Here’s a transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:03)
Hi, I’m Javier and I’m Gretchen. And I’m Melanie, what were you making adjustments. Oh, okay. This is [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (00:16)
Yay. And, um, we’re having a different drink this week. Cause we’re we’re collaborating. We’re we’re we’re we’re getting healthy. We’re empathizing we’re we’re T we’re a team and Mel can’t drink beer with us right now. So until milk and drink beer, we’re going to drink tea with Mel, except we are not drinking that disgusting Apple cider stuff that she was drinking. Last week, we were drinking. Sorry. Ma’am we are drinking. This one is called a lavender lemon.

Speaker 1: (00:49)
It’s really good. Mine is really hot. I love you’re doing ice tea, but I have to drink warm fluids. I’m not sick, but I’m drinking. I’m working on my tea. Are you

Speaker 2: (01:02)
Sure you’re not sick because, well,

Speaker 1: (01:04)
I feel really cold right now. You’re cold. I’m always cold.

Speaker 2: (01:07)
You realize it’s 72 in here, right? No,

Speaker 1: (01:09)
It’s a little chilly. You’re talking to me. It’s it’s almost April. You’ve been doing this for three months and I’m still in my years,

Speaker 2: (01:20)
You’ve been doing layers for

Speaker 1: (01:21)
Months and now I’ve just moved it up a notch. Could you like hot feet? Cause if I hold this right here, it’s really good. What is your mug? My mug is a unicorn, a gift from John and he’s dreaming. It says don’t let anyone ever go into your sparkle. [inaudible] cloud crop. It was an awesome trip. Cause we go up the mountain hanging out and you snack this at high altitude, John and mill point. Oh cute.

Speaker 2: (02:01)
Thank you for holding boiling water over me like that. I appreciate it.

Speaker 1: (02:07)
How are you doing? All right. You have a lot of pattern. I do. I knew wearing this dress was not going to be a bad thing in the back house, but we are recording any chair that has a lot of patterns. So now I’m just kind of screaming at you. If I may keep on saying then it’s all good,

Speaker 2: (02:26)
Right? That’s a lot of pattern. A lot of, yeah, let’s pick that right there.

Speaker 1: (02:30)
Flowers and dogs. What’s on that pillow. You got no pillow. All make sense. So you can find your mud on here somewhere. I found. Oh. So I found him on material though here. Yes. Here’s the dues. And then there’s a Wiener dog. Look at the, the Wiener dog at the top.

Speaker 2: (02:56)
You’re sitting on a chair to how’s that it’s that puppy pattern. You’re always off camera. Yeah. Just came in new item. It’s a shameless plug. There’s a poodle.

Speaker 1: (03:12)
I hope I’m on camera Hudl. We need dog. This too is somewhere right? Dalmatian. This is a Greyhound, even though it looks a little bit like a giraffe. It is a great one to the right of it is your, it would be your left. My right of that one. Move your pillow. There’ll be the dummy there. Oh, Dalmatian.

Speaker 2: (03:34)
Yeah. But anyways, this is a chair with dogs on it. Very, very nice. We just, we just got them and they can’t focus. And if you can’t focus on anything other than the pattern explosion over here. Well, you know, all right, so this is fishbowl, uh, our Friday night debrief where we’re sharing what we learned this week with you and also questions that we heard from our customers. So that way you guys at home know the answers to the questions before anybody else something was happening to my left.

Speaker 1: (04:05)
I’m sorry. I’m Rouse. Don’t worry about it. Okay. She’s turning into the Grinch

Speaker 2: (04:10)
Someday. We’re going to be normal, right? No, no,

Speaker 1: (04:14)
No. Never see if I browse just a little bit and I get my feathers up. I got some it’s kind like a, um, I decided to stuff my bullet in here because I was so cold.

Speaker 2: (04:24)
You stuffed your problem with your boa?

Speaker 1: (04:27)
I did stuff. My bow and my shirt.

Speaker 2: (04:32)
Yeah. Hopefully I caught that on camera. Cause I’m playing that puppy. Okay.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
It does create a bit of like a Downy decorate, like a Downy co I’m thinking like feathers. And I thought it would be really warm. And I was, I was trying to create a down jacket, browse it up a little bit. Like I can feel the warm.

Speaker 2: (04:49)
It’s literally 70 degrees in here,

Speaker 1: (04:51)
But it’s not 70 degrees right here.

Speaker 2: (04:53)
Okay. All right. So we’re going to start with this week’s questions because if it got any weirder, we wouldn’t have a show. So, all right. First question, a long one, a lot of words, a lot of words, my wife and I love the idea of having our own feel of mattress. She loves flush and I love a firm bed. We thought that buying the split King, but we all we thought about buying the split King. Wow. We thought about blind buying the split King. But

Speaker 1: (05:28)
What happens when he doesn’t drink alcohol?

Speaker 2: (05:30)
Yeah, but then we heard about something called, but then we heard about something called a split head. We bought it and love it. I really think you should talk about it to your viewers. This was an email that I received earlier today as a matter of fact. So this person wants us to talk about the split head because they fell in love with it and they were considering a split King. So maybe we should explain each of those is you go first ma’am

Speaker 1: (06:00)
All right. So a split key would be two TXL, which stands for twin extra long. So it will be the same link, 80 inches as a cleaner King mattress. And you can put those side by side to make your King size bed. So my husband and I actually have that. He sleeps on from, I sleep on plush together, but if you don’t want to completely split Matt and you decide to go with an air mattress, um, we do carry two different companies of air mattress. And what this allows you to do is have what’s called a flex head. So it’s always split up at the head I’m in the bottom of the mattress, like from the middle down is all one solid piece. So what this does is it allows you to have a addressable base underneath your mattress where you can sit up individually and your feet.

Speaker 1: (06:51)
It’s kind of like a shared motion. It doesn’t really affect the person laying beside you with the split. Right? If you go with two individual mattresses, the TXL is, um, with adjustables underneath of that, then you can sleep in any position with all the question. So the options are up to you. If you want to have two individual monitors, as I noted in my mouth, but what I was going to interject was it’s really helpful to have a split King because if one of you wants to not fill the other one, moving, there’s less motion transfer. And then if you’re like Javier, if you’re in the dog house, then she can just put your bed in the entire other room. Exactly. Or like put a dresser in the room in front of you. That’s always fun.

Speaker 2: (07:42)
Well, what we’ve found is that putting a piece of plywood in between the beds actually

Speaker 1: (07:45)
That’s a barrier. No, he knocks he’s annoying. Just don’t whatever you do, don’t drop yourself home in that crack. Has that ever happened to you? You don’t want to do that. I’ve never dropped my cell phone for, I have dropped my adjustable base remote.

Speaker 2: (08:01)
So the split, but the split head, I think is a wonderful idea. It is harder to find. There are only like four companies making split heads right now. Um, we happen to have two of those companies are working on the third company, getting them in here. We think that there are going to be a big hit. Uh, we think they are already a big hit, but we really do see growth in this. So we are looking to bring another company in with them. And with that, we’re going to move on to the second question.

Speaker 1: (08:35)
It writes the kind of Oscar, the grouch did he have like, well, he’s a

Speaker 2: (08:40)
Bird. That’s like, you know, they have the big old Chester

Speaker 1: (08:44)
Browsing, fluffing up like spring bird, you know? Oh, you know, and then when they get off put the, and they’re like, and squats down. So he

Speaker 3: (08:56)
Covers his eyebrows.

Speaker 2: (09:00)
I love, I love that white couch. Ooh. I love that white couch that you sit on, but I can’t imagine that being very easy to clean. How do you care for that kind of a living room set?

Speaker 3: (09:18)
Well, in my house, I couldn’t buy that couch because it’s way too white. And I just already know like with Oliver and multiple dogs, don’t forget, John. John’s actually like the cleanest part of all of that. That’s pretty squared away. You see little hearts over my head

Speaker 2: (09:45)
Anyways. Okay. So tell us about the white couch. How do you care for that? For that?

Speaker 3: (09:49)
Well, we actually sell a furniture protector of Scotchgard by guardsmen. So we it’s a complete little packet. And for that, you know, we can help you prepare your couch before it goes home. Right. Or we can give you the tools for that. So once it, once it lands in your home, then you kind of scratch, guard it up too much makes cleaning easier depending on the surface or the type of post three. Right. So that was a big one. I almost stumbled there. So however it’s upholstered, whether it’s microfibers or leathers or leather, rats, we have lots of options so we can keep this clean and then you use just a little microfiber cloth to clean it off and just to spot planet. And, um, it works really good to not get in those situations. I would not eat Cheetos.

Speaker 2: (10:46)
Yeah. I would actually, I mean the way I keep it clean. Yeah. The way I’d keep it clean as the kids don’t get on the couch.

Speaker 3: (10:54)
Yeah. You, you know, when I was growing up, we had a whole separate room for that experience because at my house we had a family room. Yeah. We had a family room and it had these doors that lock. And then when people came to visit us, they would put us in that room and lock the doors and close the French doors. And then there was a whole other part of the house that never got touched.

Speaker 2: (11:16)
You think someone would lock you in a room? I can’t imagine anyways. Okay.

Speaker 3: (11:22)
The TV was on now. I understand that part of adulting and parenting, but yeah. And then there was this weird room that never, nobody ever sat in that room. And so a really nice couch like that to go in.

Speaker 2: (11:38)
Okay. So how would you care for a white couch like that? How is, how, how, how, what is the proper care for that?

Speaker 3: (11:45)
Well, it does come with a stain guard material. That’s they say should be okay for a two year. Okay. So it would come

Speaker 1: (11:54)
Safe pretty much from the get-go. Um, and it does have the sun, I guess. So it is safe to put next to a window. So if it does get dirty, no, I already gave inspections. You know, who your water and who’s that had it and try getting it out that way. If it’s a really stubborn type of steam, I would hope that you had purchased guardsmen with it. The insurance company actually provides type of things like this. So if you happen to spill, like you said, red wine or hid, smear Cheetos or talk or anything like that, that really stains ratchet. Yes.

Speaker 2: (12:40)
I would say what if we sell this thing, we need to make sure that we put the guardsman on him because they would need that extra peace of mind. Cause I mean, that’s gorgeous, but it is a little light colored in, in my book. That’s way like public. Oh, it is beautiful. And these chairs actually go with it and I call it a mob couch,

Speaker 1: (12:59)
The couch where you just kind of fit into it. You still have support with the cushions, but you can sink into it. It’s so comfortable. It’s all those pillows. What I like about that couch is it’s so bright and it just lightens the room.

Speaker 2: (13:14)
There’s brightness happening. There’s brightness happening. There’s definitely brightness. All right. So I don’t know if you can see this. She has American flag converse and green boa.

Speaker 1: (13:26)
Yeah. I’m patriotic today.

Speaker 2: (13:30)
She’s also a colorblind. So we just tell her it matches. It’s all, it all matches, darling. It all matches. All right. So she got better. I went to two stores that won’t have stock. Ooh, this is, this has to do with what we’ve been talking about. I went to two stores that won’t have stock for several weeks. The mattress we wanted, we were told would take up to six weeks to come in. Why are you guys in stock and others not. I’m going to take the first part of this one. Okay. So it’s not that there’s some secret conspiracy. There really is a foam shortage. In fact, it’s probably about to get worse. The company that we deal with is an American made company. The foam is American made. Um, they are dealing with their own things. We just happened to have been able to, um, kind of foresee, foresee or shadow for foresee

Speaker 1: (14:30)
Crystal ball. And I think this is like research. This is time and effort up like daily checking news. There’s no like magic Harper

Speaker 2: (14:40)

Speaker 2: (14:45)
No, no, no. Okay. So we happen to do a huge amount of as a company. Um, we have meetings, we, we, we, we really talk to our vendors and we foresaw this coming. So we actually bought, I would say two truckloads of stock for our stores, knowing what we were going into. And we’ve developed a pretty good system of having the, the pieces in stock. That’s not saying that we aren’t going to suffer. I mean, we will suffer at some point. Hopefully we will bleed. Everyone will bleed through this, but it’s just a matter of how we’ve planned and we can foresee what’s going to happen. Yeah. Yeah. But like she said, it’s not magic. And I know I did. I said that last time and I offended both of them because it’s like, no, we have to take credit for the work we do. And it’s true. We do a lot of work,

Speaker 1: (15:39)
A lot of things on our radar. And so where this whole thing has been developing over the course of a year and it just keeps getting compounded by other factors. That’s hitting the news and global trade and stuff like that. So while we already it’s been hit several

Speaker 2: (15:57)
And it’s going to get hit again.

Speaker 1: (15:58)
So not only do crates fall off the ships into the ocean, now we have ships getting stuck.

Speaker 2: (16:05)
Yup. Yup. Interesting times. Interesting times.

Speaker 1: (16:09)
And it does, it affects a whole bunch of industries what’s going on. Well, I’m starting to get warm. It’s actually working.

Speaker 2: (16:16)
Okay. You don’t think that you might be seeing this as a little spray. That’s why certain people left. Oh. Oh, thank you too. Or too fast. It any other, okay. Three. I forgot John. I’ve heard, sorry, John. John’s John’s off screen over here. And he’s like, I’m a fan.

Speaker 1: (16:38)
Well, what’s happening is the insulates him later is actually working. The T is starting to work. So, but now my bow is stuck in my, it is. I can see it right there. Are we going to go on? Like, what can we learn? Can we, is this foreshadowing, the canal talk? And then we’ll talk about the canal pocket. We learn more. What’s happening. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (16:59)
Well we learned this week. Yeah. What we learned? Yeah. Yeah. We’re foreshadowing canal talk. All right. Here’s again for shattering Cornell talk. How hard is it going to be to get a living room set ordered right now, this question has been happening daily for the past two, three months. So how hard is it going to be going to be to get a living room set ordered right now? Who’s took the last one. You’d go.

Speaker 1: (17:31)
Okay. Well that depends. So you have vendors that have products and vendors that are getting product and vendors that are no longer carrying a product. So with that, whenever you come in, if you find something that you like better, if you want a book in your sites, versus what we on the book

Speaker 3: (17:50)
We call, find out the status of that piece. If it’s going to be back ordered, if they have it, or if it’s no longer available, that will be your answer. But it can take upwards up until November. We’re already hearing November. Yeah, we were. We weren’t last show last week at one zero episode 10, we were, we were talking July. Now we’re being pushed out to November,

Speaker 2: (18:16)
November. I have, this is news to me. I have not seen November. Wow. Wow.

Speaker 3: (18:22)
It, so, yeah. And that’s not even, uh, calculating some of the things that are going to come down now.

Speaker 2: (18:33)
All right. So she just wants to talk.

Speaker 3: (18:37)
So can I, can I interject here? So another aspect of that question is how long is it going to take? Are we, one of the things, is, are you talking US-made or foreign name components? Some of our distributors, um, are foreign and they come from Asia or Vietnam or those areas. There’s an area ready. Now, this is coming from what I was like 19. I made the mistake of like, just kind of not building. And I was working at grand Canyon national park, and I met a woman from Hungary and I was very young and I was like, Oh, and I was trying to converse and you know, be all chipper. And I was like, Oh, hungry. That’s over there by Turkey and Greece. She had these, this look and my friend pulled me aside and was like, [inaudible] Chile would have been over there by chilling, talking about Turkey and Chile. Does it make sure I’m hungry? Anyways, I was going back to some of our, if it’s coming from Asia or the ocean over there in the Leland, it’s going to be delayed even further,

Speaker 2: (19:55)
A little bit more, a little bit more. But yeah, it’s, uh, we’ve got some events that are freaking us out and that’s what she’s

Speaker 3: (20:01)
No, a lot of our stuff is still American made like this couch, this white couch behind us and these chairs, sorry I was in your public. This is probably made in the U S

Speaker 2: (20:12)
Yes. Yes. Which by the way is still behind the manufacturing. No one’s fault. We have. COVID going

Speaker 3: (20:19)
And we have a foam shortage. This whole thing is made out of foam.

Speaker 2: (20:31)
We have one more question because we’re on our fifth question. So this week. All right. Ooh, tough one tough one. This one’s from you, Tim. What is leatherette? What is top grain? What is full leather and what is leather gel. Wow. Yeah. Tim, Tim wants, Tim wants to know. Um, so

Speaker 1: (20:54)
I know leather, it official leather,

Speaker 2: (20:57)
Leather red is artificial leather. It’s

Speaker 1: (20:59)
A combination factor. So if you liked the look of other, but you have kids and a dog, it’s perfect because you can clean it really easy. It doesn’t absorb any type of material that you might spill or wipe on it because it’s not skin like weather, right? You don’t have to oil and treat it like you would leather because it’s very good. And as far as feels, they feel kind of similar. But I have found that mother has a tendency to be more cold

Speaker 2: (21:27)
Leather or leather wreck really I’ve experienced different is always called. You’re always quick. I

Speaker 1: (21:34)
Know, but the couch is always cold. 70 degrees

Speaker 2: (21:36)
In here and she’s cold. So don’t count on that one. So, okay. So leather ed is a fake leather. Well, you’ve said it fake leather, but you know, there’s other political ways of saying it such as

Speaker 1: (21:48)

Speaker 2: (21:52)
Yeah. Okay. So it’s yes. It’s a full leather mimics leather. Yes. Thank you.

Speaker 1: (21:59)
Okay. So one of the things with leather that turns people away is it does absorb things. So it’s very porous, so it can absorb oils. That can be more diff it takes a little bit more effort to keep it clean. Uh, it does need to be, you know, oil and really cared for. So it doesn’t dry out and crack. However, it doesn’t peel like leatherette and some other it’s are developing where they’re, they, they are antique appealing stuff.

Speaker 2: (22:29)

Speaker 1: (22:31)
We usually don’t bring that stuff in. That’s going to appeal and flake off. Um, but you are looking at a difference in eight, uh, longevity, which would be a lot of leather it’s are aged less than 10,

Speaker 2: (22:45)
Right? Right. Yeah. There is, there is an expiration quote unquote expiration date on leatherette, uh, because it will eventually start breaking down. I mean, that’s just, it’s, it’s manmade. Um, it is, there are different price points and different qualities to it. Right. Um, and there’s different ways. It’s made a lot of it. When you see the cheapies you’ll know you’re seeing the cheapies. You’ll also see key things. Key terms like PVC, which all leather, it has PVC is made from PVC. But when you see keywords of them really pointing out that it’s PVC that’s when you know that, Hey, I might be looking at something that might be flaking in five or six years. That seems to annoy a lot of people. Um, what I like about this is when you get people that have gotten those cheapy couches, those are the ones that know, Hey, I need leather, my next couch. And that’s when we get the leather people. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (23:42)
Um, there is really good in the summertime too. It doesn’t get that

Speaker 3: (23:46)
Sweaty sticky feelings has it because it’s porous. Maybe you sweat. It just kinda

Speaker 2: (23:55)
Sounds disgusting, but that is true

Speaker 3: (23:58)
Of sled with the couch. You just soak into the couch, absorb it. I mean, it’s gonna, you’re gonna, you’re going to hydrate the pores.

Speaker 2: (24:13)
Yeah. Yeah. So it’d be conditioning. The leather yourself now leather is wonderful. Leather does some leather couches do need to be broken in. Um, we have, uh, we’ve caught someone in this store trying to break in a couch by walking on it. I was told, Oh, she was told to walk on the couch.

Speaker 3: (24:32)
There was an IMAX socks. And you were supposed to do it daily.

Speaker 2: (24:35)
Okay. Have you been doing it daily? No. I need to get back into that. Okay. So we need to catch her walking on the couch again. Maybe this time, not singing a song.

Speaker 3: (24:44)
Do Jazzercise actually work out cause you’re like needing it with your it’s kind of like being on a stair stepper. I feel like I’m getting better at my notes. Stair-stepping it’s a lot of work.

Speaker 2: (25:01)
Yeah. Being new was a lot of work. Okay. Um, we have one more.

Speaker 3: (25:06)
Well, not all the questions I answered them. Oh,

Speaker 2: (25:08)
Top green. Oh, we did not answer what top grain is top ring. What does top three?

Speaker 3: (25:13)
The places that’s in contact with her skinny. Sit on the couch with weather and everything else.

Speaker 2: (25:19)
Oh, okay. Okay. And what’s the purpose of this

Speaker 3: (25:22)
So that you don’t have to pay as much?

Speaker 2: (25:25)
Oh, it’s budget-friendly okay. All right. Okay. So you’re buying a couch. Top green is the kind of couch that you buy where you’re saving a little bit of money and you’re getting a couch. That’s going to last you quite a while. Right? Okay.

Speaker 3: (25:38)
And it also makes a prettier couch to look at in the long run because we’re it breaks in with a Robert is more natural. Yeah. So you have a really pretty look and then you also have dependability of knowing you can put it. Yep. Okay. Hey, if you’re looking for leather, we’ve got two leather couches in the back. We’ve got leather, Italian. We also have a Fallon by promoting home elegance. Yep. Beautiful sectionals. We’ve got some love seats. We got leather in storage. This isn’t where we have, um, STEM that are power. We have some that are standard. We’ve got not at all. You do not have to wait until November. I’m over right now. We got a letter.

Speaker 2: (26:18)

Speaker 3: (26:20)
[inaudible] come see me. I got to let her couch with your name on it. Next question. Why don’t you answer the last part there? What was the last part? Bladder jealous. There’s a such thing as leather gel. I don’t know the answer to this. So that’s why I’m looking at here.

Speaker 2: (26:36)
So leather gel leather gel is the next level to the leatherette. Okay. Leather is actually a mixture of chemicals with leather that makes it that bonds to the leather. It is a higher form of leatherette. Um, you will see several, um, medium and sofas with that. We don’t have anything in stock that is a leather gel. We actually have leather, some leather. Um, but it has, um, the other gel has a much softer, tactile feeling to it. It’s it’s like, um, how do I, it sucked. It’s like, it’s, it’s very skinny. Very, very grippy. It’s very, almost suaded listen here. We it’s very skin like very grippy. That’s what I would call it. Leather gel is a little bit softer and grippy. Almost whitish, not Swedish, but

Speaker 1: (27:36)
That meant to have anything to do with temperature regulation. Like adding gel too.

Speaker 2: (27:41)
No, no, no, no, no. This is just a no, no,

Speaker 1: (27:46)
It sounds like it could be a science experience if you sat on there.

Speaker 2: (27:49)
No, that’s evidently I need to make a video on test spider and stuff. Yeah, no. I need to make a video on this. I’ll make a video on leather gel, leatherette and pop green and we’ll explain it more. Okay.

Speaker 1: (28:03)
We to take a break. Can I take a nap?

Speaker 2: (28:06)
No, we’re going to do one more. Yeah. You ready? Tweetie. Alright. Oh, this one’s for Gretsch. When is your Carlsbad store going to carry the boutique items like pajamas and sleep sleepwear.

Speaker 1: (28:22)
We haven’t yet set a date for a boutique in Carlsbad yet, but it will happen right now. Our goal is to master what we got. So we have a system that’s in place. We have vendors that are locked in and we know exactly the flow of how it goes. And then we’ll start number two, but we don’t want to have two stores learning at the same time, because that’s going to be a disaster.

Speaker 2: (28:46)
It’d be a mess. It’d be a mess. But that doesn’t limit you in Carlsbad from getting the product. Um, if you went to our Carlsbad store and communicated with them that, Hey, I saw these awesome boxers. I would like to see what you guys carry. Um, I’m going there every week. And my guys go there every week. We would not have an issue taking boxers over there. So that way we could show you what we’ve got. And you know, if we have the size, we’ll take you the size. So there is no limit on that. We can still take the product to you. We just haven’t developed the processes or the vendor. Well, we have developed a vendor relations, but we haven’t developed the processes yet process. We haven’t developed a process. These to really be able to run both stores efficiency, efficiently, uh, running the boutique. So what we’re doing is developing everything here and then boom, we launch over there

Speaker 1: (29:42)
And bam, we got an online store too. So if you are interested in a lot of our boutique items are also present on our online store, which is live well. And you can just go right there, click right there and shop it. If you give us a call and say, Hey, I just made an online purchase. I’m over in Carlsbad. Bam, Bing, bang, boom. We can bring it on, bring it up the store complete with some books. If you’re like in New Jersey, New Jersey. Okay. All right. So we are going to take a break because I need to refill my tea. This tea is spectacular. Lemon, Sage lavender, lemon, Sage tea. You got to taste it. I’m going to take a nap.

Speaker 4: (30:29)
[inaudible] [inaudible] and we’re back.

Speaker 1: (32:10)
You know, you can purchase these ads. You’re like a walking, talking commercial.

Speaker 4: (32:18)
Very nice. Very well done. They’re very comfortable. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (32:26)
Yes. It’s just that one happens to be your favorite. Yeah. She’s actually sold that one out. I think I’ve done a lot of those. Yeah. She sold a lot of them. All right. So this is the portion, the fishbowl,

Speaker 2: (32:40)
Where we talk about what we learned this week. We’re sharing the information with you. So that way, you know, and who wants to go first on what we learned this week? You’ll go last. You always go last.

Speaker 3: (32:51)
So you fast food so much.

Speaker 2: (32:56)
I learned a whole bunch too. I learned a whole bunch of too. Alright, ready? So there’s paper to see who goes first. You go first.

Speaker 3: (33:05)
Okay. Well, I’m going to first start off with fire and I’ll sounds by urinal sounds, frequencies, frequencies. Okay. So there are certain final sounds that you can play while you start to fall asleep that are very relaxing and there are certain frequencies as well. Yeah. And they kind of tune you in. We also, I also have been listening to deep sleep medications that are guided that are eight hours long. I’m not really sure what happens after I fall asleep. And if there’s any like brainwashing happening,

Speaker 2: (33:43)
Have you noticed that you’ve been digging holes in your backyard?

Speaker 3: (33:48)
But I do know that like, it’s really wonderful because a couple of them are guided and they start with the breathing techniques. And so I’ve been really focused on proper breathing techniques and holding my breath and then the breathing from my abdomen as I fall asleep. And I have noticed that with that breathing technique, combined with the environmental sounds, I am falling asleep much sooner.

Speaker 2: (34:13)
You notice that you’re breathing in a lot more? I don’t know. Greenish feathery substances.

Speaker 3: (34:18)
No, actually I’m still, I’m still stuck. It’s supposed to be stuck.

Speaker 2: (34:28)
John is a lucky man. John is such a lucky man.

Speaker 3: (34:31)
You should have taken this off during the break because I am so better.

Speaker 2: (34:36)
Yeah, she’s stuck. All right. So you learned by your no sound.

Speaker 3: (34:39)
I also did that and I don’t want to take away your thunder. I just want to add to it. You taught me some really interesting stuff about the canal and got my, got my radar. I don’t want to take your thunder on that time.

Speaker 2: (34:51)
Actually the canal. Wasn’t my, it wasn’t my thing. And then you can keep talking about it or we can talk about it after I do my thing. We’ll talk about it

Speaker 3: (34:58)
After you do your thing, cause it’s going to be a big topic. Okay.

Speaker 2: (35:02)
All right. So what I learned today, or this week, what I learned this week is that, um, they, how do I say it? We it’s okay to accept praise because we’ve gotten praise from customers and I, for one, don’t know how to accept praise. So when we’ve gotten praise, it takes people like these two to say, Hey, shut up, accept it, accept the compliment. So I have learned from, from I’ve learned from these, from these two ladies that, uh, it’s okay to accept the compliment. I still don’t know how to do it in my personal life. But if you tell me in business life at our, at the store, I’m all over it. So yeah, yeah, no, we’ve gotten compliments because we are, it is very rare right now to find a store that is in stock and we’ve gotten compliments all week on that. Um, we’ve gotten phone calls. We’ve gotten, I mean, it’s, it’s been very nice.

Speaker 3: (35:55)
We had a customer come through, uh, that had gone to Las Cruces topless. Crucis shopped all the stores here in town. Um, they’re very limited in quantity and the wait, wait list for some of the stuff that they wanted to order. They’re out six to 13 weeks. So depending on which manufacturer you’re looking at, and that should be compounded probably you’re coming in.

Speaker 2: (36:23)
Oh yeah. Yep. Yep. So that’s what I learned. I learned how to do that. I also, um, I also learned that I’ve got a really good team. Why are you laughing? The feathers? The feathers. Okay. I learned that I’ve got a really good team, um, because we went on vacation and we came back in the store, looked wonderful. Um, everything was just handled in tip top shape. So thank you. Thank you. Yeah, we had a wonderful vacation by the way.

Speaker 3: (36:52)
Good. Yeah. You guys were up in the Northern country

Speaker 2: (36:56)
Country of New Mexico. Yep. We were in touts. That’s awesome. Loved it. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. We also learned very quickly that you shouldn’t pay 1199 for a smudge stick of Sage in the store because we bought her. Cause she,

Speaker 3: (37:14)
I had a, I had a special request. I asked for some of my incidents cause I do burn a lot. Incense is just part of my morning prayer and meditation and then my evening prayer and meditations. And so what was that? Nothing. But I did ask like, cause when you go up to the Northern Lynn’s house is really well known for their safety. So I was like, Hey, can you bring back some, see it’s literally so abundant that you can’t take a step almost if you’re on sidewalk or street.

Speaker 2: (37:49)
But we didn’t know this before we paid 1199 for a stick of it. And well, for a little point of it,

Speaker 3: (37:55)
You’ve got a special species of Sage. I thought you were just going to like pull your car over and like bundle up some stage. That’s what, where my mind was at. But yeah, they got me the good stuff. It was like a big old thing of white.

Speaker 2: (38:09)
Yeah. I know. I still have the other stage. It’s on, it’s on the TV stand.

Speaker 3: (38:13)
You gotta, you gotta, you need to bundle it up. There’s probably like six or seven.

Speaker 2: (38:19)
Oh no. It’s just, it’s a it’s it’s a good, it’s a good chunk. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (38:22)
You have the native Sage. It’s very cool. I’ve heard that. It’s the phrase that I wanted it and I don’t know how true this is, but you know, it’s like for clearing your house, the bad you do and the low is out of your house, it’s good for like you open a window and then you burn it and you know, what’s good for that. The bad G2 goes away. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (38:43)
The chocolate goes away when you have chocolate. Okay. So what did you learn this week? I learned that I’m going to be out available on Saturday. You mean? Because we have UFC fights and Huseman and chick are going to be fighting.

Speaker 2: (38:56)
No it’s in Ghana. And what did I say it? You said

Speaker 1: (39:01)
I’m sorry. That was two weeks ago. Yes. Okay. Yes. And no check.

Speaker 3: (39:08)
You guys sound like you’re talking a foreign language. I have no idea what you’re doing. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (39:14)
And that’s the Saturday night. So maybe leave a message. Well, now that’s why I’ve been following this week actually. Okay. So what did I learn this week? I learned that, well, I’ve been working with vendors all week and they’re wonderful, but they’re probably given a new step to it yet, but I have been researching new products, bring into them. And I did share with you some of the stuff I’d like to bring in. Should I disclose

Speaker 2: (39:45)
What? Okay. This week we got a package of,

Speaker 1: (39:50)
We got a package of anxiety bests for our churches. So you have a fur baby from extra small, all the way up to extra, extra large rehab anxiety vests.

Speaker 2: (40:00)
We’ll be putting out a new item video for that because that’s pretty exciting. We’ve had a call for it. So yeah.

Speaker 1: (40:06)
Okay. You mentioned that. So I was like, it’s a new thing. Okay. That’s my new thing. Okay. So yeah,

Speaker 2: (40:15)
We’re going to move on from that. And now we’re going to talk to now. So what do you got

Speaker 3: (40:21)
In my mind this entire week? I’ve been pestering John every day. I’m like, John, do you understand the implications of this? And he’s like, yeah,

Speaker 1: (40:30)
I’m all excited.

Speaker 3: (40:31)
I am riled up about this because my mind gets a hold of something and it starts calculating and figuring all this stuff out and all of the domino effects in global trade marketing. And I love advertising and, and the whole global, uh,

Speaker 2: (40:45)
It’s going to be big. It’s going to hit, it’s going to hit fuel prices. It’s already hitting the oil market in the United States, but it is hitting fuel prices in Europe. Um, Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s an interesting, interesting time to be alive. I mean, I’ve said that throughout the whole COVID thing. And then now we’re saying it throughout, there was a ship stuck in the Suez canal that is so different.

Speaker 3: (41:08)
There’s some really interesting history, 150 years of Suez canal history, you know, on one side, you’ve got Egypt on the other side. Uh, and parts of it. You have Saudi Arabia, I believe so. Uh, I have a couple of friends that have taken Naval ships through there. Uh, one of them, he was telling me that it’s, you know, when you’re on a Navy Naval carrier, you kind of like, feel like you’re floating across the sand. Uh, you can’t really see, can you

Speaker 2: (41:34)
Do the whole thing? Like I’m alive or I’m flying like from Titanic.

Speaker 3: (41:38)
I don’t think they did that. Um, but, and then I met a gentleman that came in today that had been there and he’s been through it on enable carrier as well.

Speaker 2: (41:47)
Oh yeah. He was very interested in what she was researching.

Speaker 3: (41:52)
Um, so they were like, yeah, that’s pretty intense. But they did call in the Navy today or yeah, within the last month.

Speaker 2: (42:00)
Yeah. The president offered, yeah. The president offered American help to help them clear it. Um,

Speaker 3: (42:06)
Excavators. So you take some us strength,

Speaker 1: (42:11)
You know, the whole funny thing about this, because we look here, we always ask, how did this happen? Like seriously, how it happened and they’re talking about it possibly being hijacked. And I saw this really interesting.

Speaker 2: (42:24)
Oh, the word, the wind. Okay. So the wind,

Speaker 1: (42:27)
Well, I want to tell them,

Speaker 3: (42:29)
I’m imagining the mummy, the movie, the mummy.

Speaker 1: (42:31)
So with this carrier being taken over, so somebody hacked into the system and that’s why all this happened.

Speaker 2: (42:39)
Don’t scare people. It wasn’t the carrier who was afraid.

Speaker 1: (42:41)
Okay. Anyways, it carries in a bunch of boxes, full staff. I have this part in the process, the person who hijacked it did this. Nice. It’s not hijack. Okay. We may never hurt. No, it was on this news article. Okay. So what they’re saying is somebody actually broke into the computer system because those are not operated manually. They have to be driven by computers. So somebody supposedly hacked into the system, the computer system and wrote this ship into a certain pattern that made a certain picture of a male.

Speaker 3: (43:16)
Okay. So that is a hypothesis that is out there. There’s also an electrical.

Speaker 2: (43:22)
Yeah. It’s an electrical shortage caused by wind. That that made it. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (43:28)
Okay. I haven’t heard the official. Yeah, no ideas out there.

Speaker 2: (43:33)
This boat has not been hacked or has no been, not been proof of it.

Speaker 1: (43:37)
Has it been proven that you can’t say it hasn’t been disproved? Okay.

Speaker 2: (43:41)
So this thing is grounded. It’s in the sand.

Speaker 3: (43:45)
Well, so what we know right now is that at some point, whether it was weather conditions, electronic fail or maliciousness of a carry, a cargo ship, it’s a mega mega cargo ship, eighth largest in the world, carrying containers. Like we see on our rail cars, right? The size of the empire state building went sideways and it’s front and end have come on ground. So they’re working around the clock to re float it. And they’re developing ways of, you know, either unloading the ship to create buoyancy or they are, but they’re having to calculate this all very specifically because one, they don’t want to complicate even further. Right. Um, they are also, so that process, you know, we have incredibly smart people in this world and engineers and people that are experts at this. So that’s not really the scary part. The part is, is that okay? It’s stuck, it’s blocking flow North and South. Uh, and this is 12% of world trade and millions of barrels of gallon arrows go through their own animals. Live animals are on ships. We have anything goods from coffee, uh, toilet, paper, electronics. We have, uh, rare earth minerals, uh, that will, you know, okay, so we’re talking, this is a major source of trade between Europe and other parts of the world, both ways. All

Speaker 2: (45:22)
Right. And in the long run.

Speaker 3: (45:26)
And so once they dislodge this cargo ship, then they’re going to have to trench that out because Reese established,

Speaker 2: (45:39)
Because we’re still talking Sandy waters and this ship has been holding the sand back. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 3: (45:45)
And as of last night, if they were to dislodge it, now the effects of this will impact trade between six and 12 months out in various ways. This is not the assault zombie apocalypse, but it will have little waves. It’s kind of like the butterfly effect. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (46:04)
And this is, but she’s giving you a good, a good view of how we foresaw the, uh, the mattress shortage and the foam shortage. This is actually, it’s just what we did.

Speaker 3: (46:16)
So, and, and so, you know, if this was an isolated event in a non pandemic world, that’s already facing microchip shortages. Uh, the auto industry is, you know, we have a global economy that’s already been crippled in many ways by a global pandemic. That would be one thing. Now they are very optimistic about this. Uh, they are moving rapidly on this, but we’re talking $10 billion a day. Yep.

Speaker 2: (46:46)
Billion with a B. And, uh, the other thing that I’m hearing is that they may just wait until next week, because they’ve already tried three, several, uh, three serious ways of trying to get it out today and failed at all three of them. Uh, and they may have to wait till next week for high tide,

Speaker 3: (47:03)
The type will help a lot, you know, and then if they were able to get more water in there, John was wondering if the canal was set up like the Panama canal locks, but it appears from a satellite image that it’s, it’s pretty much flat desert. And that’s the entrance of it. Because once you go in there, it’s about 10 kilometers in right now. But once you get past that spot where they’re at, it divides into two channels, right. And it takes 18 hours from one of the canal to the other. It’s a long jog, you know, we’re talking an eight hour, uh, movement

Speaker 2: (47:36)
There. So

Speaker 3: (47:38)
Yeah, there’s a lot of people now with the restrictions of COVID, what I’ve learned is that these people have to stay on their shifts right now. They’re because they’re international. They’re not allowed to leave their Encore and Chan on the ships. Uh, we have also learned that, uh, once it’s dislodged and back open, it’s still going to take about four days as of last night or this morning for the ships to get processed. So they’re in cube. Uh, it’s usually 50 ships a day, but now we’re backed up to hundreds of ships on either end. They are now, uh, you know, diverting routes around the horn. They’re going back the other way, uh, you know, towards the Eastern coast of the United States. But a lot of this trade is going to Europe specifically, um, or East coast. So there’s that train. Now, there are pipelines that they can divert oil from, you know, they can use pipelines, their strategies. There’s other routes. Yes.

Speaker 2: (48:35)
It’s hard to take. It’s hard to take someone wearing a green bow of seriously, but she’s been freaking out about this since two days. I’ve been digging into it. It’s huge. It’s huge. It’s huge. No, it’s not freaking out. It’s pretty big. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (48:51)
This is somebody that I, you know, the NSA was trying to. That’s good. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (48:58)
I know. I knew you told her while you were drinking tea out of your uniform while you were drinking tea out of your uniform, like you were telling, it says,

Speaker 3: (49:08)
Look it up. It was on the size of ships because he ever given him the name of the big stuff. Shin, I think at some point you’re just going to have to limit the size. So if it does, they won’t be able to do it. They’ll just have to make the canal even bigger. They’re going to have to make it very deep. If that’s the case,

Speaker 2: (49:24)
It’s all about efficiency. It really is. Okay. So this show was originally about catching up with the week. And I guess we did because we stayed on the week’s news. Yeah. Thank you. Suez canal. Exciting. Oh, it’s very exciting. All right. Until next week. Thank you for watching and have a wonderful week. Bye.

Speaker 3: (49:43)
Bye I’m at, at T you didn’t refill mine. You refilled yours, but you didn’t have mine on.