Great Books to Help You Find Great Sleep

We read a LOT on Sleep, more so than we do on Sales Techniques, although that is super important to a retail business too.  Our point to reading so much on sleep is to know how to help you find a better nights sleep.  We aren’t the ones making an effort to find that important sleep finally, you are, and when you realize that sleep is a missing factor in your life we want you to know that you aren’t wasting your time by visiting Sleep Well.  We want a knowledgeable staff available to help you with tips and help you find the right surface for your sleep.  

What are some essential books on Sleep that help us find the answer to “How to Sleep Better?”, here is a list and short description of books we have found super helpful in writing this blog, answering customer questions, and useful in our own lives as we battle our own sleep issues.

The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. An excellent read for anyone.  Ms. Huffington is a journalist at heart, and her style of writing is very easy to comprehend and follow.  She shares a lot of personal information from her years as an overachieving businesswoman with the outlook of “I will sleep when I die.”  Her story involves a very dreadful afternoon where she realized the Sleep was necessary and she documents her life change.  A lot of real personal details here that will help you understand how vital our sleep is.



Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker.  I originally discovered Dr. Walker on CBS News where he challenged the anchors to measure their sleep for a period.  They took his challenge, and he was horrified by their lack of sleep and how they nonchalantly just accepted their sleep deficiency.  His book is a college-level look at why Sleep is necessary.  It was a great informational read, on a whole different level of scientific fact than any other book I have read about sleep.  This is a book that I continuously cite for information on the different life facets that affect sleep.  


Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps, and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind

Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps, and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind by Nick Littlehales.  Nick is a Sleep Specialist for Athletes and High Performers.  He has a very easy to understand style and approach to helping you see how sleep helps you recharge and live a much better life.  His whole point is to help you see that sleep doesn’t slow you down, it enables you to perform better. 



The Sleep Book: How to Sleep Well Every Night

The Sleep Book: How to Sleep Well Every Night by Dr. Guy Meadows.  If you need help establishing your sleep habits, maybe you’ve seen an increase in episodes of insomnia or increasingly hard times of falling asleep?  This book will help find and diagnose what is causing some of those issues.  



We are Here to Help

There are many other books on the market on the subject of Sleep.  These are just a few that are on our reading list, and we have found them helpful with our knowledge.  We hope they prove useful in helping you establish the right sleep habits in your life.  If you have other books you would recommend PLEASE leave them in the comments below.  Remember when you Sleep Well, you Live Well.

About the author:

Javier is the owner of Sleep Well, professionally trained sleep stores, specializing in specific mattresses for specific needs. He lives to give. He is an active member of his community and church. His hard work and efforts pay off for him when he can help others, and give to efforts for the betterment of others.
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