Improve Your Lifestyle and Save Money Doing It

Written by Guest Blogger – Brad Krause of Self-Caring

With all the planning we do for our job, our families, and our social life, we seldom think of making plans to live a healthier life, seldom putting a lot of thought into it. But that’s not a sustainable way of thinking. In fact, our health should be a priority for all of us. Making a plan for how to live healthier now can go a long way in preventing you from getting sick in the first place. Making your health a priority makes good financial sense, too. You can avoid costly medical bills and treatment and loss of work days.

A Pregnant Woman Waking Up in Beige Dress Inside Her BedroomAnd it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to lead a healthier lifestyle either. In fact, in many cases, living a more natural lifestyle is better for us.

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Meal Time 

Plan your meals ahead of time. Too often, when we aren’t sure what to eat, we grab something convenient, spending more than we should and eating a far less healthy meal than if we’d prepared it ourselves. Eating healthier means you avoid many of the health problems associated with a poor diet, like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

And if your weeknights are too busy to cook a meal, prepare and cook them all on Sunday, then freeze them for later. There are many recipes for healthy meals that freeze and thaw well. Just find a few you like and then mix them up week-to-week to keep from getting bored with your dinners.


You can always work out at home to save money on gym memberships. There are plenty of online resources like streaming services, YouTube videos, and online fitness classes.

Purchase some low-cost workout equipment for your home use, like dumbbells, a jump rope, resistance bands, and a yoga mat.

Walking or jogging outside is free. You may want to invest in some decent running shoes, but the cardiovascular benefits of running or walking will far outweigh that cost. Plus, being outside lowers our stress levels, and the sunlight gives us a good boost of vitamin D.

Sleep Better

Sleeping doesn’t cost you anything, either. While you sleep, your body repairs tissue, builds new cells, and releases hormones that support healthy growth. Also, a proper night’s sleep boosts your immune system.

In order to get a good night’s sleep, which most experts agree is between 7-9 per night for adults, you should have a sleep schedule, going to sleep at the same time every night.

A good mattress can make a huge difference in how well you sleep. Having the right combination of comfort and support is essential to letting you rest well all night. A good mattress will also help keep your spine in proper alignment, meaning you’ll not only sleep better, but you’ll feel better during the day, too.

Make Money With Your Healthy Lifestyle

A health and fitness blog that emphasizes whatever your passion is can be monetized with sponsored content or by selling products or services.

You can teach your own fitness or cooking classes online or in person. If you want to reach the largest audience, then offer your classes online. You’ll need to invest in some proper lighting and audio and video equipment, but a lot of those can be found used.

Clean homes using natural products. Many people don’t want chemicals in their homes, especially if they have small children and pets. And emphasizing how you can remove allergens, dust mites, and animal dander is a big plus. For ease, carry a corded stick vacuum. They are lightweight and easy to transport and store, which means you can use them at home too.

Consider forming your business as an LLC. They are easy to set up yourself, so you won’t have to worry about hiring an attorney; they involve less paperwork and will allow you to shield your personal assets from your business. Use an online form like this one on how to start an LLC in New Mexico to walk you through all the steps. Note that rules vary from state to state, so use the one specific to your state.

A proper regimen of diet and exercise, a home free of allergens, and even a wellness business mean a bright healthier future for you. And not only will it not cost you anything, it can actually save or even make you money.

Brad Krause created Self Caring after years spent putting his own self-care on the back burner. Brad discovered his real calling-helping people implement self-care practices that improve their overall well-being. His website is intended to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he finds on his self-care journey.