Sleep Deprivation, Dementia, Foam Shortages, and National Penguin Day

Fishbowl ep15

Here’s a Transcript of Today’s Video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Perfect. I feel really pretty discombobulated

Speaker 2: (00:02)
Tonight. Discombobulated think discombobulation. Hi, I’m Javier. I am Gretchen and I’m Melanie.

Speaker 3: (00:10)
And this is fishbowl. Our weekly. Get together with you guys answering the questions that you’ve asked this past week. Just your concerns on sleep furniture, mattresses, life in general, her mental condition.

Speaker 4: (00:24)

Speaker 1: (00:31)
I am happy and I am spreading happiness and rainbows to our community. You should’ve seen the looks on people’s faces today. Oh, I saw them. I actually even got my picture taken with them. There was photos requested. I

Speaker 3: (00:43)
Saw no. I said I walked out here out of the office and I saw two very, very lovely ladies with you. Yes. And Greg was taking a picture for some reason. And I was like, oh no, it’s a wanted phone.

Speaker 1: (00:56)
Yes, Ms. Patsy and Ms. Glenda were here and they were like, can we please get a photo with you before we leave? Because you are so awesome. And it was awesome. Cause I opened the door. You know, you have to ring the doorbell when you first get here and they were not expecting this. They were not expecting this. When the door opened, I wasn’t expecting this happy Friday. This is how we Friday y’all and uh, I did just say y’all and they were just really excited. And even Ms. Glenda had stripes on. So we matched, we were like twinsies and I believe, I believe

Speaker 5: (01:33)
She said that she had them have the picture to show to her brother that this is how we work.

Speaker 1: (01:39)
This is how we roll. And this is who she bought her bed from, that she actually bought a bed from a real life.

Speaker 3: (01:44)
Do we have permission? Do we have permission to use this in any of our social media?

Speaker 1: (01:48)
Yes, I did ask both of the ladies for their permission and we have a photograph that’s going to be right here, so. Awesome. Okay. Thank you for the feedback. Because when I was getting dressed today, I mean, this is the most over the top of the top. I would think this is a gift from Gretsch. Cause she was like, I’ve got a really decorative. You

Speaker 3: (02:10)
Heard that, right? This was a gift from Gretsch and uh, well

Speaker 1: (02:16)
We’ve teamed up. I love it. And uh, I was getting ready and I was like, I’m going to rock it. I’m just going to go to work and we’re going to rock it. And it was a smash hit and

Speaker 5: (02:24)
People love it. You need to show them your Stripe socks and your shoes. Make sure that they see

Speaker 1: (02:29)
It all. Yeah. So I’ve got, I’ve got the, her tutus. I might be off camera. I almost fell over and I do have the striped socks and I have even like awesome tie dyed shoes that go with it. Yup. Yup. Yeah. There’s

Speaker 2: (02:47)
More, there’s more, you know,

Speaker 1: (02:50)
With every costume change, there’s always more to come. So stay tuned. So we’re expecting a cost and there’s a tail somewhere

Speaker 3: (02:57)
We’re expecting a costume change. Yes. This is a show about sleep and answering your questions. And yet, for some reason there’s a costume change every time. All right. So how was your week?

Speaker 5: (03:11)
It’s been very computer this week. Very computer. Yes. I have been. I feel like I should be cross-eyed right now by the time I, and I’m not lying when you left on that last delivery. I actually put my head down for a few minutes on my arm just to take a brief little siesta, but it was so brief that I woke up as soon as I started, because I was afraid you were going to come into the office at any point in scare me that would’ve happened

Speaker 3: (03:37)
Or sprayed you with the non-water. But yeah.

Speaker 5: (03:40)
Yeah. Well, I wasn’t willing to risk that. So I actually set up and pushed through good

Speaker 2: (03:46)
Fear. Fear is the ultimate

Speaker 3: (03:48)
In spirit inspiration, fear

Speaker 5: (03:50)
Up here. It’s just what I would have done. Wouldn’t have been nice. So I had to just wake up and suffer,

Speaker 4: (04:00)
Cheers to that. [inaudible] to making the right choice.

Speaker 3: (04:08)
So this, this week’s T is apple and pinata and which in Spanish is kind of like a pie. Oh my gosh, this is good.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
It’s a really delicious little folded with cinnamon and sugar where you put the little fork and you do the edges and it’s like a little bread tortilla. Yeah. But better than a 12 year.

Speaker 5: (04:32)
It’s like a fruit hot pocket. Yeah. That’s the best way. No, it’s

Speaker 3: (04:36)
Not a hot pocket. It is an it’s an empanada.

Speaker 4: (04:39)
Yeah. But where’s your chicken. Someone is listening outside of the state of New Mexico.

Speaker 5: (04:43)
They might go. What is an empanada? They’ll know what a hot pocket is. This weight

Speaker 3: (04:49)
Right there. That’s an empanada. It’s like a hot pot. All right. So, um, we start off the show. We start off the show with a, a weekly topic. Um, I just want to tell you guys our topic from a couple of weeks ago where we talked about, um, oh gosh, now I’m having a brain fart. It’s gone anyway. So our topic from a couple of weeks ago,

Speaker 4: (05:16)

Speaker 3: (05:19)
Anyways, the topic we covered a couple of weeks ago made national news yesterday. That is awesome. Yeah. We’re on top of it. That’s what you were taught on top of it. We are a research. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay, so this week’s topic. I can’t remember, but it’s right here. Anyways. That was our topic two weeks ago. And the national media at this time, ways

Speaker 1: (05:45)
To fall asleep during this timeframe. No, it was something else.

Speaker 2: (05:50)
Okay. Yeah. Continuing. All right, continuing

Speaker 3: (05:52)
On. So this week’s topic is disrupted. Sleep can be seriously affecting your health and this the no. Okay. So disrupt disruptive sleep can be seriously affecting your health. This is off of web MD. This came out, uh, this morning. So waking up briefly throughout the night may do more than leaving you grumpy and tired in the morning. Disrupted sleep may actually increase your odds of dying early from heart disease or any other cause. And women seem to be hit harder by these effects than men.

Speaker 1: (06:30)
That’s a scary thing that almost will scare you yep.

Speaker 3: (06:34)
To make you sleep. The data underscores all the more reasons why we need to be screening people about whether or not they feel refreshed and how much sleep they are actually getting at night. This is from the academy of sleep medicine. Um, nighttime arousals are caused by noise, temperature, pain, and pauses, and breathing. As a result of sleep apnea, you can add dogs now, all kinds of noises. Yep, yep. Kids, dogs. Um, they are brief they’re, you’re often unaware of them and unless they’re strong enough to wake you up and your, your partner notices when these arousals become frequent, however, they take a toll on your health, a new study, a researcher for the okay, for the new study. Researchers analyzed data from sleep monitors warned by participants in three different studies in all 8,000 men and women were followed around for six to 11 years.

Speaker 3: (07:30)
Now this is a pretty extensive study women, women who experienced more nighttime sleep disruptions over long time periods had nearly double the risk of dying from heart disease and were also more likely to die early from all other causes compared to women who slept more soundly men with frequent nighttime sleep disruptions were 25% more likely to die from heart disease compared to men who got sound asleep, the triggers for sleep arousal or the body’s response to it may be different in men and women, men, women, and men may, may have different come pen set. to-I I don’t know what that calm Pence. Yeah. Whatever they compensate differently for coping with the detrimental effects of arousal. Exactly how, or even if disruptive sleep leads to increased risk of early death is not fully understood. But the new study wasn’t designed to show cause and effect many people who frequent or with frequent arousals and poor sleep have other risks for heart disease, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lung disease. That one surprised me, lung disease, anxiety, and stress, anxiety, and stress can Rob you of sleep and Rob you of sleep and are known for their harmful effects. So it goes on to say, uh, basically consider different sleep hygiene ideas to help you sleep better. Uh, and also how it can help you basically avoid the risks of heart disease. The findings were pretty big. So when you guys read this article, what did you guys think? Did it scare you? No. Well,

Speaker 1: (09:19)
It tied into what I learned last night. Actually I was listening to a lecture on sleep deprivation and kind of the similar wavelength I was out. I didn’t even know you were going to pull this article today, but, um, and it was talking about sleep deprivation and even, uh, in men and women and how it really disrupts our hormones. Um, and that they’ve done studies with our military and stuff like that because that’s part of your training is to go through sleep deprivation. Um, but if it’s a regular basis and you’re getting, um, you know, cause sometimes in our society we tout having less sleep is kind of a badge of honor. Right. Um, cause you can get more done. Well you can get more done. And it works really well. Uh, especially as business owners and stuff like that. So we kind of minimalize, you know, sleep. Um, so that was very interesting, but it, that lecture that I listened to, um, pointed out testosterone levels that in a younger male, their testosterone levels after even just a week or two of sleep deprivation are more closer, uh, on cord with say an older gentleman drops

Speaker 3: (10:35)
A sperm count, drops significantly even in teenagers. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (10:39)
So it, it, it really hits all of our systems. I think even they mentioned it’s not here in this article, but uh, inflammatory illnesses and chronic inflammation of your body. So

Speaker 3: (10:51)
Mental health debilitating. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (10:53)
Oh it’s it’s, it’s definitely huge. And one thing that I did learn, um, was that sometimes this can be a con a contributor to this can be, uh, sleeping pills. Right. Cause we, we miss or other, um, next week’s topic. Goodness, boy. I’m like on a wavelength, that must be the horn. This is like an antenna.

Speaker 6: (11:15)
Wow. I’ll do that again. [inaudible] work hand in hand.

Speaker 1: (11:24)
Yeah. And don’t, don’t mistake, sedation for sleep. Right. There’s a big, big difference. And it’s a, it’s a big problem in our society right now. So

Speaker 3: (11:35)
You said you weren’t scared by this article. Why?

Speaker 5: (11:38)
Um, I guess because I’ve read on it so many times that it’s just like, uh, a life fact. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and when I was thinking about, okay, how can you relate this article or this information to people where they just grab it on a normal, um, the military is really one who pushes, you know, the sleeping pills for men when they have to go to so many hours to stay awake. And then so many hours they need to catch up on some sleep, especially when they’re out in the field and stuff. Those work hand in hand many on those. But I was thinking about average people. So I just wrote down things. I was just saying,

Speaker 1: (12:15)
Yeah. And not just our military, but law enforcement, central workers, anybody with swing shifts. Yep. FedEx ups, all of those pilots think about it. It’s scary parents moments,

Speaker 5: (12:29)
But I would say talking about natural sleep disruptions. So I just made a list of things. I just could think off the top of my head. And this is so you can understand that these sleep disruptions happen throughout a lifetime. It’s not just during certain peaks. Um, but it’s also everyday normal life situations. Okay. Being a new parent, you have your baby constantly waking you and disrupting sleep patterns, um, puppies and pets, like you said, with dogs and stuff, they wake up them all night and you’d go to the bed or to the, to the bathroom, not my babies. Um, yeah. He gets up with them. Um, weather around here. We have wind a lot of wind and it’s constant. So you think about wind or even storms with thunder and stuff like that. You’re going to have constant disruption there. Uh, 4th of July. It’s not just one day.

Speaker 5: (13:15)
It’s usually about two to three weeks because people don’t know how to set it off on the day. They like to celebrate a long time before in a long time after, um, stress. And when you go to sleep, you have your mind thinking it doesn’t shut down. So even if you fall asleep nicely, you can wake up thinking about something, whether you forgot something or if you’re really going through something that’s causing stress and your mind just keeps going. Um, your health, you have bad health issues, um, that will always play with you throughout your sleep throughout the wakey hours, um, pain, obviously, uh, getting older, your hormones change, um, for women it’s menopause because of men. So, um, yeah, whatever. No, we cut. Well, I’m not, I’m gonna finish my list. Okay. And I pause, um, is a huge problem for women. Um, and your hormone levels change a lot in men, as well as you age, it changes, it drops, uh, caffeine intake, room temperature, whether it’s too hot or too cold, or if you fall asleep, it’s about staying asleep. So you can fall asleep, even in really hot temperatures with staying asleep is a different theme. Um, if you’re in a new place, like if you go to a hotel or you get a, I wrote on that too, um, eating too late. Cause then your body digestion and everything kicks in and it does, it affects how you have the weirdest dreams if I eat pork. Okay. I think you both had this really. Oh my gosh. Like you have weird dreams with pork. Yeah. Like

Speaker 3: (14:42)
Pork chops. Oh my gosh. That sets off amazing dreams.

Speaker 5: (14:46)
Medications changes. Seasons change of seasons is big on people, especially with mental, um, and blue lights. Oh yeah. Those were the things I was just thinking about. These are natural sleep disruptions that we have in everyday life and we don’t realize it. Yeah. So when we talk about sleep disruptions, it doesn’t have to be massive article featuring things it’s literally every day situation. Yep.

Speaker 3: (15:08)
And the best way to avoid it is good sleep hygiene. Just, just look up and look up on it. We need to cover good sleep hygiene in a video. That’d be great. I have several, I have several times. Yeah. Yeah. We need to do some new stuff. We need to relaunch sleep coach. I need to get on that.

Speaker 1: (15:25)
I have crazy dreams. I’ve been thinking about this since you guys were talking about it. Crazy dreams. When I camp, when I go outside into the mountains, I have the wildest dreams. When I’m outside in a tent,

Speaker 5: (15:39)
We totally feel freed. And so your mom.

Speaker 1: (15:44)
Yeah. I mean, I used to live in a tent on the south rim of the grand canyon for three months at a time. And so like home was a tent and yeah, whenever we go camping, I have crazy dreams.

Speaker 3: (15:55)
Yeah. No. Okay. All right. Getting back to topics. That was interesting. Next week, we’ll cover, um, like you were talking about sleep medications because I think that’s an important topic. And I pulled up an awesome article that I think all of us can really cool. Talk about. Okay. So fishbowl originally started with us going and getting together and going over the questions that our customers were asking throughout the week. So what we do now is instead of, you know, training ourselves, we’re actually sharing the information with you. So that way more people know the answers to these questions. So that was like a lot of words on one breath. Did you know that was a lot.

Speaker 1: (16:34)
Are we going to be doing page two a little bit later in the show today? No. Okay. Yeah. We’re

Speaker 2: (16:39)
Gonna, we’re gonna wait on that. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (16:42)
We have homework now. That’s how important we’ve taken fishbowl. It’s next level stuff. All right. Anyways. Okay. So, okay. Our adjustable base makes our bed way too high. Is there a way to bring it down to a height that is easier for my wife to get into bed? Now you had just the opposite of that today. What are you doing? Are you having a microphone, microphone issues, microphone issue, the internet

Speaker 1: (17:10)
Discombobulation part.

Speaker 3: (17:12)
All right. Well, I’m going to get, I’m going to get with Gretchen. So our adjustable base makes our bed way too high. Is there a way to bring it down to a height that is easier for my wife to get into bed? Yes. Okay. How did they do that?

Speaker 5: (17:27)
But there’s a small, a medium. And he put them together to make a tall option for the legs on all adjustable basis. Well, not all most. And what that does is it allows you to raise the actual level of the adjustable base, which obviously is going to affect the hype of the mattress. So if it’s too tall and you need to bring it down, then go to a smaller setting on the wig. Yep.

Speaker 3: (17:52)
And you had the opposite today. What’d you have?

Speaker 1: (17:54)
I actually, the question I had was can you raise the height of our bed, another three inches with the adjustable base? Because we would like to use it for storage. Oh. They actually want to build a storage unit of the handcrafted storage unit with drawers and stuff to go underneath it. But they need it raised up just a little bit more to give a little bit more storage capabilities underneath it. So yes, we can go up in increments of three. At some point it gets ridiculous. You know, then you’re kind of like, whoa, it’s like one of those, like

Speaker 4: (18:31)
I think of those like little

Speaker 1: (18:33)
Like huts in the ocean and the main groves with the ocean. The, I was

Speaker 3: (18:37)
Just thinking that everybody else is thinking about their ceiling fan, but you can think of mangroves

Speaker 1: (18:45)
Pretty much. Oh dear. You know? Oh, they have those houses in Louisiana too. When the floodwaters come in stilts. Yeah. I’m thinking, Steltz

Speaker 3: (18:55)
Thinking about their ceiling fan hitting them, but you

Speaker 4: (18:58)
Went, yes. We can raise your bed yes. Or lower it. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s really important

Speaker 5: (19:04)
To you if you think about if you have an existing bed, because when you set an adjustable base inside of it, those side rails, and those are knuckle busters, if you don’t have it set. Right. So,

Speaker 3: (19:16)
Yeah. And we had somebody that, that, uh, we actually had to adjust their bed a couple of times, because first it was too tall. So we lowered it and then we raised it or no, we lowered it. And then she tried to change her sheets. She hadn’t thought of that. So she called me about a week later and she’s like, you’re going to hate me. And I was all why I need to raise the bed. I can’t change the sheets. And that was all well, I’m not coming over every week. I’m going to do it for you one time now anyways. No, that was really awesome because it was a good lesson for me as well, because I honestly thought that it was because it was safer for her to have the bed lower. It was better for her, but no, because she had to change the sheets. She was literally having to dig into the rails and she was, she was slightly a experienced C. I use that word instead of older, she was slightly experienced and you know, it would have been a problem for her to lift the bed constantly. That was good. That was, that is diplomacy. That issue can occur. Yes, definitely. Especially with me changing our bed. Okay. So yeah.

Speaker 1: (20:20)
I’m wearing space pants by the way. Yes. Yes you are. Did you see that? That’s all galaxies.

Speaker 5: (20:26)
You know what I thought of a lot when I saw them, first thing this morning was Battlestar Galactica. Do you remember that show from way back in the day?

Speaker 1: (20:33)
Yeah. Back

Speaker 3: (20:34)
To questions, back to questions. Okay. I saw, I saw your budget video on YouTube. How does it work? Can it really cool? You down now we’re getting these questions because I’m, let’s see in Alamo, we’ve already gotten up to what? 82. And in Carlsbad, when you guys were there, it was 85.

Speaker 5: (20:57)
No, it was, it was only 72. Is that? Huh? They have been going up down knowing

Speaker 1: (21:04)
Highs and lows and it’s, it’s all over the place.

Speaker 2: (21:07)
Yeah. I think they hit go home. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (21:10)
I think they’ve hit 87. So yeah. So bed jet, can it really cool? You down, you guys have played with jet more than I have. Who wants to go first?

Speaker 5: (21:18)
Yes, it can.

Speaker 1: (21:21)
I love the bed jet. It’s so awesome because you know, what’s really wonderful about it is the option to adjust the temperature because you know, you want to fall asleep. So you want a little bit cooler, right? This kind of goes back to some of the sleep study stuff. You adjust it so that you can lower the temperature. You don’t have to force the temperature, ambient temperature in the entire room. You just do it under the covers. And then actually in order to wake up and come out of your sleep cycle, then you need to warm up a little bit. And you can just program that and set a time for your bed jet to then set to a little temperature and give you a little bit of warming up. They discovered that because they thought people would say, well, I just need five minutes with my cup of coffee. Well, in that five minutes that you’re waking up the caffeine actually doesn’t kick in for 15 or 20 minutes. And it’s the temperature change in your body. That’s warming up your body temperature. That’s waking you up. So yeah, you can do that with your bed. Jet hot, cold, hot, cold, or if you’re like me, hot, cold, hot, cold. And I am just really hot right now. I can’t

Speaker 3: (22:21)
Imagine why. So the bed jet means something completely different to you. What does it mean to you?

Speaker 5: (22:28)
Yes, because I’m always cold and oh dear. I think at the morning I eat, I don’t think I would wake up. I would sleep a little long,

Speaker 4: (22:39)
So I would have to make

Speaker 5: (22:40)
Mine cold in the morning, but it is awesome because your hormone levels change throughout the night and they have discovered that you can actually pre-program your bed sleep by temperature. So whenever you know, you’re going to have hot spells and that’s usually your deep sleep and stuff, then what you can do is make your temperature cooler during those hours. So you’re presetting it throughout the nights when you’re sleeping, the temperature fluctuates with you. Um,

Speaker 3: (23:09)
You were saying something about the budget and menopause at one point,

Speaker 5: (23:12)
Yes, they have discovered that it really helps women with menopause, with hot flashes, the night sweats and stuff. So whenever people have menopause and they’re going through those stages and they just can’t cool off, well, it will be freezing. And then the next second three are just dripping with sweat. You have something that can work with you. I mean, even if it’s set on a timer and that hormone kicks in, you can grab the remote and set the temperature right then and there. So you don’t have to lay there and wait for it. Um, it’s something you can control with you.

Speaker 3: (23:45)
And so during our training call, you guys were talking with Dave, uh, in Carlsbad or manager in Carlsbad, and you were telling him that it’s not enough to have the budget, but you have to have at least a sheet or a blanket on top. Why is that?

Speaker 5: (24:00)
Yeah, if you’re going to have the bed jet on you, you don’t want it blowing into the air. You want it blowing into the sheets because that’s where your body is. So in between the fitted sheet and the loo sheet, you want the bed jet to be blowing. Okay? So it’s like, if you could think about being in a bubble there and they actually sell sheets that fit around the budget and then the comforter and stuff has a divider. So let’s say your husband is always hot and he likes air conditioning and your wife has always cold and she likes heat. You can have each one for yourself in the same bed and half the temperature that you want. Wow. You saved money. That way, that way, if you think about it, because like you like the temperature and the house really

Speaker 3: (24:39)
Cold. I love the temperature in the house, very cold. And

Speaker 5: (24:42)
I like really hot Mike, when you come home and you say it’s 80 degrees, which it probably is, and I’m perfectly comfortable. So with that, you can save a lot of money on your AC bill too, because instead of cranking up and air conditioning, the whole house, you have a bed jet fan. That’s just working on your area in the bed. And over time, if you think about your AC bill, if you were to say, let’s say for a year, um, your AC bill, that’s a good point. And the savings will pay off for the amount that you paid for your budget. Again, it just makes sense. And it affects your round. So you’re not having to worry about if the air conditioner gets fixed, because down here we have, what’s called swamp coolers. And you probably have never heard of that if you haven’t lived in the Southwest, but we’re so dry, we don’t like just air conditioning. Um, so I’m clear is add moisture to the air because we’re in the desert. So swamp cooler, you can pull that. So with that, you don’t get to just flip a switch and turn your heat on and flip the switch back and have your conditioning. You actually have a swamp cooler that you have to leave on weatherize either you set up for winter set up for summer. So you can’t just flip a switch every day. So the bed jet,

Speaker 1: (25:55)
Yeah. You literally cannot switch a switch. I mean, you shut that thing down and it crusts over with calici and it becomes all like dried out in like, like the insight of Carlsbad caverns. And then you have to change the pads. Sometimes some of us new Mexicans write a little sticky note and we put it right next to this swamp cooler so that you don’t forget to just keep it on low or keep the pump running. Cause if you shut that whole puppy down for 24 hours, you got a big problem. I know that was another leg Lakeside,

Speaker 4: (26:24)
You out there. Know what I’m talking about. Okay. So Ben, let’s

Speaker 1: (26:29)
Say you want to purchase a bed jet because it sounds awesome. It sounds like something you really want now is this something that you can drop ship to them, to the consumer customer? If you want one right now, we just give us a call. We’ll

Speaker 5: (26:40)
Ship it to you. That’s right. Yep. It doesn’t matter where you

Speaker 3: (26:43)
So, so, okay. Hers was heat. You’ve actually played in it to cool you down because you were having some issues at the time. How cool can it get?

Speaker 1: (26:52)
I’ve never had those kinds of issues. I’m always a cold person. I’m usually here in the store. Um, I don’t know, but I sometimes here in the store, if I get really cold during the daytime, when the air conditioner is on, I will go and lay on the bed jet and just kick it on with the heat. And that kind of like gets me warm again. But I, I have talked to so many customers that come in and they can’t sleep because they’re too hot year round and they just think it’s amazing. And a lot of, a lot of people go for that cooling capability. So, so if

Speaker 3: (27:26)
You guys aren’t going to answer to how cold it can get, I’ll tell you how cold it can get. We’ve had it down in here to about 67 degrees, which is way too cold for you to really be sleeping with 67 degrees in your bed. Um, ideally you’re probably talking anywhere from 72 to 75, probably even 80, because you really are with constant air blowing on you. So it’s a really good sleep, but it has different speeds.

Speaker 4: (27:56)
Are you hearing her? She’s all that’s way too cold. Anyways. I think it goes

Speaker 5: (28:01)
Up to like 119 or something.

Speaker 3: (28:04)
They had it up to 119. That’s no joke. They’ve had it up to 119. Well,

Speaker 5: (28:08)
You know, when they say, what’s your number on the badge yet? Mine’s one 14.

Speaker 3: (28:12)
It’s, what’s your number on our number of beds? It’s not, what’s your number under the bed jet? Well,

Speaker 5: (28:16)
We were saying we were trying, what’s your number? What are you anyways

Speaker 3: (28:20)
Onto us? A third question, because we’re like taking our time on questions today. So, uh, we’ll probably just do, when are we done? Yeah, we’re going to do one more question before break. All right. I bought microfiber sheets that don’t fit my bed at. They aren’t deep enough to go under my bed. What should I look for when I buy sheets to make sure they fit?

Speaker 5: (28:50)
What are you thinking here? Oh, I just go around. I was like, well, you know, our feet have sizes. Our mattress has sizes. So you have to buy what fits your mattress. Just like you buy a shoe that fits your feet. Definitely measure it. So if your mattress is 15 inches, then you need to find a sheet that has the depth

Speaker 2: (29:09)
Of at least of at least.

Speaker 5: (29:11)
Yes. And the thing is, is they will shrink if they’re cotton. So keep that in mind. And you will also have some sheets that are just made to fit more taunt. So you want to make sure that it’s a little looser because especially if you have a plush mattress, it will make it feel more fun. So

Speaker 3: (29:26)
You’ve covered a couple things that we’re going to address there, but what would you were going to say? Something, the

Speaker 1: (29:30)
Sheets that we carry here in store, we have the vast majority of our choices do cover anywhere between a 10 inch and above for, uh, protection. The average, uh, mattress is going to be around 10 inches. Then they go up to 23, some of the really deep, uh, so we we’ve got some that are very, very deep pocketed. Um, and they’re those sheets fit both of those. Um, now they have elastic that pulls it underneath and pulls it. You know? So the, if you have a thinner mattress is not going to be like

Speaker 2: (30:10)
Balloon balloon, but

Speaker 1: (30:11)
The, the idea there is that they’re still going to be loose because it’s when you get in there with your weight, you’re pushing down the mattress like a hammock and they want it to be loose. So you create that hammock because like Ms. Gretchen was saying, as if you haven’t really taught, is it going to pull up those corners? And the, the sheets are going to keep popping off. Now we do have sheets that specifically will, will really snag under there, um, and hold tight for those corners. Uh, but it also will warp your, your mattress and pull up the edges. So

Speaker 3: (30:43)
When you were talking Taunton, when you were talking, Tom, the one thing that I want to throw in there under the taunt sheets is it will completely change the characteristics of your bed.

Speaker 2: (30:53)
Okay? You saying taunt punk like taunting hot top

Speaker 3: (30:59)
East is Spanish. We saved taunt anyways, when the sheets are tight and like a drum on your, on your bed, what it can do is change the complete key characteristic

Speaker 4: (31:14)
Characteristic. I can use that word

Speaker 3: (31:17)
Anyways. It’ll change the characteristics of your bed. What we’ve had in the past is people will use an older mattress protector that is super tight on their bed and that, and they’re like, but when you were here, it was such a soft bed and I’ll go to their house to check it, to see what’s going on. And it’s actually a mattress protector. That’s like tight on there. And when you tell them that, they’re like, oh, and that’s, that’s the same with sheets. So yeah, I just wanted to throw that in because that does change the characteristic of your bed. Um, so what is, what, what’s the term she’s looking for? Just so that way. Deep pocket. Deep pocket. Okay. So that’s the term you’re looking for is deep pocketed, um, or look at the side of the box or the packaging and look for anything that says 15 to 2315, I think 15 to 28 is what we have biggest. No, ours goes up to 22. It’s 22. Okay. So 15 to 22. So that’s what you’re looking for with sheets. Make sure you get the right ones. Cause otherwise you are in for some interesting nights when your sheets are all wrapped around you. So that’s so frustrating. It’s very frustrating. Yep.

Speaker 5: (32:25)
It’s even worse though. When it pops off and snapped you in the face or when he gets on your foot. Oh, that drove me nuts when I was not kidding. When I was a teenager, this is a story I’ve got to hear. My mom used to buy those elastics that you can actually connect to the corner to hold your sheets on. And I don’t know if I used to run in my sleep or what, but the bottom would always slap off and you’d be asleep. And all of a sudden it’s like whack or crushing and then you push it and it comes right back up. So you would have to get up and refix your sheet to go back to sleep. It was really annoying. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (33:04)
That can truly happen. And with that, we’re going to take our small break and we will be right back by, are you needing an adjustable base, but just can’t choose the right one. Are there so many features that it confuses the heck out of you in this video, we’re going to review the [inaudible] the newest space for Maloof our newest space in the store. Hi, I’m Javier from LivWell mattress and furnishing centers. And in today’s new item video, we’re going to talk about Maloof M 6 5, 5 adjustable base. We’re also going to have someone flapping their ears in the background for no known reason.

Speaker 3: (33:52)
Shopping for an adjustable base can be quite confusing. There’s lots of buttons on the remote and half of the time, you don’t know what they do everything from under bed lighting to nine different massages, to all kinds of lumbar support. What do you need and what don’t you need the [inaudible] answers that question by having everything that’s essential. Plus all the extras that you will love. The [inaudible] has multiple features. First off it’s head up and foot up features allows you to raise your head and raise your foot in an infinite amount of settings. The [inaudible] also has nine different massage modes. It has two motors for massage, one at the head, one at the foot, and it has nine different ways that it does massaging for anything from wave to pulse, to continue with massage. This [inaudible] has it all for you. The [inaudible] also has pillow tilt, pillow tilt allows for your head to be raised along with your pillow.

Speaker 3: (34:58)
As you’re reading a book in bed, maybe watching a little video on your phone, it will lift your head up ever so slightly. So that way your head stays with your pillow. Another popular use for pillow tilt is to help relieve snoring. What it does in this point is it lifts your head ever so slightly to a point where all of the obstruction slows down or silence snoring. One of the greatest features that the [inaudible] has is Bluetooth connectivity. What that means is you can actually control the [inaudible] with your phone. All the features of the remote translate into a handy mobile app on your phone that you can control at any time. Another handy feature on the 6 5 5 is under bed lighting under bed. Lighting allows for you to get in and out of bed in the middle of the night, without having to wake up your partner.

Speaker 3: (35:52)
It sheds just the right amount of light onto the floor. So that way you can see if you’re stepping on any unicorn toys, dogs, cats, dog toys, or Lego blocks. Another key feature on the [inaudible] is called zero clearance. Zero clearance allows you to place the [inaudible] on any platform. Bedroom furniture platform, bedroom furniture is the type of furniture that doesn’t require a box spring. You basically put your mattress on top and that’s the way you sleep on it. Well, with the [inaudible] you have zero clearance, which means that you can slip the [inaudible] on top of the slats of your platform bed and allow your bed to go on top of the M six by five without any issue. Another great feature on the [inaudible] is snore detection. Snore detection is allowing your phone to control the head lift on your adjustable base. When your phone hears a certain decibel of noise coming from the bed, it will lift the head up a couple of inches until it stops hearing the noise and eliminates the snoring. I hope this video has helped you see all the cool features and adjustable base can have it just so happens. The 6 5, 5 has all of these features. It’s our top pick. It’s new to us here at the store

Speaker 6: (37:11)
And it’s unicorn approved.

Speaker 3: (37:17)
Hey, Javier, with live well mattress and furnishing centers. If this video has been helpful to you, please like share or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see future videos until next time have a great day. Okay. And we’re back. What’d you think of that commercial? That’s

Speaker 1: (37:32)
Pretty good. That was awesome. We’re getting so good. We’re getting all that better and better. Recognize the hat from the commercials. Yeah. Isn’t it awesome. Look at this. Wait,

Speaker 5: (37:43)
Say a joke or something or tweet it or something. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (37:50)
So what do you want to do tonight? Brain? It’s awesome. It’s air per paled.

Speaker 3: (37:59)
And where did you guys get these things? I have no clue. I don’t even want to know.

Speaker 5: (38:03)
That was part of the gift package. Yay. It’s awesome. I wanted her little hearts while back from the pause. It didn’t come in. They didn’t have any left.

Speaker 3: (38:12)
Was it on the same boat as the garden gnomes?

Speaker 1: (38:15)
Pretty much. Maybe we had to wait.

Speaker 5: (38:20)
I stuck it in the basket to buy it. And then by the time I bought it, it wasn’t there anymore. So I ordered it again. And this time it

Speaker 1: (38:29)
Came in, this is in high demand.

Speaker 3: (38:31)
Oh yeah. So you deprive some poor child because they probably ran out of stock.

Speaker 5: (38:35)
They can wait their turn. Like she had to, everybody has to wait in line.

Speaker 1: (38:40)
There’s a whole bunch of us that are

Speaker 3: (38:42)
To answer your question before you even type it into that, that comment box. Yes. She has worn that in the store.

Speaker 1: (38:49)
I do. Yes. It’s super fun. You know, to really debut it until after the release of this. So it’ll be more often than I’m actually wearing this when you walk in the door. Oh dear. And when somebody says anything that’s surprising, I can just be like,

Speaker 5: (39:08)
Or a mask. And it covers your face for years. Do the talking. So it works. Oh dear. No, because

Speaker 1: (39:14)
Yeah, because you don’t see smiles in anything. So, you

Speaker 5: (39:16)
Know, or ears really fast when she’s excited and happy. Oh yes. Yeah. She can flirt with one little

Speaker 2: (39:23)
Flippant. Oh yeah. So show your flirt anyways. Both years.

Speaker 4: (39:34)
So this is a part of the show where we share with you.

Speaker 3: (39:37)
What we’ve learned from the weekend. What I’ve learned is these two are, um, they got issues. We’re awesome.

Speaker 1: (39:44)
This is also really awesome. I bet it’s like so glowy. Yep. It’s like magic trick. It’s an orb. Hmm.

Speaker 4: (39:54)
What did you learn today

Speaker 3: (39:56)
Or this week or ever? I would have to say quickly, stop her.

Speaker 5: (40:03)
Tell me, go in the office. It’s just another reminder of the guy on this.

Speaker 3: (40:07)
Yeah. There’s still a lot of Dennis leftover.

Speaker 5: (40:09)
Cause I haven’t been a lot of bags back yet, but I have to say I’ve been sampling different fragrances and I’m really liking some of our new ones. So we have an American one and even the bottle is dressed up with red, white, and blue. And it smells like homemade apple pie. It’s easier.

Speaker 3: (40:29)
We had, we had a lady come in here that she specifically comes here for the dinosaur stuff. And um, and you guys, you guys weren’t here, you guys were in the car on your Carlsbad trip. So she came in and it was like, you could almost hear the angels sing. It was like, oh, when? Cause she saw it and she was like, oh my gosh. So she specifically came in for a small tube for her purse. And she said tomorrow, which would be Saturday? Or yeah, she said Saturday, which will be tomorrow to us. Uh, she will be in and be like completely shopping. Cause this was just her lunch break. And she specifically came for one of those things. Yeah, it was super cute. And uh, so when she saw it, she was like, holy smokes. So she’s coming in tomorrow and I’m sure she’s going to buy quite a few of them because she was just like, I can’t believe you guys have so many of them. Yeah. There’s well over there’s well, over 20, 20 different fragrances over there. I did say fragrances. You guys heard correctly.

Speaker 5: (41:26)
I have to say, I am most excited about the coconut flavored. Oh my goodness. It’s like coconut milk. It’s not like sweet,

Speaker 1: (41:35)
Sweet. It’s very summery. It’s like summer.

Speaker 5: (41:38)
It’s like a soft undertone of coconut and it is amazing. And the men’s lotion I’ve been encouraging the guys when they come through, go try it. It smells like after shine, but it’s a light smell. And I mean, it’s the man’s line and it has paid for body and hands. So it’s going to be aggressive as far as healing. If you get the rough hands it’s it’s

Speaker 3: (42:01)
Healed my thumb. I mean, I, uh, for months I was not able to use the thumbprint on my phone and with the Dynas I use it twice a day and it’s healed my thumb,

Speaker 1: (42:10)
Especially right now when we’re using so much alcohol sanitizers and all kinds of washing our hands so much, it’s really great to have a skincare product that you know is good for you. And it there’s also really cute little baby goats involved in the whole process. And I wonder if they do goat yoga too. I want a fainting goat though. Oh, those are so hard. There’ll

Speaker 5: (42:33)
Be like the guard dogs. They’re just people. And then as soon as you need them to come in your yard, you just clap. They fall over. People can come in on a slide like that

Speaker 1: (42:45)
Because they jump and then they lock and then they slide down. It’s horrible. So

Speaker 5: (42:48)
The way this works is whenever they have a fear response in their brain, it releases a chemical that causes their joints to lock.

Speaker 3: (42:57)
I’ve seen him. Yeah. I’m just, I’m trying to herd you guys in, but I’ll let you go for a little bit to see how far you go. Now. I’m going to reel you back in. So is that all you learned this week is that

Speaker 5: (43:07)
As far as the products, that’s what I’m in constant reminding mode of. Um, but we have a lot more of the lotions too, if you like a lighter feel, but because the pH on there is just like human. I mean literally the pH of a goat is so similar to human that when you put that even the big creams on it disappears, you don’t feel that yeah. It goes into your skin

Speaker 1: (43:29)
Quickly. Human babies can drink goat’s milk. It’s a great substitute for Presna. They make very good cheese too.

Speaker 3: (43:39)
Okay. Anyways. So what did you learn this week,

Speaker 1: (43:43)
But about what I learned, but I did learn some other stuff that, uh, I think we can use. So I, I read up a little bit more about this foam shortage impact. We should cover

Speaker 3: (43:54)
That because it impacted us this week. Tremendous

Speaker 1: (43:57)
Because this is unreal. So one of the factors involved in all of this is okay, so you, when the Gulf, okay. So when manufacturing stopped early COVID-19 right. Obviously there’s less people making stuff. Okay. Well then the next thing was the blizzards that hit the Gulf coast. Okay. Well the vast majority of those chemicals that are instrumental in the process of making foams and plastics and islands and stuff come specifically from the Gulf coast. Right? Okay. Well, it’s a petroleum derivative. It’s not very effective to create foam and then transported out across the country. Right. So what they do instead of like manufacturing foam and stockpiling it because it takes up so much space because foam is mostly just air, um, is that they, they transport the chemical agents rather than the foam itself to the manufacturing. And then, uh, that, that, but that is not, you can’t, you can’t contain that chemical very easily.

Speaker 1: (45:08)
So those manufacturers depend on a constant steady flow. Okay. And these come in, uh, liquid containers on railroad tracks and on trucks and stuff like that. So when that constant flow, it’s kind of like a pipeline of this chemical, but it’s based in our trains and trucks and planes. Oh my, um, I don’t think they put it on a plane, but you know, I was where I was going there. So that is what is kind of tripping it up and causing an even more domino effect. And then, uh, when the blizzards hit those manufacturing businesses, um, what really did the most damage is the, not necessarily the structural stuff, cause they’re used to having hurricanes. Okay. So Texas wasn’t caught off guard with like the buildings and stuff like that. They’re, they’re used to having some serious problems. What it was, was the loss of electrical power.

Speaker 1: (46:12)
And when the, yeah, when the power went out and all of the electric went out, they in turn lost, um, the, the, the pro you know, they couldn’t power and keep going. So it just came to a complete screeching hall. And luckily nobody was injured during that process because it’s, there’s a lot of things involved in pressure should have been happening vending. And there’s, there’s all kinds of nitrogen. There’s lots of gases involved in this process as well that have to be, you know, controlled. Um, it was like what this article, uh, likened it to was an, um, do they call them [inaudible], it’s a, like a class of a hurricane. It was the five, it’s almost like a number five hit Texas. And at midnight, that was the damage that happened. Um, and they were not calculating for that in the, in the middle of the night. So

Speaker 3: (47:09)
The reason that she researched it, so Hardy is because we got hit big time. So, uh, I know if you guys have been watching the show, we’ve told you we’re going to bleed at some point. Um, we have, we’ve stocked up on a lot of our things. So we still have stock. We still have a lot of stock, but the past two weeks we’ve been without a truck. So we were like, oh, it’ll just be another week and we’ll get a truck. No, today we got a phone call saying that, Hey, you’re not getting anything until May 5th because we didn’t get a single bit of foam last week. They went from 30 to 40% to 0% foam. Um, that’s insane. And so when you think of the numbers that they’re pumping out and have to catch up on, we’re lucky we, we, we won’t have to wait until when I tell you guys May 5th.

Speaker 2: (47:58)
Yeah. So yeah.

Speaker 3: (48:00)
So 12 days from today is when we’ll get our first shipment in the month of, well, it’s, uh, it’s going to be a month of having no shipments. Um, again, we have stock, we aren’t in full panic mode. It’s just, it’s blowing our minds. We, we expected it to be interesting, but this is full on brakes hit no nothing.

Speaker 1: (48:24)
And we have enough stock right now to bridge the gap. We’re totally do we like, we’re still, if you order a mattress today, we’re looking at another three weeks, you know, depending on the situation of this situation continues to get more complicated, expect that to go out. But like we’d said, we do have stuff in stock for you.

Speaker 3: (48:44)
Yeah. I would say we have like, of our top sellers, we have enough for the three weeks. We totally have enough of our top sellers. It’s the special order ones that might take a little bit longer. Um, and when you tend to need the special orders, you tend to understand that. But so yes, it’s concerning to us and we’ll stay on top of it. And we’ll, we’ll communicate with you more on that, but yeah.

Speaker 1: (49:05)
And expect delays across the board and pillows, because they’re also manufactured using foams and latexes, and, and it’s not just the pillows we carry in store. I have seen, uh, some, uh, buzz online today regarding other pillows that are specifically ordered online. And those consumers have also been told, Hey, we are out of stock. We, we can’t access our phone. We can’t make the pillows some very big, big names that I won’t say here, but that was in some of the article that I, I read. So there are consumers out there that are wondering what the heck is going on. And they have been thankful for the information that they’re receiving. We seem repetitive because we say every single day, we’re always putting it out there, but there are customers or listeners right now that this is their first time tuning in, and this is all brand new news to them. So, yep.

Speaker 3: (50:02)
So we’ve been dealing with it. We are ahead of the game. We are doing just fine. It’s just a special order stuff that we may have to have

Speaker 1: (50:09)
You wait a little just mattress it’s furniture, expect a three to six month wait at this point, right. If, you know, if you see it on the floor, we can get it. But if you want it in, you know, if we’ve got brown and you want it in blue expect, uh, at least a three to six month wait, it could be a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. And auto industry. Yep.

Speaker 3: (50:28)
Auto industries in shambles. Um, just the, the, the furniture itself, just to give you guys a little bit of, of, of more background on that. The shipping industry is literally saying that they will not catch up to anything until September. That’s how backed up they are. It’s it’s insane.

Speaker 5: (50:48)
So, and they’re also at their highest talking about that this morning, the shipping industry is at the highest students ever been. Matter of fact, the quote that was offered this morning was that it was like putting two years of Christmas deliveries together and what our shipping industry is going through right now is even more than that. So, yeah, it’s not about the slow processes. It’s about the catch-up because of the shortages and then trying to process where it would have been if we had ordered regularly. So our shipping industry is absolutely like out of sorts, um, trying to catch up to everything. So I think

Speaker 1: (51:28)
You had mentioned exports have changed too here in this country that we’re no longer, no longer exporting certain goods and products. Um, because of the amount of time it takes to inspect those

Speaker 3: (51:42)
American agriculture is suffering right now. So

Speaker 1: (51:45)
Our farmers are being hit really hard. Yep.

Speaker 3: (51:47)
Yep. So we need to, we need to think about them. They’re the, it’s a different economy right now, and I’m hoping things go back to, well, you can’t say it, these things are not, things are not going to go back to normal. We just, we just need to figure out how to change with the times. And that’s, that’s really what the key is.

Speaker 1: (52:03)
You know, what necessity is a mother of all invention. So this is really where our, our, our smartest brains and our, our, our biggest thinkers and minds are really coming together. Um, so I think this is a really important time to focus on, you know, how to create things that make this better. Um, and it’s forcing us to think outside of the boxes and to, to look at different ways and I’ve, I’ve been coming up and maybe that’s what I’ll focus on next fishbowl or things that didn’t exist pre COVID that now exist in our society today, our products, um, that, that are, are making our lives much easier, which had we, we didn’t even think about them pre COVID. So,

Speaker 5: (52:44)
You know, something else to think too, when you were mentioning farmers, um, I’ve been really following the news pro programs that are referencing. We’re going to have a bad drought, um, from California all the way to New Mexico. And he goes up, up into Colorado, over to Nevada, and then back down, um, we’re going to have a pretty bad drought and it’s already started showing. I was really wanting to take my kids, um, on a summer vacation to go river rafting this year. But the levels are already low. Even with the current snow levels that we’ve been getting the melt off from Colorado is still not suffice. It’s still not where it should be. As an average, it’s already starting low. And that’s a really bad sign because it’s only going to get hotter and drier. So this summer is going to be something really bad. So buckle down and get prepared for it. Um, get those call sheets, get that budget, get the cool pillows.

Speaker 3: (53:38)
Yeah, sleeping cool is going to be a major concern this year. It really is going to be a major concern

Speaker 5: (53:44)
Time, because if you wait until the day of, and then you start saying, oh, I should probably do something with all the shortages going on right now. You’re going to be left hot. I mean, there’s no good. There’s not going to be a recovery. In other

Speaker 3: (53:55)
Words, we have it. We have it now, come get it. Now, everything

Speaker 1: (54:01)
To make your life more comfortable. We’ve got beds. We’ve got furniture here in star in store. Look at all this nice stuff to make your, your home a sanctuary, uh, cause you’re spending a lot more time there. Um, and we can make you comfortable and sleep. We got great pajamas. We got Roman therapy so that you can, at the end of the night, we’ve got candles to start your, your unwinding routine light a candle. We got bath salts, we’ve got bath bombs coming in. We got a Roman therapy. We have pillows. We’re going to have some really awesome pillowcases coming in. Amazing decor. This is like the comfort zone. This is where you come for comfort

Speaker 3: (54:41)
Before they started the commercial. I wanted to mention that the American consumer is doing exactly what Melanie was saying is that, you know, necessity is the mother of invention, but it’s also the mother of intention and the American consumer is buying more American made product. And, um, I totally appreciate that. And I know as a, as business owners, we completely appreciate it. So we’re seeking what we can find American made. So yeah,

Speaker 1: (55:10)
This Sunday national penguin day, I just want you to know if you come by the store today, this is the debut of just Saturday. Uh, cause we’re, we’re filming this on Friday. I am going to be dressed like a penguin. Oh dear. There may or may not be a unicorn horn incorporated into the penguin, but in order to celebrate national penguin day, now we did have earth day this week. So happy belated earth day. No, you know, I just was not on my game for that extra granola that day. I’m not sure. I, you know, every day is earth day for him. So the normal,

Speaker 4: (55:48)
Maybe so

Speaker 1: (55:51)
Every day is earth day. But uh, definitely come by, see, you know, celebrate, uh, national penguin day. There’ll be a picture for this, cause I’m sure by the time we get this downloaded, we’ll be able to put a picture in right here. Happy national penguin day 2021. Uh, that will be on Sunday. The 25th is at the 25th. I believe so. Yes. Yes.

Speaker 3: (56:14)
Uh, you’re just scaring me with the thoughts of,

Speaker 1: (56:16)
Tomorrow’s not wait. I have it all laid out

Speaker 5: (56:19)
Tomorrow. Cause it’s like water and ice. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (56:21)
Anyways. All right. Until next time you guys have a wonderful day. Bye. Bye [inaudible].