How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Did you know that the average American only sleeps 6.8 hours a night?  That’s close to the 7 to 9 hours recommended by the medical community, BUT not good enough.  Our bodies need the rest.  The saying “I will sleep when I die”, should really be “I will die if I don’t sleep”.  Too many times sleep is being treated like an option, a waste of time, when it really should be treated as important to you as eating.  In fact, people have been able to go up to 21 days without food, yet without sleep, the expected survival time could be as low as 11 days.  

So what are the recommendations for sleep?  Here are a few bullet points with the recommended hours of sleep per age range according to the National Sleep Foundation :

  • Newborns – 0-3 months – 14-17 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 11-13 hours.  
  • Infants – 4-11 months – 12-15 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 10-11 hours.
  • Toddlers – 1-2 years – 11-14 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 9-10 hours.
  • Pre-School – 3-5 years – 10 -13 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 8-9 hours. 

Older children’s sleep recommendations are just as important as developing aged children, yet trends show their sleep needs may not be met.  The increase of available technology has been invasive into the bedtimes of younger aged children just as much as it has been to adults.

  • School-Aged Children – 6-13 years – 9-11 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 7-8 hours.
  • Teen – 14-17 years – 8-1o hours of sleep recommended. Minimal of 7 hours.

Adult sleep is vital to productivity.  Many 100’s of hours of lost productivity leads to millions if not billions of wasted dollars in the business world due to lack of sleep.

  • Young Adult – 18-25 years – 7-9 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 6 hours.
  • Adult – 26-64 years – 7-9 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 6 hours.
  • Older Adult – 65+ years – 7-8 hours of sleep recommended.  Minimal of 5-6 hours.

In our next post, we will cover several negatives that occur when sleep needs are not met.  Until then, Sleep Well and Live Well!  

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