Leather Italia Fresno Power Collection

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Hey everyone, Javier with live well mattress and furnishing centers. And today I want to introduce everyone to the Fresno from leather Italia. So the Fresno collection is an all leather sofa loveseat set with all kinds of really cool extras. It’s got power reclining. It’s got lay flat capability and power headrest. So my favorite features on the Fresno are the reclining headrest and the lay flat capability. First, I want to illustrate the reclining headrest. I mean, right now I’ve got them fully up there supporting my neck. Um, the disappointment would be to get rid of them. And this is what happens when you have a recliner without a headdress CMO. My head is going back. I can’t even see the TV clearly. So I’ve got to look this way on the TV, but with this super cool headrest, it comes to my head. It’s I’m just watching the TV perfectly. Is this not the coolest? So the other feature that I love the most on the Fresno is its capability to lay flat. So check this out. This is so cool.

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So if you want to sleep, just kind of recline on the recliner, just kind of fall asleep on the recliner. You can, I mean, this is wonderful. This is actually what the head rest up. So if I wanted to put the head rest down, I could have it down, but with it up, it’s just awesome. This is perfect.

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So the construction on the Fresno is top notch. You’ve got top quality leather on the outside. You’ve got coiled Springs on the seat cushion. You have both the back and the seat are attached to the sofa. You have a hardwood frame, you’ve got integrated power boxes. So that way you don’t have a power box. That’s outside of the sofa. Something that you can crimp when the sofa comes down or something that you can trip over when you’re going around and cleaning behind the sofa, everything has been thought of with these leather Italian sofas. So everything about the leather Italia products is top-notch and the Fresno is definitely top quality. Come see us today. Check out the new Fresno and the other leather Italia sofas. I promise you, you will not be disappointed until next time. Have a wonderful day.