CPAP Therapy, Lavender Tea, and Adjustable Bases

Fishbowl ep 13

Here’s the transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Yup. Yup. Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Yup. Or the aliens I’m Javier. I wonder how many times they’ll say that

Speaker 2: (00:16)
And this is fish ball.

Speaker 1: (00:18)
Hi, I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie and that’s Javier

Speaker 2: (00:23)
And it’s been another week. It’s like that. So anyways, what a fun week

Speaker 1: (00:28)
It has been it’s it’s been very busy and I’ll share my I’ll share my busy-ness at the end.

Speaker 2: (00:35)
All right. Then you guys are twinsies

Speaker 1: (00:38)
Because we love our beds. Very nice. Of course their flower bed, but that’s the whole point is to have fun with it. We love our beds.

Speaker 2: (00:46)
Part of the reason they work here is because they get new PJ’s every other week. So yeah.

Speaker 1: (00:50)
And we get to wear them to work. Yep. That’s right. It’s a real job that we get paid to, to wear our pajamas to work. Yep. I even painted my toes so to match my sandals because when Gretchen, when I got here, Greg was like, Oh, we got some sandals to match our PJ’s. And I was like, I got to do something to mud toes. So I literally like took some time out of my day, day to paint my toes. I was quick about it, but that had to happen. They matched the little black ice Susans.

Speaker 2: (01:21)
Yes. Oh dear. And that’s what it’s where it’s like here [inaudible] we carry them in the store.

Speaker 1: (01:32)
Pretty shrunk. Beautiful. Very well made. Good sturdy stitching. Like these are going to be forever. Lazy ones. Home store is in they’re based in the Rocky mountains, in the heart of the Rocky mountains in Colorado. And what I really like about, uh, their business approach is they take a sustainable approach to all of their manufacturing of their clothing, which is awesome.

Speaker 2: (01:58)
You guys, you guys studied studied him pretty fully.

Speaker 1: (02:02)
This will be something that we’ll come to where for 10, 15 years, the more you wash it, the softer it gets. And they’re very soft already.

Speaker 2: (02:11)
My underwear gets that way. Your underwear get holes. Yeah. We won’t tell you why. Alright. Anyway. So cheers to our 13th episode, let’s see how this episode goes. Episode number 13. Thanks for me to make this happen.

Speaker 1: (02:30)
You know, in some cultures that would be a bad thing, but I I’m going to rock the one three, because one plus three is born all. Even numbers are amazing. So question real quick, what flavor?

Speaker 2: (02:42)
So this is lavender Rose camel meal mint. And let me tell you, it is, it’s pretty darn delicious. Really good.

Speaker 1: (02:52)
Yeah. And it’s still refreshing because of that meant it’s like the last thing that kicks out is wonderful. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (02:57)
But the thing is, is that it was, well, it is

Speaker 3: (03:00)
87 degrees outside. So hot tea is,

Speaker 1: (03:03)
Yeah. You know what? It’s not 87 degrees inside.

Speaker 3: (03:07)
You guys are always complaining about,

Speaker 1: (03:10)
Okay. Something happened today. And I was like, I looked at the thermostat and I was like, it’s 78 degrees in here. And I turned the air and Greg is like, it’s freezing in here. But I was like, but the thermostat, it says it’s eight and it kept going up. And then it was 79 and I was like, what’s happening? Well, Ryan helped me move the new water machine today. Yeah. It heats and it cools. And so it kicks off heat while we put it directly underneath the thermostat. So probably not a good move. So when Gretchen said, it’s gotta be like in the sixties, it’s really cold. But see, I wasn’t cold because I’m taking these Chinese herbs, traditional Chinese medicine. And my doctor was like, we’re going to give you some of these herbs to warm you up and get your chief flowing. So my chia is flowing better and I’m not so cold. I’m actually feeling really warm.

Speaker 3: (04:14)
Most of us would call that body heat will achieve whatever, know

Speaker 1: (04:19)
It’s my cheat and it’s, it’s going really good right now. And so I’m actually feeling like it’s nice. It’s like 78 degrees in here. Like it’s hot, but I’m liking the hot and I’m liking the hot tea. Good. But poor grass over there was freezing because yeah, I water machine, you know what? I even walked over into the boutique up by the windows where the sun comes in. Cause that’s usually like the hottest part of the store. And usually even I, if I stand by the window, I’ll start feeling warm. I’ll start feeling like it’s almost hot. Oh no, I was over. And I was like, now it’s it’s cold in here.

Speaker 3: (04:52)
Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure it was in the low sixties, but it was kind of cool in here.

Speaker 1: (04:56)
So we’re on episode 13 and we always open the show talking about how cold we are. Have you noticed that we’ll start starting next month. It’s going to be like, Oh my gosh, it’s so hot. It’s going to hit. I’m pretty much going to complain the entire breasts.

Speaker 3: (05:11)
You complain every day, multi you do, but it’s okay. Well that’s because men exist anyways. So I want to introduce a topic this week before we start getting to the questions because, um, we’ve, we’ve stumbled upon some really interesting topics. And this week was brought to us by the, uh, school it’s Michigan university of Michigan Institute for health care. And so they did a study and what they talked about was treating sleep apnea rate may reduce dementia risk, and I’ll put a link to the article in the story and we’re in the video. But, um, so here’s the simple read of it is a new study finds older adults who received C-PAP therapy prescribed for obstructive sleep apnea may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia. Michigan’s Michigan medicine, sleep disorder centers analyze 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries ages, 65 and older who had been diagnosed with OSA, which is obstructive sleep apnea they found or to quote is we found significant association between positive airway pressure, which has C-PAP, uh, the C-PAP use and the lower risk of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia over three years, suggesting that positive airway pressure may be protective against dementia risk in people with obstructive sleep apnea.

Speaker 3: (06:40)
So basically what they’re saying is a C-PAP helps you, or is showing that over three years over a three year study period, um, C-PAP helps you break away from the whole dementia and Alzheimer’s risk. Where do you guys have spots on it? I mean, what, what, what, what do you, after you’ve read this article, what have you guys thought?

Speaker 4: (07:03)
Well, from previous studies of sleep, isn’t using a C-PAP um, because I had that issue come up with me earlier in life. Um, and when going through that, it wasn’t me that had sleep apnea. Um, but the paragraph right here is where I was going with. It says here, obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which the upper airway collapses repeatedly throughout the night, preventing normal breathing during sleep OSA is associated with a variety of other neurological and cardiovascular conditions. Um, and thinking about that, I think a lot of it has to do with the oxygenating throughout the body whenever you’re sleeping, because your brain starves for oxygen. And what made me think about that was, um, well, okay. I’m just gonna say my ex-husband had this. Um, and in the process he would actually get a shuffling of the feet as well, but it turns out it wasn’t even RLS, which is restless leg syndrome.

Speaker 4: (08:02)
That situation was his brain saying, you need to breathe you’re suffocating. So his brain would tell his speed to move so that he would gasp for air. So when I read that, I mean hearing about this, it really reminds me of the fact that when you’re not getting enough oxygen, it causes a lot of the deprivations following in that too. And sometimes you wake up from those situations of his spirit shuffling and he didn’t remember it was exactly. So I think the deprivation of oxygen causes a lot of damage. Okay. And what’s your take? So I likened it to the breathing patterns that we use to fall asleep, like in order to help myself fall asleep because I have a very active brain in the evening time. I’m kind of a night owl. And in college I would say my brain was most after 9:00 PM.

Speaker 1: (08:57)
And that’s when I would do the majority of my study. Not only was it quiet in the house and the phone wasn’t ringing and it was just very calm, but that’s when my brain would really kind of wakes up is at night time. So, but in order to adjust to a daytime schedule and a work schedule and a mom’s schedule, you know, I, I needed to develop a way that I can help myself break out of that. And most recently I’ve been doing, uh, breathing techniques to help fall asleep. Right. And so, so those breathing techniques, man, I can be out in just a few minutes instead of laying there tossing and turning because I’m really focused on my breath and they’re, they’re guided. Um, but you’re also breathing further deep. So the way that I’m connecting that to that is I know that, um, breathing and concentrated breathing and meditation can help improve your overall health.

Speaker 1: (09:55)
Not only physically but mentally, but if, but if it can help me fall asleep, I know that during our sleep, we go into those sleep patterns of really deep breaths and sometimes shallow breaths. And there’s a whole cycle of breathing that occurs in each one of those stages of REM and light sleep and deep sleep. And you’ll notice that in kids when you’re watching them or babies, that sometimes it’s a very shallow sleep. Sometimes it’s a very deep breath, but if you’re inhibiting that and you’re not able to enter into those sleep cycles with that natural sleep pattern and you’re you’re suffocating, or you’re near really interrupting that, I can definitely see how that would have a negative impact on your, your daily health, your mental health, and then over a prolonged period of time. Absolutely. Because when we fall asleep and we’re in REM deep sleep, that’s when we’re unloading, it’s kind of like de fragmenting a computer in your sleep.

Speaker 1: (10:56)
You know, you’re going through all of your patterns during the day. You’re dumping all of this information and your brain is doing some serious work at nighttime when we’re unconscious, right? So, and that’s when it’s building all of these neurological pathways and your synapses. And so if you are not regularly entering into an RM or deep sleep, that whole cycle uninterrupted of four hours, you’re going to have severe adverse effects. And over a course of a lifetime or 20, 30 years, you’re you’re hampering and killing those brain cells, which would then lead to dementia and brain injury.

Speaker 5: (11:36)
Yep. So I covered this in a sleep coach, uh, months ago and it was, um, it, they liken it. The brain is like, uh, REM sleep and deep. I think, I believe it’s a deep sleep. Well, I don’t believe, I know it’s a deep sleep is like when your brains dishwasher, it starts up and it’s in there and there’s fluids that are wiping away the plaque and everything from these proteins that are up there. And so, um, it cleans away from your brain receptors while you’re asleep. So if you are not entering that, that stage of sleep and you’re being disrupted because of the sleep apnea and you stopped breathing, um, that’s just dangerous over time. So the back can build up. I like your theory, your theory about the oxygen, because I think that does have something to do with it too. Um, I think it has a lot to do with it because can you imagine how many brain cells you’re, you’re killing without being able to get oxygen up there?

Speaker 5: (12:28)
It’s just, um, I think this is a really good study and I hope that people, um, I hope that you read this article. I hope it reaches a whole lot of people cause this is important. I mean, C-PAP machines, I’ve been in the sleep study. I did a sleep study. I still haven’t gotten my results. Um, but, uh, the C-PAP machines are quite interesting, but they make them available to just about everybody to wear. So, yeah. So, um, I’ll put the link to this. This is a really interesting article. So with that, let’s start with the questions. So fishbowl, where are we download what, uh, we’ve encountered through the week. Um, and we share information with each other. That’s what the team does is work. We have conference calls in the morning. We have fishbowl at night, uh, just sharing information with everyone. Uh, so that way we’re all on the same page and these questions actually come from you. So if you have submitted questions, we appreciate you. If you come into the store and ask questions, we’re always listening and we tend to share the questions afterwards. So that way we can share them with you on fishbowl. So, um, okay. First question. Can I put my old mattress on a new adjustable base or do I have to buy a new mattress?

Speaker 5: (13:39)
Who wants this one? Can you read,

Speaker 1: (13:41)
Read that again? Okay. Cause that was a little bit confusing.

Speaker 5: (13:43)
Okay. Can I put my old mattress on a new adjustable base? So can I come in here and just buy an adjustable base or do I have to buy a whole new mattress as well?

Speaker 1: (13:52)
I think it depends on your type of mattress that you already have at home. Are aren’t there some mattresses that are not compatible with an adjustable base? So all of the ones that we have here in the store are compatible with an adjustable base because they’re independent coils or memory foam, latex, right. Type where they bend properly. But if you have something that’s not going to bend, so you do definitely need it.

Speaker 5: (14:19)
Do you know the name of the coil she’s trying to come up with?

Speaker 4: (14:22)
Are you talking about the Samuels? No,

Speaker 5: (14:24)
Those are, those are still bendable.

Speaker 4: (14:27)
You’re talking about non bendable. Yeah, no,

Speaker 1: (14:30)
There is non bendable Springs called Vannelle Springs.

Speaker 4: (14:34)
Is that the ones that looked like little tornadoes?

Speaker 1: (14:36)
I think you need that at the bottom of the screen to just like bond Elle Springs,

Speaker 4: (14:41)
Because they’re like little tornadoes like this. So whenever you come this direction, wake your head and your feet when it flexes, they can interlock with each other. So when you flatten out the mattress, the inside of your mattress still looks like that. Ooh, that’s not good.

Speaker 5: (14:54)
So, so pawn, Nels Springs are those little, okay. When you, if you’ve ever gone shopping and seen those one 99 Queens Vannelle Springs, that you can actually feel where the fabric goes in like six inches. And you can, you can start feeling like this little cheap curved spring in there. That’s Bon Nell Springs. The side is a wire. Okay. So basically it’s, it’s two wires and in the spring system, but, uh, your grandma’s bed probably had it. You know, we have that upstairs.

Speaker 4: (15:24)
We have one, that’s just a skeletal frame of it, but yeah, stick a picture. So they understand what you’re saying. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (15:29)
We need for you guys to look at, we totally

Speaker 4: (15:32)
Need to bring that from the addict downstairs and then hang it in the store and make it a light fixture. I think it would be super cool. I think we’ve talked about that before, but, or even like an educational prop, if you just stuck it on a wall, it could be like a modern art piece.

Speaker 5: (15:46)
Boy, that squirrel just took you off. Okay. So this question, can I put an old mattress on a new adjustable base or do I have to buy a new mattress

Speaker 4: (15:55)
As long as your mattress is adjustable base compatible? Yes. One more thing too is, um, some of the manufacturing companies like the good ones, like ours is a good one. All of ours. Um, they actually hinge the foam encasement around the edges as well. So it allows your mattress not only to flex because of the Springs, but allows it to flex even harder because it’s hinged on the side to allow it to flex. And it’s really awesome to see are extremely deep pocketed mattresses flexing. Like when you have somebody on there and you bring it all the way up to the head all the way up to the feet and are looking at this huge deep pocket of mattress folded up like that. It’s pretty awesome.

Speaker 5: (16:38)
Yeah. Cause the sides don’t bend down or anything. Yeah. The also quantum coil is another one. I don’t know if you mentioned that one that’s Springs spine image. Yeah. So those are Springs all the way to the edge. There’s no central wire like the bond Nels. These are actually free-flowing Springs, so yeah. And mattresses are also compatible. But yeah, the answer to the question is no, you can stick an old mattress on a new base. We just need to know the build. I would say the construction of your old mattress and then we can work with it that way.

Speaker 4: (17:10)
You’re not sure. Just take a picture of the tag on your mattress and just show it to us. We can look it up.

Speaker 5: (17:16)
Yeah. We can research it for you. No, it’s a really good question.

Speaker 4: (17:18)
I really want to mention that adjustable bases are not just for, you know, 70, 80, 90 year olds or people that are, have really bad health issues. That hasn’t been our customer lately. Yeah, no, I, this whole couple of last couple of weeks I’ve been rocking the 30 and 40 year olds like getting them on the adjustable basis is a game changer because you can watch Netflix. Do we need the chicken for that? You forgot. You’re taking again.

Speaker 1: (17:50)
We’re going to have to, you can watch movies. You can watch movie not, Hey, he just wants to hear the chicken throughout this entire episode, the chicken in there. So, uh, read in bed, but it like turns your entire bedroom into a movie theater. I’m pretty excited about that. And you know, some of us 30 year olds are not necessarily like spring chickens and raising our head and feet. It feels so good to just get the weight off of our back.

Speaker 5: (18:24)
I’m waiting. Okay. So I’m waiting for you to finally get one. And I know you’re planning. I know you’re planning, you’re planning on it, but I can’t wait because everything she buys we have to here, like the next day or the next week, we’re hearing about how wonderful the product is and blah blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, when she actually buys one, I can’t wait to hear it. Cause it’ll be crazy for like the next month. We’ll hear nothing, but her talking about her adjustable base.

Speaker 1: (18:49)
Yeah. I I’m really excited about that. And you know, the, the, the pillow situation has gotten to a new level. It’s at a new all-time high. So mom wants one for her birthday coming up. My brother I’m getting him one for his birthday. Okay. But then one, something that really surprised me is all of her loves my pillow. Oh. And so the other night we fell asleep together. We were watching movies and then he fell asleep. And then I was like, well, just stay here. You know? And then we just, I like wake up and he is like all on my pillow. Like I had a little tiny corner at nighttime. He overtook my pillow, my LT, carbon cool LT. He loves it. And then, uh, he told me, and then I tried to give him the other pill in the morning and he goes, no mom, that other pillow makes my head too hot. I like your pillow because my head is not too hot. So he’s smart. He knows he loves that pillow. So now he has, we have three in our, John has one, I have one in now. Oliver has one, but I realized I have another problem. Cause when John is home, we’re still short a pillow. Yeah. So now, now the pillow shortage in our, in our house has happened again.

Speaker 5: (20:11)
Yeah. That’s your fault though. So I literally have to order 24 of these pillows every week because she sells so many of them, which isn’t, which isn’t a bad thing, not a bad thing.

Speaker 1: (20:25)
Two I sold today were just amazing customers. And like, it’s hard to see people smiling with their face masks on right now, but there they were smiling and their eyes were like, so lit up and one gal, she came in yesterday and today and she laid on that pillow for 15 minutes each on the bed. Right. And she was Kylie. Right. And um, I was like, Hey, Kylie’s back. So she just totally chilled out the first day. She wasn’t sure because it’s kind of a, an investment, you know, it’s, they’re not cheap.

Speaker 5: (20:59)
Good job Kylie on coming back two days in a row for it.

Speaker 1: (21:02)
Yes. And, uh, but we definitely have better pricing than the website. And she was able to try it out. And on day two, she left with that pillow. She was like, I have it.

Speaker 5: (21:12)
Well, I knew she was because she was down for like 15 minutes.

Speaker 1: (21:16)
Oh yeah. And it was a perfect time. Cause she came in in the morning. It was nice and quiet. You know, if you come in here and it’s, it’s not busy, you can literally lay on one of the beds for 15, 20, 30 minutes. I don’t, I don’t have a problem with that at all. Get comfortable. Did you get to meet color? I got to see Kylie. She was here for quite a while because I was doing my thing with the boutique. And so she told me just in case of Kylie stood up or something, it was so quiet and kind of tucked away in one of the roads. And, and if you didn’t know that somebody was laying there, you might like walk around the corner and be like, Oh,

Speaker 5: (21:55)
All right. So next question. If you hear somebody in the background Oliver’s here. So we’re going to introduce him later on in the show. Okay. So, Oh, this one’s good. Your website had a very limited supply of furniture. Is this all you have? I get this, I get this a lot. Um, I will let you guys handle that. And then I’ll, I’ll talk about how we’re handling the situation.

Speaker 1: (22:21)
So there’s a song that goes through my head all the time. That answers that. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no. So I realize we have a whole bunch in the back right behind us here. We have a whole bunch of furniture options, but we also have more in store.

Speaker 5: (22:38)
Yes. We have a lot. We have a lot of furniture stores are stacked. Yep.

Speaker 1: (22:45)
We are still in the process of building our website. And so each item has to be manually entered. Yep. Um, I don’t think the vast majority of people understand how much work is involved in building your own website. Um, and literally every, every it has to be entered her item. And if you are doing, uh, descriptions photos, I think it could take up to 30 minutes per item.

Speaker 5: (23:18)
No, it’s, I’ve got it down to a science. And that’s what I was going to talk about. Over the past two days, I’ve added 16 pieces of furniture. Um, and I’ve dedicated probably two hours a day, maybe three hours a day to that. Um, so I’m speeding it up. Um, so we look like a corporate company, but we are a small company. We’re two stores. We’re a team of now. I believe we have a team of nine people, right. Mike, am I counting? Right? We’re going to call it nine. Sorry if I missed you. But anyways, we’re a team of nine people. We are personally 10 people. So we are, we are personally entering the product. She does hers. She does hers and I do furniture and beds. And that’s how the website’s growing. It’s growing slowly, but we’re getting there. When we promise you at some point, we will find a way to have a good system on that website. But, uh, the other thing is, is that we have online partners with home elegance and with furniture of America. And we can help you shop their site and find out what products are in stock, because what’s going on right now,

Speaker 4: (24:25)
A nationwide foam shortage.

Speaker 5: (24:28)
Yes. And can

Speaker 4: (24:30)
I was distracted by the, the car sounds and my mom radar was going off, sorry. My mom radar was going off and I was doing the mom look because we have some Lego building with wheels going on in the back. Oh, we can’t even say that word. You’re gonna have to, we have some building going on with wheels involved in, uh, can you, can, can you, can you back up like one of those recordings, can you even make that sound?

Speaker 5: (24:57)
Yes. I was talking about the shortages that we’re facing right now. As far as why we would have to look on the website.

Speaker 4: (25:04)
Oh yes. I can answer that. Okay. So what, what is happening is we have to go to our distributor, check their website because if they have it available, they will be able to order it in. But if it’s not available or it’s back ordered on their end, it could be a way up to, I think we’re getting September, November right now.

Speaker 5: (25:29)
I have seen November. I saw I saw November. Yeah. Yeah. You saw it too. That’s right. So

Speaker 4: (25:36)
Our stock that we have in store, maybe it’s a recliner. And if you want to have those recliners, uh, we are facing situations where it’s been discontinued completely discontinued. Even though it’s a newer one, they’re kind of, um, conserving and target targeting.

Speaker 5: (25:56)
They’re their best sellers. You have their fastest sellers. That’s how they’re doing it so far. I’ve seen a lot more focused product. So I know that you spend a lot of time with customers on the computer. So tell them, tell them what the process is for when they order. Yeah. How, when, when they, when they don’t find what they want here in the store, what’s the process.

Speaker 4: (26:19)
Okay. So I do my best to, I want to find out what exactly they’re looking for so I can help them shop because I love to help people shop. Um, I do, um, to help them shop and give them some ideas of things I may find. But I like to send them the links of home elegance and furniture of America so that they can also look to see what options are out there. I just make sure that they know all we need is the item number and which company they got that from. And that we can actually contact the company, find out if it’s an available piece and get the pricing for them as well. Um, but this way, if they want to come in, which honestly, a lot of people do want to come in, but they want to find out what the options are first.

Speaker 4: (27:03)
But they do want to come in and see what we have and actually sit on the pieces. Because obviously, I mean, if we’re looking for a couch, it’s just like a bed you want to lay on it first. Do you want to sit on it first? You want to see what the feel is? The fabric, the look of it, everything. Um, but it gives you an idea too. If you come into the store and try out some of the product to see, okay, I really like the way this one feels, what can we look for? That feels like this one, it gives us a lot more direction, especially with the companies, because if we know where we got it, we can obviously continue to go back to there to that exact company brand and find out exactly what lines they have from that. So it helps.

Speaker 5: (27:42)
Yeah. So, so with, with couches, there’s like three different, four different construction makes of it. We have those represented here in the store. So we can sit you on a couch and tell you, Hey, this is what this type of coil feels like. And that’s what this couch has made. Like. So that’s how we can tell. And then the fabric, I mean, we have fabrics that we can show you. So that’s how we’re handling that situation because right now COVID has made it quite interesting. Yeah. Okay. So we have time for one question. What do you got?

Speaker 1: (28:09)
Does that T have camel meal in it? I’m feeling calm. I’m feeling so calm and sleepy right now. Like I could just be like, it’s very easy. I could just like, are you pitching another pillow? This is a wonderful pillow. Did you see this? This is like, is this the Mongolian pillow? Yes. It’s supposed to be like a foam, Mongolian yak yak. Is that what it would be? This is, this is, this is a high-end accent, Mongolian yak, pillow fo yak. It’s so comfy. Yup. And Ginny. And you can identify patterns as well.

Speaker 4: (28:52)
We have it displayed on one of our beds out in the open so you can touch it and feel it,

Speaker 5: (28:57)
That shameless plug was brought to you by live wall mattress and furnishing centers.

Speaker 1: (29:04)
Can you throw this on your bed with some high-end accent pillows and a comforter? It takes it to a whole new leather. There’s lots of texture. This is a very texture commercial. That’s what I do.

Speaker 4: (29:16)
It would be a difference in texture, but it can also create the shabby chic look as well. Shabby chic.

Speaker 5: (29:21)
Thank you. Okay. Back to questions. This is our last question. It’s like herding cats, like, like totally herding cats.

Speaker 1: (29:31)
And then you add the little

Speaker 5: (29:32)
One to the screen and it’s like totally herding cats. I had to do it earlier today. Trust me.

Speaker 1: (29:37)
Okay. And unicorns and unicorns cats. U S Ooh, here

Speaker 5: (29:42)
We go. You mentioned U S made furniture and how hard it is to get right now. Why if it’s made here in the States, there’s no shipping, there’s no shortage of shipping.

Speaker 4: (29:54)
The products they’re products that are used to make the pieces can still be imported. So you may not have an American tree. It may be an imported piece.

Speaker 5: (30:05)
Canadian. Yeah. Canadian lumber. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (30:08)
Mean with the metals and also with a memory foam, which happens to be everywhere. Yep. Yep. Okay. Great question. I thought so.

Speaker 1: (30:17)
So no, there is not a shortage of shipping. There’s probably more shipping happening now than ever correct. They, those shipping guys are having to do a double time hustle because they are months and months behind and containers deep behind. Um, I have a friend up on some of the coastal areas and works in a shipping yard and they are just kind of stockpiling the, they unload them off the ships, they get stocked up and then they get on the trains, but everything is backed. So know your product, isn’t coming, you know, it’s not shipping in the U S but once those containers are unloaded, then they get put on trucks and even, and then they’re mixed with the foreign and domestic items. And it’s just a whole like domino effect. So like, even like snail mail is really slow. Um, it’s just, it’s even more Snaily than before. Um,

Speaker 5: (31:21)
Can we call it yak Lake

Speaker 1: (31:25)
Swath? Swath sloths would be more of a, an animal. Yeah. It’s pretty. So the trucks that you’re seeing today are not the Mo those are trucks that are delivering stuff from, from better. They’re trying to catch up. They’re trying to catch up now. Some stuff is current, but yeah, it’s, everybody’s just trying to get their feet.

Speaker 5: (31:49)
Well, just to give you a reference, just to give you a reference, we ordered, uh, another order of leather couches in November. We aren’t getting those till June. So that gives you a reference until what, what it’s like. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So this is the part of the show where we take a break. Uh, and then we come back with what we learned now, this next commercial that we’re having, that we’re going to put on what went kind of viral. And, uh, we’d have a lot of views on it. And we’re just hoping to get it restarted. So watch the commercial. Bye.

Speaker 2: (32:39)
Did you know,

Speaker 1: (32:40)
Some people can sweat up to two liters in their beds when they’re sleeping

Speaker 4: (32:48)
New year’s means time for a new mattress. So you live with a mattress in furnishing centers today.

Speaker 1: (32:54)
Yeah. Like in my grade, she got me set up. Awesome. And she was shopping online. She came across this. Why do you buy her stuff like that? Because it’s cute. Although I’m a little bit confused. Cause there’s paws and not hubs. Like it should be horseshoes, but I’m on a roll with it. It’s kind of like the cat theme. So maybe this is a cat unicorn.

Speaker 5: (33:13)
So you’re like the crazy cat lady.

Speaker 1: (33:16)
Well, probably kinda with his pillow things going on here. Cause it’s a, it’s a yakka corner.

Speaker 5: (33:28)
So this is the part of the show where we share what we’ve learned. And so far I’ve learned that these two team up against me when I’m not here. Um, no,

Speaker 1: (33:38)
When you’re here too, I’m actually not doing this because I’m cold. I’m, I’m very nice and warm, but I just think it’s amazing.

Speaker 4: (33:47)
All right. I think it’s awesome.

Speaker 5: (33:49)
So getting back to the subject at hand, because that’s what we do. Um, this is where we share what we learned this week with you. So that way you’re kept abreast of things that are going, I said abreast anyway. So

Speaker 4: (34:02)
I’m not going to ask you what you’re thinking

Speaker 1: (34:06)
To do the definition of that at the bottom of the screen.

Speaker 4: (34:13)
Oh, I’ll stop there. Okay. So all this week, it’s been a little mad house in getting all of our lazy one items in and on top of that, we got some closet organizers and, um, I’ve shifted everything out of the cubbies so people can actually shop them on racks now. And the way it’s set up, it’s going to be very easy to see for size options. Everything is put out together and organized.

Speaker 5: (34:45)
So we’ve become this little PJ store on top of the boutique on top of the bedding on top of the mattresses on top of the furniture.

Speaker 4: (34:51)
Yes. And I can’t wait to take some pictures and send it to Rachel. I told her I had to share that with her. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (34:59)
Our vendor loves these guys. Should they make her laugh? And our vendor actually watches our show. So shout out to Rachel,

Speaker 1: (35:06)
Hey man job. So

Speaker 5: (35:09)
What else did you learn this week? Cause you had a lot.

Speaker 4: (35:12)
Oh my gosh. My brain is like just done because I was breaking down the meds. I was counting the supplies. I was pricing the stuff I was scanning in the barcodes. Then I had to take everything out of the plastics that they came in because we had them out here in plastics, hang them, organize them in there. And that was every item. So I’m a little frame bright. So just a little,

Speaker 2: (35:39)
Just a little, yeah.

Speaker 1: (35:41)
We got so many compliments today on our matching pajamas.

Speaker 2: (35:46)
Yes. You’ve got a lot of compliments on your pajamas.

Speaker 1: (35:48)
We had somebody ask us if it was it, what did I say? Well, that’s, that’s we say pajamas in my family. We say pajamas,

Speaker 2: (36:01)
Whatever button, button, tomato. He’s picking on you because of your race

Speaker 1: (36:11)
Recording where you said button. I said, but no, you said button,

Speaker 2: (36:16)
Not button. So he’s to use every time anyways. So tell us what’s happened. Tell us what you learned. What did you learn this week? Silly. She needs some magic. I am in my, okay. My it’s going to it’s rubbing the microphone, so yeah. Yeah. Weirdo. Okay. So what did you learn this week? Cooper?

Speaker 1: (36:47)
You have to understand that my comfort level right now has,

Speaker 2: (36:51)
I’ve watched so comfortable here, Katrina really red. Remember our conversation earlier about needing air? I think, I think at the end of every video on these, what we learned this week, we’re just going to watch her laugh for like 10 minutes straight. Cause that’s what happened last

Speaker 1: (37:11)
Well, I’ve got my pajamas on this page.

Speaker 2: (37:18)
I know. I think she told you that you wouldn’t be overheating,

Speaker 1: (37:25)
Stay warm. Cause they’re in colder areas.

Speaker 2: (37:27)
So tell us what you were wearing

Speaker 1: (37:29)
That off of my microphone. Okay. So what I learned this week is that today is national unicorn day

Speaker 2: (37:39)
On whose calendar.

Speaker 1: (37:41)
I don’t know it was on my Facebook and it was this, there was a, an image from like the state, the Capitol police Capitol, as in Washington, DC, uh, mounted patrol. They had put one year ago today, April 9th is national uniform day. And it had a picture of a horse in front of the, the big monument. And it looked like a unicorn horn because she’s looking at the actual capital, like she’s sitting on the horse. So the picture is the back of the horse’s head and then the capital in front of it. Yeah. Okay. Isn’t that? Awesome. Wait, do that again. So amazing. It’s right here.

Speaker 2: (38:27)

Speaker 1: (38:31)
So that happened. I learned that today. Um, I also had a really good meal right before we started this, this whole show. I ate a whole bunch of bread. Can I say it was perfect. Can I say where we got the bread from? Can I do a shameless plug for them?

Speaker 5: (38:53)
Yeah. For them you can shameless plug all day, all night long.

Speaker 1: (38:56)
Okay. So we have this buddy, my friend Casey, the bread guy. Okay. So hi Casey, he’s our bread guy. Um, and he is from expect a miracle ministries and he travels across the state delivering bread for the ministry. Uh, today he delivered chocolate chip banana bread. It was so yummy and I always enjoy seeing him. He’s always a pleasure to talk to and he’s very positive. He’s very inspiring and he’s amazing. And he loads his car up. He loads his entire trunk up, uh, with th these loaves of bread and several guys that are in the ministry with him. And he drops them off at different locations and they sell the bread and they go door to door.

Speaker 5: (39:41)
No, they have us on their target list because every week and sometimes twice a week, they’ll just be like, ah, just decided to drop by. So I just hold out the money.

Speaker 1: (39:51)
Yeah, we’re ready. Yep. Yep. They also have a beef jerky now, which is so good. Oh good. That’s one of my weaknesses right there. I love their beef. And you know, like when I, when I was new to that ministry, I, you know, they approach your car maybe like at a gas station or kind of random places. And you’re kind of like, that’s, you’re uncomfortable at first. Cause you’re like, how does that all about? But then once you start to get to know these guys and you hear their testimony and you hear, um, their story and then their dedication and how it has changed their life and, and how the whole process works. I think it’s really amazing.

Speaker 5: (40:27)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Casey’s amazing. The whole ministry is amazing. Yeah. We always support him. Uh, but I will tell you if they start selling chocolates, I’m drawing the line. We’re not doing that. Okay. Casey, we’re not doing chocolate.

Speaker 1: (40:40)
He loves chocolate fudge, fudge, fudge, homemade fudge. That’s not cool. That’s really stable. It won’t melt in the car, you know?

Speaker 5: (40:49)
Okay. So anyways, so what I learned this week, um, I learned that, uh, she can fill the office with boxes. I learned that that was, that was a lot of boxes. Yeah. There was a lot to go through. No, what really, what I learned was that, um, our videos are really taking hold. I mean, we have one that has 57,000 views, 59, 59,009, 9,000 views. We have several of these fishbowls that are now in the thousand views. Um, so these videos are really taking hold. So what I’m doing is I’m actually on the side learning how to do different things with our videos. So that way I can add a effects to keep people’s interests longer. Um, I’m also watching other podcasts that are like just kind of picking up tips and tricks and everything. So you’ll be seeing improvements. Not that you haven’t seen improvements because our first episode compared to this episode, I know we’ve watched them. We’ve made all these improved.

Speaker 1: (41:53)
I was saying, it’s amazing. It’s like amazing.

Speaker 5: (41:58)
Anyways, we’ve made improve. We’ve made improvements that I’m really looking forward to, to, to, to, as we graduate to this next level,

Speaker 4: (42:07)
You know, I’m sitting here just dreading the fact. Cause I just realized how many new products I brought in. I have so much more work to do for the website.

Speaker 5: (42:16)
Yep. And you have a lot of new product, new item videos, and you have a lot of new item videos. I think that you should, you should both. Okay. So you talked about bringing in PJ’s but you brought in something super important.

Speaker 1: (42:29)
I did. So

Speaker 5: (42:31)
Now what I’m talking about,

Speaker 1: (42:33)
I took three, this camel meal right here. It’s got me. It’s it’s hidden. The Campbell mill is hidden. Yeah. I like it.

Speaker 4: (42:41)
What else go home and I’ll use, what else can people use to help calm and relax?

Speaker 1: (42:46)
This is so awesome. So it is called a Sutra and we are now an official dealer of a Sutra products. These are amazing aroma therapy. Um, sprays Mr. Mood. Uh, there is some lotions that have, uh, magnesium and melatonin, uh, to it’s for, you know, getting your dream sleep on. Um, there is also some body salts, some soaking salts for your feet to soak away the day. Uh, there are some coconut scrubs and some travel packs. You can also take these, like if you’re going to go to a hotel or use them as a trial pack, if you don’t want to buy the whole collection yet. Um, I also even have a body butter by a Sutra that has capsaicin in it. Then my son Capus, ACN. Okay. So that is like the chili.

Speaker 5: (43:39)
That’s what part of the chili, when you pop them open, that’s

Speaker 1: (43:41)
What makes it hot while it’s also a pain reliever. So, uh, we now have a pain-relieving body rub. You don’t want to use too much of it. I had that problem with, we’re not going to go there.

Speaker 4: (43:52)
It reminds me of whenever I used to get hurt when I was a kid, my brother was always like a jerk to me and he’d be like, you want me to kick you so you don’t notice it? Or so it makes you wonder if you have like achiness going on. If you put the hot pepper on you’re focusing [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (44:10)
That has happened to me one time I put too much on. And I was like, cause it was a hundred percent. It was a hundred percent chili oil. I think you were. I was supposed to like delete that. Okay. Let’s stick with, so the, uh, suture

Speaker 4: (44:26)
Or appealing green chilies wear gloves be as Sutra, body butter

Speaker 1: (44:32)
Has a small amount and it is the proper ratio for pain, relieving properties. But it’ll get you to your joints kind of warmed up and heated up a little bit.

Speaker 2: (44:43)
It’s sutric product is backed by someone well known to the rest of the world, except for you. Yes. And who is this person? This founder, this creator of a suture products.

Speaker 1: (44:55)
Mrs. Williams.

Speaker 2: (45:00)
You seriously forgot who it was. We just discussed it.

Speaker 1: (45:04)
Okay. You’re good. I have two teenagers in my mind. Okay. The camel meal. I blame him.

Speaker 2: (45:11)
So long story short, where she’s researched the Sutra. She knows the name is like this worldwide phenomenon that’s going on right now. And she

Speaker 1: (45:22)
It’s huge. I know it’s big. It’s impossible. Yes.

Speaker 2: (45:25)
It’s like the hit worldwide. It’s it’s like products that are so well made and then

Speaker 1: (45:31)
Animal friendly. It’s vegan. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (45:33)
Get on the website and I’m like, Oh my gosh, she’s the founder of it. And she’s like, who is she? Well, the, she I’m referring to is Venus Williams. And she’s like, who is she? Only the world’s best tennis player ever. And she’s like, Oh,

Speaker 1: (45:54)
I feel like I should have known this.

Speaker 2: (45:56)
I feel like you should have known this.

Speaker 1: (45:58)
Just put a picture of her above it because that’s a great, I mean, I recognize her as I recognize her as the model. I mean, she’s all over the website. She’s gorgeous. And I just thought it was the founder of, I thought Venus was the founder and creator of this amazing product product. I had no idea that she was like the most important and famous tennis player. Yeah. I feel really silly now, but I just learned

Speaker 2: (46:28)
That now you’re wearing.

Speaker 1: (46:35)
So I, I now will never forget.

Speaker 2: (46:39)
Okay. Unless she’s on camel meal or lavender, the lavender tea, if I hit her the same way,

Speaker 1: (46:45)
I’m really sensitive to herbs. All right. So calming herbs really work. I am super excited about this. So we have missed your mood. Yes. We have a whole line that I’m going to do a new item video on a, it starts with your morning ritual. It’s, um, invigorating sense, natural sense like citrus, um, and things to get you motivated for the day. You can just put them in your bag. You can put them in your car, put them in your purse. Then you have kind of a mid day, uh, instant, uh, stress-relieving kind of sprays that kind of just kind of get you in the zone and calm you down. And then you have some that are going to be specifically for sleep. So each one of those sprays can take you throughout your day. And they do work, uh, with the,

Speaker 4: (47:30)
The aroma therapy, um, thoughts behind them and, and, and the research behind them. Uh, they are all natural, all vegan, all very specific well-made legit aroma therapy. So no nasty chemicals, no fillers, no, no fake.

Speaker 5: (47:50)
Yeah. We’re really looking forward to introducing those to you. I mean, there’s this week, I would be surprised if you guys don’t see three new item videos, because of all the excitement that we’ve brought in this week, I will tell you that April is like a growth month for us because we have so much going on. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of us on the new item videos, um, everything from sheets to other stuff. Um, so yeah, so with that, we are running a little long. So, uh, thank you so much. Oh, I forgot our special guests. So there’s a gentleman by the name of Oliver who’s playing on the phone right now, all over. You want to come say hi, cause I haven’t seen you in like a month. So if you’ll notice he’s gotten taller, he’s gotten taller than last time we had him on. And um, he’s also got them handsomer if that’s possible. And we’re working on, um, his, uh, we have an interview with him. I don’t know if you got to see the interview yet, but I did an interview with him. So I’ll include that a little bit of that. Um, but we’re working with Oliver on, um, getting him to work here in the store. He doesn’t want to matter of fact,

Speaker 4: (49:06)
As a matter of fact, uh, because hobby or likes to tease all of her, just like this Oliver has these amazing little, uh, unicorn shooters. He can shoot off his finger or he brought in his

Speaker 5: (49:18)
Yeah. Kid went pacifically to grab his Nerf gun. So that way he could shoot me.

Speaker 4: (49:22)
Yes. So when, when the Javier gets honoree with Oliver, Oliver gets revenge.

Speaker 5: (49:28)
Yep. So you want to say good

Speaker 4: (49:32)
Wearing an orange shirt. You want to tell everybody why you’re wearing an orange shirt? Yeah. Cause what, what day is it Friday?

Speaker 5: (49:47)
Ah, Oh, it’s on girly. It’s on. So it’s our teacher full dog.

Speaker 4: (49:54)
It is our TJ bulldog date. Oliver’s started preschool in Artesia. I recognize that we’re in Alamogordo right now, but Oliver’s heart is still in Artesia and every Friday he still puts on his orange bull dog.

Speaker 5: (50:09)
What kind of worms? Just got it. Open. Black starts showing up store. We’ve got tigers here and those are pretty cold.

Speaker 4: (50:21)
Hey, you know, Bulldogs got my hearts on.

Speaker 5: (50:25)
All right. So anyways

Speaker 2: (50:28)
And the cave men are all now upset. We’re going to have, I just, I just, I opened a can of worms. It’s Friday.

Speaker 6: (50:40)
All right. With that. We’ll see you next week. Bye. Now.