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Live Well Podcast – ep1

Here’s the Transcript of our video for the hearing impaired:

Speaker 2: (15:59)
say use one of the air mattresses or use latex. Latex is a natural product. It does not hold heat. Um, it’s very good. As far as support factors, it lasts longer than memory foam. There’s a lot of pluses.

Speaker 1: (16:13)
Our, our number of beds are phenomenal. Our latex beds are phenomenal. We were big on latex. I mean, that’s, we’ve said it like multiple times, just on this one, video, latex is phenomenal because it is a, um, it’s a foam that’s stays temperature neutral, and you don’t have to worry about it. Um, you get that question a lot on memory foam, cause you have a lot of customers that think memory foam to the bomb.

Speaker 3: (16:38)
Well, at home we have a memory foam mattress and we also have a latex and I can tell a huge difference in it, uh, especially with sighted nerve issues. And I used to get backpacking instructors. So I’ve been pretty hard on my spine for most of my life, but, um, I can definitely tell a difference in the stability of the latex. We also have, uh, sheets, um, and mattress protectors that also have cooling properties inside of them. So we have our Frio by, uh, pure care. And then we also carry a mattress protectors that have Coleen technology and then by Maloof, um, with the Omni phase. So we can really, uh, by choosing the right sheets, whether they’re bamboo or 10 cell and the mattress protectors and the right pillows, we can really keep you in a cool, uh, sleep. Or if you need to be a little bit warmer with the Portuguese flannel and the reverse a temp by pure care, it has warming properties.

Speaker 2: (17:30)
You saw, she pointed at me because I’m always called. She loves her Portuguese plan and it’s almost summer. So January.

Speaker 1: (17:45)
Yeah. Yeah. And so, okay. Those were good questions.

Speaker 4: (17:52)
I think we should do a few more.

Speaker 3: (17:54)
Yeah. That went way quicker than I thought. And then it gives us another chance to drink a little bit more beer.

Speaker 4: (17:59)
That’s really the reason I’m just kidding. No, we really do want to be able to connect to our community. I mean, the whole reason we opened the store with.

Speaker 1: (18:07)
Okay. All right.

Speaker 3: (18:11)
And I also think that we’re all at home. A lot of us are craving social connection. So we wanted to share with you and kind of hang out with you in this forum so that you have something to kind of,

Speaker 1: (18:21)
Okay, so this one, this one I actually typed out because it was something that was asked of you yesterday. Okay. Yeah, yeah, no, no. My husband is a bigger guy. What’s the best kind of bed for him. I was looking at the instant comfort beds, but don’t know if it would be enough to support enough support for him. Okay.

Speaker 3: (18:43)
So that was a great question because her biggest concern is they have, uh, when you invest in a mattress, it’s an investment we’re talking, you know, possibly thousands of dollars. I mean, some of these meds could be equal to like a car payment, you know? Um, so you really want to make sure that you don’t have buyer’s remorse. Um, and the biggest con you know, uh, concern is one, what about fitting different body types? And her biggest fear was over time. Over a couple of years, those Springs or quantum coils, uh, different coils coming up through the mattress right now, they can feel the coils that are inside of their bed and they have body impressions are noticeable. Um, they’re, they’re sinking into their bed and it has completely collapsed. So, um, on our floor, we do carry several different mattresses that are specifically divine designed for all body types, including the heavier body types.

Speaker 3: (19:40)
We have, uh, quantum coils, we have, uh, superior elite coils, uh, that can, can help counteract send them some of that. We have portals that are regional, uh, for your hips, your shoulders. We even have the interlude, which is specifically developed for live well and patented for liberal through Sutherland, um, for, uh, larger body types. And then patients that also have chronic back pain, um, the instant comfort, uh, series, all of that is pressurized and it’s measurable pressure. Um, those are medical grade devices that are used inside of our instant comfort, um, and are also the restorative sleep technology. That’s another one that on their website and on their official website, they claim, uh, it’s, it’s specified for, um, larger patients and customers and at home. So it doesn’t just have to be in the medical field. They’ve brought that same technology at home. So we take care and in all rounds you even have, uh, yeah, we, we really look at that,

Speaker 1: (20:41)
[inaudible] it, it’s cool. When people come in and ask questions like that, because then we’re like, Oh, let me show you what I’ve got. And, and cause everything on the floor has been recent.

Speaker 4: (20:52)
And it’s really, it’s really hard. I would honestly say for some people to just come out right and say, Hey, I need a mattress for someone who’s heavier. And the situation goes to everybody has a body type, whether you’re 90 pounds or 190 pounds or 290 pounds, all of it matters. All of it affects your sleep. So for us to find a match for you as our goal, bringing in higher technology really makes a difference. Even for lighter people. It’s not even about just saying one specific body type. So coming in and trying, it will really make a difference. Having the information explained to you is key. Um, and when you lay on it, it all holds together. You just feel it. Um, your situation to being a larger person should not be an embarrassment, especially when it comes to sleep. Everybody deserves a good bed to sleep in.

Speaker 4: (21:41)
So with that, if you have the embarrassment factor, leave it at the door, come in, everybody’s welcome. And our situation has defined any type of product that will fit any body type. And just to be honest, I mean, you can’t find this stuff online by ReadUP, you’d come inside a store, you try it just like if you go to a car dealer and you try a test, drive a car, that’s when you really find out what it feels like, what it’s like. So give it time, give it time. Yes. Because your body will have to adjust or I should say readjust to good sleep. Um, it’ll go through its own little time lapse. So you might be sore. You might feel like this might not be a match, but we’re like give it a week and a half to two weeks. Your body will tell you after that, whether it’s a real fit or not, um, because your body goes through an adjustment period. So when you come in and try these things, our goal is to match you not to try to sell you. So don’t feel like when you walk in the door, you’re going to be, you know, treated differently or we’re not here to make anybody feel bad or shaming the situation as is. We want to find everybody a good bed to sleep in so that you can benefit from the sleep effects.

Speaker 3: (22:48)
Yep. I liken it to go into the optometrist, you know, I’ll even talk to my clients and say, all right. So I want you to kind of think about going to the eye doctor. I want you to tell me if this is going to be better or worse, because I might put you on a bed that actually hurts. And I had a gentleman today that as soon as you know, he was really loving the latex, um, in the mid floor. And then I moved him over to a different type of mattress. And I could immediately noticed that he was in pain and discomfort and, uh, it, it was just not the right, uh, a bed for him. So being able to say that and communicate that I know it’s totally weird coming into a place and get into bed and laying down, but that’s what we’re here for. And, um, we’re really looking at the curvature of your spine and trying to help the best fit for your sleep profile.

Speaker 1: (23:32)
Yep. Yeah. There’s, there’s zero pressure here. It’s all about more like learning what your needs are. So yeah. Just feel, feel at these when you come in, do we have time for one more and then we’ll just kind of wrap up by saying what we learned in the habit I learned. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So we’re going to do one more and then we’ll switch over to topics that we picked up this week. Everything so far has been about sleep. So hopefully our topics have a little bit more about furniture or the boutique that we’ve got, which the boutique, this one right here. I don’t know if it takes actually I loved the particular score. Just, it really is. Okay. Here’s another one. Okay. What is the best pillow for a person who sleeps on their stomach? You, yes, the beers hitting because I’m dropping things. I’m going to the pillow queen back to the pillow, which is cool.

Speaker 4: (24:25)
So if you’re a tummy sleeper for one, um, you want a very low loft because when you lay on your stomach, you don’t want your spine curving upward. You want it to remain straight, but you also don’t want your arms extended in front of you so that you can place your head down because that’s bad on your rotator cuff. So by utilizing a pillow, that’s very low loft. The favorites in here are going to be our low lop latex pillows that we offer in either firmer plush. And what’s really good about the properties of this is because I tell my customers when they come in all the time, when you have a pillow that’s been poured in a mold it’s poured to suffer too. I can’t even talk now about the beer it’s poured to serve a purpose.

Speaker 1: (25:09)
Well, this is what, 10, 12 minutes later, he was already hitting. I’m telling you five 75. You got to go anyways.

Speaker 4: (25:16)
I’m a lightweight anyways. But with having a pillow, that’s going to be a low loft. It’ll allow you to still lay flat without any curvature of your head coming up. Um, as far as arm placement and step, your arms should be in a natural position out to the side. Um, or even beside you downwards, but never extended up and in front of you because that pressure is bad on your rotator cuff. So if you have a latex pillow that’s poured or it’s surf, it’s, I can’t say it again. It’s poor to serve a purpose of supporting your neck and never losing its function if you have fluff under your face. Okay. And I’m referencing anything, whether it’s an alternative,

Speaker 1: (25:57)
Like a, like a gel, like, uh, yeah. Either Feder, feather or the, um, filling is like, um, it’s a better pillow. Yeah. Better pillow or it’s a, it’s a fluff pillow. Yeah. Because if your face goes into that, you can’t breathe. Um, and envelops around you, you need a, you need, uh, a nice soft surface,

Speaker 4: (26:17)
Which is why you have the option between soft, whether it would be plush, or if you wanted something that was harder, which would be affirmed. Hello. Um, that way you can decide which one is more comfortable for that circumstance. Obviously, if you have a bigger head and I’m not saying that route,

Speaker 1: (26:34)
We’ve seen him, we’ve seen big heads, you will need a firmer

Speaker 2: (26:44)
Pillow because it’s going to collapse a pillow more. So having those options, whether it be about feel, whether you prefer one over the other, especially with face envelopment or whether your head happens to require more support, um, having those two pillows overly work and provide that for you. So I would say the latex low loft firm or plush,

Speaker 1: (27:05)
It has to be pretty low. Probably a pillow about like this. Yes. Okay. So yeah. You can’t have a high loft pillow.

Speaker 2: (27:13)
I wouldn’t mind to, I’m sorry. Oh, no, that’s totally it. And you know, we’re talking specifically about laying on your stomach, but all of that loft stays in the key. If you’re a side sleeper or a Mac sleeper, because you don’t want to wake up with a Crick in your neck or your numb completely arm,

Speaker 1: (27:26)
You’re not complete the arm. Wow. [inaudible] okay. So before the beer starts hitting more, let’s go over topics that we’ve learned that will help you this week. We’re not going to start with no, cause obviously she can’t do it. Let me say one more thing. Okay. Oh yeah. Okay.

Speaker 2: (27:53)
One more time. Hello. Having latex is great too, because being a natural product, it’s not going to hold heat. And when you’re a tummy sleeper utilizing more of the pillow, because you’re laying on top of it, not just your face all the time is an important key, because that can actually accentuate the heat that you feel from a mattress or just from sleeping. So by having a latex pillow, it allows for a cooler sleep. Yep. And latex naturally inhibits the growth of dust mites. They can’t even grow in latex. That’s awesome. So you don’t have to worry about the allergens because of shedding skin cells and then the dust mites come in and they deprecate in there, which is why you should have mattress protector as well. Otherwise, all of the deprecation, which I’m trying not to say the P word yes. That one into the mattress. And that’s what causes your mattress to get really actually it’s called Brad’s inset and it happens also with your pillows. So keep in mind, latex, that’s a great option. You know, stay away from that or use a mattress or a pillow. Protect it. Okay. Are you done? I’m sorry.

Speaker 1: (29:01)
No, that was awesome. Thank you. Because no people need to know that because we do have that question come up a lot. So thank you. Okay. All right. Now we’re going to cover topics of what we picked up this week. Stuff that we learned, stuff that we heard, uh, things that we could share with you that would make an impact on you. So we will start with, you want to start just,

Speaker 2: (29:21)
Well, yeah, because of yours. So I’m going to talk to her. You’re going to save.

Speaker 1: (29:26)
Yeah. Michelle just Yoda. Mel will appear later.

Speaker 2: (29:38)
Okay. So I did have, um, a couple that came in, um, that had purchased two mattresses online and they were from respectful companies. Um, and both of them had complaints, um, heat and the discomfort. And a lot of it comes from when it says from, for them, they didn’t realize it was that burn. They gave it a period of time that would allow their body to adjust. But over that time of adjustment, they became more sore. And then after the time of adjustment, even more sore, so they had to return it. They tried a different mattress and in the process, this one was so hot. And, um, their love for the idea of shopping online died at that moment. And they’re like, we’re in here because we’ve gone through two mattresses in less than two years. And we want to find a mattress that matches our needs instead of just agreeing to a writeup.

Speaker 2: (30:29)
So, um, as soon as they started laying on the mattresses, their first thing that they commented was how different every mattress felt. And that was my key of explaining to them. That’s why we love that you come in, every mattress has a different purpose to serve. Every mattress has a different match. It, not every mattress will be a match. Um, so by laying on it, it’s going to give you the idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. And when you have two people that had different sleep needs, one person usually sacrifices so that the other person can have good sleep. And our job is to make it where both people have really good sleep. So we offer the options that allow them to try what their sick needs are. So they actually get to connect to themselves and what their sleep needs are and find what it is they need without having to sacrifice what they need for the other person. So it’s been really helpful with people coming in and suggesting these things. And I was being able to just talk to them. It eases their, their situation. Um, it diffuses the frustration and it allows them to have hope that there’s going to be something for them all at the same time. That is so important. We spend so much of our time asleep and in our bed and we don’t want it for a good night’s sleep. We want it so that we can function the next day. I mean, if you’re honest,

Speaker 1: (31:49)
Good morning. Back pain. I mean, not all I have to say is think morning back pain, who the hell wants to wake up with me.

Speaker 2: (31:55)
If you go to sleep, you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You want to know you can function throughout the day, but anyway,

Speaker 1: (32:06)
Okay. So, so my, my topic, um, so on Saturday mornings, I record sleep coach. And in doing research, I was doing research on two different subjects. And then I stumbled upon the real subject that I’m going to be covering this next week on sleep coach. And that is, there was an article that was written.

Speaker 2: (32:28)
I have a little mini cup size.

Speaker 1: (32:30)
There is, there’s an article that was written in the Atlantic. Um, and what it is, it’s about the it’s about COVID and, uh, the role that sleeps play with sleep plays with COVID. Wow. That beer is good. It’s about the role that sleep plays the COVID. And, um, so what they’re finding is that melatonin may be key in preventing COVID from going from a very, I don’t want to say like the, the, the people that don’t show the signs, but from the part where it feels like it’s just a common flu to the seriousness where you can’t breathe. They’re saying that, uh, melatonin may actually guard you from going to the part where you’re having to be intubated, or you were having the long-term COVID. So tomorrow on a sleep coach, I’ll be recording that, that will come out this next Wednesday. Um, just the research on it is amazing. Um, it it’s, I, I can’t tell you enough about it until it just, just, just know that this week sleep coaches have ultra importance because of the fact that I’ll be reading that article and going over more research that I’ve done on this.

Speaker 2: (33:48)
And, and, and in that topic, he’ll definitely discuss the importance of the right dosing of melatonin, because you don’t want to just take a lot of melatonin. Right. Um, even actually, I just recently discovered this cause I was taking 10 milligrams of melatonin or taking it too late. That is way too much. And then I was talking to a very, uh, near and dear friend of mine, and she had reported back to me that if you take too much melatonin, they can cause sleep issues and you can like not have enough, you know, warmth in your body can go too cold. There’s all kinds of other stuff. So we’re going to talk about the importance of the right dosing. And at what time you should take it because you don’t want to be taking it at like 10 o’clock at night or midnight to fall asleep. It’s a sleep aid. We’ll discuss all of that.

Speaker 1: (34:33)
Yeah. Mel came in, uh, I think it was like two weeks ago, remember? Yeah. Mel came in half asleep and I was like, what is wrong with you? No, you did not brush your hair that day. So she came in half asleep and no joke. This girl was like out of it. And we were like, what is wrong with her? And she’s like, Oh, I took melatonin at midnight. Okay. Melatonin takes up to three or four hours to start acting, to start enacting what it’s supposed to do, which is like, it regulates your sleep. So for her to be taking it at midnight means that she really, really was pushing it, getting up at, by noon the next day. So yeah. Yeah. A certified sleep consultant that didn’t get to bed late. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So enough on that enough on that, just watch sleep, coach this coming Wednesday, um, I guarantee it’s information that you need. So Mel, your topic,

Speaker 2: (35:36)
I definitely need take my own advice

Speaker 3: (35:38)
And you know, I know all of the things that I need to be doing, but did we really do them? We have the information out there. We have access to it. And do we really go home and turn our phones off and turn her lights down and not get on Facebook? And

Speaker 2: (35:51)
You’re on your cell phone right before bed redox. So I played Scrabble for bed. I play Scrabble. I like games. I mean, she’s got this, the ultimate sleep coach sitting, laying next to her and she still does the wrong thing going over to her topic. So where’s the [inaudible] topic cover. I have the cards

Speaker 3: (36:22)
And the reason I have cards, uh, is because I really didn’t want to mess this one up. Cause I messed it up a couple of times on the floor today. And I just started laughing hysterically when it happened. Um, so I chose the restorative sleep technology bed, the rest bed. Um, we actually, uh, I’ve been researching more on this bed. It’s an incredible bed. It’s the smartest bed in the university. You definitely need to come and take a test drive. Uh, it’s kind of like going to the car dealership. You got to take the Corvette out

Speaker 2: (36:48)
Around the block. That’s the Corvette in the background in case you can’t hear it. It sounds beautiful. Yeah. That was ideal. You sure? It’s not the Maserati. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (36:58)
You got buzzer out here today and that, I wasn’t sure if that was a motorcycle or a car,

Speaker 2: (37:03)
But they didn’t know that I, I used the word

Speaker 3: (37:05)
Mazeur ADI, so I still don’t even know what a Muslim,

Speaker 2: (37:08)
I know the word for Raleigh.

Speaker 3: (37:12)
So, um, what’s really awesome about the rest bed, restorative sleep technology. So this is a brain child, uh, from a couple of grad students at MIT. Um, and it definitely draws you, uh, as soon as you walk in the store, you can see the neon purple lights and it’s like client, uh, you know, customers are like a moth to a flame, so they, they have to check this bed out. And we definitely want everyone to know that this technology exists and this is the future of sleep. So, um, in it, there’s over 3000 sensors that are continuously scanning your body for movement. Um, there’s over a million pixels on a surface. And, uh, it’s looking for, uh, slight movements, um, pressure points. This technology was developed in the medical industry for, uh, burn patients, per patients that were paralyzed, um, super cool technology. Um, and then now has been brought into the home and even some of the top athletes in the nation are using this technology.

Speaker 3: (38:09)
Um, it, it can, even if you’re not a super athlete, even just having it at your home, if you’re at the average person, uh, you can definitely get comfort. There’s a list of, um, specifications for, um, you know, if you have, uh, spinal issues, if you have, uh, any of these chronic issues, you can go to their website and there’s like 12 or 15 different types of things that it can help in. Um, but one of the really cool things I wanted to highlight about this technology is that when you purchase a rest bed, now it’s including some AI technology, that’s artificial intelligence, um, the sensors that it is using to scan your body. This bed knows if you’re on your back, it knows if you’re on your side, it knows if you turn on your side and part of that AI technology, now they have it patented and it’s called night vision. That’s a trademark, um, uh, sleep quality monitor. That’s also trademarked. Uh, we have, it’s using patented AI inside of, uh, the rest is able to offer the most accurate and dynamic sleep quality monitoring available on the market. And this is new. This is new to their, their, their, their products. So the model that we have on the floor does not incorporate that technology yet, but when you purchase a rest bed with us, uh, it comes with that at no additional cost. Excuse me.

Speaker 1: (39:27)
Can, can I interrupt on one person? The reason that it doesn’t have that technology yet is because the CPU, the CPU unit that we have is still from the, uh, from the beginning of 2020, the new CPU unit is the one that came out in November. And we haven’t been able to get it yet because they’re concentrating on fulfilling orders because this company, like, like you said, as the top, as the top notch company, this company is making ventilators for COVID, that’s a pressure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s the pressure trend, the pressure transducers anyways, there’s a piece that they use.

Speaker 3: (40:09)

Speaker 1: (40:10)
So anyways, so, um, this bed is so advanced that that’s, you know, that piece is actually part of their CPU unit. We do not have it in the store yet. However, I’m negotiating to try and get it into the store. Um, because I want you guys to be able to see this that she’s talking about. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (40:26)
They’re calling it night vision. When I was cracking up on the floor earlier, I kept calling it the night guard or the Nightwatch and I was like, it’s the Nightwatch? And I was like, wait, that’s like game of Thrones coming. And my, the people were laughing at me and they were looking at the night’s watch. And I was like, wait, hold on, let me check my notes. Oh, night vision. So it takes that technology. It’s going, going to incorporate all of, um, your movements, whether you’re restless in your sleep. Uh, it also looks at your sleep stages. So whether it’s light deep REM, or if you’re awake, it’s going to calculate all of that for you. This isn’t a device that you have to hook on yourself, or you have to charge the battery. Your bed is doing this the entire time. Um, it then calculates all of that.

Speaker 3: (41:09)
Uh, it looks for your breaths per minute. And it’s also looking at your sleep positions, whether you’re on your side or on your back. And then it gives you percentages of what time you fall, you know, how much time you’re spending, because you might walk in the door and say, Oh, I’m a side sleeper. You might fall asleep on your back or on your side, but then you might actually spend more time on your back and not even know it, and that’s important for your breathing. So, um, but this technology, it incorporates all kinds of stuff. It’s super cool. It’s super advanced. Um, and this is available now. It is available now. And then we have Martin Luther King day coming up this Monday, just in a couple of days. Yep. Um, so we have a rebate, a rebate that is, um, offered, and we can actually take a thousand dollars off the price of your rest bed. This coming Monday, that rebate is a thousand dollars rebate. We got rebates.

Speaker 1: (42:00)
We got right there.

Speaker 3: (42:04)
So if you are looking at purchasing a respite, now you may go to their web website. We are, um, a dealer of yes. Of rest. Uh, we also handle all of the issues that might arise if, if it kind of makes out or

Speaker 1: (42:20)
So I know this part. So we are the only dealer in Southern New Mexico. There is one other dealer in, uh, Northern New Mexico, but we are the only dealer for rest in Southern New Mexico. Um, we handle everything for them from heck just, uh, let’s just say Albuquerque down. So yeah. Uh, and, and we have that exclusivity and we have that guaranteed exclusivity because of the way that we’ve been trained on the bed and we can actually service the bed

Speaker 2: (42:55)
Now, in case you’d be guys are going, what does this rest? They’re talking about our website, which is a beautiful website. I have to say that because he’s worked very hard on it. I think we all have, and we have all contributed to adding product and everything to it. And the circumstance comes down to the rest bed. Yes. It’s AI. Yes. It’s amazing. Yes. It’s an air bed, but if you want to read the details to it, um, just to find the basics. So will you understand what we’re really talking about? Go to our website and check it out. And they have YouTube videos. They have all kinds of things on this, and it is amazing.

Speaker 1: (43:29)
It’s not, they it’s us. We have YouTube videos because I literally filmed. They’re going to check it out anyways. So live well, for that rest bed info. Um, yes, there is a rebate on it for a thousand dollars, Monday only mates. She has an amazing English accent and ask her to do her English accent while you’re here next time, because she has an amazing English accent. We have an English friend that wonders why she sounds so angry when she’s in her English accent. So that is, yeah. Yeah. So, so do you guys have anything else before we wrap up?

Speaker 3: (44:12)
Well, this was awesome. Yeah. It was just a good idea. Hey, it comes with this

Speaker 2: (44:16)
Questions because I’m all about,

Speaker 1: (44:18)
Yeah. So we need, we need some furniture questions. We need some boutique questions. LivWell is quite rounded. Now. We’re not all about sleep. We have other items, uh, including some really cool, uh, pet stuff. That’s like, it’s, it’s pretty good.

Speaker 4: (44:33)
Even our pesto and our buddy too.

Speaker 2: (44:36)
Um, all kinds of stuff I can address. So make sure you guys submit your questions. Um, you can do it privately too. If you don’t want people knowing you’re asking questions. I know some people had some issues with that. We will not disclose any names. We just want to read the questions that you guys have so that we can answer them for you. So Milbrey to leave them on our Facebook page, we have a place where you can leave questions as well as just messaging has direct. Either way is fine. You can message us through Facebook. You can message us through our website or you want to go through the actual posts.

Speaker 1: (45:08)
Yep. So, uh, follow us on social media, Facebook, Instagram, uh, watch this, watch this Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the websites, all of that. Just, just

Speaker 4: (45:22)
We split the website up a little bit. That’s right. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (45:29)
Yeah. So reach out to us. Let us know anything. If you liked this video, if you liked this series, let us know like this video subscribe. If you’re watching it on YouTube, um, just give us some feedback, let us know, let us know where you would like this to go. Um, until next time. Well, no, not yet.

Speaker 4: (45:45)
And definitely check out www LivWell furnishing stuff.

Speaker 1: (45:48)
Yeah, yeah. Not until next time. I just want to remind you, um, we have other shows. We have the new item of the week, which this next week is Mel. And she has a pretty funny video coming out. We have the sleep coach videos, and then we have what’s up with the boutique videos right over here. And so just let us know, uh, let us know what you like, let us know what you want to see. And, uh, don’t forget, subscribe to everything just because you want to see us in front of you every day, because I’m a lovely person.

Speaker 2: (46:20)
And with that we’ll drink,

Speaker 4: (46:22)
[inaudible] have a wonderful night, whatever it is.