Fish Bowl


Transcript of Today’s Video Below:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Do you think anybody will notice that she’s gone? I think so. Really? Because we’re not going to have a weird intro. I think we just did. Hi everyone. I’m heavier. Hi, I’m Gretchen. And this is snoot taking the place of Melanie. Who’s not here.

Speaker 2: (00:17)
Yes. Melanie is out today. Um, she will be back next week. Uh, we’re just, just enjoying the company of somebody else today. Who’s just as weird as her. So I guess it’s, it’s pretty good. Yeah. It just as colorful, just as colorful. Yup. So today’s beer. We are, we stuck with sacramental. Sunset. Yeah. It’s her favorite beer. She didn’t feel like experimenting. So I was like, all right, that’s fine. And it is Valentine’s for when, in two days. So I do this whole thing of being nice for three days. It got really quiet. What happened? Yeah.

Speaker 1: (00:59)
That was Molly or being like, Oh,

Speaker 2: (01:02)
So I get really nice. And she gets her pick of restaurants and of beer.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
My restaurant this year is at Casa de Cassius. Yeah. Cause he’s an amazing cook. I love cooking and I love watching him.

Speaker 2: (01:19)
Okay. So it’s been, it’s been an interesting week. It’s been busy. Um, we have, um, we’ve had so many guests in here that have talked about the show. Um, we’ve had so many interesting things. I actually can’t wait till the last section of the show when we talk about what we’ve learned this week, because it has to do with all our customers this week. So yeah. Looking forward to it. So cheers. And let’s get this party store.

Speaker 2: (01:50)
Ah, I forgot. I’ve got my, I’ve got my knees, my mind, my knee, my elbow sleep. I hurt my elbow this week. So I’ve got that. So I can’t bend my arm too well. Okay. So first question. And once again, these questions come from you. They are from our website. They’re from Facebook. They’re asked of us on the sales floor. Just stuff that you guys are interested in and want to find out about. Um, a lot of it has to do with sleep. Some of it with furniture, some of us with some of it with us personally, but we answer every question. Um, I know one. Okay. So I’m gonna, um, okay. So before I ask this one thing that’s happened this week is somebody asked us or asked me where we came up with the idea for fishbowl. And I told him, well, I always introduce it at the beginning of the show. It’s it’s we have a meeting. We used to have a meeting where we would sit down and we talk about what we learned this week and what questions were asked. So that way we could do our research for the next week. And that was fish dumping. That was our original meeting. And then we introduced beer and then now we introduce you and beer and that’s how it’s progressed, right? Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (03:00)
So the whole idea of a fishbowl too is exciting because I remember as a kid, that’s where we got to draw tickets for prizes and stuff like that. So it brings on excitement,

Speaker 2: (03:11)
Her idea for the name. So I was always wondering why it was fishbowl. Oh, so it has to do with the drawing. Yeah. Oh, that’s smart. Okay. Really nice. Anything creative is all, is her. I mean, literally she’s like just design genius. So the fishbowl was her design. Okay.

Speaker 3: (03:30)
I, my resume, yes.

Speaker 2: (03:32)
Design genius. Okay. All right. My mother needed a lift chair and you guys sold her one. That was great. But we are now needing one for my husband who is a bit larger than her. The one you had in the store would be too small for him. Do you have any larger sizes available?

Speaker 3: (03:52)
Yes. And I am forgetting the company name is at that old track. Okay. So ultra comfort has bigger lift chairs and the difference is, and, um, um, you have heat and massage and our current chairs and the ultra chair. Um, it has, uh, the availability to doing these preset positions that are very similar to an adjustable base. So if you’ve ever heard of zero gravity, the live chair actually will put you in zero gravity. Another huge difference is, is some people will say when they’re sitting in a lift chair and it’s coming up and stuff, obviously it’s helping you to your feet. Right. Well, when it’s laying back, sometimes they feel like they’re scooting out to the floor. So what they changed with the ultra chair is they lift the middle as they lay the back backwards. So it creates the safety zone where they don’t feel like they’re going to scoot to the floor.

Speaker 2: (04:48)
Yeah. Yeah. I know ultra comfort is coming in, I believe right after March. Um, so they’re not here yet, but we can go ahead. Excuse me. We can go ahead and pre-order for you. Um, but we don’t, we okay. So, so we would do that for you, but it still would be after March. Uh, we were bringing in a couple of models just because these things are amazing. Um, like what she was talking about, she showed me, she showed me the picture. I talked to the rep. I was, I was the one that talked to the rep. She’s the one that investigates to see if it’s really pretty or whatever. Cause she’s into the pretty part I’m into the part of, Hey, is this going to sell?

Speaker 3: (05:28)

Speaker 2: (05:30)
And I’m pretty I’m I’m I’m I’m is it going to sell? It’s a good for the customer. So this thing is amazing. It just, it kind of does this number and allows you to actually sleep in this, in this recliner because believe it or not, that is a trend, uh, falling asleep in your recliner is a trend because a lot of people are refusing to go get a sleep study or they have breathing problems that they haven’t addressed yet. And, um, they’re finding that these chairs are really helpful for that. Um, also another thing that I read was it’s helping people that have COVID because they have problems breathing at night. So this recliner actually, because it lifts them up and allows them to sleep on that.

Speaker 3: (06:08)
Well, that was really cool. That is awesome. Yeah. You know, and also if anybody happens to spend a lot of time in a chair, I know. Okay. For instance, um, my mother is wheelchair bound, so she’s always in a sitting position and for her, she can’t stay in one position in a chair for long, you know, cause you don’t want to accrue any type of bedsore or anything of that such. So for her comfort is key. And what comes down to the facts in that chair is the fact that because it puts you in zero gravity and that lifts the midsection up, she’s not going to have to worry about sliding forward, but more so when she’s going into that cradle position, it’s taking all the weight off of her lower back area to midsection. And it’s also going to be better for circulation because it’s bringing her feet up while our head does come down. It’s never going to be a flat position. So for her, it would be very beneficial too, because she wouldn’t be occurring bed source. So it does kind of respond like in medical bed is where I’m going with that.

Speaker 2: (07:07)
Yeah. I think what I’ll do, just so that way you guys can see this, I will go ahead and put a couple of these up on our website. So that way you guys can at least, um, uh, is it pre-shop or is it please shop? Yeah. Yeah. So, so yeah, yeah, yeah. So I’ll put that on the website for you I’ll have that up there by Monday afternoon. So that way you guys can see it because this is a very interesting offering. Um, it’s very unique, uh, and it’s very, um, I think it’s very utilitarian, but it’s also a very pretty chair. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. So that was that one. Okay. So next question.

Speaker 3: (07:46)
Can you read it when you do sleep coach, are you getting medical advice from a doctor? I guess what I am asking you is if you are using credible references,

Speaker 2: (07:58)
That’s a really good question. Okay. So the way sleep coach works is, um, sleep coach started off as a weekly blog, then it turned into video and then it turned into a mixture of video and a blog. Uh, it’s a lot of research, uh, all of us and I’m not just talking to me. Gretsch research research is stuff, Melanie researcher, stuff we all spend, I would say about a quarter of our day researching and reading about the products we sell, uh, about sleep, about how things can help our customers. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s constant growth with us. Um, I think rich thing, Greg thing is we don’t like being comfortable where we’re at. We always want to grow well. Research helps us grow. Um, the question was, is, am I using legit legit research? So yes, I’m using anything from the international sleep association. I’m using, uh, medical advice. I read a lot of, uh, books on sleep. Matthew Walker is a sleep expert who happens to be my personal hero. Um, I I’ve taken classes on sleep. In fact, right now I’m taking a class on sleep. It’s a masterclass on sleep. It’s amazing. Um, so yeah, we, we research everything. We, we, aren’t just making things up. Uh, we referenced a lot of stuff on our website. It’s, it’s important that we’re giving facts and we’re giving the reality, the real stuff that’s going on. Yep. Yeah. How do you feel about that?

Speaker 3: (09:26)
I feel like what you covered is exact. Um, I do think it’s important that, you know, when we do share information that you realize we’re not, opinionating our stuff, we’re not trying to sale based off of words, we’re trying to share information, um, in the process, what our goal is when you come in is to inform you about the products, inform you about the materials and the products and stuff, because we want you to be able to make an important decision. And by all means, we’ve had people come in here that are very knowledgeable from the get-go. So when we’re sharing stuff, they could be like, Oh, I’ve read that. Or, Oh, I’ve seen that. Um, and they can engage in these things or they can actually share information with us that we haven’t received. So it’s all about information. Um, but no, we will not opinionate anything just to produce a show or to make a sell or anything of that size. We’re just trying to share information. So you can make a better informed decision whenever it comes to you by

Speaker 2: (10:23)
I hadn’t even thought of that, but yeah, people might think it’s just stuff made up because we’re just trying to produce a show. Yeah. No, it’s real research. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We’re definitely, as you can tell, we’re definitely not Hollywood. We’re definitely not Hollywood. All right. The spirit is really good and just really good sacramental, sunset type 75. It’s got lots of tantrums by the way. It is, it is bill and Vicky’s anniversary this weekend. So yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (10:53)
Not only is it Valentine’s weekend, it’s doin Vicky’s anniversary weekend. So if you guys happen to go by to buy some beer, make sure you tell them happy anniversary.

Speaker 2: (11:02)
Yep. Okay. So how do I know if my bedroom set needs a box spring?

Speaker 3: (11:09)
Okay. Well, on bedroom frames, when it comes to a bed frame, excuse me, not a bedroom frame, but a bed frame. If it has five slots that’s to support your foundation, which is another word for a box spring. Okay. And I’ll explain that to you in a minute. Um, so it’s made to, uh, to support a foundation which therefore supports the mattress. If you have a slat, like, um, I always call it the skeletal system. Cause I don’t know what the, yeah. It looks like rubs. It looks like a skeletal system of all your ribs. Um, that right there is called platform bed. Or if you have a solid piece of wood, that’s called a platform

Speaker 2: (11:47)
It’s like 12, it’s like 12 flat.

Speaker 3: (11:50)
So if you have either one of those or an base, it takes the place of having, um, those five slats or having a platform bed. I’m talking about an adjustable, I’m getting my words mixed up. So what happens when I drink? Okay. And just to let you know, a box spring, we actually combinations now because they don’t have Springs inside of them anymore. Um, they are wood, um, and it’s really important that your mattress have proper support. So if you don’t have an actual platform bed or an adjustable base, then yes. Um, you’re going to need to have a foundation. The reason for that is a foundation is constructed to absorb the energy from the mattress. And without that your mattress is going to do what it’s supposed to, which is blacks, but it will be your spine that takes on all of that energy and your hips. Okay. So if you imagine sitting into a bed, all of that energy, if you’re on something that doesn’t have support, either your mattress is gonna flex through, or if it’s sitting, let’s say directly on the floor, I’ve had people who have done that and come in and say, Hey, my mattress feels firmer. And it’s like, yeah, it’s because you’re actually the one absorbing all that energy now because the floor doesn’t flux underneath of it. So yeah.

Speaker 2: (13:11)
Yeah. Um, yeah, actually the, the, the one thing that you said with the, uh, setting the mattress on the floor, we’ve had people that have said have been like, Oh my gosh, my mattress has totally different characteristics. It’s because, well, yeah, you had a really cruddy foundation underneath it. And now you’re doing that. Um, we’ve done deliveries, we’ve done deliveries where people actually have the mattress on nothing but the five slats that you’re talking about. And we’re like, no, that won’t work. That won’t work. Uh, on an actual platform frame has anywhere from 12 to 15 slots, it really looks like what she said. It looks like your rib cage and it’s on, it’s on the bed platform. And you can just set your mattress on that. But if your bed only has anywhere from three to five slots, that’s just a regular bed. You need a box spring on there.

Speaker 2: (14:00)
Now you put a box spring foundation. Yeah. So, um, foundations actually come in different sizes. They come in a little thing called a bunkie board, which is about eight thick, but that’s about two inches. They come in a four inch and then they come in in a nine inch foundation. So you have three different sizes that you can choose from. So that way we can adjust the height of your bed. Because again, we’ve done customers’ houses where the bed is up here and the wife is down here and she’s having to use a trampoline to jump into bed. So yes, we have, we, we have options for you.

Speaker 3: (14:35)
Yes. And what are you saying too? It’s also important to key in, on a lot of mattresses. Now they are very deep pocketed. And what that means is they’re super thick mattresses. So if you’re going to balance that out, then you want to have a foundation underneath of it. That’s going to still work and absorb that energy, but it’s not going to apply more hype. I mean, a needed hype. If you have a 16 inch mattress and then you have a five inch low-profile foundation underneath of that, that’s 21 inches that you’re setting on top of the structure or your bed. So, I mean, it’s, it’s a lot to contemplate in the map, but we do cover that when we do go up to the register, because we don’t want any surprises when it comes to delivery, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are pre-thinking it out.

Speaker 2: (15:21)
This is all from mistakes that we made when we first opened. I mean, we learned from our mistakes. We literally, when we first opened, we didn’t know any better. And we were selling beds that were this high and we were like, we should do something about this. And we researched again, the research learn, learning from our mistakes. And that’s, that’s why now we are definitely experts at getting you the right height mattress, the right height, the finished product will be. Right. Okay. Yep. All right. So we’re going through these really quick. Do you have anything to add? Okay.

Speaker 3: (15:57)
He said, uh, Oh, it’s magic.

Speaker 2: (15:59)
Yeah, just nobody’s saying right. Oh, this one’s for you. This one’s for you. Okay. I love your candles. How often will you get new sense?

Speaker 3: (16:10)
I order every month, um, on average so far, um, I, I really didn’t think we were gonna need to order for a long time after this last big order, but we have a few fragrances that are selling off the shelf. Seriously.

Speaker 2: (16:27)
You guys know what $3,000 worth of candles, it looks like you need to come see our store.

Speaker 1: (16:35)
Wait a minute. But I have to say,

Speaker 3: (16:39)
We have done so well. We’ve been very blessed with the candles. Um, there are soy candles with BYU bees, wax infusion. Um, they burn clean. Uh, they have cotton wicks, they’re all white. So they produce the most flow whenever they all lit. Um, and the jars are just adorable. You can use reuse those jars for all kinds of crafting ideas or even simplicity of like Q-tips cotton balls and all kinds of stuff. I mean, there’s all kinds of usages, but the thing is, is when you have a few fragrances that people just latch onto you, they sell quick. And that’s what I’m running into. I have about five or six fragrances that I can’t keep stocked. So I’m going through and I am getting ready to reorder again, to fill in the holes that we have sold and also to try to create a buffer for some of those favorite fragrances. So we can restock faster. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (17:35)
The candles have been a bigger hit than, than, well, the whole boutique has been a bigger hit than I anticipated, but it’s been an even bigger hit than she anticipated because we’ve got people in here that we’ll see them every Saturday and they make it a point. They come in here, they shop it, they look for the new stuff. And they’re constantly asking her when, what, what, when you’re getting something like this or when you’re getting something like that. And that’s who we’re mining these ideas from where, I mean, yeah, we were looking at gift catalogs and all this stuff, but we’re listening to what the customers say. And it’s so cool. I love when she’s interacting with the customers over there. Cause it’s like, she’s, she’s asking 50 questions and they’re just digging it because we’re really trying to find out what you guys want. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s not about what we want. It’s about what you guys want, except for the candy. The candy was my idea. And that’s not being taken away from me

Speaker 3: (18:29)
Then he dosages in that case.

Speaker 2: (18:32)
Yeah. So we do need to order more

Speaker 3: (18:34)
Candy. Well, I have to say we had, I’m just going to brag a little bit. We had two gentlemen that came in here for Valentine’s day for their wives and getting to shop with them was so much fun. So any husbands out there, or even wives out there, you want to come and do some Ballantine shopping. We are more than welcoming and inviting to having anybody come in under any necessary means for Ballantine’s day. I mean it’s Sunday. So by all means, come in, see us, see what we have and I will help you shop if you want me to. Um, I also offer, you know, if you want to just narrow down your time, tell me what it is. My point blank question I like to ask is tell me about your significant other that you’re shopping for. And that way I can help, you know, guide and that way you’re not having to shop everything if you don’t want to. So it was a lot of fun and getting to wrap it and stuff and make the bag out pretty in the tissue, paper and stuff. I mean, they don’t even have to worry about gift wrapping it. We take the price tags off and everything. No, you’re not. You shouldn’t see his gift back then.

Speaker 2: (19:37)
Pretty good. I think it’s pretty good. I like my gift wrapping. I keep it in the plastic bag. The Walmart bag, Walmart, wherever, wherever, wherever we go shopping, I’ll put it in the bag. Wrapping is bad for the environment. That’s a tree.

Speaker 3: (19:55)
That’s recycled the bag.

Speaker 2: (19:58)
Yeah. I know. I ordered recycled bags because I wanted us to be environmentally stamped.

Speaker 3: (20:02)
Right. And so know that that takes the, the whole weight of God go shopping. I don’t want to we’ll come in here cause guess what? I love shopping.

Speaker 2: (20:14)
And there’s leftover. There’s leftover beer sometimes. So Hey, come in, go do your shopping. I’ll have her do the bell and time shopping and you can come have a beer with me. All right. Next one. Okay. Ooh. This is, I know who I know who this is. And this was a really good question. I got this a couple of weeks ago. So this is an old question. I am getting my knee replacement surgery in a few weeks. What would you recommend to hold my leg up while sleeping? I was told you have a wedge pillow that would work wonders to me with healing. Okay. So you’ve had this question in the past. I had this question recently, go, go for it.

Speaker 3: (20:55)
Okay. We do have a wedge pillow. So if you’re not needing to buy a mattress or adjustable base and stuff, and you’re just wanting to add it for temporary reasons for like knee recovery and that such, we do have a wedge pillow and it’s wonderful because it’s like a, it’s got a long side and then a short side, and then it goes into an angle to meet you at the top. So you can either prop that against the wall, turn back on, or you can lay it flat on the bed and lay your back on it for acid reflux or breathing issues. Or you can turn it around where they heal is that you, and it goes downhill and you can place your leg on there right at the band and your leg just lays down on it. And what that elevation factor does for knee replacement is it’s going to take the weight off your leg, but it’s going to keep it elevated so it can heal.

Speaker 2: (21:43)
Yeah. So this, this wedge pillow that she’s talking about is wonderful. It’s firm enough to hold you up and everything. But like she, like she said, this is temporary. What we really like to do is if we could, I mean, and, and depending on your budget, if we could fit you into an adjustable base or a power base, that would be wonderful, a power base, it could not only raise or elevate your, your leg the way the doctor wants you to, but it also relieves the pressure on your hip. And that’s important. So if you’re getting a knee surgery, keep that in mind. I know your doctor will recommend a wedge pillow and yes, we have those and yes, we sell many of them. Um, we, we have, we, we, we keep them in stock. Um, I think right now we’re out of stock. So I’ll order those as soon as possible, but we do keep those around normally. Um, and we, cause we do get a lot of patients that are having, um, or a lot of guests in here that are having, um, knee replacement surgery. Uh, what’s the other one. There’s another one that they, that that’s real common around here. Um, it’s a hip replacement.

Speaker 3: (22:50)
Hip replacement has only been twice with me, but I’m not sure as far as your customers, but the power base, the adjustable base, honestly, it starts in the field of just muscle recovery. So if you’re an athlete, it starts with that. Yep. Um, medical field wise, when you combine your athlete with your medical reasons, that’s when you have the adjustable base, it’s good for everything. Um, muscle recovery, better breathing, um, acid reflux, lower back issues, hip issues, all of it.

Speaker 2: (23:24)
And all this much, all this, all this and elevating your legs, just like your doctor said. So yeah. Yeah. Um, wedge pillow. Yes. Wonderful. We’ll work, uh, power base. Even better. It’ll work longer term and you won’t have to worry. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s good for you for life. It’s really good. Yeah. Okay. We love ours.

Speaker 3: (23:46)
Um, ours has even good, like in the evening time when we first get in bed, it’s unwinding time. So you can read, you can sit up and work on your phone, your tablet, um, just sitting up in the position for me. It’s my Scrabble

Speaker 2: (24:00)

Speaker 3: (24:01)
I am, I love words. And when it comes to just your come down off the high of your day, moment and stuff and sitting in that position and turning on the massage feature and stuff for me, it’s just wonderful. That’s my regular thing at night drives him nuts. Cause he doesn’t like when I have the massager on, but I love the massage or I think it’s

Speaker 2: (24:22)
Yeah. I’m not a big fan of the massager just cause it rattles my brain, but it does. It does work. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well it rattled my brain. Right. One more question. And then we’ll do our, what we learned this week. I’m so excited about what we learned this week.

Speaker 3: (24:40)
I do. I

Speaker 2: (24:41)
Do. You actually kind of already covered it, but I want to cover it. Okay. You said last time that importing furniture was taking a longer time. Why don’t you buy American? Whew. Okay. I’m going to repeat that one because this is, I had, I had this conversation with at least two customers today, today. Yeah. Yeah. So you said last time that importing furniture was taking a longer time. Why don’t you just buy American?

Speaker 3: (25:14)
Go ahead. Start it off.

Speaker 2: (25:15)
You want me to start? Okay. Yep. So honestly we try to buy American. We have, um, we have in here, I believe at last count, 50% of our furniture was American. We’ve tried to raise that number. Uh, the only, the only thing right now is American is not as available as it normally is. Uh, that’s not to say that in the future because I know I’m going to try it. And I know she’s going to try, we’re going to try to stick with a higher number of American made goods. Um, our mattresses, 99% of our mattresses are made in America. We have one standout model that we still have on our floor that we’re clearancing out. Well, it’s not really clearancing out. We’re just trying to move it out. Um, out of all our mattresses, we have one that’s made in China and we’re moving that guy out. Okay. So mattresses, all American made furniture. It’s a little harder to get. We’re trying. We’re we’re, we’re really trying. Uh, but right now I can tell you that about, I would say furniture is 50, 50, 50 American, 50 Vietnam. Um, uh, we still have a few Chinese standouts, but, but just a few we are trying. Uh, but right now with COVID and everything going on, it’s, it’s uh, it’s a little bit of a struggle and we would have you waiting quite a bit for that stuff.

Speaker 3: (26:46)
Yeah. Right now, I mean, with COVID obviously it’s slowed down production of everything because there’s a shortage of shortage in wood, a shortage of memory, a shortage in steel. And that affects all memory foam mattresses. Um, which every mattress pretty much has memory foam in it, unless if it’s an all hallway text or an air bag. Um, and as far as having steel and stuff like that, that’s pretty much your furniture base. Um, your furniture carry a lot of metal work. So everything kind of suffers from, you know, the COVID effect, but we are going to slow down and trying to find other vendors either. I mean, we’ve found some very good vendors that we will stay loyal to because they’ve been loyal to us by a long shot, just great companies. Um, but in the process too, I mean, we’re not going to stop trying to see what else is out there again, it’s all about research. See what your options are and, um, had that direction,

Speaker 2: (27:42)
Got a question. Okay. How much of our jobs do you think is research?

Speaker 3: (27:47)
I would say if you were to round up based off of the information that we share and everything, I would say we’re at least in the 85 90 percentile, because we’re reading on our own, we’re listening to podcasts on our own. We’re coming into the store, we’re researching on our own. We’re also sharing information within both stores. We always have a store meeting every week. We’re in a situation where, um, the reason we survived COVID I mean, if you want to know the blank, honest truth is for the fact that we researched to see what, what needs our community has and went that direction. You can’t stay within your own means and think that that’s just going to be your survival mechanism forever. It’s not. I mean, if you look at yourself 10 years ago, your needs today are different. And that’s exactly how it happens in business as well. You have to grow with the times as they change. So with these shortages and step, we’re not going to stay complacent and we’re not going to be in a situation of excuses either. We are going to consistently look to see what else is out there.

Speaker 2: (28:46)
Yeah. I know for me, it was a huge surprise because I have, I have that. I have this little thing called time Mueller, and it it’s like you do research on yourself to find out where you’re wasting time and where you can fix that. And this thing is so it’s, it’s, it’s so accurate and everything, but 90% of my day was spent researching as a business owner. 90% of your day is spent researching. That is so cool. That means the us that started in January. We won’t even recognize ourselves in December. That’s pretty cool. That’s growth.

Speaker 3: (29:22)
Cool. And when people ask to ask them was, I can’t even talk the beers good. When people ask us, um, what is your situation with the beds? What is your situation with the furniture? You could automatically tell they’ve left another store. They’re not happy because there’s a waiting period and stuff. And we just have to reaffirm the fact it’s not the score. This is a true issue that every one of us are facing. Um, yeah.

Speaker 2: (29:47)
Yes. We have defended our competition countless times. We’ve defended our competition because, um, I don’t know. I, why is that? Because we’ve, we’ve had to defend our competition so many times we’ve had customers come through the door and it’s like, they don’t believe him, but no, seriously, there is a shortage of furniture right now everybody’s facing it.

Speaker 3: (30:08)
I can go right back to, you know, depending on the experience that they had at that person’s store. Um, if they don’t feel like they can trust the person, they’re going to question their authenticity. I have to really slow down to say that that is true. Um, and the, the situation, when you have another company back you on the information, given it does reaffirm the fact that they’re not tying to like push you off or give you excuses that you actually says, okay, well this must be true, blah, blah, blah. But nevertheless, um, you know, when it comes into a whole community and not even just in the community online, we’re so used to being a convenience country, we can go through a drive-through and not have to wait in line. We can, yeah, we can shop online now literally and have our groceries delivered. Like COVID change that. Yeah. COVID has made some of our conveniences needs. Um, but in the process of it, I mean, if you take COVID away from it, those needs don’t go away as far as online ordering for your groceries and the, you know, service factors have really upscaled. Um, so I’m just wondering what are our situation will be like after.

Speaker 2: (31:19)
Yeah. Yeah. We’re, we’re, we’re, I’m interested in seeing where our supply goes, but okay. So, so back to the question and I answered it, but I’ll answer it again. Cause this, this, this, this one hit us hard and it’s, we’re asked as constantly, you said last time that importing furniture was taking a longer time. Why don’t you buy American? We constantly seek American furniture. We buy when we can we buy when it’s available right now, it’s very, very, very lagging behind, not lagging behind us in a bad thing, but lagging behind because the supplies have been so tight. Um, so as you come shopping, you will see more and more American made furniture. Um, I don’t know if we’ll ever get to a hundred percent. I would love to, it’s not a realistic goal, but I would love to. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So, um, that was our last question. Now we’re going to do our wrap up of what we learned this week. We’re not even going to take a break because Melanie doesn’t have to go to the bathroom this week. So we’re going to continue through. So in, um, you know, normally what we learned this week is when all three of us talk about what we learned this week, what we picked up and, um, you go first.

Speaker 3: (32:38)
Well, I think I will cover just off of today. I did have a customer coming in and asking about our CBD products. And you know, the biggest thing was CBD is it’s still kind of a taboo subject because when people hear the word CBD, they get confused with the idea of what hemp is and think THC and what gets you high. And one gets a healthy are very different and CBD gets you healthy. So in the situation of needing CBD, um, trying to find, you know, a cure for somebody is never the answer. Again, we’re not doctors, just like the question you asked earlier, what we do is we share the information based off the product, which has been scientifically proven or scientifically tested or scientifically made available to us so that we can share the product information, but getting to talk with her, she was already very informed on, um, the properties of CBD and how things have, or have not worked for her. And what’s the difference in what we choose. I mean, that was her biggest question. Why is yours any better than any of the others?

Speaker 2: (33:50)
Because everybody’s selling it right now. I mean, let’s be honest, everybody’s selling it. Everybody’s got their own pitch, but we went this route because this is amazing.

Speaker 3: (33:59)
It’s not a gas station CBD, right? And it’s not a CBD formula. And that’s what grabs people. If you go somewhere and you buy a CBD oil, even if it’s from a dispensary, you’re buying oil and it’s not all CBD, you have synthetic attitudes, whether it’s flavor or taste, um, even the bottles that they use can artificially create an environment where you want to buy it because it’s cute. But when you taste it, you’re like, wait a minute. I’m not feeling anything. So where I’m going with this. As you have a specific, uh, a synthetic available CBD oil and all CBD oils, we’ll have raw hemp in there, but what makes it synthetic or the additives oils will be added with more oils so that they can add the flavor and that such. So what that does is it dilutes the product of the CBD that you’re purchasing.

Speaker 3: (34:53)
Every time something is added in the process, CBD oil has to be digested for you to feel the effects of it. Right. Um, and that right there is where you have a lot of changes because your body’s going to digest based off of how it’s used to digest it. You may not get all the properties of the CBD out of it. Not only that, the effectiveness, once it’s been diluted with all the other synthetic attitudes lessen the effect that you’re going to feel, the pain relief and that such. So when you look at a CBD oil or CBD fluid, that is not an oil base, it’s a water base CBD. The big difference is you don’t have to wait for the time. It will take effect, but literally within minutes you will feel the effect of it. And it’s because based off of a molecular level in your mouth, when you take it, it’s absorbed and it automatically starts to respond. Um, even if you swallow a pill like a Tylenol or, uh, anything that you’re taking for any type of pain relief, you have to wait the period for it to kick in with CBD fluid. When you take it, you automatically feel it literally within minutes, he has migraines. And when he gets a migraine, if he feels the sensation coming on and takes a CBD, it stops it.

Speaker 2: (36:07)
I’ll take, I’ll take CBD and I’ll take the CPG. And within, I would say 10 minutes, it’s, it’s alleviating the cool thing about it is, is after my migraine, that bruising that you have after a migraine, it’s not there anymore to CBD. Really. It does a good job.

Speaker 3: (36:24)
And if he’s somewhere where he doesn’t have a CBD fluid and his migraine kicks in and goes full force, and he starts having the effects of the headache, the nausea, the eye that’s affected

Speaker 2: (36:37)
Life sucks at that point. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (36:39)
Where, you know, okay, I need to go home. I need to be in a dark room. I need to go to sleep. Um, once he takes the CBD, when his migraine has developed to that, it’s usually about an hour later he’s he wakes up, he gets up and he still has no residual brain bruising. So he can come right back to work, sit in front of the screen.

Speaker 2: (36:58)
That’s great. Yeah. I’ve come back to work after having a migraine, um, without the CBD and then I’ll get home, take the CVD and I’ll be able to come back to work within an hour, an hour. Yeah. About an hour. So yeah. Yeah. I vouched for this stuff. I just felt people. I vouch for it. I believe in it because my migraines are, are automatically gone. So yeah.

Speaker 3: (37:18)
But it’s also good for assisting and like add ADHD. You could put it in your child’s water bottle and put two drops in there and then put the lid back on and pack it in her lunch box. And their teachers are going to love you because their child is able, they’re able to, at that point, focus, function, remember participate, um, everything that they’re not able to do within a school setting. Um, and it’s all because it helps take that anxiety out. It helps remove that. The anxiousness, you feel like you are compelled to move. You’re compelled to yell. You’re compelled to go do something because your desire is there and you can’t control it. So it helps with those situations that also helps with animals. We have dogs that respond, um, terribly one of them. Oh, we love her. She’s a full-size plot hand. She’s big dog.

Speaker 2: (38:11)
She has anxiety, but we’ve given her the CBD and it comes or white. It, it works. It works pretty good. It works pretty good.

Speaker 3: (38:17)
And that’s even with the planes flying overhead and doing that Sonic boom and stuff. It’s not even with just fireworks and stuff. So, um, and it helps her, it helps our younger dog or smaller dog. She’s a Shitzu and she takes it as well. And it helps suppress a lot of her anxiety as well. So the whole is you finding exactly what it is that helps you and trying a water base versus having an oil base is like night and day. So getting to talk with her was just,

Speaker 2: (38:46)
Yeah, yeah. That was actually cause they talked for a good hour and a half and her husband just kind of sat there and was listening and he put it in a little bit. Yeah. He put, he put in loyal. So the conversation was great. Um, but it was awesome because this lady was so well-educated on it. And then she was blown away by what we sell and then they just talked more and I guess she went home and even ordered more. So I thought that was really cool, but thank you very much for coming in. We appreciate you. I appreciated hearing the conversation cause you guys were making me laugh. I was working on my computer way over here. They were in the boutique and um, I was just hearing them and just laughing away cause they were really funny. Um, okay. So my turn on what I learned this week, mine isn’t as intense as yours.

Speaker 2: (39:28)
Mine was just what I learned was number one, um, you guys are watching these videos and you’re learning from them. So that means my four hours of editing is actually meaning something to somebody. And that’s really awesome. Um, and I say four hours because this one, this show is, this shows normally anywhere from 45 to an hour, that takes about an hour of editing and then a lot of, of, uh, rendering time on the computer. Um, and then the other videos that we make, um, your CBD one Melanie’s Valentine video, um, all our new items, videos, all our sleep coach videos. That’s a lot of work. And at first it felt like, well, why am I doing this? And then now we’re seeing that people are actually watching these videos. So a big thank you to you. We are so glad that you’re watching and learning.

Speaker 2: (40:19)
That’s the whole point of them. So that’s, that’s one of the things that I learned this week. The other is that gentlemen, if you need to shop for Valentines, if you’ve waited until the last minute, tomorrow is Valentine’s day, this woman right here, she just hooked up to guys and made it look like, okay, well tomorrow is the last shopping day for before. Yeah. So, so, uh, this woman right here just hooked up two guys that were, I’m not going to say clueless, but they were gift challenged and she hooked them up to make it look like they had just spent like hours shopping. So I need your help because you need to hook me up. No, nevermind. Nevermind. Nevermind. Nevermind. So with that, we’re going to let you go for this week. Um, everybody, everybody wish Melanie, well,

Speaker 3: (41:12)
We miss you. We miss

Speaker 2: (41:14)
You. And um, we look forward to seeing you back and until next week, have a wonderful week.

Speaker 3: (41:20)
Bye bye.