How Important are the Mattress Foundations

Why is it important to get new box springs when you buy a new mattress? We get a lot of people asking that question every month. In our company’s case, it’s easy to let people know we include the box springs in our pricing, but there is a genuine reason for getting a new set of foundations/box springs every time you get a new mattress.

You want a new foundation/box spring because the first part of your mattress set to get a body impression is quite often the foundation itself. All that downward pressure that goes into the springs on your mattress begins to break down the foundation and cause the formation of dips that cause body impressions.

You’d think something as simple as a mattress foundation would be an easy, no thinking choice when you buy a mattress, and most companies will send you on your merry way with a standard foundation. However, there are considerations you must think about before you order a standard foundation.

  1. Is a standard 9-inch foundation going to make your bed way too high?
  2. Would it be better to get a lower 4-inch foundation to make getting into bed easier?
  3. What if your bed is already too high, and neither a 9-inch or 4-inch foundation would work? What then?

Buying a mattress isn’t hard if you’re being guided to get the proper back support and accessory items. Asking the right questions isn’t your responsibility in the mattress sales process. Your salesperson should be asking about your needs, the support you need, and what the finished product will look like in your home. Don’t let pushy salespeople get a sale from you when they aren’t even trying to give you the service you deserve.