M655 Power Base by Malouf

Adjustable Base Review

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Transcript of today’s video:

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Are you needing an adjustable base, but just can’t choose the right one. Are there so many features that it confuses the heck out of you in this video, we’re going to review the [inaudible] the newest space from Maloof our new a space in the store.

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Hi, I’m Javier from LivWell mattress and furnishing centers. And in today’s new item video, we’re going to talk about Maloof M six five, five adjustable base. We’re also going to have someone flapping their ears in the background for no known reason.

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Shopping for an adjustable base can be quite confusing. There’s lots of buttons on the remote and half of the time, you don’t know what they do everything from under bed lighting to nine different massages, to all kinds of lumbar support. What do you need and what don’t you need the [inaudible] answers that question by having everything that’s essential. Plus all the extras that you will love. The [inaudible] has multiple features. First off it’s head up and foot up features allows you to raise your head and raise your foot in an infinite amount of settings. The [inaudible] also has nine different massage modes. It has two motors for massage, one at the head, one at the foot, and it has nine different ways that it does massaging for anything from wave to pulse, to continue with massage. This [inaudible] has it all for you. The [inaudible] also has pillow tilt, pillow tilt allows for your head to be raised along with your pillow.

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As you’re reading a book in bed, maybe watching a little video on your phone, it will lift your head up ever so slightly. So that way your head stays with your pillow. Another popular use for pillow tilt is to help relieve snoring. What it does in this point is it lifts your head ever so slightly to a point where all of the obstruction slows down or silence snoring. One of the greatest features that the [inaudible] has is Bluetooth connectivity. What that means is you can actually control the [inaudible] with your phone, all the features of the remote translate into a handy mobile app on your phone that you can control at any time. Another handy feature on the six five five is under bed lighting under bed. Lighting allows for you to get in and out of bed in the middle of the night, without having to wake up your partner.

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It sheds just the right amount of light onto the floor. So that way you can see if you’re stepping on any unicorn toys, dogs, cats, dog toys, or Lego blocks. Another key feature on the [inaudible] is called zero clearance. Zero clearance allows you to place the [inaudible] on any platform. Bedroom furniture platform, bedroom furniture is the type of furniture that doesn’t require a box spring. You basically put your mattress on top and that’s the way you sleep on it. Well, with the [inaudible] you have zero clearance, which means that you can slip the [inaudible] on top of the slats of your platform bed and allow your bed to go on top of the [inaudible] without any issue. Another great feature on the [inaudible] is snore detection. Snore detection is allowing your phone to control the head lift on your adjustable base. When your phone hears a certain decibel of noise coming from the bed, it will lift the head up a couple of inches until it stops hearing the noise and eliminates the snoring. I hope this video has helped you see all the cool features and adjustable base can have it just so happens. The six 55 has all of these features. It’s our top pick. It’s new to us here at the store,

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And it’s unicorn approved.

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Hey, Javier, with live well mattress and furnishing centers. If this video has been helpful to you, please like share or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see future videos until next time, have a great day.