National Tie Dye Day, Sleep Medication Side Effects, and Reclining Chairs for Sleep

Fishbowl ep16

Here’s a transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
I’ve been ready. I was born. Ready.

Speaker 2: (00:03)
You look pretty colorful. I am always colorful. And you look good. I love that shirt. Thank you, sir. I love my shoes

Speaker 1: (00:11)
And I love my shirt to infinity and beyond I included a galaxy. I added a galaxy. Totally

Speaker 2: (00:17)
Noticed. I totally noticed. Um, um, I’m like, wow.

Speaker 1: (00:21)
Yeah. I added a galaxy. There’s Saturn. There’s a moon. And I even put some googly eyeballs. You know, those calls, the googly eyeballs. Yeah. That’s the black holes. Oh, oh dear. She, I added black holes. There’s one to keep its eye on you. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (00:39)
Yeah, no, that’s definitely an eye.

Speaker 3: (00:41)
I just went blue. Why can’t she be actually teal? And it’s not permanent by the way. Anybody who says, thank you. Thanks. It’s Washington. So

Speaker 2: (00:51)
To explain the getup, to explain the whole get-ups it is national tie day today. It’s April 30th when we’re filming this it’s national tie day. And we ordered our snazzy shirts from the tie dye company. And, uh, he’s an entrepreneur out of Phoenix, Arizona and wonderful guy. Um, just did some really quality work. And then because one of us just can’t be normal. She adds an entire galaxy to her. T-shirt that’s right. Yeah. Whoa.

Speaker 1: (01:20)
I stayed up til midnight last night, adding all these dots I used to wear. I’m a professional sleep consultant, but yeah, I was like up past midnight, like adding all the, the galaxy to galaxy on there. There’s a lot to add when you do a whole gallery,

Speaker 2: (01:35)
What is that movie? Uh, you don’t have enough flare? Yeah. Do you have flare? Where’s your flare? I don’t know. Yeah. Well we know what you’re flirting with that. Yeah, we are. We’re just normal. Well kind of, well, you have the blue hair.

Speaker 3: (01:49)
Well, it would a wash out two to three washings. It’s just clinicianer is what they call it.

Speaker 2: (01:54)
She came in with a pink hair. On what day was that? When today? Yeah, it was rose gold. It was rose gold. It was really cool. And she did blue this morning. It looks really, really good. It’s

Speaker 3: (02:05)
Teal. Teal. It does look blue, but yeah, it’s teal. It’s a form of green matches

Speaker 2: (02:11)
Your shirt. Like completely. I thought that’s pretty cool. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. And me I’m normal. I just haven’t gotten a haircut in forever. So my hair is free. Is that like that like

Speaker 3: (02:19)
That your hair is always in place. Yeah. Whatever.

Speaker 2: (02:23)
All right. So this is fishbowl. This is officially the 16th episode. Not the 15th because in a blooper, I said 15th, but it’s the 16th episode. Yes, yes.

Speaker 1: (02:34)
There we’re starting to lose count. Yeah. We’re starting

Speaker 2: (02:36)
To lose count. Well, not really. We need

Speaker 1: (02:38)
One of those little like chick those little click things.

Speaker 2: (02:42)
Yeah. But we don’t have anybody to hold the click thing. So therefore there is no clicking. We need Oliver. We need all over. Yeah. Yeah. He would love to do that. That

Speaker 1: (02:51)
Would be his favorite job. Yep. Yep.

Speaker 3: (02:53)
He might keep clicking it though. Over and over and over again

Speaker 1: (02:58)
Last night that we would be here tonight doing the fishbowl. And he said, I love the fishbowl mom. I love doing fishbowls. So he’ll be back next Friday.

Speaker 2: (03:07)
Cool. Uh, when Tim came in today, he appreciated all of her being here too. So that was really cool. We have to tell you about

Speaker 1: (03:14)
It. Yeah. There’s going to be something very special with all over this next Friday. So tune in. Cause I’ve got a big plan for him. One of these outfits, right? It’s not a unicorn. Now what was funny is last Friday when I was way over the top with Gretchen, get a gift with my new wig. I sent a video to Oliver’s dad, phone dressed like that saying hi to Oliver and Oliver was just over the moon. He just thought that that was just the coolest thing. And he goes, Hey mom, when you come to pick me up, I want you to be wearing that unicorn outfit.

Speaker 2: (03:54)
Oh dear. That’s a five-hour drive to pick him up. I don’t think they’re going to go across the state dress like that.

Speaker 1: (04:02)
You shouldn’t be getting pulled over a dress like that, that, that did kind of happen with,

Speaker 3: (04:05)
But when you have to stop to go to the restroom or get food, people will be all. And just look at it and be like,

Speaker 2: (04:13)
If you’re wondering what outfit they’re, they’re talking about, it’s the outfit that she wore in last week’s fishbowl, which she’s normally outlandish, but like last Friday was like totally over the top. It was awesome. Very awesome. Picture. It’s awesome. It was awesome. Yes. All right. So fishbowl, what fishbowl is, it’s our weekly get together where we kind of debrief each other and go over the questions that you asked throughout the week. And we kind of, instead of us doing the research and keeping it to ourselves and then sharing it with the occasional customer that came into the store, occasional with the customers that came into the store, we are now sharing it publicly. So that way everyone has the information that you need to shop smart, to sleep well and to live healthy. All these things rolled up into well, a crew of not normal people doing it for you. So with that, um, we also added a topic thing. So we’ll cover the topic thing. But first we have to say our cheers and this is tea and this week’s tea is lemon Sage. No, I’m sorry. Lavender, Sage lemonade. We’ve had this one before. It’s just a great tea.

Speaker 2: (05:30)
And this comes from the old barrel tea company. This is all barrel tea company. Yup. Wait, anytime we mentioned names we have to, or we can’t even mention that one. I’m just saying, oh, we’re going to be

Speaker 1: (05:44)
Doing that a lot. So you put that up here. Yeah. Maybe

Speaker 3: (05:48)
We’ve gotten to the point where we accidentally say names and he’s got a big mouth ready to just squawk. Oh yes. That happened. My son. Okay. Squirrel moment. My son has one of those ginormous chickens that when you squawk it, it squawks for like, what is it? Two or three minutes straight. It’s crazy. Like a solid squawk. All right.

Speaker 2: (06:18)
So anyways, okay. So the, um, we recently added topics, um, every week we’ll pick a sleep topic and we’ll cover it with each other. It’s research that we’re doing together and we’re going to share it with you. This is more for helping you sleep better. We started getting a lot of questions as far as like it went past the regular sleep, uh, the regular mattress questions and moved into a, more of a sleep, uh, sleep tips and healthy living type thing. So we wanted to share with the research that we’ve been doing with you. So this week’s article is actually from the national sleep foundation and it’s the side effects of sleep medication. Uh, this is, this is relatively recently. This is from December, 2020, uh, media disclaimer or medical disclaimer of this. The content on this page should not be taken as medical advice or used as recommendation for any specific medication.

Speaker 2: (07:13)
Always consult your doctor before taking any new medical medic medication or changing your current dosage. So are you having trouble sleeping? Some people take sleeping pills to relieve short-term stress, jet lag or another temporary issue. That’s interfering with their sleep at night. Some sleep medications help you fall asleep. Others help you stay asleep. And some do both, but are sleeping pills, safe. Prescription sleeping medication can be habit forming. And many side effects are undesirable. Therefore it’s important to understand how they work and what side effects you can expect. So potential side effects vary by medication, but you may experience one or more of the following when taping sleep, when taking sleeping pills, burning or tingling sensation in your hands, arms, feet or legs change in appetite, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, lightheadedness drowsiness. During the day, dry mouth gas, headache, heartburn, nausea, mental impairment.

Speaker 1: (08:21)
I should stab you with my horn right now, difficult

Speaker 2: (08:24)
Paying attention or remembering things, stomach pain and impaired balance, uncontrollable, shaking, weird dreams, or nightmares, weakness.

Speaker 1: (08:33)
This is sounding like one of those commercials, you know, like for like, oh, I should

Speaker 2: (08:39)
Have read it fast. Dry mouth gas heartburn. Okay. So anyways, okay. So the hangover effect is one of the most common side effects. This term refers to side effects like drowsiness and difficult with motor or with balance or motor coordination, 80% of people taking prescription sleep aids report feeling at least one of these side effects. The following day, for example, sleeping pills can really impact your morning drive after taking them. Wow. Okay. So depending this is, this is a really quick one, depending on your particular situation, any of the above side effects can be dangerous, but there’s even more side effects that are even more concerning. These are called parasomnias allergic reactions and dependence. Parasomnias describe a number of unusual behaviors that some people experience while asleep, such as sleepwalking or wedding to bed. The most common parasomnias associated with sleep aids are sleepwalking, sleep, talking, sleep, eating, and sleep driving.

Speaker 1: (09:45)
Those can be dangerous. I saw this thing on social media where somebody had climbed to the top of a like skyscraper and they were up there and they were asleep and they walked out on the scaffolding and one of these major cities and they were asleep asleep the entire time on that stuff. Like the firemen had to come and save them. That is some real

Speaker 2: (10:06)
Stuff. Yeah. So allergic reactions as with any medication, you can have allergic reaction to sleeping pills and finally dependence. This is the big one. And this is the one that really, I think we in discussion, I think this is what we’re going to really discuss is dependence. While most sleeping pills are designed for just short-term use a number of weeks or less. Some people may continue to use them on a longer-term basis. What longer term use? You increase the risk of developing a tolerance when this happens. Some people end up increasing their dosage or abusing the sleeping pill, which results in more problematic sleep effects. So slower side effects. Yeah. So we’re going to, we’re going to stop the article there. I’m gonna put the link in the article in the description below, but I want to open it up to, uh, to a discussion because each of us saw some well did our own research on this. And what, what did you guys come up with?

Speaker 3: (11:02)
I think a lot of America utilizes medications over the counter, thinking that if you can buy something over the counter, it’s not going to be that dangerous, but you can actually Odie on Tylenol, you can ODI on Motrin. You can Odie on sleeping aids, you can ODN a lot of medications and I’m using them, um, differently than prescribed or on the bottle. The instructions, um, you’re abusing that particular medication. There is no excuse for it. Um, outside of the recommended usage, um, that is typically what you would call abusing the medication, and that can lead to any type of, um, an addiction. And once you get addicted, trying to come off of a sleep aid, um, your situation is even harder to try to obtain sleep. Plus you have to go through all of the medication downs of whatever it was helping with. Now, your body’s trying to do it itself all over again.

Speaker 3: (11:55)
So it’s, it’s a long journey to get, you know, off of something. But I would definitely encourage that if you are having problems, don’t try to solve it yourself. Um, go to a doctor if you’re truly having sleeping problems. Cause it could be something more serious, like, um, sleep apnea. Uh, if you have sleep apnea and you take a sleeping aid and you don’t even know you have sleep apnea, you could really have some severe damage. That’s not going to be something they can fix. I mean, for instance, let’s say you snore a lot. So you wake up, you feel very tired and groggy. So you start using sleeping aids. And what you’re not realizing is your snoring is obstructing your breathing. So when you take a sleeping aid and you relax everything, now you have the possibility of even death. You stop breathing, you’re making it worse. So your situation could be a lot more detrimental. Um, so by encouraging yourself to acknowledge when, if you do have a sleeping issue to go see your doctor, number two, use it as prescribed.

Speaker 2: (12:56)
So she describes short term effects. You researched long-term effects off, off of the video with Matthew Walker. What was he talking

Speaker 1: (13:06)
About? So we were looking at this or watching a video with Matthew Walker and he was actually making some correlations between, so, you know, we’re looking for these sleep aids and medications and prescriptions and seeking sleep because so many Americans are sleep deprived. Um, and whether it’s over the counter or it’s a prescription, um, we’re trying to make up for that missing sleep. Well, there’s a real big difference in, um, sleep and sedation and how our brains function. And so in that, that video and some of his talks and lectures, he goes into the difference of how our brain works and our brain functions when we’re taking those, but also making some interesting correlations between, um, increasing cancer, uh, with, with sleeping pills. And we don’t know if that’s because you are sleep deprived before and now that you’re taking that, and it was a pool of people that they, they took that in that data from, um, that they’re finding that, you know, so we, what we do know is that if you don’t get enough sleep and you don’t get enough regular sleep, it has huge health impacts.

Speaker 1: (14:21)
It increases your risk for cancer and increases your risk for death. And that was correlated also. So lack of sleep can increase your risk for death, but also, uh, taking sleep medications and sleep aids can also increase your risk of death substance. So we’ll probably link up that, that video so you can follow up and, and, and, and most of the summary valuable video. Yeah. So that was really eye opening. Now me personally, with sleep aids, I know some of the allergy medications that are used to help you fall asleep, make me grumpy in the next day. I am just, I am just so grumpy for like a day or two later. It changes my sleep pattern gets grumpy. It’s horrible. I am such a new person and I don’t like how I feel that day. And then I’m just, I’m so groggy. And if I take allergy medicine during the daytime, and this is springtime, and a lot of us are taking allergy medicine and, uh, just to keep our spring allergies at bay and it really changes your sleep. It can give you weird dreams. Uh, we were talking, you were talking a little bit about sleep walking and stuff like that. You got to even be careful with that melatonin stuff. I mean, even the natural stuff or the herbal stuff, or you take that too later, you take too much of it and you are groggy. Remember the day I came in here all late and I hadn’t even brushed my hair,

Speaker 2: (15:50)
Which is every Monday, just joking. So what, what I got the research I saw was number one, he talks about an, uh, the huge, almost a four time increase in cancer just by taking sleeping pills now to, to, to fix if there’s any confusion in that, there is a huge correlation, not causation. There’s a difference. There’s a huge correlation between lack of sleep and an increase in cancer. That’s, it’s huge. So, um, what he said is that there is a four time increase in taking sleeping pills too, that you’re going to get it. Now, the other thing that was, this is the scary part. And I don’t know if you saw this in the video, but I saw it in research too. Even taking two to three. No, no, no, no, no. 10. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (16:45)
Okay. So, so you’re okay. So with the increase of taking sleep aids and medications, which we can’t name specifically, there is a two time, three times, your two to three times more, not

Speaker 2: (17:03)
Two to 3%, two to three times more likely

Speaker 1: (17:06)
To have an premature death, or it leads to death by just taking 10 to 15 sleeping pills per year. That’s what it was 10. If you take 10 to 15, as little as 10 to 15 sleeping pills per year, you’re likely of death associated with that increases.

Speaker 2: (17:27)
Yeah. Yeah. It’s just three times. Yeah. And it’s just, it’s uh, it’s yeah. It’s a horrible thing. Um, it’s really a horrible

Speaker 1: (17:37)
Thing. Scared me that, that shook me up a little bit. Now, what you have to understand is if you’re on a medication that’s prescribed by your doctor and you’re seeing a doctor, don’t just stop taking that stuff, because that could be just as, so you’ve really got before you, I think what we’re trying to say here is that before you go self-medicating Steph self-medicate and go straight for the sleeping pills, there’s different things that you should try to eliminate first. Why are you not sleeping? What’s causing that. What’s you get to the root of it. And are there some really simple things that you can do to change your in your daily routine or life that can help with that? Like less caffeine, more exercise, um,

Speaker 2: (18:21)
Don’t eat so close to bedtime, watch what you’re eating next to bedtime. There’s all kinds of stuff

Speaker 1: (18:26)
You can do create, you know, we do this with our kids asleep routine for our kids, but do we do that for ourselves? You know, so we need to, we need to start with the basics first and only medications and prescriptions for sleep should be your last resort absolutely necessary.

Speaker 3: (18:45)
Right? And the opposite pinnacle of that is, you know, if you are not sleeping and you do not address this when he was talking about the percentages, as far as the death rate, going two to three times again in the study, they don’t know if that’s caused from the lack of sleep before the pills or adding the pills on to the lack of sleep. So by not addressing your sleep issue, you can still be at the same risk. So you need to address it. You need to speak to them.

Speaker 2: (19:15)
I think that’s the overall message that we’re getting off of this, and please address your sleep issues. There are sleep doctors, please see a sleep center, please see your doctor could be referred to a sleep center. Um, there, there is sleep medicine now, and we can all, yeah, we all, we all really needed at some point. Uh, there’s just some people that need it more

Speaker 1: (19:35)
In that video. Matt also mentioned that your regular doctor, they get so little training in sleep, even though their patients spend a third of their life asleep, they mostly are addressing your stuff. That’s during your waking hours, very little. Do they know about your sleep or do they ask about that? So you really need to see a specialist. You really need to invest in your good sleep and really think about that because it has so many impacts for your overall health and mental wellbeing. And this is a great time to dive into that

Speaker 2: (20:09)
Sleep. Is the platform or sleep? Yeah. Sleep is the foundation of good health. And, uh, a lot of people need to understand that. Okay. So with that, let’s go into how fishbowl started our weekly questions. I think that, uh, we, uh, we got some really good ones this week. I like your shirt. Thank you. I really do. That’s a nice shirt.

Speaker 1: (20:35)
I must ask you a question. Oh dear. I’m so excited about this. I found this out. There’s a whole packet of

Speaker 2: (20:45)
Them that come, um, it came from,

Speaker 4: (20:51)

Speaker 2: (20:53)
You’re purposely go out for stuff.

Speaker 3: (20:55)
It’s actually, oh, can we say [inaudible], it’s a song. Oh, you’re not talking about no, right over my head. It’s a plant that grows really fast. Then, then the nada, it grows all over my head with the little [inaudible]. Yes,

Speaker 1: (21:14)
It was it. It’s kind of like a pet. Yeah. Anyways. All right. So first question go shopping. It is for amazing things like this.

Speaker 2: (21:24)
No. Yeah. Okay. So first question. Thank

Speaker 5: (21:29)
You. We

Speaker 2: (21:31)
Need a reclining chair for my father. He sleeps in his chair because of health reasons and needs it for, okay, let me start all over again. We need a reclining chair for my father. That part I read, right? He sleeps in his chair because of health reasons and needs it to have really good back support. We brought name brand chairs in the past, but they just don’t feel good on his back. You mentioned a company you work with that is made to be slept in what makes them better and how can you sleep in them?

Speaker 1: (22:06)
Oh, I’m so excited about these chairs coming in.

Speaker 2: (22:10)
So do you guys know who you go first? Blue hair? Oh, I forgot the name. It’s called ultra

Speaker 3: (22:19)
Comfort. Ultra comfort. I kept thinking the name of our sheets.

Speaker 1: (22:23)
Cause our sheets are ultra comfortable.

Speaker 3: (22:26)
There you go.

Speaker 2: (22:28)
Look at the save. Wow. And

Speaker 3: (22:31)
There, the ultra comfort company has an amazing line. Um, we are going to have a few, um, options from there lines up. Okay. So we’re going to have something that has more options than another, in other words. Um, but the nice thing about it is it actually goes into zero gravity. Um, so that position would be the sleep answer there because that’s what we actually use for anything. That’s an adjustable base for a mattress. Um, zero gravity is an amazing position to be sleeping in. But with the chair, you also have added features where when you reclined back, it actually lifts you up. So you do stay in that scoop position instead of it just reclining back where you can accidentally slide forward. Um, so instead it cradles up that direction. Um, so it’ll lay completely flat. So your gravity, however you like it. And then there are bells and whistles on there to where you can have heat and massage and, and other items to help you sleep. But that zero gravity position is amazing. I’m

Speaker 1: (23:32)
Going to mention that zero gravity means that you’re now you’re part of it.

Speaker 3: (23:38)
I’ll wear my mug. I’ll just be, it does take,

Speaker 1: (23:42)
Um, you’re going to be is where your feet and your head is raised just a little bit. It doesn’t mean like you’re floating around. Cause sometimes I think when I hear the word zero gravity, I’m thinking like space shuttle type, like outer space.

Speaker 2: (23:56)
No, you take it too far. Just like your shirt is yes. Okay. Zero

Speaker 1: (24:03)
Gravity in this environment is something totally different than

Speaker 2: (24:09)
Reclining zero gravity head and feet. So, so yes, ultra comfort is coming to the store. Now, why is this better for your dad? Shi Shi Shi nail on the head. Okay. When, when you go back into a regular recliner, there is a space in the lumbar area right here that opens up. So when your dad is laying there, there’s no support in that area. Well, the ultra comfort chair actually brings up the seat part and reclines. So that way it closes this area right here and you actually have a good lumbar support and it becomes a nice flat surface for him to sleep in. Okay. Yeah, yeah. And these chairs will be coming to us. Well, we have one more month of waiting. Yes. I know it’s a while, but uh, that’s all because of the COVID stuff and it’s slowing down shipping a lot. So, oh, and the beautiful thing about all this is, these chairs are made in the U S of a, so they are American made. I

Speaker 1: (25:07)
Feel like this whole year and a half has really taught us a lot about patience and waiting and mustaches and more waiting learned

Speaker 3: (25:16)
In church that if you ever pray for patients, God will give you, um, opportunities to practice it. Not give it to you. So I think this is a true practice statement for the whole United States and other countries as well on the shipping that the periods of, um, getting your shipments are taking a lot longer and the vendors are suffering as well because we like to order product for our store as well. So

Speaker 1: (25:42)
I actually have customers coming in this week that are not surprised now. Like we’ve been talking about the foam shortage. I did have a couple of customers today that were like, I would like a queen size mattress and I want it today. And I was like, wow, that’s quite a request. Are you aware of? And they were like mindblowing. And then you have the other customer that comes in and they’re like, man, what? Isn’t back ordered short supply. Like you have those two types of customers. So we had,

Speaker 2: (26:18)
We had friends come in to work at a car lot. And um, he was talking about how they won’t have inventory within a couple of weeks. That’s insane. That’s, that’s

Speaker 1: (26:28)
Pretty insane. Yeah. The new car dealerships are really strapped and then used car dealerships. He blew my mind today when he was talking about that. He was like, because there’s a demand now for used cars are flying off the lot because there’s a shortage in the, with the chest because of the whole chip situation.

Speaker 2: (26:49)
Yeah. I’m so weird right now. It’s just weird. No chips, no chips, not nachos, but chips, chairs, seats. Yep.

Speaker 3: (26:57)
The chip thing, the chip, the chip thing is understandable because they’re not able to make, um, a lot of different kinds of cars. They’re very limited to what they can put on there. So if you’re looking for like a sedan or a family car and stuff, it must be you’re buying a big old truck. Good luck. Yep. So you would go for the used car stuff. Well, that’s why there was such a shortage everybody’s having to resort back. Hey,

Speaker 2: (27:18)
I’m mustache to a question I’m not asking. Okay. Thank you so much for helping us find the right bed for my mother. I would like for you to mention to the people that watch your videos, that it is possible to lower your bed by using a smaller foundation. I think that would help out so many people. Thank you again. That was a comment on Facebook

Speaker 1: (27:42)
And that’s a big one because actually today, the first request out of a customer was I need my bed to be like that one. And she pointed to one of the lowest beds. And I think a lot of our customers think that the, when they see a bed visually, that’s the height they’re buying. Yep. Okay. And it’s hard to sometimes wrap our minds around the fact that our higher beds in store, those can be lowered and we’re going to try to do a better job. Once we get our floor, some updated. I like it. There, you should have left it there a lot longer. Um, I think when we redesign our floor next time, that’s almost like a patch we need to do priority. Um, and take those mattresses and put them on a two inch bunkie board. So we can actually have it. Like if you just want it 14 inches off or 15 inches off the floor. I mean, boy, we can, we can hook you up. So don’t let the height of any of our mattresses in store intimidate you. Even if you are just falling in love with the comfort and the feel of one of our higher mattresses, we can lower that foundation or what some folks still refer to as a box spring. And we can take that down or put it on a platform. We can, we can lower your bed.

Speaker 2: (29:07)
A lot of seniors think they have to put their beds on the floor and without a bed frame, because they don’t know that the foundations come in different sizes. Right.

Speaker 3: (29:16)
We’ve had quite a few ask about it. Um, but yeah, as far as options, the options are there. We’ll definitely work with you. Even with adjustable basis. You can adjust the legs on those as well. So we’ve been, if you don’t have a standard box spring option and you’re going with an adjustable base, you can still lower that as well. Yep.

Speaker 2: (29:32)
Yep. So yes, the options are there. Your bed can go from up here to down here, to down here, to down here, your and, and okay. Another thing to know the height of your bed matters. Um, it’s, it’s not supposed to be any higher than the bottom of your butt muscle, which is the bottom of your butt. Uh, that’s where the crease is just for the increase of your butt is that’s the height that it’s supposed to be at because otherwise you’re squatting to get into bed or you’re jumping up to get in bed and let’s face it. None of us are getting any younger and the dangers of falling out of bed are real, especially for him. Yeah. We’ve seen it. Yeah. Well, when you throw me out of bed,

Speaker 3: (30:13)
I don’t think I’ve ever done that, but I might try now sounds kind of funny. The ever wait till he’s asleep and just push him off.

Speaker 2: (30:28)
Sorry, your

Speaker 3: (30:30)
Mustache on your mustache is a kind of redundant stash. It’s falling off.

Speaker 2: (30:37)
Yeah, there you go. How does my mattress warranty work if I move out of state or country because I’m military boom question asked daily at this store. Not so much in our Carlsbad New Mexico store, but in our Alamogordo store, yes.

Speaker 1: (30:55)
Uh, out of, out of state dealership can handle as long as you are our state side. If you go overseas, it gets really complicated because you have to ship the bed and it really can’t help you there. But if you are, if your bed is in the states, it can be covered under

Speaker 2: (31:14)
99% of the time. It can be covered under warranty. Right? Right. Now, I know that we’ve had some difficult warranty situations, um, people that are moved out of town and stuff like that, how we handle them, you want to let them know

Speaker 3: (31:27)
As far as their emails and stuff. Yep. We asked them to send pictures, um, so that we can see what’s going on with the bed. And we give them instructions on what is needed to take those pictures. Um, they submit them to us. We go straight to the vendor. We submit the issue and the problem with it as a claim. Um, and if it falls under the category of warranty, then they respond back and we get back with the customer and let them know what’s going on. Um, that way we can get them all fixed up. They will line them with a vendor that is close enough to them, or find a way to get to there, to mattress, warranty, stuff taken care of.

Speaker 2: (32:02)
Now I will tell you, I know the mattress. I mean, I know the question was about if moving out of the area, if you’re in the area and you have warranty problems, basically come to the store, tell us about it. We send somebody out there to measure it. 99% of the time, the guy that goes out to measure it is the guy talking to you right now. So I go out there, I measure it. We take pictures, we submit it to the manufacturer. And we go from there, I’m telling you the majority of the times that I go out to people’s houses, it’s not even warranty. It’s an easy fix because maybe they don’t have the proper underneath the bed. Um, or maybe they just have an old foundation and they just need a new foundation. It’s it. It’s not always warranty stuff that comes up. It’s actually just stuff that, that, that is an easy fix. Maybe a five second fix that, that people don’t know about. We happen to be trained in it. We know a lot more about it than your average person. So yeah, just don’t be shy, contact us. We can help you. All right. Okay. With that, it’s already time for our break. We got three questions, but we had a really good topic. So I can’t really,

Speaker 1: (33:12)
That’s fantastic. I do want to add something to the warranty part. Oh, that’s one thing that’s really awesome with us here. Is that upon inspection of your warranty? Yeah. Just like that. This is so important. We’re not going to take the bed away from you and maybe without a bed, some companies will leave you without a bed for how many weeks.

Speaker 2: (33:34)
I think the lady said four or five, four to six weeks that she was going to be without a bed. I’ve even heard of him longer than company.

Speaker 1: (33:42)
They totally take it away at the time of inspection. And you’re not even given like an interim

Speaker 2: (33:48)
Bed. We had a customer just so you know, we had a customer, just a quick story. Well, it’s your story, but, okay. So she has a customer that comes in here and I’m just listening. And, um, the customer was telling her that she spent about three to $4,000 on this bed, three to $4,000 on this bed. It’s not even a year old, they’re having warranty issues. And they were told that they would have to send their bed back to the manufacturer and they would be out of a bed for six

Speaker 5: (34:19)
Or more. Right?

Speaker 2: (34:20)
Yeah. It was horrible. Yeah. So she was wondering what our warranty was because she just felt totally dismayed that she spent so much on a bed and she was going to be bed lifts. So yeah. Yeah, no warranties. Aren’t supposed to be that complicated and they aren’t,

Speaker 1: (34:36)
We’re going to leave you with your same broken bed, but at least you have a broken bed and nobody and then no bed. Right. Exactly. Exactly. All

Speaker 2: (34:43)
Right. With that, we’re going to take a quick break and we’ll be back in just a minute.

Speaker 6: (34:50)
Hi, I’m Melanie with LivWell and today I’ll be introducing you to a new product line that we just brought into our store to celebrate the new expansion of our sleep sanctuary here at LivWell. This product is a Sutra and it is all of the rage right now. It’s seen in town and country allure in shape and bizarre magazine. And it’s right here at your very own live well right here in our hometown of Alamogordo, I would like you to know that this product was chosen for its excitingly colorful and aromatic properties. It’s a hundred percent all natural aroma therapy so that you can use that to create your own home, a sleep sanctuary. One of the things that excites me the most about this product line is that it is co owned by the famous Venus Williams. That’s what you heard me, right? Venus Williams is a co-owner of this product and she’s also the chief brand officer.

Speaker 6: (35:45)
So this product is just awesome. It’s all the rage this spring and summer. And we can’t believe that it’s done our very own live. Well, not only is this product all natural and all of its ingredients, natural, but it’s, paraben-free, it’s vegan. It’s never been tested on animals and it’s eco-friendly and all of its production. So it’s one of these just incredible items that we have here in store. All right. So now that you know that all of the products here made by a Sutra and Venus Williams are all natural. You can rest assured that they’re also going to be good for your heart and your body and your mind. We’re going to go ahead and start with this one here. This is one of my favorites and it’s called scrub the day away. It’s a revitalizing exfoliating body scrub for head to toe exfoliation within minutes, you’ll feel that you have softer skin.

Speaker 6: (36:31)
It’s got a hundred percent organic coconut oil in it and evening Primrose, uh, it’s all dead sea salt. So it’s an awesome product. We’re going to go ahead and put that up there for you. Get a close look at that. That’s our scrub. The day away, you can go ahead and then follow that. Go ahead and get into the hot bath tub to soak the day away. And we have our dead sea bath salts. It’s a natural sleep therapy. Uh, this includes lavender, Rosemary and Lang Lang. Again, this is all essential. 100% pure natural oils and, uh, dead sea salts that are, um, harvested, uh, and all the good practices there. So, and our next product is going to be the dream. The night away collection. This is, uh, both the both of these items are the same. One is a pump and one is a tube.

Speaker 6: (37:25)
The dream, the night away is a melatonin lotion with magnesium. It’s a perfect nightly routine for your face or achy joints because it has the magnesium minute. I will take away some of the ache. Then it has the melatonin to help induce your sleep cycle. This also includes Shea butter, lemon, grass oil, and creates a sense of calm. And it softens your skin at the same time. Again, it’s, non-toxic never been tested on animals and it’s paraben-free, this is a great way to enhance your nighttime ritual here. It also says it includes Opti MSM. So this is one product that I would highly recommend for your nightly routine. Uh, we have mother’s day coming up. So all of these products would be great for a mother’s day gift package as well. So please keep that in mind included in each one of those, I’ve highlighted a couple of the products before.

Speaker 6: (38:20)
Um, we have little tiny gift bags. So if you’re thinking of mom, um, definitely keep these in mind. Cause it’s a little sample pack of all of the things that I’ll be talking to you about today. Okay. Now our next item that I’m going to highlight is called melt. The pain away. This is an incredible body butter. It includes cap sapiens. It’s a 0.02, 5% pain relief cream. So for those of you that are not familiar with cap CPM, it is derived from a chili plant. It’s the molecular part of Chile that gives us a spice and it’s burned when it’s taken down to a small amount, it’s actually has therapeutic properties to help alleviate some pain in those joints and in your back. So it’s a great rub. It will be a little bit, it’s kind of like, uh, if you think of, uh, some muscle rubs, I can’t say their names, but it’s, uh, some of those ones that give you a little bit of a burning sensation and cooling sensation, that’s what you can expect from this product here.

Speaker 6: (39:22)
It is a revitalizing magnesium body butter. So it also includes that magnesium to help relax you as well. So think, uh, these are, would be great for massages. And again, remember that self-care is not selfish. It’s important. And that’s one of the big things about this company that they like to highlight. All right. So moving along here, we also have, um, a couple here in the same line. These are fresh in your feet. This one here is tea, tree and lavender. Then we have the therapeutic foot soak, which is fresh in your feet, tea, tree, and eucalyptus. So you’ve got eucalyptus and lavender and they do come with this really cool loofa scrubby sponge. We know here in Alamogordo and in the Southwest, we have really dry heels and dry skin. So this is great for, for doing a pedicure at home. A lot of us are at home right now and we can’t go out to the spa and we can’t go and get our regular pedicures and manicures.

Speaker 6: (40:22)
So this is one great way of at home doing your own pedicures, um, invite your girlfriends over and have a date night. They’re a large part of why we chose a Sutra is we were looking at and researching sprays that were safe with your linens and your pillows, and could help relax and create a serene environment for that sleep sanctuary that we’re going to be creating in home and in store. Some of the sprays that we’ve included in this line are not only for the nighttime ritual and your evening ritual, but they’re to help you move into your morning ritual and afternoon. So you can choose each one of these sprays and buy them independently or purchase them as a set. Uh, for instance, this first one here is called calm and relax, unwind. This is a Petula Berga Mont and is for relaxing, but this can also kind of lift your spirit and call me throughout the day.

Speaker 6: (41:19)
So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nighttime spray. It’s great for all day. Then we have invigorating sprays like the citrus and eucalyptus. That’s great for first thing in the morning, or if you want a little bit of an energy boost, these sprays are sized for putting into your gym bag or going to yoga with, they can also be put into your purse and it keep them in your car for a quick refreshing spray for your car. That’s non-toxic and isn’t going to, you know, make you sick or anything like that. We’re not talking chemicals, we’re talking again, all natural 100% product and ingredients here. This is another invigorating spread is called a spray. It’s called refresh, restore and renew. This is a tea tree and Juniper missed the green one. Here is Rosemary and peppermint. And this one is called ReadySet focus. So this would be a great one.

Speaker 6: (42:14)
If you’re going to have a study night or you really need to focus and you’re at home, remember a lot of us now have our offices at home or working at home. And there’s so many distractions going on. We’ve got kids at home, we’ve got interruptions here and there, but if you spray this in, in, in your room, it can really help set a focused environment. Uh, then moving into our nighttime ritual, we have the lavender and Campbell meal, uh, that is perfect for spraying onto your linens at night onto your pillow, because the affects of lavender are well-known for thousands and thousands of years for inducing sleep and helping us relax and unwind at the end of the day. So those are all of my six favorites, uh, sprays and aroma therapy that you can take with you anywhere during the daytime and nighttime.

Speaker 6: (43:06)
So not only do we have these sprays here, uh, for nighttime and daytime ritual, but we also have a special gift pack included. Now there’s three sprays that are for showing your yoga mat a little bit of love. These are yoga mat cleansers, and detoxers, we have organic lavender calming citrus, and we also have the uplifting eucalyptus. So each one of these sprays you sprayed on there, it detoxes and deep cleans your yoga mat. Uh, it’ll give you a nice, refreshing smell off of that and sent off of that, uh, too great for your yoga, exercising and practice there any time of the day. All right. So that’s going to round us out here for all of the, a Sutra items that you can find in store at LivWell in Alamogordo and on our online store. This has all of these, a Sutra items are going to be in our special section for our sleep sanctuary here in our store.

Speaker 6: (44:07)
And we want to remind you that all of these, a Sutra products are a hundred percent natural. They’ve never been tested on animals and they are made right here in the U S of a made with love because as Sutra believes that self-care isn’t selfish and because you are awesome and they think that you deserve awesome as well. We want you to like us and subscribe us and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, and come on in store today to try out some of these amazing smells that you can take with you right into your daily and nightly routine. So wishing you all. Well, thank you so much for watching this.

Speaker 1: (44:51)
You know, a mustache is kind of like a warmer for your upper lip.

Speaker 2: (44:55)
No, that’s not what it’s for. We’re back and normality hasn’t happened yet. I keep hoping for it. Hi.

Speaker 1: (45:06)
Why would you want normal, normal, so much fun? Oh my goodness. You know, can I just start with what I learned? You can start with what you can start with what you learned. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So I’ll wait, wait,

Speaker 2: (45:19)
Wait. This is the section of the show where we share what we learned this week. So please go ahead.

Speaker 1: (45:23)
Okay. So you know how we got crazy snow up in Cloudcroft? I learned that it snowed 10 inches the other day in Cloudcroft. They had CA they canceled school. And then, uh, during that day I was wearing my, like, fleecy kind of outdoor clothing, kind of my mundane. Like I just wanted to be warm. I wasn’t over the top. I was kinda like, subdued, you look like a normal person. I was normal. I almost didn’t recognize you. No, nobody did. And these two gentlemen came in and, uh, and, uh, oh wait, no, it was a gal. This lady came in, the guys are a different story. So this lady came in and I’m, I’m just normal male. And we get to the end of her cell. And I’m like, so, uh, by the way, if you come in on Fridays, I’m usually dressed as a unicorn.

Speaker 1: (46:15)
And then we do the fishbowl series and she’s like, wait, what? You’re dressed as a unicorn. And I was like, yeah. And she goes, oh my gosh, I was so confused. She goes, I met my husband for lunch today and I was talking to him about the mattress that I was thinking about purchasing. And he starts talking to me about this girl, dressed up as a unicorn. And he’s like, so did a unicorn sell you your mattress? And she’s like, I almost fell out of my chair because I had no idea what I was talking about. And I thought I had lost. He’d lost his mind. She was like, I thought he would, I didn’t know how to respond. And she was so confused and she didn’t even mention it until I mentioned it right before she was getting ready to leave the store. And then this amazing clarity came over the both of us.

Speaker 1: (47:03)
And I grabbed my horn, I pulled it out. I was like, oh, wait, I got you. And I put it on. And it was like, and then she’s like, oh, it all makes so much sense. Now it was like, and so I was like, where am I now? Like, people are expecting it. They haven’t been to our story yet, but they’ve heard that there’s a unicorn here. So I put my unicorn horn on and the guy the day before, didn’t see it. I was, I was normal Melanie for two days this week. I just, I was just kind of normal. And so the Chi comes back and then all of a sudden I’m a unicorn and he’s with his brother. And, uh, they’re like, oh, I like the unicorn. And I was kind of explaining it. He’s like, well, there might be a bounty on a unicorn. You better make sure there’s no bounty on that horn. And then I started explaining what kind of unicorn I was, which was like a Monty Python with the rabbit in the cave. I told him I was

Speaker 3: (48:04)
Lots of flat teeth, lots of sharp teeth and claws and kind of angry.

Speaker 2: (48:10)
Yeah. In case you don’t recognize her, that is Mel behind the mustache.

Speaker 1: (48:15)
I think I might remove it just a little bit. Oh yeah. Well now you waxed your lip. That was a tangent. But I really didn’t talk about what I learned. That was all you learned. I learned, so we have another customer, customer Mary. She came in hi, Mary, which is every week. And she’s like, she doesn’t raved about it. She’s like, I love watching you guys. You guys are so awesome. You make me laugh so much. Mary’s a regular. And she just looks forward to every time that fishbowl comes out and she goes, you guys make me laugh every morning. I just love it. You’re a great part of my day. So she gave us really big, like overwhelmingly lots of love revealed.

Speaker 2: (49:07)
I mean, I think for finding out that people are watching the show and not only learning but laughing.

Speaker 1: (49:13)
Yes. And I think that’s awesome. They’re laughing a lot. I am also wearing gloves and then I will stop talking because I know this isn’t all about me, but a close guess. Every time I watched the show, I talk with my hands so much that I was like, maybe if I wear gloves, it’ll accent my hand gestures. Or you could learn sign language. I, that I might have to do that. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (49:37)
That’s a good idea. Yeah. We could have a show for the hearing impaired

Speaker 1: (49:43)
A we could get my friend, Laura. She is fluent in hand sign at the same time. Could she sign behind us? She could. Oh, that’s awesome. Last time she fell asleep on the radiance. Oh, you slept through the entire show, but yeah, she could be on like, right. She could sign the entire, the one

Speaker 2: (49:59)
Time we had the studio audience and she slept throughout the entire show. They have built a lot of confidence in this studio.

Speaker 1: (50:06)
Oh. She said that was the best bed she slept on. She’s going to buy it. She was so comfortable. Studio audience was asleep. That’s what we want. We’re a mattress. Oh, that’s true. That’s

Speaker 2: (50:17)
True. Okay. So what did you learn this week? Other than the blue is feel okay.

Speaker 3: (50:24)
Um, okay. Well, I been following the trends of the weather lately.

Speaker 5: (50:30)
Oh yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (50:32)
Well, as we know, weather affects sleep, blah, blah, blah. So I was going more so into it and they are predicting a very bad drought this summer. And it’s supposed to be all the way from California, all the way to New Mexico and go up to Nevada areas. Um, and on over. So all of that south, let me see north Southwest, Southwest part of the United States, I’m going to like you actually called the Southwest, but yes, all the way across is going to be affected by it. And what’s going on is the Colorado river, um, feeds a lot of water all the way to California every year. And the problem we’re having is with the average temperatures, um, being hotter now than they used to be, it’s actually causing a lot more evaporation. So if you had, you know, gotten 50 gallons at one point, getting that 50 gallons to California will not be that at all. By the time he gets there because of the evaporation,

Speaker 1: (51:31)
Like powerful, because they hold it up, big Colorado goes to the grand canyon and it gets held there by lake pal. And it just evaporates.

Speaker 3: (51:40)
Well, they’re also looking at the fact too. Um, it’s affecting not just the grounds because what happens is okay. So I watched one on the alpha farmer like last week. Yeah. And she was talking about how they flood the fields because they don’t have the appropriate equipment yet. They’re trying to get it. Um, and the problem is causes with evaporation as it evaporates faster than it soaks in because our dirt is dry and it’s hard. It sits on the surface and takes a while to soak in having all this rain lately is definitely a benefit to that in a way. But what happens is, is on your good months, you grow a lot of vegetation on your bad months. It all dries up. So you have Firestarters everywhere. Hence our three rivers fire. So not only do you have drought issues affecting farmlands, which will indeed affect everybody who eats food, including cattle.

Speaker 3: (52:29)
Yep. Um, she was an alfalfa farmer and that’s exactly her concern is because she grows alfalfa and the cost of the alfalfa is going to go so much higher because it’s going to be lower availability. So there comes another price increase. Um, not only that you have, um, people that normally get the water runoffs, aren’t going to be getting it because the shortage is already present. And they’re just now starting. Um, and then you also have the situations where you do have that undergrowth, like for instance, our mountains, like the three rivers fires Lincoln county, but I’m thinking like Cloudcroft, there’s a lot of ground debris. Scary.

Speaker 2: (53:07)
Yeah. Plus all

Speaker 3: (53:09)
The dead growth. Yeah. So I mean, an Inferno can happen at any point, literally up there

Speaker 1: (53:16)
Lincoln county is home to smokey the bear and smokey, the bear teaches us that only you

Speaker 3: (53:23)
Can prevent forest fires, forest bar, she asks yes. And you know, and it,

Speaker 1: (53:29)
So shout out to our Wildlands firefighters. Yes. Oh, they’re going to be busy. Yep.

Speaker 3: (53:34)
But it really is. It’s a big deal. Um, one thing we like to do is work off of, uh, not just today, but forecasting what’s to come, which is how we’ve managed to stay afloat. So well is because we’re not focused just on today or tomorrow. We’re focused on the outlook of what’s going to come your entire year. Yes. Um, is just like driving look way ahead. Um, but the thing is, is this, isn’t something we have any control in. Um, river levels are down. Um, I was really wanting to take the kids river rafting this summer and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be much river to river raft in, so it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be a little bit lower. Yeah. Yeah. Quite a bit lower. It’s

Speaker 1: (54:11)
Already low. I feel like there has been a drought forever, just because like I had beef cattle that was grassfed and went through a horrible drought. I mean, it’s been horrible several years with the cattle and we had to sell off because there was just no grass. And then I remember when I was working as a wildlife biologist on the Rio Grande day, we used to float and do the canoe trips sometimes and we’d have our canoes. And there were times of the year where the river was so low that you’d actually like be going down the river and then you’d go and then you’d get out and you’d have to pool your canoe and then you’d get back in and then you’d go like a couple paddles. And then, and like, I swear, like I must have dragged drug my canoe from like north end Albuquerque to the south valley. Like I was pretty much walking that whole way with that thing there. That was a bad year. We do minnow studies and stuff like that. So it, it affected so much in the drought is getting worse. It’s not getting any better. You’d study a minnow when there’s no water. It’s a sad day. Yeah. Well,

Speaker 3: (55:24)
I know with four years ago when we went to Taos three years ago for our honeymoon four years ago, though, they were saying the water tables were really high and they had really big. Yeah. They had really big rapids and everything. It hasn’t been since then. Okay.

Speaker 2: (55:40)
So anyways, relieving back into what we learned this week. So you learned about the drafts. Okay. I, I really learned about the same lines as you, that their customers are really enjoying the show and we we’re, that’s what we’re doing it for. We’re doing it to inform you and have fun with it. But the fact that you guys are taking the info and it’s helping you, that is awesome. It makes it all worthwhile because editing the show takes a long time and researching for the show. It takes an even longer time. So we loved that. You guys are appreciating it. Thank you very much. We appreciate your comments. We appreciate when you come into the store and start asking questions of questions that we answered. So that lets us know that, Hey, we didn’t answer it completely. So we have to circle back to that is just amazing. We love your feedback. Thank you so much. And we ask for more of it. Um, yes, there are several of you that are asking that, Hey, could she dress normal? Because she’s distracted.

Speaker 1: (56:38)
That is not true. There is not a single person, actually, everyone that’s you, every single person has walked by the door. Like even the guy that was driving the truck today that did our, our big truck delivery on it before he even made it to me, he was like, I love your outfit. And I was like, yeah, it’s national and tie. Deniz like, that’s cool. I didn’t know that. And I was like, but I’d wear this on any day. And he’s like, yeah,

Speaker 2: (57:02)
Yes, anyways. Yes. Those of us who have left those comments, they have not gone unheard. They just have gone unheated. But anyways. All right. So until next week, thank you so much. Have a wonderful week. Bye

Speaker 7: (57:19)