Fish Bowl


Here is the transcript to today’s video:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Because we’re working on, we’re working on X

Speaker 2: (00:04)
One. Hi, I’m Javier. I’m Gretchen and I’m Melanie and you look interesting.

Speaker 1: (00:11)
Okay. So we have been working on our special effects.

Speaker 2: (00:14)
We have. Yes. See, we’re trying something different.

Speaker 1: (00:17)
I am working on my special effects. So I came today as a Jetta.

Speaker 2: (00:21)
Oh. And my buddy came as an easy walk.

Speaker 1: (00:24)
Yes. An outfit like mine. He has

Speaker 3: (00:29)
An YWAM costume at home, but they don’t like it.

Speaker 1: (00:31)
We need to do this again. I like mine. This is very warm. I have been cold all day. We’re still in February. We have one more day. Two more days. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (00:40)
Yeah. You’ve been cold because we have the air conditioner set to 68. I turned on the air conditioner. We needed airflow. You still don’t understand. Well, okay. Let me explain. It’s cool. So tell us about

Speaker 1: (00:56)
Outfit. This is my Jedi outfit. I even brought my, my lightsaber flight saber, but I think that Oliver has used it so much.

Speaker 2: (01:06)
I think that you’re off camera. Let me see. Yep. You’re off camera. No, I’m invisible. Oh my gosh. You’re using your giant mind powers.

Speaker 1: (01:15)
You can see me here. Just your eyes. Don’t go that far. I have to lean in. Okay. We’re working on special effects. So I thought I would bring this today, but all of her is now six and he has used this so much that it no longer closes. I think the dog’s chewed on it. And you just replaced the batteries. Those are brand new batteries. And I have no sound and I have no lights. Well, no, we need to work on that. So we’re just going to wait until next time. But I am warm. No unicorn horn. No unicorn.

Speaker 3: (01:52)
She has multiple looks. Yeah. She doesn’t always wear the magic. You are so-called today. She wore the fears that you had the field, the force fields.

Speaker 1: (02:02)
Yeah. Yeah. I’m using the force. I use that a lot today in my school.

Speaker 2: (02:06)
Oh, you had to use it a lot today because we were busier than heck. Yes. Thank you to everyone that came in today. We sell appreciate you. Oh my gosh. You kept us up and out and in. And it was just, it’s a blast. It’s a blast. I love

Speaker 3: (02:20)
It. I think we all got our steps in today too.

Speaker 2: (02:22)
Um, I am at 9,800, so yes. Yeah. I think we all got our stuff.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
I had to teleport from part portion of the portion to the room, to the room. I did a lot of teleportation

Speaker 2: (02:33)
Rolling on the beds is called teleportation. Now

Speaker 3: (02:37)
She had to find her wormhole to do the teleportation. Have you guys seen her?

Speaker 2: (02:43)
If you guys haven’t seen her, what is it called? An Instagram reels. Uh, get an art Instagram account. It’s live well furnishings and get on there. And uh, it’s real. It’s a real, real, yeah.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
That’s how I’m getting my exercise in as they didn’t know. But during, when they weren’t around and when it was really quiet, I would kind of somersault and jump bed to bed because I would, that’s how I could get my aerobic in and my workout routine. And I was like, nobody’s going to know how are they going to know?

Speaker 2: (03:14)
Yeah. I caught you. I literally came out of the office and caught you on film again. Film you guys again. Yeah. Yeah. I, I don’t know.

Speaker 1: (03:23)
I was practicing my form cause that’s like, if I, if I re if I record this, I can work on my form and I was getting really good. Very competent about bouncing.

Speaker 2: (03:33)
Yeah. You look professional. You looked really professional. Are you smothering my dog? No, it looks like you’re smothering my dog. No, I’m loving. Oh, okay. Well, okay. So this is fish ball. This is our weekly gathering where we unwind. We go through, um, we go through the questions that you’ve asked through the week we go over issues that we’ve had, and we kind of share it with you. So that way you’re aware of all of the time that’s spent finding just the right answers for you and know that we’re professionally researching everything for you. Right? Okay. So the questions come from you guys. We ask that you submit questions through email at info at live well, probably goes this way, but anyways, who knows anyways info at live well, Submit your questions there, submit them on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube. Yes. YouTube, or just come by the store and we will put your questions down and we will find a way to help you. Okay. So first question is I bought an S brand mattress and they were going to make us wait three to six weeks without a mattress to change out a bad mattress. I think he’s talking about a warranty. Yeah. Yeah. I think he was talking about a warranty. This was their fault. Hang on. This was their fault.

Speaker 2: (05:02)
This was their fault. And they wanted us to suffer without a mattress. That’s so stupid. Wow. This is interesting. Why did they do this? How does a mattress warranty work? Yeah, so it’s a warranty. So, so this person bought an S brand mattress and they were going to be made to wait three to six weeks without a bed to change out for, to change out the bad mattress before they got the new bed. It’s their fault, the manufacturer’s fault. And they’re making us wait without a mattress. That’s so stupid. That one goes without explaining, why do they do this? And how does a mattress warranty work?

Speaker 1: (05:38)
Are you saying S brand like, is that an actual brand or is that

Speaker 2: (05:43)
Code S brand is a actual brand. Yes. The four big brands are all star with SS. So they’re called the four S sprints. Okay.

Speaker 1: (05:53)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2: (05:55)
Okay. So who wants to question on warranties? I think you should start because you’ve been in here a while. You’ve seen a whole lot what’s going on.

Speaker 4: (06:04)
All right. So the majority of mattresses, when it comes to warranties will be non-correlated, which means the entire warranty time that they give you covers everything about mattress. Um, whereas when you go to electronics, it’ll cover this part or these parts and this part. Um, so non prorated, as far as a warranty issue, um, if you have, let’s say I’ll just throw out some random ideas. Okay. So you have a spring that falls over, or you have some stitching that’s coming on, done something that’s actually manufactured and causing problems. Um, in that case, you can, you can go back to where you purchased the mattress, or you can go directly to the mattress company that it’s from and you can request warranty, work on that, um, warranty time to getting that fixed should not be very long. I do realize that there happens to be like a slow downs right now with most companies because of the back-order issues. But warranty work should be immediate. I mean, the time to fix it could be on one thing, but responding to the actual warranty problem should be immediate. Yep. Yep. What’s your thoughts on that?

Speaker 1: (07:16)
I think you need to stand behind your customer. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (07:19)
Nate. Thank you. Okay. Explain that. Explain that. No, no, explain it because we D we’ve dealt with this, you’ve dealt with this.

Speaker 1: (07:25)
I dealt with this earlier tonight, right before the show, we are here for our customers. Right. And sometimes we have to make decisions that end up being a cost to us. We have to make decisions. Um, you know, and, and maybe that customer will come back or maybe they won’t, but I’m trying to do the right thing and sometimes doing the right thing or having integrity with the situation is costly, right. As a company. So, um,

Speaker 2: (08:01)
She’s looking at me because she’s trying to find the right words without offending me. And I’m like, no, you’re doing well, because I’m going to explain that. I’m going to explain that because in our Friday meetings, cause we have Friday conference calls with everybody. Then our Friday meetings, we always talk about this, that, um, being an, being a small business and having excellent service is expensive because we do, we take care of our customers. Is that why you’re, why you’re trying to be diplomatic about what you’re saying

Speaker 1: (08:29)
Would be diplomatic about it. Because I had to make a decision today for somebody that, you know, I had to make an exception to a rule that we have. Um, but I did it based on knowing the beginning of the cell and that the customer came to me. So what we’re we’re talking about is actually a return on one of my favorite products, which was really hard to handle, which is an LT, carbon cool pillow. And since I’ve been here, I think it’s literally my first, they go out the door. I, I can’t keep them on the shelf. Um, I had a customer come in and he was in severe pain. He’s not sleeping. Um, and we’re trying to aid in that and knowing that product so well and using it myself at home, I knew there was a very high percentage that it would work for him.

Speaker 1: (09:14)
Um, but he came back and it’s not working for him. And so to try to stand behind that person, uh, we, we did take the, the, the product back and returned the money, which we hardly ever do, except especially circumstantial with pillows and COVID. And so that pillow is going to be a loss because we really can’t use that. I can’t resell it. I can’t, you know, I may just have to, you know, I don’t know what to do with that pillow, to be honest. So, um, that is going to have to be a cost that we eat.

Speaker 2: (09:46)
So when we get in a situation like that, what a way I think about it is it’s all about our reputation and it’s all about the customer experience. And we, we, as a small business, need to be all about that customer experience and yeah, it’s going to hurt us. Sometimes it is. I mean, you and I talk about it all the time customer.

Speaker 1: (10:06)
Okay. And here’s another part of that story. So the gentleman had come back multiple times did find a pillow that was more because we have about 20 different pillows on the floor to choose from. Right? I mean, we have so many pillows, we have so many Hills. So we found a pillow that he was like, yes, this is going to work. He’s been waiting on it. Um, but with COVID and the whole situation of the world right now, we’re experiencing back ordering issues across the board. It’s not just in our industry. It is in every industry. It has left no retail person or life untouched here. So, um, we couldn’t get that pillow, the second pillow for him, the special order, it was going to be five to six weeks. And it is completely out of our control. You know, the order is there, we’re constantly every single day, multiple times a day, getting new information about products, um, we’re experiencing new shortages of foam or, or materials or containers or shipment, and it’s a daily change and it changes. Yeah. So we had to, it was a disappointment to him again, to say, I’m sorry, it should have been here this week, but now it’s back ordered six weeks and he’s, he was in pain at that moment. So yeah. So it hurts. It hurts, but you know what? It was the right decision. And, um, it was, yeah, it was the right decision at the right time. Yep.

Speaker 2: (11:29)
So my take on it is I’ve heard of this. We don’t carry S brands here. We don’t carry any of the major brands here because we’ve found that with the major brands, the reason, you know, their names is because they advertise so much. Well, guess what, when they advertised or tagging that price on to the product, making the product much more expensive, making the, the I’m saying it wrong, but the lesser known Brighton name brands, they make better product at the same price. So, so the quality of their foams on the unknown names is way above the ones that are known and the prices are equal. So in order for us to get you a much better product, we go for the brands that aren’t out there in your face advertising. I know one brand of mattresses that, you know, 25% of what you’re paying is their advertising costs.

Speaker 2: (12:25)
And I know a lot of you can actually guess who that is, but 25% of the price you’re paying is for advertising. We’re not into that. So that’s why we carry the brands that we carry right now. We carry Sutherland. We carry, uh, instant comfort and we carry the respite wonderful, wonderful brand names, just, just amazing to carry. And our warranties are amazing. Now these brands are so famous. The other brands, the 4s sprints, there’s a top four brands. Everybody knows them. And when you get that big, you eventually get so big that customer service, I’m not going to say customer service goes by the wayside, but customer service becomes secondary to other things. And when you get that big, you tend to make your warranty harder to obtain. And that’s exactly what’s going on here is this poor person’s having to wait. And I know it’s a male because of the fact that they said stupid and I’m a woman would have versed it better.

Speaker 5: (13:22)
I’m sorry. Yeah. But anyways, so unprofessional. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (13:26)
Well, this person just frustrated, but I know I can feel your pain. I have heard this. I’ve been in this industry for a little bit, and I tell you, I’ve heard this time and time again where you have to wait without a mattress because of the warranty. Yep. Um, and I, you know, I feel your pain. I assure you that, um, we’ve had warranty calls out of the store and I have yet to have a customer that’s had to do without a mattress. At any point, you may have to wait with your warrantied mattress like a week or two, but I’ve never had a customer have to wait without a mattress. To me, that sounds like, Hey, get an air mattress. We’re going to fix your bed that we made wrong anyways. So yeah.

Speaker 5: (14:08)
Yeah. Okay. You had mentioned Sutherland now included in all of that is winter, England. Oh, you’re right. We can’t favorite. I sleep, but on Englander and yet we can’t find Englander is my favorite brand too. Oh my goodness. What happened? Yeah. Sorry. I got your six. Thank you for that. Thank you.

Speaker 2: (14:28)
But yeah. So, um, I feel your pain. Uh, I don’t, we as our company, can’t help you with that fixed, but we can tell you that if you buy from our company, you’ll never have that. So I assure you. Okay. So are we ready for another question? Yes. Yes. Okay. All right. Second question. Why can’t I ever find the same mattress in? I like a different store. Does anybody know this? I know this it’s trivia.

Speaker 3: (14:58)
Well, I know it’s a trick question now

Speaker 2: (15:02)
It’s trivia. I bet you guys didn’t know this. Okay. I’m going to tell you. Oh, you do. Okay. Go. Did you just burp? Yes. Oh, okay. Thank you for telling everybody I’m going to have to mute that on the audio.

Speaker 3: (15:18)
Okay. So, um,

Speaker 4: (15:20)
There are rules that come with vendors, um, that whenever you sign a contract with them, that they require you have so many of their mattresses on the floor. Um, so a lot of times, if you run with a smaller floor, you end up with a lot of the same vendor. Um, and we specifically chose a vendor, well vendors that do not require that because we want the freedom to bring in sleep systems that we research and that we really enjoy. And that our customers will actually get beneficial, sleep prep. So we don’t agree with being told how many of a brand you have to have on the floor if you sign with a certain vendor.

Speaker 2: (15:58)
Very good. So the reason that’s not it, no, that’s close. Don’t you, you were right on it. You were right on it. So the reason, the reason that you can’t find the same names at different stores is because in order to make a variety of beds, like let’s say that we have an, a store store, a sells a, B and C mattress we’ll store B, can’t sell a, B and C mattress because why would the consumer go to either store? So they rename a, B and C to D and F then that’s why you have that. I assure you it’s the same mattress. It’s, it’s a trick that they, that this industry uses. Um, I show you it’s the same mattress. It’s just going to have a different price and it’s going to be played a little different. But yeah. Um, that’s, that’s a little note in industry secret, and I bet you, we’re going to get some negative feedback on that because we’re giving it out. But the question was asked and we answered the questions and were honest about it. But, um, yeah, that does happen in our industry. There it’s the same, a, B and C just named D E and F

Speaker 3: (17:04)
There’s one line. So yeah, I have an answer for that. I’m hoping like telepathically we’re, we’re thinking of the same thing, because something popped into my head. It might be the Jedi force, but it’s stronger. Would I do this? Because I do feel warmer, but it’s

Speaker 2: (17:21)
Normal people. I know Carlsbad team shout out to the Carlsbad team. Thank you for being normal.

Speaker 3: (17:27)
Hey, as an entrepreneur, you’re not supposed to be normal. That’s true. This is me working on my entrepreneurial. Is that right? Yes. Yup. Interlude.

Speaker 2: (17:39)
Oh, that’s true.

Speaker 3: (17:41)
Yep. Right there. Yep. So the interlude is a very special mattress that you’re not going to find anywhere else. It

Speaker 1: (17:50)
Is specific to us here at LivWell. Okay. There’s a really awesome story to this. I don’t want to trip through that. So I’m going to hand this over to Gretchen because she knows the story from start to finish with the interludes and how they came to be. But it’s a specifically patented dream mattress for us here at the company. Yes,

Speaker 4: (18:07)
It is. So we carried a different brand mattress on the floor that was our bread and butter. We love these mattresses. And his matter of fact, my husband and I sleep on those. And in the process, when we were talking to one of our current vendors, they said, so when you look at that mattress, what is it about that mattress that makes it so good for you?

Speaker 2: (18:28)
Because we sold because we sold so many of them and they were like, why are you selling five to one of this mattress over our mattress? And they wanted to know, yeah,

Speaker 4: (18:38)
We even had the company that made this mattress, asked me the same question. How are you selling so many? So the situation comes back to, they wanted to know what it was about this mattress. That was so great because they wanted to know more like, Hey, listen, you know, this right here is a special situation. And when we broke down, what it was that we got from the mattress, they actually built the interlude for us because they wanted to find something that we would actually enjoy for our customers as well. So they actually said, you know, just like you would a chef, I’m walking up. They said, give us a recipe that you would consider the perfect mattress. And so we talked with them, shared our recipe and they made us a perfect mattress. So the interludes are babies. Yup. Yup. One thing I was going to say too, though, I wanted to add, sometimes you will not find the same mattresses, even if you have the same company in different stores, because the company itself, the vendor themselves don’t want the same line sold in two different stores that are so close, right. That way both stores can barely have product, not be competing with price Wars and that such. Um, but at the same time, everybody’s a comedy.

Speaker 2: (19:49)
Very good. Yep. Yep. Yep. So, okay, so we’re gonna go, we’re gonna do one more question because we are going to have to cut it short tonight. Um, we did get a late start. We had a late customer, but thank you very much, Mrs. Customer. She was amazing.

Speaker 1: (20:06)
Are we still going to do the fun part of the show though? Like after there, you know,

Speaker 2: (20:11)
You mean the part where you changed? Oh yeah. Yeah. We’re definitely going to do as many questions. Right. We’re just going to cut on the questions because of what we learned. It’s important to share with you. Okay. All right. I, I, there’s, there’s a topic that I want to cover though. And I want you guys to be aware of it and these guys are already aware of it and that is an upcoming shortage on foam. Okay. This is something that we learned this week, and I know I should put it into what I learned this week, but there’s actually something I learned this

Speaker 1: (20:37)
Week. Cause this is different than what we’ve experienced. All

Speaker 2: (20:40)
Right. This is, this is completely different than what we’ve experienced as a company or what our industry has experienced. And when I say our industry, I mean mattresses, I mean furniture, I mean anything that uses foam. So yeah. Yeah. There is a foam shortage. It was already starting in October. We researched it back to October. You researched it back to,

Speaker 1: (21:02)
I did find an existing article way back then, right around the hall,

Speaker 2: (21:06)
Right around the holidays it started. So it was starting then. And it was only made worse by the shutdown of oil in Texas because this chemical there’s a chemical shortage. It’s one of the things that makes foam foam and there is going to be a shortage. We are, we have anticipated it. We okay. I’ll just tell you guys, if you’ve been in our store, our warehouse area back here behind us is roughly, I would say it’s what a thousand square feet maybe. Yeah, maybe a thousand square feet. So it’s very limited in how many mattresses it can hold. And we ordered enough mattresses to fill two of those warehouses. What we’re going to do with them.

Speaker 5: (21:53)
We have no clue what we’re going to sell ’em but

Speaker 2: (21:58)
What we’re doing is we’re anticipating the shortage. So that way we don’t run out of product for you. Um, we, we are doing our due diligence. So that way we keep, we stay in stock for you. So I’m bringing this up now because I don’t want, I mean, not first off, I know you guys already know we’re being, we’re being preemptive on this and everything, but I want you also to know that we’re doing this because you guys are out on the sales floor more than I am, and we don’t have to be embarrassed to tell somebody that it’s going to take eight weeks to get a mattress. Okay. We, we will have the product in stock for you 99% of the time. Okay. There’s going to be a couple instances where we will have to special order something, but most of the time we will have the product in stock. Okay. That is our pledge to, you know, that we are trying to be preemptive on this

Speaker 1: (22:50)
At least cut down on the wait time, the way that we are trying to get ahead of this curve. Um, and try to be proactive about this because some of our competitors, I mean, you’re out five, six, eight weeks. Now we do have some products that you you’re, you’re going to be, you know, if your rest you’re going to be waiting a little bit longer, but that’s because of the technology in those beds. Um, but we’re going to try really hard to be ahead of this game and what’s going on with that. Okay. So the rest bed specifically that is a brainchild of some grad students at MIT, it started out in the medical industry. Um, it’s a fantastic product. Um, generally it takes about two to three weeks in the normal world. We are not living in the normal world right now. So, uh, that company, restorative sleep technology has actually slowed down some of their production to focus on respirators because same technology that is used inside of the rest bed, the pressure transducers, the brain, the chips,

Speaker 2: (23:51)
This, this bed has a microchip in it. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (23:54)
These beds were developed for patients that are paralyzed, that are burned victims that are paraplegics, that have bedsores. Um, it is just now a modern convenience that we can bring this into our home for, you know, our athletes, just our average household, but the technology began in the medical industry. So right now it’s another hard decision by a company for integrity and to do the right thing at the right time, it’s been costly to rest.

Speaker 2: (24:26)
Um, I can’t imagine how much money they’ve lost.

Speaker 1: (24:28)
It’s huge because like I was speaking with the customer earlier tonight, they were interested in the purple grid hybrid between rest and purple. Um, they were rolling out with that idea right at COVID and they had to put on the brakes, you know, it was like a halting and we would have that on our floor right now, had we not been faced with a global pandemic. So, um, it’s not, you know, we know that this bed is going to be specific to your needs. Um, you know, rest is coming better. Rest is coming. Um, you may be delayed. We just recently had an additional delay in delivery, uh, where we were looking at three to four weeks, but unexpectedly, we had a blizzard in Texas that went all the way down to Galveston Bay. And like I saw on the news today that they had to move 3000 sea turtles off the beach.

Speaker 1: (25:23)
They were grabbing those sea turtles. They’re trying to rescue do the conservation efforts because sea turtles cannot drop. You know, they, they were having a hard time, those guys, so they housed all these sea turtles. So totally unprecedented, Texas. I have family there and friends there. Um, my aunt went 11 days without electricity, 11 days camping in the woods that is camping in a very cold woods with all the weather, you know, and we’re talking and so many families because Texas just isn’t, they don’t have the salt, they don’t have the trucks, you know, so this was a big deal and it slowed down the trucks. Then the pro you know, you know, I come from a family of truck drivers. So yeah, it went to get that product here. You can’t travel across it. Ice roads were shut down. So unfortunately our, our loyal customers that have been with us and waiting for that product, they were delayed once again. And it’s just the brain. We have a pile of their stuff like Christmas, their, their mattress,

Speaker 2: (26:23)
Your mattress is here. It’s just the brain of it. That’s taking too long. Yep. Yep. Yep. So what’s your take on a foam shortage

Speaker 4: (26:31)
As far as the foam shortage? I would say if you’re looking for furniture or you’re looking for mattresses between now, and I would say for my goodness, probably the next four, four months, at least you’re going to have quite the weight. Um, we are overstocking on mattresses trying to bring in more furniture for that very reason, because we realized the situation is going to be such a long way, and we’re trying to beat the curve. So to say, if we can try to ease the transition, if you come in to buy something that you have something readily available available, but even at that, um, we’re trying to contact the actual vendors as well. If you’re ordering furniture, ask them the status on that piece. And that way we can get ideas, you know, is there a back order item? Is it available? And what’s a guesstimated time of waiting and our vendors have been really wonderful with us and working with us on that.

Speaker 4: (27:23)
Um, but you know, as far as memory foam, it seriously in so many products, especially when you’re looking at our floor, uh, didn’t need just about everything we have except for the boutique. So with that, um, we’re very aware and we’re trying to, you know, prepare the situation. So it’s not as long of a wait for you. Um, but we do realize this is in so many companies, um, until Texas gets back on its feet and can recover and start making the, the substance that they’re needing in order to complete the memory foam process. Um, their hands are tied to, um, whether it’s a shortage of wood, shortage of steel shortage of memory foam, um, the stuff comes and goes, but this shortage that we’re having is because the chemical is actually made in Texas. And when they’ve had so many water, main breaks, contaminated water situations, frozen roads, um, businesses still closed down because they flooded whatever the situation is. There’s so much going on in Texas right now that that’s really been put on hold and until they can actually get that up and going again, and they able to make this chemical that they can send out to making the memory foam we’re kind of on hold literally. Yep.

Speaker 2: (28:33)
Yup. So she’s saying Texas, and that’s a big play, but it actually started back in October too. So yeah. Yeah. I want, I do want, okay. So a shout out to our, to our manufacturer Sutherland, from what I’m understanding the Sutherland is doing is they’re sticking to their guns. And now this is, this is big. Okay. So you have a company like Sutherland that is a hundred percent American made and they’re sticking to their guns because lo and behold, they could buy Chinese phone. But so far what I’m hearing is they’re sticking with American made foam. That’s a pretty, isn’t that a big deal? I mean, think about it. That’s that’s like sticking to your, that is right there. That’s that’s rebel. That’s awesome.

Speaker 1: (29:16)
I’m going to use the word integrity one more time. This seems to be the theme that keeps coming up is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking and nobody knows what’s going on is called integrity. I’d say Sutherland has that support across the board. You know, the other, I know we’re kind of on a shortened thing tonight, but I really want to stress that. Going back to a couple of months ago, when we first started hearing this rolling out, especially with the steel shortages as well, you know, we were approached and mentioned that it’s going to become harder to find mattresses that we’re going to be kind of in a certain area that lower end, because they’re going to have to try to, because of the shortage, they’re going to try to have to consolidate the manufacturing for the middle midline or luxury, you know, so everything’s getting squished, you know, you’re going to have a graph, I guess in real time it would go this way, you know?

Speaker 1: (30:09)
So when you come in, if you need a, an affordable mattress, please keep these things in mind, but we’re facing all of these different, um, uh, exponents are economics is economic, like all these different variables trying to find. So, um, and if you need a mattress and I know tax season is coming and you’re looking at how do I get the best out of my taxes? If you are one of the lucky ones receiving tax money back this year, um, or with the next stimulus checks and how that rolls out, how can I take that money and not blow it? Yeah. Okay. How do you not blow that you aren’t being given an opportunity by our government, which is very rare to invest that not only in your local economy, but in your everyday life, how do you improve your

Speaker 2: (31:04)
Life? That’s powerful. I had thought about you’re right.

Speaker 1: (31:06)
You can, you can blow your life on that.

Speaker 2: (31:09)
You can get a stupid TV, which what’s that going to do for you? Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If it’s smart or you could get a bed, that’s going to your health, help your health, right. Help you at work because it’s going to help you be rested. It’s going to help you think better. It’s going to help you with school recover. It’s going to help you recover. Come on.

Speaker 1: (31:32)
It’s going to last you 10 to 12, 15

Speaker 2: (31:34)
Years. So why is this investment? I think, I think, I really think so

Speaker 1: (31:38)
Great. That helps me recover. I was seeing that’s on my computer monitor and it says we don’t buy a nice bed for a good night’s sleep. We buy a nice bed for the next day. Yeah. We want a great day. Bod is the goal. Um, because everything they’re saying stems off of whether or not you get enough sleep. So it is, it’s all very important to them.

Speaker 2: (31:59)
Okay. So we’re going to get off our soap box. This is where we take a small break. Yeah. And this is where we take a small break. We’ve been ready. This table is, is, is it cramping? Your style is different. Yeah. So, um, we, we had a video producer dropped by and he gave us some mentoring tips and we’re kind of trying them out. We want your opinion. What do you think? Should we have full lights on or should we have just our studio lights on? Um, we were told that this would add depth to our video. Gretchen’s like enjoying her beer right now. Um, so, so we told that this would add depth to us, right. To focus on us or what,

Speaker 1: (32:42)
That’s the thing we’re pretty deep thinkers. So the more depth that we can have in any content so that you can consume that content. That’s another one of my assumption of content and depth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (32:59)
Thank you, Ms. Real Ruth Ms. Queen of Instagram reels. All right. So, um, yeah, if you liked this, give us a thumbs up or let us know in the comments that you liked, the new lighting setup and weeding and seeding. Yeah. I personally, you could never see your feet to begin with. Um, and then also comment if you’d like for Gretchen to shut her phone off before we start the video, that would be great. It’s a watch to me that I think, I think that would be great. But anyways, no comment on the lighting comments on the table. I liked our blue chairs. Um, our blue chairs are my favorite and, um, everybody’s favorite because we keep selling those darn blue chairs. That’s why we’re sitting here because we sold the Bluetooth.

Speaker 1: (33:45)
I’m concerned that the next time I wear my unicorn outfit, like sometimes my outfit is head to toe. Then we need the blue chart. I really feel like you’re only getting half of it. So in order to compensate, I would have to really go over the top with the,

Speaker 2: (34:01)
Yeah, no, no, we did this. This is a one-time set here. It’s the lighting that we’re going to worry about. Gretchen just burst. So that’s why she’s dying. Laughing. All right. So we’re going to go with what we learned today and last, and you’re going to go last. Okay. What did you learn?

Speaker 1: (34:19)
I just know I’m really hot. Right? It’s always happens. Like I get, okay.

Speaker 2: (34:25)
Why do you always insist on taking off your shirt? And I didn’t mean it that way.

Speaker 1: (34:36)
Half of the whole, like thing I am wearing head to toe is my pajamas today to work your lazy ones. I got so many comments today.

Speaker 2: (34:46)
Yup. Yup. Yes. We’re lucky like that. We get to wear our product there. They wear the PJ’s pajamas. Gretchen will wear them. Melanie will wear them. There were different PJ’s I have to like different days of the week. And now she’s standing on is actually going to stand up. Oh dear. I need to go jump on that bed over there.

Speaker 3: (35:10)
We had a customer ask, you know, so those are pajama pants. And she’s like, yeah, well you could wear those anywhere. And it’s true.

Speaker 1: (35:17)
You can’t tell that they’re pajama pants and they are so comfortable and so warm. And

Speaker 2: (35:22)
I’m a lazy one. And we carry them into boutique Are the favorites of these guys here. I have had the opportunity to wear a onesy to work.

Speaker 3: (35:33)
Then you loved it. And it said bare cheeks on his butt. Because after the comes down,

Speaker 5: (35:38)
I loved wearing a onesy. It was the best day of my life.

Speaker 3: (35:44)
His man card. Big deal. Anyways. Hey, I remember. Yeah, there were men coming in that liked Wednesday’s so yes, men were Wendy’s yes. Women were Wednesdays. It’s all about the comfort factor. And when you’re doing those cute Christmas cards and stuff, and you want the whole family dress the same, you can go from adults all the way down to her dog with matching one.

Speaker 5: (36:06)
I’m not gonna lie. When I found out that the blood flipped. Yeah. When the butt flap actually worked, I was like, that’s amazing.

Speaker 1: (36:12)
Now use the restroom and not get cold.

Speaker 3: (36:15)
Right? You don’t have to take everything off. You just use that cloud.

Speaker 1: (36:19)
No, it’s even a concern here. It is so much warmer to just so easy. Not in the bathroom. John loves it.

Speaker 5: (36:28)
John loves wearing a onesy. He loves it when I wear Wednesday. Oh, that’s that’s too much info. All right. So anyways, moving on to what we learned this week. What did you learn this week?

Speaker 1: (36:41)
Are we starting with me?

Speaker 5: (36:42)
Yes. Cause you made it horribly uncomfortable and you’re red. Does the lighting catch the red comment below comment below? Yes.

Speaker 1: (36:54)
Is that there’s a couple of really important factors to your sleep and your health. Um, with this whole like gallbladder angry gallbladder situation,

Speaker 5: (37:03)
Melanie is having an angry gallbladder. Kate.

Speaker 1: (37:06)
It doesn’t seem to be angered by beer once a week. This is my one. This is my one night wonder this is number two, but that will be it. And it doesn’t seem to upset it, but having a diet high in salmon has helped me personally. I don’t know if it would help everyone. Um, but I started really craving salmon and I’ve been eating a whole bunch of salmon. Um, I also realized when I was reading about salmon, that it can help in so many different ways. It can help with your inflammation of your body. It helps with your brain health, with all their mango threes in there. Uh, it helps it’s easier to digest. Um, and it is also a great source of vitamin D very high in vitamin D. So in both Gretchen and I talk a lot about vitamin D. Um, so my body was kind of naturally craving these things naturally craving the vitamin D cause I also have a deficiency in that and through what keeps beeping. And so, um, but what is so interesting in that is that I also read about magnesium. So that helps you to sleep because vitamin D can also help your mood helping you to sleep. Right. Well, magnesium is super important because you can’t activate the vitamin D without the magnesium. So if you have a magnesium deficiency or you’re not getting enough of that in your diet, it can, but you have a vitamin D deficiency. You’re just not, and you can take as much vitamin D

Speaker 2: (38:47)
And you’re going to give us a link to that. So on the bottom of this video, we’ll have the link to that because this is pretty important stuff that she learned.

Speaker 1: (38:53)
So I’ll, I’ll have a couple of those. And so I just personally felt that that was really interesting because I’m always trying to find ways of improving my quality. Night’s rest, improve my diet and my health and simple ways and it how it all interacts, but also trying to listen to my own body and cravings. And it’s been very interesting during this whole process because I’m craving certain foods that are actually being beneficial to the healing process of my body, but you have to be in tune with that, but the Jedi force,

Speaker 2: (39:25)
She took it too far. Um, so, so like to me, it’s super important to magnesium. Part’s super important because she suffers from a vitamin D deficiency and Greg has always dealt with this. And so knowing the magnesium thing I think is going to be crucial to you guys. So we’ll make sure that you give me the links, we’ll put them below. So don’t worry about that. That’ll be down there. Okay. Yep. Okay. What I learned this week is actually something I learned today. Um, we had a friend of mine, that’s a video producer, he’s a mentor. Um, and on, on the video production part and he told me that it, uh, he made the comment of, well, you know, your show kind of puts the, the thumbs, your thumbs, their nose at the people of staying at six feet apart and everything, and not hurt my feelings because we aren’t that we aren’t, those people, this is not us thumbing our nose at the fact that we have to have our social distancing. Let me make that real clear. Um, we actually, we have over here, we have a thermometer and an oximeter. Um, and is it there? Yeah. Yeah. We have a thermometer and an oximeter that we actually both all or all, both we, all three of us use this on a constant basis for our safety and for our customer safety. So for someone to say that it offended me. I don’t know if you were in the office when you said that it offended the crap out of me and it was, it was wrong.

Speaker 3: (40:50)
He doesn’t know our practices. We take our temperature every day. When we first come in, we log everything. We wear our mask all the time. You see us on mask for the production, but we always make sure we use the oximeter and take our temperature again before, um, and

Speaker 1: (41:08)
Login like every day, every employee, which we’re a very small family owned business, like we’re a small crew. Um, when you come in, you sign, you do your temperature. We have a sign that says masks are to be worn a hundred percent of the time. This is an exception, right? This is, this is our exception, so that we can broadcast this to you. You know, take a little bit of a breath, have a little of a fun, you know, fun. But, um, you know, we also, we’re a family unit as far as I’m concerned because we spend all of our time here. We don’t have really an outside social life at all. No, I don’t know. The last time I even saw a close friend, like we are so limited. We really, we hang out. That’s pretty much what we do right now. And we’ve been doing this for almost a year. So we are very strict in where we go, where we travel. Um, this is us and this is our one week,

Speaker 2: (42:05)
One day a week. Yeah. It offended me when you said that. And I was like, I couldn’t believe he said that. So it’s bugging me all day and not wanted, I wanted that to be what I learned this week, because I mean, I don’t, I really don’t want to offend anyone on that part. Um, I don’t want anybody taking it that way cause we’re really not thumbing our nose in anything. We were just as careful as anybody else,

Speaker 1: (42:25)
It would be really hard for us right now. I mean, we are at the edge of like where the camera is right now. Like if I move a teeny tiny little bit I’m off camera. So, and if we were to get further, we’d have to move the camera back and then you can’t see our faces. So with the technology that we have available right now, like we do really know, we really repeat. That’s not going to happen. [inaudible] you got one of those. So we really

Speaker 3: (43:06)
Right here with us. Right. But you don’t want her right.

Speaker 1: (43:08)
And has feelings too, because he’s a great guy he’s helping us out. So we really appreciate all the advice he’s giving. So yeah, it’s just, it’s, we’re having again, integrity. Right.

Speaker 2: (43:19)
Going back to Cheddar’s a good theme for today’s video.

Speaker 1: (43:22)
That is way better than the word I had in mind, which was putz. I learned the word putz today.

Speaker 3: (43:28)
Yeah. That’s an old word. Yeah. I literally were old man. Grumpy, Nan, grumpy old man, that movie, whatever it is, each other are,

Speaker 2: (43:36)
I’m going to moderate. I’m going to, I’m going to read, uh, to refocus us. So Gretchen, what did you learn today?

Speaker 3: (43:43)
Okay, well, I’m just going to go back to something we have actually, um, been through, but it’s something that repeatedly came up this week and that’s on pillows. Um, and I would say, you know, off of the realm of pillows, we have tummy sleepers, side sleepers and back sleepers. Obviously we have pillows for any of those positions and each one of them are very different. Um, and if you’re a combination of, we work with that as well. Um, but the key was learning about locked. Um, that was the biggest thing. People don’t realize that the law, which is the distance between your ear and the edge of your shoulder, when you’re laying on your side will determine a lot about proper positioning for your head. Um, if you, if you sleep on your back, primarily you do not want your head leaning forward. Your chin comes closer to your chest.

Speaker 3: (44:32)
You don’t want to obstruct your airway. You want it to be straight. Like when you stand up, it needs to be the same proper positioning when you lay on your back. And when you lay in your tummy, it’s really hard to find a pillow that does not envelop your face. And so with that, I’ve gone through quite a few different customers this week that have had different needs. Um, and working with them. I got to share the word head bed. Um, I’ve used that a few times in the past. And basically, you know, we do sell mattresses, which we referenced as sleep systems because they are researched sleep systems, um, that do offer purpose, which we fully educate everyone who comes in on. But when you get to your head, it’s still continuation of your spine. So that, um, using the word head gives you more of an active name for the pillow.

Speaker 3: (45:21)
And I only reference head beds to memory foam pillows or latex pillows, not fluff. Um, everybody’s grown up on flopper feathers, but the situation has changed with purpose. So when you have a pillow made with purpose where it’s literally poured in a farm to provide a specific thing for you, and we’ve referenced those as head beds. So we’ve gotten to have the opportunity this week to work with party key customers. Why have, um, with pillows and trying out different pillows, what those positions are for, um, versus the pillow and how the PO’s going to affect you. And, um, that’s been my majority question this week. What pillows do you have? What would work for this situation? Um, so getting to work with people, it always fascinates me because the education factors too, when we research and stuff are readily available for us to teach you for that very reason, we want to help you not just sell you. And I know we’ve said that before. Um, so educating ourselves as much as sharing your education with you is to provide that service. Um, so we do hope that, you know, if you do have any propeller, you can come in, ask any question and we’ll readily available to answer. And if we don’t have an exact answer, we will definitely find one, but we have a great selection. I haven’t seen another story yet that has as many poles as we have. It’s crazy.

Speaker 1: (46:44)
I would like to interject that a head bed is not the same thing as bed head and me, and that you can finish pillow can give you a bed. I would vouch for that. We were talking bed head.

Speaker 2: (46:58)
So this is Maddie. She says, hi. So we’re going to let you go. Um, this was a fast, slightly faster episode. Not really. Um, but thank you so much for watching. We appreciate you. Um, please submit your questions. Uh, let us know what you think about the new lighting setup, but that’s important to us if you want the full lights on, or if you want just these lights on, let us know. Um, and until next week, Nope.

Speaker 1: (47:23)
And after this, we’re going to roll the Instagram real.

Speaker 2: (47:26)
Oh yes. We’re going to roll the Instagram real horse. Got busted. We’re going

Speaker 3: (47:30)
To try. Yep. You got busted big time. It was a good bias. Now we’re going to try to work on that technology. See if we can put it there. Wait, before you closed you, after you watched that reels, just know we do not allow people to come in the store and actually do this [inaudible] children that do this when they come in and they get in trouble for doing that melody. So settles know that I’m just putting it out there for those who might want to test what she does please. Don’t don’t copy. That was yeah. Next week. Have a wonderful one. Bye.