Here’s a transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
It could be the wind too. [inaudible] all right. I’m Javier. Hi, I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie

Speaker 2: (00:08)
And this is fishbowl and we’re doing it from a different location today. What we’re going to do is every week we’re going to sit on something because it tends to sell the very next day. Doesn’t it?

Speaker 3: (00:20)
This is pretty awesome. Those blue chairs. Yeah. As soon as they saw them on the TV screen, and then they saw him in the store and they’re watching the TV screen, cause now we have a TV screen in store playing the shows all day long.

Speaker 2: (00:32)
You guys weren’t big enough. We have to watch yourself on TV now. I don’t know what that’s all about. They were like, wow, we’re in the studio, salt. The chair sold like that. Yeah. The chair sold like that. The table. Uh, yeah. So everything every week we’re going to sit in something new and see if it sells the next day.

Speaker 1: (00:47)
And I call this a plop couch because you just plopped down into it and it’s so comfortable. It’s supportive, but it’s so comfortable. You have all these pillows and yeah. You just want to relax. So I told her, I love this set.

Speaker 3: (01:00)
I might fall asleep here. This is totally comfortable. And I love this pillow. It’s the best one. Oh, you got a really special pillow behind you though. Yes. What is that? Wednesday?

Speaker 1: (01:12)
It says this home is filled with kisses. Wagging tails. And what news

Speaker 3: (01:18)
We need buddy and Maddie right here. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (01:20)
No, no. Yeah. That doesn’t happen either right here on this pillow.

Speaker 1: (01:29)
Yeah. That’s as close as they’re getting to this couch.

Speaker 2: (01:31)
Yeah. This was one of my favorites when we saw it online. I love it. Yep. Yep. Cool. Made America

Speaker 1: (01:36)
Very spacious,

Speaker 2: (01:38)
So, okay. So it’s been a busy week. It’s been pretty nice. I was in Carlsbad for three days and you guys had fun. Ha ha.

Speaker 3: (01:48)
We were here for three days.

Speaker 2: (01:51)
I was in that. We managed without him. I was in a beautiful, beautiful house in a Airbnb in Carlsbad. It was the Bohemian. The Bohemian dream was the name of it. If you ever do an Airbnb in Carlsbad, I recommend a Bohemian dream. Thank you. Chipping Natalie for that wonderful house. Oh, it was awesome. It was so colorful.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
I have to say he sent the pictures and when I saw the pictures, I was a bit jealous. Yeah. I love boho. So I’m

Speaker 2: (02:21)
Dressing the part today.

Speaker 3: (02:22)
You kind of feel like that we’re in that theme today. We didn’t even like, we didn’t even coordinate that.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
No, this was, this was even a word room check earlier. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (02:32)
You had a wardrobe change. All of her picked out my outfit today. I let him check out my closet and he,

Speaker 2: (02:38)
You did a good job. Yes. All of our guests today. Oliver’s off camera. Yes. He’s watching us because he thinks that his mommy’s a big YouTube star. His mommy, the unicorn. Yes. Laughing. Yeah. That would be our audience. Yep. All right. So this is fishbowl. This is when we would debrief ourselves in kind of relieve some stress and drink some beers and just have a, uh, you know, just kinda talk about how the week went for us for, for the whole team. Um, it was, uh, it was eventful. Uh, we have a lot of new questions. We have some really funny ones that came in and just stuff that, that we need to cover with each other, but also cover with you. Um, this week’s beers, I’m drinking a stout, you’re drinking an Amber and you’re drinking.

Speaker 3: (03:31)
I’m drinking kombucha,

Speaker 2: (03:33)
Kombucha. What is kombucha?

Speaker 3: (03:37)
I’m not really sure, but I think it’s some sort of fermented tea with some sort of fungus that grows in it. How awesome is that? And I’d like this jellyfish fermentation. It tastes like vinegar.

Speaker 1: (03:52)
In other words, we’re drinking beer. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (03:54)
So we’re drinking beer, the hit, these it’s announced

Speaker 3: (03:59)
This is raspberry caboose chat. I think actually it’s one of my favorites. Uh, it’s good for the tummy. It’s my heavy drink. Curt too. It’s pretty tart. It tastes like, um, like raspberry lemonade, like a little bit of mountain, mountain vinegar.

Speaker 2: (04:15)
That’s nasty. Oh, okay. So I do want to thank one of our, one of our Watchers. One of our viewers, Tim, thank you so much because your comments last week were very helpful. Uh, I can’t say thank you enough because Tim was very, he, he, he wrote on there cause he watches us on Saturdays and he’s like, turn down the music. So tomorrow when I edit this, I’m going to turn down the music. Yeah. Yeah. Cause we need that feedback. So I appreciate it so much. I appreciate you, man. Okay. Because mom’s at the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. We had two people tell us that the music was too loud last week. So we’re going to go ahead and lower the music down this time. So yeah. Okay. Uh, first question.

Speaker 3: (04:54)
I actually want to hear what you have to say.

Speaker 2: (04:56)
I don’t know. I don’t think it’s me. I really don’t think it’s you guys. I agree with it. Yeah. Yeah. I’m pretty sure. It’s you guys. Oh, we forgot to do the cheers. Yeah. And I’m already halfway done with my bed. So again, we already took our temperatures and our Scimitar, everything like that. We’re not ignoring any kind of safety rules. We just, we already took care of ourselves. So. All right. So first question tonight is why do people use bed frames? I’m assuming that this is somebody who’s used to putting their bed on the floor. Um, what, what, what do you guys think? Do people

Speaker 3: (05:35)
Use bed frames?

Speaker 1: (05:38)
You want me to start it? Yeah. Okay. So with using bed frames, what it does is it gives a space between the foundation, which is a, another term or box spring and the floor so that whenever you’re on a mattress and the mattress flexes, it absorbs into the box spring. And it allows the box spring chips, that energy, if you don’t have your box spring off the floor, then when you’re bouncing or sitting or standing any type of emotion to that mattress, it’s going to be more responsive to your back. So it’ll still sink into the mattress, still sinking to the box spring, but it’s going to make it feel firmer because it doesn’t have that complete flexibility underneath the box spring as well. So if you like a really firm mattress, it’ll become even firmer if he plays it directly to the floor, but keep in mind it’s your back. That becomes the energy absorber in that, that process.

Speaker 2: (06:32)
That’s true. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Speaker 3: (06:35)
I think that you would need a frame to store stuff underneath it.

Speaker 2: (06:41)
Ooh, good answer. Good answer. Good answer.

Speaker 3: (06:44)
That would be the reason for me to have a gun. I don’t want it on the floor. Okay. First of all, I’m an entomologist in my past history. So I have done it all. There’s so many things. Um, not at all. I haven’t done everything, but it all, as an entomologist, I know what’s crawling around in the dark. So, uh, I like to have a bed off the ground where things can’t crawl into the bed. Good, good answer. Like scorpions. We have lots of scorpions spiders.

Speaker 2: (07:20)
My answer to that is because I don’t want the monster to be under the bed. That’s why I don’t use a bed frame, but people use the bed frame so that way they can have the monster underneath there.

Speaker 3: (07:33)
Oh. So they, they have it raised up. So monsters,

Speaker 1: (07:36)
The monsters won’t bug you unless if you dangle your arm or your feet off the edge,

Speaker 2: (07:40)
There’s still those little rules. Does it have rules? Okay, next question. All right. Okay. Next question. Oh, how do you compare your marketing to traditional marketing? Seems like all you’re appealing to is a very limited niche. Niche. Niche. Yeah. That’s the word niche. How do you compare your marketing to traditional marketing? It seems like, well, I, through a network, it seems like you’re appealing to a very limited niche.

Speaker 1: (08:13)
You’re the marketing expert.

Speaker 2: (08:16)
Um, we don’t do traditional marketing obviously. And I think that that’s yeah. And I think that’s our plus we, we, we just, we refuse to do traditional media. We have a lot of friends that work radio, you worked radio. Uh, I worked TV, I worked social media. I worked online. I will tell you, uh, traditional is not us in any way, shape or form. So we don’t do traditional marketing. Um, we would rather there’s there’s this whole movement. And I know a lot of you have seen it where you share information that helps and builds trust with your consumer, with, with your clientele. And that’s the goal of our style of marketing. And, uh, and it works for us.

Speaker 3: (09:02)
I think, I think I’ve said this in multiple shows.

Speaker 2: (09:07)
You’re a backpack instructor. Why that too? Oh, okay. Cause I’ve heard that before.

Speaker 3: (09:11)
They’re going to be like, well, where were these backpacks? I actually worked at the grand Canyon national park. I was a volunteer for international, but I did get to, uh, I get, I got paid to sit on the edge of the grand Canyon and count birds. And then I did backpack into the grand Canyon. Oh, we’re not, we’re not we’re focusing today is not, there has been nothing focused about my day today on any of our days. Okay. My number one rule that I always mentioned, I think multiple times is to do the opposite of what everyone else is. And we’re definitely doing, and we do the opposite. Look at what everyone else is doing around you and do the complete opposite.

Speaker 2: (09:56)
This is mommy. This is mommy watch. Did you see the face there? So mommy,

Speaker 3: (10:02)
Oliver, please be quiet.

Speaker 2: (10:05)
That was the mommy face. That’s mommy face. That’s mommy face. Okay. So yeah. Um, how do you answer that question? Cause I know it, your, your niche has to design your niche is, is, is talking to people. The social media interactions are, is this the marketing part? Yours is interactions. What, what

Speaker 1: (10:24)
I like to say, if somebody has already done it, why are you doing it? Because if somebody it’s like, why are we all different? So why are we all trying to be the same

Speaker 3: (10:37)
To excuse myself as a mother right now? Okay. So let me just went off screen

Speaker 1: (10:43)
With the point of trying to stand out or be unique, not necessarily stand out in that. You’re trying to scream for attention, but mostly just be unique. If you want to be unique, your, of your situation has to be about you, your, your goals, your mission, um, your foresight to where you’re trying to go or where you’re trying to get. Um, and I think that if you tried following other people’s plans, it’s never going to be yours. Um, so you can’t copy cat. In other words, if one person wears a dress and the other person puts on the same dress, it’s not going to look the same. There’s a reason for that because we are not the same. So I think for us, it’s, it’s all about our personalities are fun or mission, uh, wanting to just enjoy customers. We love people. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had. We’ve had people come in and we actually start calling them friends and family because it’s not just a sales position. This is an enjoyment. This is a livelihood. I went to go visit my friend Paige today. Yeah. How’d that go?

Speaker 2: (11:49)
Well, it was wonderful. She, she, last time I was there, she me chocolate chip cookies. That was my funnest delivery ever.

Speaker 4: (11:58)
Is that the one where you ate the cookies when you were supposed to bring them back for

Speaker 2: (12:01)
Us? That’s exactly that one. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (12:03)
Paige, he still hasn’t shared any cookies. I’m just letting you know, he’s a cookie monster and I’m not saying that lightly. He eats them all the time,

Speaker 2: (12:13)
But yeah, back to the, back to the marketing,

Speaker 4: (12:15)
We really, she returned supermom.

Speaker 2: (12:19)
Uh, we’ve really kind of target more teaching and building trust. Um, right now in today’s in, in the way that today is, uh, consumers want trust more than they want, uh,

Speaker 4: (12:33)

Speaker 2: (12:35)
Yeah. Yeah. They, they, they want trust. They want to be able to walk into a place and know that you’re really going to help them and not try and just empty their wallet. And I think that’s where our marketing is. Um, if it’s niche, then it’s niche. I, I would rather prefer being this way and hope that where I buy stuff is going to be this way with me. So, yeah.

Speaker 3: (12:58)
Yeah. I think another thing that you always mentioned too, is that the best sales person, sales people are the best educators.

Speaker 2: (13:09)
Yeah. And that’s, that’s our, that is truly, yeah. That’s our niche that’s yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (13:15)
Calling us a nerd is a compliment, true story. Geeky.

Speaker 2: (13:22)
And I can vouch for all three of us because we’re big into fountain pens and we’re big into reading and everything like that. So yeah, we’re, we’re kind of nerdy. All right. Next question. And

Speaker 4: (13:40)
You want me to read this? Yes. Does Melanie really have costumes for every show? If you know, Melanie, you know, some of these aren’t costumes and the situation is, is life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get you don’t

Speaker 3: (14:07)
I am the queen of one. I really enjoy like going to thrift stores and the hunt of the thrift stores. Oh, it’s so much, it’s so much down to an art for me. Like I have my favorite thrift stores. I have the days and the times that I go there, I watch things. Yeah. Going to a thrift store is all about the hunt. It’s actually so rewarding. Sometimes some I find the craziest things. Um,

Speaker 2: (14:34)
I’m still waiting for her to show up in a poodle skirt. That that’s my, my goal is within the next two months to have her in a poodle skirt

Speaker 3: (14:42)
Food that can happen. I did that one time. Um, we can definitely do that. Yeah. I think more than half of my closet is actually costumes and I called you guys and I was like, let’s do St. Patrick’s day tomorrow. I want to be ahead of St. Patrick’s day. And I was all excited. I was so excited because I was like, I have the perfect, um, costume for St. Patrick’s day. And then I coded my, my wardrobe closet. And then I realized that it was German. It was later Hosen and I was like, Oh, wait, that’s October. I almost jumped the gun on that one. I was like, Whoa, wait, that would have been really insulting to show up. As in German later Hosan to celebrate

Speaker 2: (15:23)
It’s a drinking holiday.

Speaker 3: (15:25)
Well, that’s how that’s. That was the combination that I made in my mind. And then I was like, gosh, I don’t think I have anything green. And so I was like, Oh, and then all my green stuff is at John’s house. My St Patrick’s day is in El Paso, so that wasn’t going to work. And I was like, Oh, I’ve got Mardi Gras beads. But then I was in the fringe thing. And that was cross-cultural. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (15:45)
Well the short answer is yes. She, she has costumes for every three episodes right now. That’s ridiculous. Yeah. That’s it? This stoplight. Yeah. There’s a copy with some amazing bass. Yeah. Anyways, so yes, she does. She does have costumes. Um, and then sometimes she’d just dress us up for the day

Speaker 3: (16:08)
It’s across time period too. Cause I have some stuff that goes way back into the Renaissance. Yeah. I’m looking at you. I would love to do a Renaissance when yeah. We could do all Renaissance. I would do it with people. I got so much. I could, I could take it

Speaker 2: (16:23)
Back to fishbowl. Okay. Ooh. This is going to be good. When this is a lot of words. My living room set was the first purchase I made for my apartment at the time. I couldn’t afford very much. So I opted for a small sofa and loveseat from an insert brand name. It fell apart within a year. Can you guys tell me how to pick a sofa? That will last good question. Who wants to tell them how to pick a sofa or her to pick a sofa that last, since you’re staring at me, I’ll answer it. All right.

Speaker 1: (16:57)
Okay. If you’re wanting to pick us up at first, you want to know your measurements of the walls that you’re going to be setting them on, or even the central floor area that you want to set them on. You’re going to want to have an idea of a color or a pattern scheme that you might want in there. Um, and when you come in, uh, the first thing you need to do is explain exactly what type of situation you’re in. I’m in a home, I’m in an apartment, I’m in a, whatever it is. Okay. And from there you want to specify, I’m looking for a term piece of furniture or I’m looking for something to manage for my children as they grow up, whatever your situation is. And from there, it will cue us to where we go on the floor. As far as brands sharing a difference between leather, a leather rat of whole street, um, microfiber, micro, suede, anything so that it fits your situation.

Speaker 1: (17:49)
Um, as far as a construction build of any type of furniture you want to make sure it’s made with hardwoods, singular Springs, um, that’s the most common furniture you can even upgrade from. There have still, um, components inside of your chairs, as well as adding individual wrapped coils. Um, high-end memory foams, all kinds of stuff can be placed in there. If you’re wanting a pillow back that you can actually fluff as you use it because you know, fluff starts to fade out, but you can read fluff your couch. Um, again, all of these things, they become the forefront, whatever you’re looking for. So just be very open to what it is your needs. Are

Speaker 2: (18:28)
You telling them that most, most, the smartest thing to do is to actually just come in here, open to conversation about what they’re doing.

Speaker 1: (18:36)
That’s what I love, because if you know what you’re looking for, you’re set for what you’re looking for. So just communicating that with us will help us get an idea of what you’re looking for so we can find your knee. Okay. Um, and as far as the build of the furniture, never be afraid to ask, say, is this soft white or hardwood? Um, as far as the material, what, what happens if I get a stain or if I get a rep or, um, what would you suggest if I have dogs that love the couch, you know, all of this pertains to your needs. So just let us know what your needs are. And we will do our best to just, you know, find what you’re looking for. Um, the furniture market’s kind of sketchy right now because of all the back-order issues with they might foam and wood and steel. But as far as finding your needs, we just need your descriptions and we won’t get you there. Um, and as far as finding good quality furniture, we’re all about sharing the information to the furniture that we carry. So nothing’s going to be a surprise.

Speaker 2: (19:33)
I’m going to add something to what she says before you go. So I will tell you, and this happened today, expect when you shop furniture right now, expect it to take, you’re not going to be in here for 30 minutes. You’re going to be in here for about an hour to an hour and a half. And that reason is because we’re having to research everything that you pick out to make sure that our vendors are in stock, right? So it takes a little while. I’m sure we’ll make you comfortable. And, um, on Saturdays, maybe we might have some extra beer

Speaker 3: (20:05)
And caribou jaw. There is some alcohol content in there.

Speaker 2: (20:10)
Nobody wants that. It’s fermented tea.

Speaker 3: (20:13)
Some of us really like it, you know, it’s really good for our, everything I do in the morning. You guys are like all over tonight. Did you have sugar? I think I’ll ever have sugar. [inaudible] fill them up with sugar because I can’t, I can’t do it. I almost want to get off of camera again. Cause we’re usually so calm, but he is really excited right now. So I think there was some sugar involved there. So if you see my mom stairs, I’m like, mm,

Speaker 2: (20:50)
Yeah, I’ll, I’ll highlight I, what I’ll do is I’ll, I’ll brighten the frame every time that there’s a monster and, and we’ll F here’s an idea. It’s a drinking game. Every time the monster comes on, you take a drink. You just create lightning bolt from her uniform. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Back to the question, the question, I’m going to repeat the question. Okay. My living room set was the first purchase I made for my apartment at the time. I couldn’t afford very much. So I have four. I opted for a small, small sofa and loveseat from insert brand name here. It fell apart within a year. Can you guys tell me how to pick a sofa set? That will last,

Speaker 3: (21:36)
Okay. The only experience I have with this is big box or online. Interesting. Okay. Okay. Uh, going back to my mom, she ordered, she’s ordered a couple things online. Uh, they show up broken or they show up and they’re made out of, you know, they look really nice, but there’s a lot of, uh, what is that chip board involved? Um, the cushions don’t have, they’re not, you know, spring cushions are, they’re really not built. They’re, they’re cheaper foams. And so they’re going to break down. Um, and you know, the, the big box they are are, you know, they’re, they’re, they get you with the looks, they hook and reel. Yeah. But really to be authentically made, you know, a lot of these things are put together very fast on an assembly line overseas somewhere. Um, there’s definitely a difference between, uh, the, the quality and the quantity.

Speaker 3: (22:32)
So some companies, I think push out for quantity rather than quality. And so that’s what you’re going to get here. Um, I think it’s like, okay, so this week I had some really good feedback from a customer. Um, she came into the store, she was having a hard time doing the visual search, um, in her area, not really finding the, the, what she really was looking for in the color and the size, but she did find something here in our store. And I took the time, you know, to, to, to really look at the inside of it, uh, remove the cushions, talk about the cushions and have her see how it was actually constructed. And then, you know, we looked at the website and the manufacturer and I answered all those questions and that was really, really helpful to her. Um, but absolutely right now, um, you’re just going to have to be patient. Now, if you see something on our showroom floor, I mean, it’s not nailed down. It’s for sale. This is for sale.

Speaker 2: (23:29)
So I’m going to blow up on what you said down to again, be open. Cause both of you guys, it’s the same answer. Be open with what you need. Um, let us know. Don’t be shy about wanting, you know, don’t be shy about what you want. Uh, cause we actually have the range right now. Our S our warehouse here and our warehouse in Carlsbad are getting well, the warehouse here is completely full. The warehouse in Carlsbad is getting full. Um, but we have what you need. We have everything, um, from the room packages that we had last year, which we’ll start advertising again, because it’s almost time for our springtime room packages. Um, and it’s, it’s it’s time for those. We also have the mid, but the mid range ones. And then we have the higher end ones, the pure leather, uh, power, just gorgeous couches. Uh, so we have everything you need and, and also just be open to what you need cause we can order it for you. Yep. Okay. All right. One more question. Before break time, we’re gone pretty fast here. Okay. Yeah. When are you guys going to do a live version? I want to see all the real stuff that happens. I want to see all the real stuff that happens when you aren’t on camera. So a live version of this show, it could be done. It really could. Um,

Speaker 1: (24:57)
I’ve said it to you. I’m like we should do a live one time, but the thing is, is we like to add stuff to it. We like to add the music. We like to add the little comments in there. We like to add the let nature, unicorn horn.

Speaker 3: (25:12)
Wow. Some Google eyes like with laser beams, I’m watching you. Hey, you, you over there.

Speaker 2: (25:23)
So you, uh, you, you think, I think a live version would be totally fun

Speaker 3: (25:30)
As long as it doesn’t involve John, that is not a lab. We’re not doing that. He is not allowed to July. We’re invited for our first one.

Speaker 2: (25:41)
Just so you guys know, I did speak with John last week cause he was here last weekend and we’re going to have an additional one-on-one interview, John and I, that we’ll add during the break probably in a couple of weeks, just because it’s going to be fun just to know that there’s a man that, you know, it’s with the magical uniform. So we’re going to interview him because he is like a very normal person.

Speaker 1: (26:11)
I’m kind of worried about that one [inaudible] boys alone ever, ever.

Speaker 2: (26:18)
No, but doing, doing a live version has been at the, at, uh, it’s been on my list. I just, yeah, it’s a, it’s kind of an ordeal because we would, there, there is software that would allow me to, to, to insert stuff. Uh, I just haven’t learned it. So there would be a big learning, learning scale. What are your thoughts on life?

Speaker 3: (26:37)
I know that if we were to go live on Facebook, which is usually the social media platform for such things. Okay. Yeah. Uh, does it diminish the quality? Yes. Okay. So we wouldn’t have such high definition. Now. Some of you I know are watching from your televisions at home, uh, you put that on your television and it’s really big. So we would lose a lot of quality there. Yep. And resolution.

Speaker 2: (27:04)
Yep. I think a live version would be fun. Um, and it is possible. We could figure something out. Uh,

Speaker 3: (27:11)
I think they should like definitely have a taco truck here when we do that taco truck or the whichever one Amanda is with. That’s awesome. Why? It just seems necessary.

Speaker 2: (27:26)
I’m not sure where she’s going with that, but no live, live versus be on the lookout for a live version. It will happen. Um, it’s, it’s one of my it’s. It is something I would love to do. But to be honest with you, I don’t cut anything. This is, this is rolling from start to finish. Um, yes, occasionally I do add little blurbs when she’s like today, when she’s looking at him easily, I will add, I will add that because I think it would be a fun drinking game. Um, send your pictures of the aftermath. Um, but yeah, I think that, um, I, it wouldn’t be any different because we roll from start to finish. The only thing I add is music. Maybe a couple of graphics. Um, I have yet to cut any scenes out, except for when she’s, uh, mentioned brand names or when I’ve mentioned brand names, then we honk it out. But yeah, that’s about the only thing we do, but uh, it’s all one, one shot. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve gotten better. Yes.

Speaker 3: (28:25)
The last one I do remember I was like running through the store. I thought I was off camera. Cause I thought it was zoomed in more. I really wish I had known that I was on camera, still been jumping on them. I was like, man, I miss my golden opportunity there. It’s not current. Last time you were jumping on the mattresses, the proof is on it.

Speaker 2: (28:44)
Yeah. Yeah. If you guys haven’t seen her Instagram reels, you have to watch her Instagram. Relistor hilarious.

Speaker 3: (28:50)
I think it should be titled.

Speaker 2: (28:55)
So we’re going to take a real quick break and we will be right back mostly because I need to refill bye

Speaker 5: (29:07)

Speaker 4: (31:39)
There was no stout in the fridge and um, I’m very sad right now. I got some kombucha. I’m not drinking your fermented tea. It’s so good. It’s like drinking Apple cider vinegar. Yummy. What is beer? Beer is, um, beer is the liquid from God. Okay. It’s fermented. Okay. Next I ate sauerkraut last night. That’s the laugh, Sarah. Good. This section is where we talk about what we learned this week. Who wants to be first? I don’t know. I’m kind of stuck on the circuit right now. That sounds really good. First, Melanie, what did you learn this week? This is no focus. Friday. No focus Friday. I call it freedom Friday. Did you notice like today was so bizarre? Is this a full moon? Like really? Like it was a bizarre day. Wasn’t it? It was very bizarre. But what did we learn today? The

Speaker 3: (32:40)
First thing I learned this morning was that it’s very important to put a coffee mug under your coffee maker. That’s an important before you walk away, I pushed the button, I hear it running. And I think my coffee is being made and I turn around and it’s just water going everywhere. And I’m like, man, I didn’t even put the coffee cup. I didn’t put the coffee in it. Just water going everywhere. So I’m like, ah, so I make my little coffee reusable thing.

Speaker 2: (33:08)
Cause we don’t throw away the K-cups

Speaker 3: (33:11)
That, that is so overrated. I should have used the K-cups because you have to fill this thing up all the time and you have to clean it it’s way easier. But anyway, so I filled that thing up. I washed it, I cleaned it. I filled it up because the sea turtle, I forgot. I forgot the cup again. Two times in a row, then coffee is going all over. At the same time, I’m making a bowl of oatmeal for Oliver. And I asked him, honey, do you want some cinnamon? And he goes, yeah, well it’s a brand new bottle of cinnamon. So it still has a plastic thing on it. And so I’m like, ah, coffee’s going, not really. Cause it’s going all over. And I go to bite instead of pulling the tab, I bite it with my vampire thing and it was pressurized in there and the air shot the cinnamon into a stream, into my mouth and filled up my entire mouth with stuff.

Speaker 4: (34:10)
At least you too.

Speaker 3: (34:12)
I had cinnamon all over my face, all over my mouth and all over my arm all over. Had no idea what it was. Yes.

Speaker 2: (34:21)
So what’s a healthy breakfast. Did you cough?

Speaker 3: (34:25)
I had to think fast because you cannot cough or laugh when you have that much cinnamon in my ear mouth. Cause it’s like the powdered sugar effect and it’ll go into your lungs. And I was imagining

Speaker 4: (34:39)

Speaker 2: (34:43)

Speaker 3: (34:45)
It’s it was a horrible thing. So I learned that this morning

Speaker 2: (34:51)
That, that that’s something important lesson,

Speaker 4: (34:53)
Huh? Yeah. That when it’s child safety coverings use your mouth.

Speaker 2: (34:59)
I don’t know. Maybe use a butter knife to open the jar. I don’t know. That’s just me.

Speaker 3: (35:03)
I did learn that some of our pillows are not hypoallergenic.

Speaker 2: (35:09)
Oh dad, you got to tell everybody what happened there. Cause this was, this was horrible. It wasn’t catastrophic. Don’t get me wrong, but it was,

Speaker 3: (35:18)
But it was not good. It could have been. So I was working with a customer today and we were looking for the perfect pillow and she fell in love with the perfect pillow on the floor, which also happened to be an aroma therapy pillow as well. Okay. We do have those in lavender, Kemo mail and peppermint. And it’s infused in the memory foam. Well on our floor displays, they’ve been out in the open a lot longer than the packaged ones. She fell in love with one of the camel meal pillows because of the field and the loft and everything was ideal. I open a package and I bring it closer. I’m reading the package because she asked me, are these pillows hypoallergenic? And I said, I don’t know. She goes because I’m very sensitive to few perfumes and cents. But so I brought over the KMO meal and I opened it just a little bit and I pushed it and I asked her, I asked to

Speaker 2: (36:18)
Into her nose, she wouldn’t need to breathe. So basically your two gallons, two gallons of air,

Speaker 3: (36:27)
I kind of was doing this. And it was kind of like, and she was here and she breathed it in and it was horrible. I felt so bad cause she had immediately, it was not working. So

Speaker 2: (36:40)
No, the ambulance did not come. That was not necessary, but melded learn an important lesson that, uh, maybe you don’t do that. Maybe unzipped the whole package and let them smell it. Okay. I

Speaker 3: (37:01)
Learned that. Okay. So hypoallergenic pillow, we have one that’s carbon. We have one that’s charcoal, bamboo charcoal pillow, and our, uh, LT is also hypoallergenic. So those two are not going to have any fragrances or any smells to them. And I greatly apologize to you ma’am and that was horrible. So she was laughing. She did start laughing. Her husband was laughing too. And they had a great experience and I learned something from,

Speaker 2: (37:29)
Well, when you did this number, I actually saw her hair blow back. So it wasn’t just a little bit of a,

Speaker 3: (37:36)
Um, what did you learn this week? Okay.

Speaker 2: (37:42)
Top that no competition

Speaker 1: (37:49)
I learned today, how fun it was to work with a couple that came in that had a whole bunch of questions. Literally they came in with one idea to try to find a mattress for our sleep system, for them. And in the process of all of it, he had already been in, he had an idea which Betty liked, but I of course took him to a few others just to make sure I’m in the process of that. Um, the questions were just coming up left and right. All the way through, it was literally just time was flying. I ended up, um, finding mattress to going over to furniture

Speaker 2: (38:28)
And it wasn’t. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (38:31)
And in pillows they were yes. And pillows and they were like the best experience I’ve had in so long where it was just constant questions. And I think a lot of that comes back to, I mean, we never really know what everything is, but we definitely liked the challenge. And I, I liked that, that asking and that, um, prodding for the answers and stuff, because it’s the situation presents itself in a, you know, in a way where it’s like, am I really finding a match? Well, based off the questions, they actually can do it themselves. Once we give them the information. But when you have that feedback, you can really narrow it in to what their needs are. Um, and they were just, they were fabulous. I had so much fun. They were a great couple. They were both open to learning, wanting to know information, um, just pushing the envelope to another level. It was a great experience. I time flew. I don’t know. I don’t even know how much time they were here. They were here

Speaker 2: (39:28)
For a couple of hours and it just,

Speaker 1: (39:30)
It felt like maybe 30 minutes. I mean, it was just awesome.

Speaker 2: (39:33)
Yeah. It was a, it was a good two and a half hours. There was a lot of questions. Um, I just barely realized I still have my earpiece in, so yeah, it was yeah. Non-focused Friday. Oh, I learned another thing. What did you learn? That

Speaker 3: (39:51)
Some people don’t like holes in their pillows.

Speaker 2: (39:54)
Oh, Oh my gosh. Please don’t say that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s something that we’ll talk off screen. No, you will not do that.

Speaker 3: (40:04)
Like memory foam pillows. So actually, because it was a memory foam pillow that we were talking about today and the memory foam just wasn’t their thing. So we’re always promoting our, um, Maloof line pillows that have all of the really different properties of carbon cool in the van poo and the charcoal. But I want you all to know that we do have other pillows beyond that. So we do have some from Maloof that are, um, the convolution, um, some that are filled with a gel to microfiber and she really loved the gel microfiber fill. It’s more of a Downy field. It’s a big fluffy pillow. Like you get in the luxurious hotels. Uh, we also have pillows by pure care. We have a subzero pillow, which is just amazing. And she fell in love with it. It’s got like a secret hidden pillow inside and it has cooling aspects, uh, just like the carbon cool LT and in the polymer, there’s cooling technology and, and phase change stuff in there too. So yeah, we have lots of pillows.

Speaker 2: (41:04)
Yeah. Yeah. So I learned that, um, Oliver is very good off screen, um, because he’s only a little bit noisy where other kids, his age would be very noisy [inaudible] so this is all over everyone. He is five. He will be sick. There’ll be six.

Speaker 3: (41:30)
You’re going to be six really soon. Yeah. And you got you a cool shirt.

Speaker 2: (41:34)
Yeah. He’s got his [inaudible] shirt on, but this is all over. No, what I learned this week was that, um, you guys did phenomenally while I was gone. Um, it was, it was, I came back and the store looked wonderful. I came back into store, looked exactly opposite of the way I left it, but that’s good because

Speaker 4: (41:56)

Speaker 2: (41:58)
I did a reformat on the floor and none of us really liked it, including myself. But when I came back, they had fixed the floor and it looks really good. Um, we’re preparing for bringing in our bedding section and we’re preparing for moving and building out the boutique the rest of the way. So we’re in that awkward stage right now. And uh, we’re S we’re going to start the building out here pretty quick. Um, just growing and it’s, it’s really it’s they did a bang up job getting us ready for it. So yeah. I appreciate you guys very, very much, uh, very, very much. Um, I love my Carlsbad trip. The people are awesome. I love that community. I love my team over there. Um, we are, we just had a new banner put up over there. We’ve gotten some new signage coming up. Um, we’re doing a whole revamp over there just to, just to kind of rebrand and refresh it. Cause I think that we were going kind of a, a different direction from this store and I want to put everything back together and, um, it’s important to us to have the same, the same store to see.

Speaker 3: (42:59)
We love our Carlsbad team and we really want to include, um, those guys over there and all of our social media and introduce you to Dave and Rochelle over in Carlsbad. And we’re a big LivWell family. So even though we’re spread out, we are still very much all together and working together to make this company XXX.

Speaker 2: (43:21)
It’s very much a team. Yep. So that’s, I just, I learned more how much I appreciate you guys and how much I miss being home, even though the Airbnb was amazing. I still miss being home. So yeah. Yeah. So what did you learn this week, sir?

Speaker 4: (43:37)

Speaker 2: (43:41)
Did you learn that there were bugs in mommy’s yard?

Speaker 4: (43:45)

Speaker 2: (43:46)
Yup. Yup. All right. He’s a man of many words.

Speaker 4: (43:50)
Any words? Did he shoot him with your finger unicorn shooters? Did you shoot him with it? No. You got to practice on the bugs cause they move they’re moving targets, shoot him.

Speaker 3: (44:03)
Our biggest thing this week has been starting our own, uh, garden inside of we’re starting at indoors right now. And we started we, what do you call? It starts with the J the jumbled jungle. Yeah. So we’re, we’re calling it the jungle and we’re learning about plants and how they do all kinds of cool plant stuff. Huh. And then we’re going to grow stuff out. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (44:25)
Yeah. And that’s not like I’ve taught the tiny house and Danny and I

Speaker 3: (44:32)
Got that Aria.

Speaker 4: (44:33)
Is it like a fairy house?

Speaker 3: (44:36)
It’s got enough foods. It’s got my shoes. Yeah. We have garden gnomes. Oh, very little and very NEF rooms. Very cool.

Speaker 4: (44:47)
I do know that fairies and gnomes like to live together. It’s pretty awesome.

Speaker 3: (44:54)
Yeah. Yeah. I’m rolling. Um,

Speaker 2: (44:59)

Speaker 3: (45:05)
Well, like, like, eh, like God like glowing and a rabbit. Oh, we did get a little. Okay. So for my birthday, we did get a birthday gift from our friends, Bob and Becky. And it’s a rabbit because mom loves unicorns and rabbits and mushrooms. Well, they found a rabbit that combines mushrooms and rabbits. So there’s actually glowing mushrooms and stuff.

Speaker 2: (45:31)
Anyways, back to normal human beings. We will see you next week. Have a wonderful week. If you have any questions, please email us. Please call us, uh, feel free to drop by the store. We look forward to meeting every single one of you. Thank you. Bye.

Speaker 4: (45:59)
All right. Our last section that we have here, this is definitely a farm house bill. We have our milk and Creamery sign in here. Oh, it’s the same sign that hit mail. Oh, okay. They’ve got fairies flying around as well as all the little areas where they have scenes of stuff going on. Oh, we’re going to love it. Yeah, we would love it. Yeah. All right. We’re done. Okay. Did you park [inaudible].