Foam vs Springs and the Importance of Sex

Why Mattress Construction Matters

First a disclaimer, this article is in no way meant to be derogatory, dirty-minded(although I am sure there will be some puns used that may take our minds to the dirty side), or meant to be a slight on any materials used in bed construction. With that being said, we can address the subject that many of our customers wonder but hardly ever ask about their new bed- Is this mattress good for sex?

It’s a REAL dilemma, some mattresses are not constructed for sexual activity, and people need to know why and what to look for when they are in the market for a mattress.

What we mean by “Not Really a Sex Friendly Bed.”

A mattress is a white rectangle, what can it possibly have to do with sex? Well, a lot actually. Studies have been done on the expectations of couples and their wants from a mattress in the sex department. The most significant desire is feedback, meaning the response given by springs and other responsive materials. Feedback allows for energy return and less effort towards actions being taken. Feedback also allows for increased feel, in ways of not sinking into a surface.

What Materials are Better?

Without meaning to sound partial to one partial mattress construction type over the other, but instead just using properties of the materials as the deciding factor, the best mattresses for sex are traditional spring mattresses. The reason for this is the feedback and return of energy.


All-foam mattresses, otherwise known as memory foam beds, are well known for their ability to soak in the energy and eliminate motion transfer. This is actually one of the more common reasons people love the memory foam. It doesn’t wake you up when your partner tosses and turns in bed. 

In layman’s terms, a traditional spring mattress will give you more bounce and return of your efforts over a memory foam mattress that will soak up your energy and make you put more effort into any motion. 

What about the level of support?

Does a Plush bed or Firm bed perform better (Wow, I am super proud of myself for not throwing in any dirty-minded puns here)? The short answer is Firm would give you a better platform for your activity and balance. 

Balance is key to being able to keep yourself from falling over and concentrating on the task at hand. That is not to say that a plush mattress is not acceptable. Plush mattresses are just as good as Firm mattresses in support. However, they would require a little more effort to stay aloft. An excellent plush spring traditional mattress is still capable of giving plenty of feedback and reaction force. 

What other factors do you need to consider?

Another essential factor to consider is the edge support of the mattress. Edge support is where you will feel the difference between a memory foam mattress and a traditional spring mattress.  

Edge support is the property of the bed that keeps you from feeling like you are about to roll off the side. Edge support is vital to spring mattresses because of the “springiness” and up-push of the spring units under the foam. In an all-foam memory foam mattress, you don’t experience an up-push. Therefore, it is not necessary to have side support to keep you from rolling off the side. Edge support for sexual activities is vital for several reasons, most of which have to do with not falling out of bed. 

How do you choose?

The choice is personal preference. Whether it is a traditional spring mattress for you or an all-foam memory foam mattress, both are great.

You may need the all-foam memory foam due to a partner that moves in bed a lot. All-foam memory foam is excellent for partners that work nights and don’t want to wake you up when they climb into bed.  

Or you may need the support from springs and a traditional mattress. Either design will not keep you from enjoying a healthy sex life. It just may require a little more effort than you are used to.   

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