Have A Loved One Sleeping In A Recliner?

For most of us, a recliner is just a piece of living room furniture that we can occasionally nap on during a movie or sports on TV. However, a growing number of us have to use a recliner for our sleep at night due to medical issues.

This trend has caused many concerns for loved ones who see their partners wake up with real back pain due to recliners not being meant for sleep overnight. A recliner is excellent for short-term rest, such as naps, but the construction of your average recliner doesn’t have the support for lumbar or neck issues.

Because of the trend of sleeping in a recliner through the night, companies like Golden and UltraComfort have designed power recliners that lift to support your back and make it comfortable and pain-free to sleep through the entire night. These amazing recliners are made of materials that last and are upholstered with waterproof fabrics that last for years.

If you or a loved one has to deal with this sort of issue, please research further into what you need to find your best options for sleep. Rest assured that Live Well has products to help you, such as UltraComfort Power Reclining Chairs.