Here’s the transcript of today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
It’s like that all day. This is, this is how we roll on a good Friday. It’s two D I good Friday. Hi, I’m Javier. Hi, I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie and it’s good Friday. So this is the food bowl right before. Oh, wait, we, these light up.

Speaker 2: (00:25)
Oh, I’m sure that the people having seizures are happy about it

Speaker 1: (00:30)
And looking at you. I’ll

Speaker 2: (00:31)
Miss Jackie Onassis glasses. How are you?

Speaker 1: (00:35)
I’m good. I’m what you call ready for the weekend. Alrighty.

Speaker 2: (00:40)
Yeah. Yeah. Well, I just got back from El Paso. Yay. Long trip. And these two were alone all day. Obviously had some fun on their own. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (00:52)
You should’ve seen the look on the ups. Guy’s face. Oh gosh, what happened? Well, I asked him like, he’s carrying in all the boxes and I was like, did you expect anything different? And he goes, actually, no. And then he said the other day you were dressed kind of normal. And I was wondering what was going on? What was wrong with you? Yeah, he prefers this too. Yeah. I actually liked the glasses because the lights aren’t glaring in my things now. Oh yeah. You see the reflection off my glasses, like severe. Did you guys see that

Speaker 2: (01:26)
Someday? I’ll have a normal crew.

Speaker 1: (01:30)
He doesn’t mind craves and weirdness.

Speaker 2: (01:33)
All right. So let’s have our, our cheers. This is fishbowl, our weekly wind down. And we’re coming while we’re actually filming a little early. Yeah. It’s boiling water. So we don’t want to yeah. We’re drinking tea. No, it’s not.

Speaker 1: (01:48)
It actually is really hard. I didn’t drink wine yet. I like your mug. Yeah. The wifey yours is so little. It’s a team. It’s a team mug. Well, don’t take us on camera. I can’t drink. I can feel it. Like I can feel the heat. It’s like stemming up. Like

Speaker 2: (02:17)
I literally told him, Hey, we’ll have freshly

Speaker 1: (02:19)
Brewed tea. And I said, Ooh, yummy. It’s got a good scald on it.

Speaker 2: (02:23)
Okay, good. All right. This is fishbowl, our weekly wine down where we go over questions that you guys have asked through the week and a flavor of teases. This is a lavender Roy boost where I say Rubio’s rude boys at whatever it’s lavender. Yes. It’s very good. It’s very heavy antioxidant. And it should help you with your liver.

Speaker 1: (02:51)
Yeah. You know, I, uh, this is lavender and green Rubio’s and it was one that they had on special this week. And I was actually up there on Monday. Well, I bought it and uh, I got a free sample of it when I was in the shop. That was good. Huh. And you know what? She told me it’s very high in caffeine. No, it says no caffeine.

Speaker 3: (03:13)
Well it’s early enough in the day we stay up tonight. Well, now

Speaker 1: (03:16)
It says no. Oh yeah. You’re right. Rubio’s is a caffeine. Yes. So anyways. All right. So, okay. I was worried about that. Do you have a good week?

Speaker 3: (03:24)
Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (03:27)
Very busy. Yep. Yep.

Speaker 3: (03:29)
I have to say it’s kind of awkward because you still feel like the society is taking a big hit off of COVID and stuff. And our little towns seems to be a little different. Like we never had extreme numbers in COVID we had it, but not extreme, like a lot of other places. Right,

Speaker 2: (03:45)
Right. Do you have in Carlsbad kind of, even those, our numbers were a little higher. They weren’t as high as the bigger town. So we skirted it and New Mexico skirted it and our business.

Speaker 1: (03:54)
Um, I, you cannot say that for the entire state, for the whole state. Yes. We are actually the four corners area and the Navajo population took a really big hit and it’s been horrific for certain parts of the state.

Speaker 2: (04:07)
Our county’s skirted it. So yeah. Yeah. The rest of it, the rest of it has not. No, you’re absolutely right. Okay.

Speaker 3: (04:12)
The business side of it, it hasn’t impacted us in a way that I would’ve expected it to, or yes. I really thought that, um, because our little town has so many little businesses, so I really expected our town to be hit harder. And it wasn’t,

Speaker 2: (04:29)
Well, we lost a couple, we did lose a couple. I mean, every town lost a couple. Um, the damage has been done it’s uh, but recovery is happening. Recovery is happening. I, I think that I’m a little scared of what’s going to happen for, with all the supplies and everything, but

Speaker 1: (04:44)
Our economic security and our part of the state is vastly due to our base and our connection to the military here. So without Holloman air force base and our military families and folks here, we would have been hit really hard. So that that’s really our saving grace for our community. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (05:08)
Even with that said, one of our first positives came from base, but I would say as a whole Alamogordo has really been very fortunate. And I just want to praise those who took it seriously. Seriously, seriously.

Speaker 2: (05:26)
And, and yeah. Yeah. Elmo skirted it, Carlsbad, not so much with oil and gas, but they’re recovering. Um, the rest of our state, we’re all rooting for you cause there’s several parts of it that are coming out of it. Um, supplies are an issue that’s that was my week supplies. Um, we’re dealing with all those shortages and everything like that. So we’re getting used on the daily about how things are happening. Things are changing for us.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
You know, I feel like we’ve been talking about this like foam shortage for months now. Cause we started talking about it in the very first fishbowl. And what number are we at? We’re on number 12 today. Oh, wow. Okay. So we’ve been talking about this for 12 weeks, three months. Yep. And it is, I mean really, actually for a year because it started quite some time ago, but it’s now getting really, even more serious. And I know that we keep talking about that every single episode and it’s not to sound like a broken record, but it’s real and it’s not only affecting our industry, but automotive industry that’s across the board. And um, I think it’s starting to catch up and where it was kind of a surprise to a lot of people. Um, and backward green issues on sheets or pillows. Uh, I actually had a customer come in today and he was totally understanding and he said, not a problem ma’am I completely understand.

Speaker 1: (06:57)
Even though I could tell him straight up, I can get you that product, but it’s going to probably be three months from now or more like, I don’t even have an ETA. Like I don’t even have a projection. And it was simply just a set of sheets that was a specific color and a specific size. And because of the back ordering issues across the board on a global scale, um, I was like, I just, I can’t even tell you when. And I’ve had custom customers waiting a really long time, so, but they were very understanding

Speaker 2: (07:34)
That’s the week we have lucked out. We have very understanding customers

Speaker 1: (07:37)
Cause he’s a contractor. And so he’s been dealing with it.

Speaker 2: (07:40)
Yeah, totally. Yeah. Every third email I get is either a pricing increase from a vendor or a shortage notification or a, Hey, we’re putting this on backstock. Um, and, and I mean, it’s crazy. So yeah, small business right now, you know, we came out of the economic hit and now we’re facing a supply hit and it’s, it’s insane. Um, but I mean, I always say I love the challenge. I absolutely love the challenge of it

Speaker 1: (08:12)
With, with a big, um, so you have the supply hip, but then you have a increased demand, total increase. That’s

Speaker 2: (08:21)
Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. We’re facing, we’re facing, uh, uh, just unlimited challenges. But the cool thing is, is that it makes you think instead of just sitting there and doing the monotonous work day in and day out, we’re thinking differently and that’s important. Uh, we’re B we’re having to be so active

Speaker 3: (08:38)
And the constant adoption is right up our alley. We love to be uncomfortable, um, because it keeps you thinking and it keeps you moving forward instead of sitting and getting comfortable. But at the same time, it’s something we want to repeat to make sure it could be the very first time viewer watches this and they just get to hear about it. So, um, for those that are hearing us repetitiously, we are not trying to, uh, make excuses. Yeah. We’re not trying to make it sound like, guess what? We’re going to talk again. Um, it’s more along the lines. We just want to make sure everybody’s in charmed because it really is a real impact. Come into the store and reading something and we want to help you. But we also want you to be aware

Speaker 2: (09:20)
And say saying all this, we are fully stocked. Um, we, we like we’ve said before. Yeah. Cause we’re all down Debbie downers, but no, we are fully stocked. We have the product. In fact, we’re more stocked today than we ever have been at both places. Um, both stores. And the reason that is, is because we researched the hell out of this and um, we knew it was coming. Uh, it’s just that today, for instance, we were told that we have orders that are being pushed back a week. And then we found out that our next orders are going to be pushed back two weeks, maybe even three weeks. So it’s like, it’s happening? Uh it’s. It’s like, we’re having to adapt as we’re driving the car. It’s super cool.

Speaker 1: (10:02)
So like we, we have, we’re stocked to the brim. Yes. But on, and we have more orders coming in and we have slated schedules and slated deliveries and we’re rocking it there. But first very special ordered items are very specific items trying to go like where we used to have the ability to be like, Oh, let’s go to the computer and look this item up. And then you get your heart set on that one specific item, but it’s not available because the distributor is out. That’s the hard part. So we do have a lot of stock. In-house it’s all for sale.

Speaker 2: (10:39)
Well, you guys, okay. So we think, we think we’re in a tough boat. I was talking to my buddy that owns a bike shop here in town. And he was telling me, cause his floor is completely empty. He was telling me he won’t be restocked until 2024. Yeah. 2020.

Speaker 1: (10:56)
Yeah. That blew my mind because bicycles are bicycles. I’m just like, wow. That’s like, that just blew my mind. I didn’t understand it. Like how do you run out of bicycles? They’re like, yeah.

Speaker 2: (11:07)
Yeah. Metal steel shipping. It’s just, it’s insane.

Speaker 1: (11:10)
I really feel like those bicycles are going somewhere else. Like there’s a whole conspiracy there. I’m not buying it. I literally am going to have to put on a aluminum hat for that one because I’m like, yeah, no bicycles are being rerouted to like some other places.

Speaker 3: (11:26)
No, they actually had, they had shown on this and we watched them because the bicycles were being purchased by the hundreds in days instead of sporadically throughout the week because of COVID people want an outdoor activity that they would be allowed to do with that group. So you have people going into it again.

Speaker 1: (11:46)
I can believe that because this week I can’t say the name. Beep beep Oh, well I can, can I say FB? Facebook? Oh, cause we’re on Facebook. Okay. Okay. So Facebook reminded me of what I was doing a year ago. And I was like, it must be the end of the world because I literally pulled out both of my bicycles from the garage, dusted them off. Like I put new, like I, I, I literally was out in the garage, like cleaning my bicycles up and my road bike. I pulled out all my road, biking shoes and my helmet and I was exercising. And it was like, it was like at the beginning of the quarantine. And I was like, it must be the end of the world. Cause I’m I ran today and I did jumping jacks and I, I even got a jump rope out. Wow. I was jump roping. I think I really did only do that for like a day. You know, I started jump roping and you know how hard that is. Like if you’re not used to it, it hurts so bad. I did bicycle a lot though. Cause I remember being quarantined with John and we actually did get to live together for like three months. It was really wonderful. And uh, it was like an experimental.

Speaker 2: (13:03)
It actually wasn’t that much. It was more like three weeks, but she was all like, it felt like three years.

Speaker 1: (13:07)
No. So it was like, it was kind of weird. Cause I’d never in my life would have been like, cause you know, we met in high school. So back in high school, if somebody had come up to John and I, and been like in the year 2020, you guys are going to be dating in quarantine and everybody in the world’s going to be wearing face masks, like and told us all of the things that were going to happen in 2020 would have been awesome. Whenever I would’ve been like what kind of weird movie? Shocking as it was with politics. Ooh. Yeah. I don’t even know

Speaker 2: (13:44)
You got politicized a little bit. Yeah. It was a weird world. Let’s start doing what we’re here for.

Speaker 1: (13:51)
I said all of that because now I understand the bicycle.

Speaker 2: (13:53)
Yeah. Conspiracy a little bit more. Okay. So fishbowl where we answer your questions. So question number one. It is what is Gretchen’s accent. I cannot place it at all. You have an accent sometimes.

Speaker 3: (14:09)
Really? I do lots of fun talking with them.

Speaker 2: (14:14)
Did you send this question then? I don’t even know where that came from. Okay. So what is Gretchen’s accent? I cannot place it all. Please tell us about your accent.

Speaker 3: (14:22)
Well, I’d tell you, but then I got a shoe junk.

Speaker 1: (14:25)
Oh dear.

Speaker 2: (14:29)
So it’s obviously not a Boston accent.

Speaker 3: (14:31)
No, from Boston, even though I can kind of rock that one. Um, actually I did know I had an accent or you still had an accent, but I, I don’t have an accent. I don’t think if I, if I have an accent, whoever asked that, tell me where you think it’s Brown. Because I would love to know where my accent is from

Speaker 2: (14:53)
What she would see once you raise it, like South Carolina or something.

Speaker 3: (14:56)
Oh, I lived there. I was a military brat. But if you want to say it that way, I also lived in Tennessee. That’s a huge draw. We lived in Hawaii. They have their own accent as well. Lived in South Carolina lived here. I just,

Speaker 2: (15:11)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s an interesting question. Where do you think her accent comes from?

Speaker 1: (15:16)
I don’t know, but I have to say something. I am so distracted by my large earring. I’m afraid it’s hitting my microphones. It’s not even if I do this or an internet, what’s it hitting your necklace? Oh, I kept hearing a refill too. But you have back here. There’s so I’m just not used to wearing such big Accent. I guess. I’ve not really ever noticed that she has an accent. Somebody asked her, but sometimes an accent does come out.

Speaker 3: (15:51)
Yeah. When I’m pretending

Speaker 2: (15:54)
Maybe you were pretending what the customer who knows.

Speaker 1: (15:58)
Maybe we should do that one day. We should just all have like a pirate accent. Can we do it by right.

Speaker 2: (16:04)
And the guy was trying to pull off an English accent then that was like, it doesn’t even sound real, but okay. Yeah, that actually happened.

Speaker 1: (16:12)
I think that guy, I saw that guy at pumpkin. Wait, I saw that guy at Dunkin donuts. I think he really speaks like that.

Speaker 2: (16:19)
Oh really? Oh, it sounded fake

Speaker 3: (16:29)
In England somewhere and then moved down here and started picking up a little bit. Okay.

Speaker 2: (16:33)
Yeah. England to Dallas, Texas. That’d be an awesome accent. All right. Onto the second question.

Speaker 1: (16:40)
I always get the accent of the person that I’m talking to. Like I pick it up and like if I’m, if somebody is like got kind of a Spanish accent, I can totally slip into like Mexico city. And then I start picking up the dialect at the same time in those English like that. I have an accent, but if somebody is speaking in an English accent, I start speaking. Like I have an English accent and whatever, like pattern the person is speaking in. I chameleon kicks in. Yeah. And I don’t. I wonder if other people notice that when I’m talking to them that I

Speaker 3: (17:12)
Still waiting for someone to come in that only speaks Spanish. So you have to talk by the way. She’s fluent in Spanish. So I think it would be awesome

Speaker 1: (17:22)
If somebody would please come, Oh no,

Speaker 3: (17:25)
You speak Spanish with Mel so we can hear a sale. We need it to happen.

Speaker 1: (17:32)
I actually do need somebody to come in and just converse with me. Cause if you don’t use it, you lose it. Yep. That’s right. It’s getting rusty. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (17:45)
No. No. Okay. I to everyone for her language. Okay. I snore a lot. I snore a lot. My wife wants me to try out an adjustable base because she saw a commercial where the base stopped. The person snoring. Does this really work? You have the answer to this cause you’ve been, you’ve addressed this several times.

Speaker 3: (18:05)
Yeah. So if you’re an adjustable base, the whole purpose of it is it doesn’t cure any type of sleep apnea. It’s not a cure. But what it does is aid in better breathing based off of direction. So if you raise that head seven to 9%, seven to nine degrees, however you want to word that you want to raise the head up slightly. What that does is it change the degree that gravity pulls back on your throat when your muscles are relaxed. So if you sit up slightly, it’s not pulling straight back. It’s more at an angle. So it allows your, your airways to stay open. Um, but if you have something else going on like a deviated septum, um, or a complete blockage that happens as well. Sometimes you feel on the back of your throat can actually cause a blockage as well. So that’s what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t react like a C-PAP, but it does assist in breathing. So if you have snoring issues that can help just like breathing strips can help. Um, there are plenty of different methods, but yes, I adjustable base under your head does help.

Speaker 1: (19:08)
And we do have an automatic base that responds to your snoring. Did you already mentioned that? Not today. Okay. Gone into details. I was afraid that I like blanked out for a minute. I missed something.

Speaker 2: (19:21)
Okay. Keep going.

Speaker 1: (19:23)
Cause I was, I was thinking and sometimes when I think at the same time somebody’s talking, I miss something because the

Speaker 2: (19:28)
Hamster makes a lot of noise in that little wheel up there.

Speaker 1: (19:31)
So we actually do have bases that if you snore in your sleep, you don’t even have to push the button. It just reacts to you snoring. You know? But I wonder it must be, you have to have the microphone on your side. Right. And it’s set on your side because what if your partner is snoring and it’s moving your side. So you got to watch your settings. And there there’s usually on the base app, it will show your side of the bed. It has a little diagram. And then you would attach it to your phone through Bluetooth. And the app is Bluetooth to the base and it knows your side. And it knows your microphone is which side of your bed, where your phone is. It’s very smart.

Speaker 2: (20:18)
Yup. Yup. So a wedge pillow will help you. Yeah it, okay. So all of these things are not cures, but they alleviate. And what I mean by that is it won’t solve your snoring a hundred percent, but it will solve your snoring like by half or maybe even a little bit more by half then half the noise will be reduced because the, uh, the, like you said, the muscles won’t be going all the way down. So you’ll have a little bit easier of an airway, but the muscles will still be loose in your head.

Speaker 3: (20:51)
Agreed. Agreed.

Speaker 2: (20:53)
Okay. That was a really good question. We actually have that one.

Speaker 3: (20:58)

Speaker 2: (21:01)
The rest bed is amazing, but I sleep alone. Will it work for one person?

Speaker 1: (21:09)
Okay. I can answer that. If you order a twin or a TXL, it works perfectly. Why is that? Because it’s a one bladder system head to toe. It’s one side. When you move into queen and King sizes, there are bladders that are on either side of the bed where each person would lay, right? So there’s a, your side, mine side. Your side. Did I say mine side? Yes. Mine, mine side. Your side, the sides. Mine. If you are somebody that wants a queen or King size rest bed, cause you like to sprawl out and sleep in the middle and like spin around like you do on your desk. I roll out on your desk. Not me physically,

Speaker 3: (22:03)
Maybe documents, but I

Speaker 1: (22:05)
In accordance everywhere, I’m taking over the front, I’m taking that entire thing over. It’s focused on, which is fantastic. Cause on my days off, you have to sit there and you’re surrounded

Speaker 3: (22:16)
Rainbow. We’re focusing in the restaurant. It’s awesome. Okay. Come on,

Speaker 2: (22:27)
Bring it back. Bring it back.

Speaker 3: (22:29)
I don’t know if my kid lost it. So did you complete this? Okay. So where she was going with that is don’t stay on your side. It doesn’t respond. So your side of the bed is what you have set for you. And the pressure maps are gonna read your side only, but what you have set. So if you happen to go to the middle or out to the edges, then it’s not going to pick

Speaker 1: (22:53)
You up. Pretty much. You got to stay in your own lane.

Speaker 2: (22:56)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s not saying that you can’t do it, but the computer will have to catch up with the other side. So let’s say that you have it programmed for you being on your side and the there’s certain settings and this side is set for you being on your back. When you roll over to the side, the computer has to catch up. Could take a couple minutes.

Speaker 1: (23:15)
We have an essentials bed. That’s even less like the rest bed essentials is instead of having three chain, five chambers, it’s just three. And it goes, is it divided?

Speaker 2: (23:28)
Yeah. Yeah. So it’s still, it’s still a multiple chamber bed. It’s just, they cut it down. Yeah. But yes. So, um, I would, I honestly, when it comes to one person sleeping on the rest bed, I have a very long talk with them and I try and talk them out of it. But I do try and let them know that that’s what’s going to happen with it. It is a wonderful bed. Wonderful other ones.

Speaker 1: (23:53)
Is there a way with the rest bed to set your preference and then lock it?

Speaker 2: (24:01)
You can always do that. Yeah. Yeah. So you

Speaker 1: (24:03)
Could set either side manually and then just instead of the same for both sides and then lock it and leave it and yes, you can do that and then you can sleep in the middle. Yes.

Speaker 2: (24:15)
Yep. That’s exactly right. Yep. Okay. Thank you for that question. That was, that was really good. And a lot of people have asked that question. Okay. Oh, another adjustable base question. Do I have to choose between having a bed and an adjustable base? Can you guys make it work in my existing bed? Oh, we’d like furniture. So can I have a piece of furniture bed and have an adjustable base with it? Work with it. Headboard rails. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who wants this one?

Speaker 1: (24:48)
You want to do rock paper scissors. I was going to say complete the first one. Yeah. Okay. So yes, we have some bases that are total lay flat. You can take the legs off and they can go on an existing platform. As long as that platform is strong enough or designed properly for that. If it has, if it only has like three or four beams, then the legs stay on and it goes into the legs. No. Yeah. Does that make sense? Okay. So let’s say you have a headboard footboard. That’s not continuous platforms like this real close, right? It’s not a true platform. Okay. If it’s just a couple of different beams of support that your box spring goes on, your base can go there and sit there within the existing frame with its legs on. But if you have a true platform bed and that’s where the slats are only about half of an inch or a centimeter, is it happening in some immune or the same? I know a centimeter is my pinkie. I’m getting distracted. If it’s a true platform that sucker Kens is lay on it, just like that. But you have to communicate with us and maybe we need to see pictures of this or talk about it because I did have a gentleman that bought a really nice Bali bed before he came to our store. Oh, is that at the, I thought that was just like, is that a brand? It’s a design. Okay.

Speaker 2: (26:36)
Yeah. So anyways, he bought a Bali bird, Bali, Bali, Bali. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (26:40)
I really don’t even still know what that is, but it really fancy. It sounds like basketball. No, it’s a big, beautiful bed instead of volleyball. I’ll show you guys. Does it come with a cheetah?

Speaker 4: (26:49)
Does it come with

Speaker 2: (26:51)
There’s? No teases. Bali has no cheetahs. It might have peacocks, but it has no CHITAS anyway. So you were saying nothing it’s magic.

Speaker 1: (27:05)
So, but unfortunately he was not able to then okay. Bought the bed, came to us, found his ideal mattress and I really sold him on an adjustable base.

Speaker 2: (27:17)
Yeah. He w he’s a doctor he’s on his feet all the time. He needed relaxation. He got,

Speaker 1: (27:22)
It has a bad back and he’s like, Oh, I need this. Well, we got it all there. It won’t work with the bed. Right. And he could not return the bed. And so, and because it was such a big investment and unable to return it and he just needed a place to sleep and he just needed to get back to his work routine. He had to return the base because it didn’t work.

Speaker 2: (27:50)
So it would not work with his particular type of bed. Right. So what is your, yeah. What did, what is your take on that? What can, can you have a bad piece of furniture and an adjustable base? Yeah.

Speaker 4: (28:03)
Um, like Mel was describing, we just take the slats out and we set the, of bays inside of there. And depending on the height of your side rails to a bed, we can adjust the Heights. Um, that way you’re not cracking knuckles. Anytime you’re changing your fitted sheets on the mattress, or if you need it to be a height adjusted, as far as your height, that way you’re not having to jump up into the bed. Um, they also can do that with the pudding and some furniture I’ll have to say, though, we’ve had some people come in with like antique furniture and stuffs or some beds. You can’t, if you have that rail system inside that comes into far, the adjustable base will not fit in there because you adjustable basis is cut to be the same width as the mattress. So if you have that lip that comes in, it actually makes it smaller distance in there. Then the mattress, but most furniture nowadays, the current stuff is going to be adjustable for him.

Speaker 2: (28:59)
We’ve done some really cool customer work, um, on the antique stuff. Uh, we only have come across one piece of furniture that we weren’t able to do. And that was a cast iron bed. I’ve never seen a cast iron antique bed with Gord. This, this was in Carlsbad. Uh, I was involved in that one and we tried like crazy to, to make it fit. We, we were looking, do we cut something? Do we adjust something? And know this thing was solid. Cast iron bed was absolutely beautiful rails, beautiful headboard and everything. And we just couldn’t make it work. But I would say 99.9% of the beds out there, we can make them work.

Speaker 4: (29:38)
And the adjustables are also headboard compatible. So if you have a headboard that you need attach to it, you can do that.

Speaker 2: (29:44)
Yup. Yup. And the big thing like, uh, that Mel said was we do communicate with our customers. We’ll have them shoot us pictures. Um, we’ve had people shoot us pictures with the ruler, with a measuring tape. Um, just so that way we know exactly what we need to be doing when we get there. So yeah. Communication is vital. Okay. All right. Last question of the night. Oh, okay. This is kind of the same thing. How many,

Speaker 1: (30:17)
If this is another adjustable base and all of the other fishbowls you as a moderator are like, we’re not going to talk about the same thing and you put it back in. I’m not doing that right now. Are you moderating properly? You can’t even talk it better not be about it.

Speaker 2: (30:32)
There’s something to see because I’m feeling goofy too.

Speaker 1: (30:36)

Speaker 2: (30:39)
Yeah, it’s a good tea. All right. I have a bed. I have a bed and in parentheses furniture and parentheses, that is really high. I need, are you really high? Is that what you’re laughing? There’s nothing in the tea. I promise you it was sealed. Okay. I have a bed furniture that is really high. I need a mattress, but I see these bigger mattresses that I’m afraid would make my bed way too high. What can you do to fix it? How do you handle this?

Speaker 4: (31:12)
The adjustable eggs and adjustable base comes with a smile.

Speaker 2: (31:16)
No, this is no they’re talking mattress. Yeah. There’s no base on it. It’s just the mattress pocket. Then the foundation would be the answer. Yeah. Yeah. What I’m thinking is this person came in and saw like the thermal balances are really thick because they’re hybrids. And I think that’s what they’re looking at. And they’re like, I have a really tall bed. How was I, I can’t buy a new mattress because the bed’s going to be too high. How would we have a wet,

Speaker 4: (31:41)
We will find out, um, the depth that they need. So if they’re going to be standing next to it, we can tell, um, as far as the lowest setting to what a standard structure would have, and from there we can do the math, just subtract off the difference to see if you need to have a standard foundation, which is nine inches or a low-profile, which is by benches or bunkie board, which is 200.

Speaker 2: (32:06)
It goes from about here to here to here is the differences that we can do. And it lowers your mattress every single time. Yeah. What’s your take on that one? How’s that teeth? I promise you. There’s nothing goofy with the tea, but it does feel good.

Speaker 1: (32:23)
I think it’s the lavender. It might be the lavender. She’s a happy to hear. I said lavender. I think it’s the lavender. We needed some lavender tea.

Speaker 2: (32:36)
There was a question. There was a question. Are you focused? Alright, so she has a giggle attack. I’m going to go ahead and address the question too. It’s exactly what Greg said. What we’ve done in the past. Again, take pictures of it.

Speaker 1: (32:56)
I always have a tape measure at my desk this morning. Both of the tape measures were gone and I was all riled up. I was like all excited. And I was like ducking into the office. I was so mad. I don’t know what I think that was pre coffee, like second cup of coffee. And I was like, I can’t even say it. Um, yeah, it was pre opening. It was very early and I needed a tape measure.

Speaker 2: (33:25)
We had a question. So anyways, so like she said, take, we’ll take pictures. We, we, we measure from the rail down. We go from the height that you want it because remember mattresses have a height that’s safest for you. And that would be like the bottom of your while the bottom of your buttocks, right? Yeah. Your Fanny line. Yeah. Yeah. So yes, just like that. So right at that point is where you want the mattress to be because of the, if the mattress is too low, then you’re squatting to get into bed and squatting to get out. That gets hard. And when it’s too high, then you’re climbing to get into bed and that’s not safe because you could fall out.

Speaker 1: (34:06)
I really do think that the height of a bed affects so many different things, not only at home and like for safety reasons and getting in and out of the bed. But I do believe this is one of my ex my hypotheses. Okay. Okay. I believe I actually asked Javier to drop some of the beds today by a couple of inches because I felt that I could have sold those beds. Had they not been so tall on the base that the deep pocketed mattress on top of a high adjustable base, because the adjustable basis can go from three to six to nine inches. And so if you have a nine inch adjustable base setting, plus the deep pocket that puts you at a really high bed, that’s more like for a Victorian look, the Victorian style in your home. Well, I said, let’s see if we can just drop those bases to a more comfortable height.

Speaker 1: (35:05)
And then we can always tell them if that’s too low, we can bring it up. But I really do feel like it’s been impacting some of the sales that I’ve had because I’ve had older folks and some folks that are still young, but they’re intimidated by the higher bed. So they challenged, they, um, dental people, because nobody like a very small percentile likes crawling into the bed. So that’s my theory. And so we dropped a bunch of beds today to see if, because I think those people would have really fallen in love with that mattress, but one, it has a soft edge around it. Okay. And if you have a soft edge and your feet don’t touch the floor, that soft edge can be very uncomfortable feeling. Especially if you’re pregnant. That’s a really good thought. Yeah. Okay. Cause I have had some mothers to be, or expecting mothers that I think would have been ideal for that, but they could, they didn’t like that feeling cause nobody would, I have a mother thing for when, for when we wrap up on or what we learned, because that was a lot of fun this week.

Speaker 1: (36:16)
I have to say this though, with that story, the princess and the pea, how did she get into bed trampoline? I was thinking like a cherry picker distraction because I obviously can’t bring them in. We’re going to go ahead and take a break. So we’ll see you in the opposite side of this commercial. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (36:35)
[inaudible] [inaudible] what did you do?

Speaker 1: (38:22)
He’s happy to see that he’s getting so what did we learn this week? Was she is on something today because these girls tea, there’s nothing in the tea. It’s it’s

Speaker 2: (38:36)
Lavender vanilla.

Speaker 1: (38:38)
The lavender. No, seriously. I was feeling like my back was all hurting and,

Speaker 2: (38:43)
And now it’s like magically fine.

Speaker 1: (38:47)
I think it’s the lavender, you know, lavender and France. I want to go see that someday.

Speaker 4: (38:53)
I want to go to Holland and I want to see the two

Speaker 2: (38:56)
Lavender here in New Mexico. There’s lavender fields here in New Mexico.

Speaker 1: (38:59)
Okay. Yes, there’s a lot. And I’d like to see those as well, but I want to see the provincial fields of lavender.

Speaker 4: (39:06)
She wants to go up on them abroad. OpenAir over yonder, over yonder. If I ever get there, that’s what I want to see. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (39:19)
Alright. You go first. Cause you always go last. You can’t get out of this one.

Speaker 4: (39:23)
I like to go last. Okay. So if you come into the store, you’re going to notice there’s been some big changes. Uh, the whole front end of the store. Now where the wooden floor is, is all boutique. That’s right. We spread it out. There’s no more batting center up there. The bedding center has been transitioned to the middle of the store.

Speaker 2: (39:41)
This is still on the Alamo quarter, but we haven’t made it to the Carlsbad.

Speaker 4: (39:44)
And the only thing left is going to be the pillow wall that needs to go above the sheets. So besides that everything’s already been moved around and adjusted. So I’ve made room for the batik steps so I can bring in more and more. You know what it is all day has been so stressful now she’s just like relaxing and it’s all coming out. It’s kind of like being punched drunk or something where you’re tired and it just happens. I think that’s actually what it is.

Speaker 1: (40:12)
It’s the whole week, this whole week has been so intense.

Speaker 4: (40:16)
Yeah. Super busy. It’s good to be busy, but you know, it’s all good.

Speaker 1: (40:21)
I mean, it’s a good intensity. Yeah, we have. I mean, I think stimulus checks are

Speaker 2: (40:25)
Yeah. The stimulus checks are definitely out.

Speaker 1: (40:28)
So we’ve had wave after wave after wave of

Speaker 2: (40:32)
Yes. And thank you very much for considering us. We appreciate every single one of you. Yeah. All right. So it’s your turn. What did you learn this week? Other than,

Speaker 1: (40:40)
Okay. So I learned this week that there are customers out there that have purchased mattresses and spent quite a bit of money on them. We’re talking three, four, $5,000 or more on beds that within a year are hurting them. They have buyer’s remorse, their beds have body impressions. And then within a year and when I, and they came in and they were looking and they said, Oh, this bed looks so good. This feels so good.

Speaker 4: (41:26)

Speaker 2: (41:27)
So this bed looks like zero

Speaker 4: (41:28)
Control. That that was an internal burb kind of came out money.

Speaker 2: (41:36)
This is the fact that you’re seeing this is proof that I don’t edit the video because somebody was asking why we don’t do it live because I wouldn’t be tempted to cut it. But the fact that I’m leaving this in here, I forgot that I had a microphone on when I went to the restroom. [inaudible] Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. My mic was still hot. Yeah. No hot mic incidents. All right. Okay. So what did you learn this week? Can we reel this in, please?

Speaker 1: (42:10)
Did you know that those customers that spent upwards of $5,000 on their bed with body impressions within one year had no idea if they had a warranty by the manufacturer?

Speaker 2: (42:23)
How, how does, okay. So like when you’re buying it, they don’t tell you, like, how did they explain this to you?

Speaker 1: (42:30)
Yeah. They were never told by the person that sold them the bed.

Speaker 2: (42:36)
So was it sold to them? Not online? No. It was sold in person. How does this happen right here? It looks like those lights because you’re being questioned. This is so weird.

Speaker 1: (42:48)
Yeah. They purchased it, uh, person to person. Yep. And they just really needed a bed. Cause they had just moved to town and they had not been informed that there was any sort of, uh, manufacturing warranty. So they felt that they were, that their, their money was just gone. And she goes, there is no way I can convince my husband to buy another bed for us because we just bought this one within a year ago and it’s already got a visible body impression. So I told her to go back to the place that she purchased it from. And if they are not helpful to contact the dealer or the, the manufacturer on the label of the bed directly. And, uh,

Speaker 2: (43:33)
We’ll get it back to us and wait, maybe we can, while it’d be hard for us. But

Speaker 1: (43:37)
Cause it may not even be a bird that we, it may not even be a bed that we deal with. So this was a very big brand bed. Um, so

Speaker 2: (43:46)
Boom on this. Cause my blank.

Speaker 1: (43:49)
I’m not saying that it’s, non-existent like there is, there has to be a warranty on that.

Speaker 2: (43:54)
That’s what I’m saying. I’m just like, but the customer

Speaker 1: (43:56)
Service at that end of it, that, and I’m finding that more and more and more that I’ve had multiple customers this week say that they weren’t even aware that bed’s had warranties. They’ve never bought a bed with a warranty before. Wow. And either it’s been that long since they bought a bed or they got one use, but they had no idea. So with us, we have a couple of different types depending on the level of investment and the Mac manufacturer on the floor. We do have some beds and our lower lines that are just like seven years. Okay. Then we have a tenure and a 12 year, and then we also have some that go up to 20, right. The first 10 years, and then 10 years prorated after that. Right. And 15 and 15 is stuck in the middle there. So we have varying and those are manufacturing warranties.

Speaker 1: (44:54)
There’s also warranties on adjustable bases. Okay. Then we sell on top of the adjustable base manufacturing. We sell a comprehensive, complete adjustable base protection plan that co that extends it to 10 years for coverage. Uh, we also have protection plans for the furniture that you purchased at the time. So that covers it for even rips, tears, dogs, dog stains, uh, all there’s like life happens. There’s like 20 different itemized things that, you know, can cover that, that investment. So if you’re not being, I don’t even like calling them upsells. But if you’re not being offered those protection plans at the time of service, you’re not even aware of it. First of all,

Speaker 2: (45:46)
How about how, I mean, in your opinion, you guys, how do we handle the, uh, educating the customers on the warranties we offer? What I mean, are we covering it enough? Do you think that

Speaker 1: (45:58)
I covered every time? I think every time I, I mention it every single time, I haven’t mentioned that our pillows and our, our sheets. Yeah. That was, I dunno what I had a little bit of a like, duh. So even the sheets and mattress protectors have warranties on them. Like five-year warranties. Yep.

Speaker 2: (46:25)
Yep. Well, that’s, that’s that’s quite the lesson. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (46:29)
Oh. And then we have an in-house guarantee.

Speaker 2: (46:32)
Yep. Oh yeah. The most important one,

Speaker 1: (46:34)
Which does not mean you get to sleep on the mattress or the couch in house, like you’re personally,

Speaker 2: (46:40)
A lot of people do ask to take naps in here. We just, we’d never charge for the first 15 minutes.

Speaker 1: (46:49)
Sometimes I take an app in here.

Speaker 2: (46:53)
I’m surprised when he’s not working,

Speaker 1: (46:56)
I’m trying the product.

Speaker 2: (46:58)
So what I learned this week. Okay. But you’d keep on being distracted. And I just was like

Speaker 1: (47:04)
30 days. If you purchase a mattress protector with us and you use it for 30 days, I don’t care what you do with that mattress protector after the 30 days, if you want to rip that sucker off of there. But the first 30 days at the first 30 days, you put that on you, not on you. I’m a myth. You put that on your bed. You can call us and say within the third or fourth week, uh, return that bed.

Speaker 2: (47:32)
Do you think that maybe your, your thing is a little too tight today?

Speaker 1: (47:37)
No, but did you see this? Can I, I wanted to do it a drop on that.

Speaker 2: (47:41)
You saw what you did.

Speaker 1: (47:45)
I wrote this up. This is so cool. So you know how I’m always cold. I’m not really cool today

Speaker 2: (47:51)
On camera. Is that what you’re saying?

Speaker 1: (47:57)
This is awesome. Take those out. So it’s even got a tail. I’m just going to mess it all up. It’s got a tail. Okay. This is a little unicorn. I have to go like opposite. And you have, you can do this.

Speaker 2: (48:14)
Oh my goodness. She took off the Easter years, which by the way, Gretchen, she’s getting her all to use horns that are different. So don’t be surprised if every week he shows up with a different horn.

Speaker 1: (48:25)
All right. So this is like a blanket,

Speaker 2: (48:27)
Which the ups driver freaks out. Every time he sees him with the horn.

Speaker 1: (48:31)
No, not today. He’s getting used to that. This, this is what this does. And we sell. These are made by lazy ones. It’s a Sherpa fabric, polyester type thing. It is so soft.

Speaker 3: (48:44)
And we have them in unicorns. I have them in bears. We have even a monster. That’s like lime green and we got one more. It’s the Apple opinion.

Speaker 1: (48:54)
It’s so comfortable and cute. Did he see that? Was that on camera? I was actually checking. It’s super weird.

Speaker 2: (49:02)
Okay. So what I learned today, can I go now? Because what I have is important, we have. Okay. Well, no, I’m important too. Okay. Hers was very important too, so, okay. So this week we have a wonderful new delivery team guys that started last week and they carried into this week. This is barely their second week. So naturally what’s going to happen on one of your delivery schedules or delivery runs. Oh, I don’t know a woman’s in labor. Yeah. So we have, we have wonderful delivery guys that got a phone call. I believe it was Tuesday. Right. Got a phone call that said, Hey, I’m in labor, but I really need my adjustable base. Would you guys mind ringing it?

Speaker 1: (49:50)
Oh yeah. So it was slated to be that day. And she’s live literally in the hospital, in labor, in labor, early stages. Yep.

Speaker 2: (49:59)
And calls us and says, I really want it when I get home. And the guys are like, sure. So

Speaker 1: (50:05)
Excited. They were so excited. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (50:07)
They were all pumped about it. So the husband actually meets us at the house while his wife’s in labor at it meets us at the house and meets them at the house. They do the quick delivery and everything. They come back and we’re all wondering, what baby did she have? Does she have a boy or a girl? We still haven’t seen pictures. So hopefully you see this and we get,

Speaker 1: (50:28)
That was very fun story. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (50:30)
Yeah. That really happened in scores points with that, by the way, we’re getting that all taken care of. So when mom and baby get to come home, everything is set. The dude was wanting to leave the room. So that way he wouldn’t have to be there. I mean, I know that’s a good point

Speaker 1: (50:44)
That, yeah, that would be you. Um, I had a whole bunch of people in there when I was, yeah.

Speaker 2: (50:50)
So you probably got a hippie birth.

Speaker 1: (50:53)
No, I wish I had no, no. Actually when Oliver was being born, this is no, this is not a lie. We had, um, four interns that were high school intern turns at the hospital, join us. So I had my brother who was staying very far away cause he was like, he had to be there for Oliver, but he was like, I’m over here. Uh, I remember him being in the window so excited. And then my mom was there. All of her, his father was there and then there were four interns and I was asked during it, if I would allow that and I approved it and they were high school students. And then they wrote letters to us after that, uh, IX IX like describing their, their feeling on the whole experience. And it was life-changing for them. Cause they had never seen childbirth before. And so it was really, really cool. And some of them, uh, the wording that they used was really awesome. So they were, they were handwritten letters that we have.

Speaker 2: (52:05)
That’s very cool. That’s that’s back when children hand-wrote stuff. That’s awesome. Yeah. Now that’s true to text message. Yep.

Speaker 1: (52:12)
Yeah. All right. So anyways.

Speaker 2: (52:14)
Yeah. So we’re over by quite a bit. So we have to wrap it up until next week. We promised you that she will have a new horn and maybe,

Speaker 1: (52:25)
Oh yeah. I, you know, I actually have costumes. I have like four or five weeks ahead of time.

Speaker 2: (52:33)
Yeah. We’ve heard. And then Greg will have new sunglasses most likely, because I guess that’s her new thing and me, I’ll still be sitting here the normal one I until next time. See you later. Bye Easter. Oh gosh. Yeah. Happy Easter. We didn’t even say happy Easter. We just did hoppy. We just did Easter by at least you didn’t burp on the way out.