literally spray your arms, your face, close your eyes, of course. But, um, it is safe on your skin. You don’t, I it’s not a, is not a mouth your mouth. No, you don’t want any of that. It is not, uh, a breath freshener. So please be safe with that. Please be smart with that.

Speaker 5: (57:17)
Um, but it is safe on your skin and it’s very refreshing and all of it’s just amazing product all around. Yep. So it is available here in store. Uh, we’ll also have it on our website and I hope to expand this line. They’ve been, they’ve had great customer service. Um, you know, I, I, I had another company that I was looking at, um, and they’re, you know, and we’re making a substantial sell to bring them in as a wholesale dealer. And I mean, it was a big proposal and I can’t believe that they weren’t more hungry for, for it. So it was their loss. Um, it really did. I think we have a much better product and it’s us based. Um, and it’s Venus Williams and it’s, uh,

Speaker 3: (58:10)
Who she had no clue who Venus was just that’s the inside joke here. She had zero clue who Venus was.

Speaker 5: (58:17)
I didn’t, you know, I, I, it surprises me, but I really don’t follow sports.

Speaker 3: (58:25)
Oh, maybe I should start just watch a documentary.

Speaker 5: (58:29)
Yeah. I’m learning more. I mean, it is getting me excited and like maybe I need to get more active. So, um, no, it definitely,

Speaker 3: (58:36)

Speaker 5: (58:39)
It definitely worked out in our benefit. I’m very excited. It’s a great company. Um, I love their labeling about being you. It’s all about self care. Self care is important. And that goes back to our steps for a better night’s sleep. And self-compassion so, you know, it’s, this is a great way to do your own, like pedicure soak your feet. We got so, uh, soaking stuff for your feet. Some, some salts de-stressor, this is a de-stressing routine at home with a great product.

Speaker 3: (59:14)
What about those who like to do yoga?

Speaker 5: (59:16)
Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you for the prompts [inaudible] in. So we also have Gilga sprays. Now these are detox sprays for your yoga mat to cleanse your mat and they do great. Now we have 3 cents in, uh, so you know, when you’re doing your stretches and your yoga, which I’m really getting into, which is another part of, um,

Speaker 3: (59:40)
Well, chia is different than tweet. Oh, sorry.

Speaker 5: (59:43)
Messing it up. So there’s cheese. I also learned in Chinese Shay Shea, which is thank you. Okay. And then there’s this word? Um, it’s kind of like this. I don’t want to blow people’s minds.

Speaker 3: (59:57)
This is how we’re going to close out the show, just so you know, and with that, that is like, yeah. So come see him for watching. Good night. [inaudible].