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Hi, I’m Melanie with LivWell furnishings. Thank you for joining me. I was just sitting down for a second to go over some plans and goals that we have for 20, 21 year. Uh, our team has been doing great and we hope that we can be a part of your 2021. I have a quote for you today. What I was just reading was what can you do today to move towards your dream? That’s a quote by Michael Hyatt. Hey, I just wanted to hopefully say that we would like to be a part of your dream. And we hope that our items here that we feature in our new item videos or any of our blogs and podcasts can be a part of that dream and your future for 2021 and moving into 2022.

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So today I’d like to introduce you to the newest dining table that we have on our showroom floor. It’s the Juna PIRO by home elegance, and it combines traditional elements of mission style of the early 20th century with a warm farmhouse rustic appeal. This inviting table set is ideal for your casual dining area. The counter height pedestal table features an oval top with an easy to use removable leaf. There is also a surprisingly unique part of the design to this dining set, which features a small storage compartment below for perfect placement of plates and bowls or table placemats and board games for family nights. Shh. Don’t tell Javier, it’s also a perfect place for Gretchen and I to hide all of the ham and candy bars that we have in stock. It’s the overflow. Nobody knows it’s there, but, uh, the Juniper Bureau that we have on our showroom floor has a white finish over an Oak veneer, the sturdy construction and high quality hardware.

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I mean that the table will be a part of your home for years to come. The June apparel also comes in an elegant, dark cherry wood with black seating, pair that with a fine red wine and a candle, and you have a romantic dining set for any occasion. Hey, thank you so much for watching and come by and see us. This dining set is available today for pickup or delivery, and thank you for watching and please be sure to like this video, share content and subscribe to our channel. Uh, we have new stuff arriving every week to the showroom floor, and we want to be a part of your dream and your 2021 we’re open Monday through Saturday 10 to six, and we’re located on first street, just across from the civic center. You can also purchase this exact item over the phone, or it’s also available on our online store.

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