The One Thing You Can Do To Keep Your New Years Resolution!

Sleep Coach
(ep16, 2020)

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Hey Javier with Live Well Mattress and Furnishing Centres and today I want to talk to you about the true foundation to your New Year’s resolutions. It seems like every single ad, every single email, every single video you’re getting, every single post you’re getting on social media is talking about your new year’s resolutions. There is, it falls into three main types. It falls into the financials, it falls into a healthy diet and it falls into exercise. And I would say that nine out of 10 people have started their resolutions this year. I’m talking to you right now from the first real week of the new year. And I want you to know that you’re not alone. Your neighbor’s doing it. And frankly, my wife, Gretchen’s doing it. There’s resolutions all over. But what you don’t know is there is actually a very important foundation to making your resolution stick.

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And what I want to tell you is that the foundation to making your resolution stick is the easiest thing you could possibly do. And that’s called sleep. So it’s not as simple as, Hey, I need to sleep more. Or it’s not as simple as I sleep will be my resolution. No, it’s sleep is the foundation to everything. Let’s say that your resolution is to eat healthier. Well did you know that by losing sleep and getting too few hours of sleep, your body is automatically making hormones that will cause you to eat more. So there goes your diet there. So let’s say that your resolution is to spend less money, to save more money, to spend wisely. Well, did you know that the last sleep you get, the less clear you think, the less clear your objective becomes? The slower you are to react.

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It’s all about sleep telling. I’ve been telling you from the start. So the third, let’s say that your resolution is, I’m going to get up and I’m going to exercise every day. I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to just exercise and be the healthier man. Guess what? You’re not going to do it if you aren’t sleeping well enough. So how in the world do you lay this foundation so that way your resolutions to become a better you stack. The answer is routine. You need routine, whether it be a morning routine where you get up and specifically get up and do your exercise and then eat a good breakfast and then get out to work, or importantly to me as a sleep coach, I think the evening routine is the most important where you start winding down an hour to an hour and a half before bedtime where you take that warm shower an hour before bedtime where you stop looking at your screens, whether it be your laptop, your computer, your tablet, your phone.

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Stop looking at the screens and let the melatonin. Just start setting in another part of that routine. When you lay down to go to bed, you’re still wound up. Take a book, read it, get a magazine, read it. Studies find that fiction relaxes you more than nonfiction. I am guilty of reading nonfiction. I read a lot of self help, a lot of sleep, a lot of business for oriented books and it still helps me sleep. But dedicate yourself to having a foundation and a routine of better sleep. And I promise you, I promise you that your resolutions will be easier to stick to. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us call the stores (575) 267-2575 here in the Alamogordo store, (575) 689-6440 in our Carlsbad store. If you need any more info, click on our Facebook page. We have videos galore from the sleep coach. Click on our website live while we have an entire blog dedicated to helping you sleep better. So with that, if you like this video, please share it. If it’s helped you, please let others know about it. If, if we can get out and help more people, that’d be great cause that’s the whole goal of these videos. Until next time. I’m Javier with Live Well Mattress and Furnishing Centres, and this has been sleep coach. Have a wonderful day.